Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation

Lingerie De Peau Invisible Skin Fusion SPF 20 ($57.00 for 1 fl. oz.) is a lightweight, natural-finish foundation with light to light-medium coverage. It’s one of the most lightweight and natural-looking foundations that still gives adequate coverage for minor skin imperfections. If you have just a couple of small areas where you need medium coverage, it is workable to build up medium coverage on a spot-by-spot basis.

It took me awhile to appreciate this foundation, because I prefer light-medium to medium coverage as my skin tends to need more coverage than less. I’ve been bringing Lingerie de Peau with me on the last few business trips, because it photographs well and looks good in photos–not all foundations can pull off both those things. It has SPF 20 (3.16% of titanium dioxide, 3% of octinoxate), but it doesn’t give a white cast or reflect back poorly. The finish is just barely dewy; it’s pretty much the exact definition of natural–there is a softness to the skin without being flat and matte. It also wears brilliantly and lasts a solid nine hours on me, but it makes it to twelve hours with minimal movement.

The consistency is thin, not so thin it’s watery, but thin enough that it blends out easily and feels weightless once applied. I often apply with fingers, but I also like using brushes like MAC’s 109, 130, 187, and 193. I haven’t found it to apply poorly with any method (fingers, sponge, brush), so it depends on your preference.

I wish the formula had a better range of shade (and this tends to apply to Guerlain’s foundations in general), because as I am in Parure Gold, I’m between #02 and #03. I end up using #02 and setting with Les Violettes Mineral Powder in #03, which is sheer enough to give me just enough color so the finished look is about my match for winter/spring, but during the summer, I was able to get away with #03 set with #03. If you’re particularly pale/light, I don’t know if any shades in the range will accomodate you; at best, either Rose Clair or Rose Natural. Similarly, if you have a darker, deeper complexion, I don’t know if either Beige Fonce or Dore Fonce will be a good match.

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Lingerie De Peau Invisible Skin Fusion SPF 20

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Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation (#03)

No Foundation / Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation

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Nordstrom, $57.

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153 thoughts on “Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I’m loving the finish. I’ve been tempted to try this for a while.

  2. Nadia

    I’ve been really interested in trying this but was put off by the limited shade range. The swatch on your arm reads a bit pink to me and I’m inclined to say I’d be a #2 but I definitely like yellower foundation colours.

    Question: I asked you something on an older post. A question on Cle de Peau lipsticks vs Guerlain Rouge Gs. For the life of me now, I can’t remember where it was I made the comment so I can’t check back to see if you replied. Is there a way of easily finding what topics I have posted a comment in? Thanks.

  3. Tish

    I’ve heard that Guerlain Foundations tend to oxidize. Did you experience that with Lingerie de Peau? I have the Parure Extreme Foundation in a shade that’s two shades darker to mix with my other foundations as my color changes very frequently depending on how much sun exposure I get so I can’t tell if it oxidizes on me. I’m considering getting either this or Parure Aqua but I want to know if you’ve had any oxidation issues with this. Thanks, Christine.

    • No, I don’t have that problem! :) To be honest, I don’t find that many foundations oxidize on me (and I can’t think of any specifically that have, though my memory may just be faulty).

  4. Farida

    Christine, this looks gorgeous on you. Like you said, very natural looking. I need to look into this foundation, ASAP!!!

  5. Ula

    The foundation suits you beautifully!

  6. Wow…its got decent coverage too, and you still look so nice and dewy afterwards

  7. Maybe that’s the difference! I commented a week or so ago about how you’ve been looking extra lovely. Were you wearing Lingerie de Peau in those photos?

    I’ve been wanting to venture out into high end foundations and thought I’d start with MUFE Mat Velvet. This one just made the list too!

  8. Laura

    I love this foundation. It has been my Holy Grail for over 6 months. I am an NC42/43 and I wear shade #23. I was told that Odd numbers have yellow undertones and even numbers have pink or neutral undertones. I really wished that Guerlain would cater more skintones.

  9. Ashley Sarah

    This foundation looks amazing on you, I can understand why you gave it such a great review. The finish looks lovely. If I could afford this I would definitely try it.

  10. Z

    Damnit that is a beautiful foundation. I want it soooo bad. But you say there isn’t a good option for really pale chicks? :( And I bet there are silicones in it too (aren’t there always?)….

  11. Saffy

    I looked into this foundation a while ago, and the lightest shades, beige clair 02 and rose clair 12, were too dark for my skin tone. It’s too bad that the shade selection is limited because it looks so beautiful.

    • Lena

      On the Guerlain website, they have 12 shades including shades lighter than beige clair 02. I don’t know why Sephora and major department store websites don’t have it…

  12. Kathrina

    It looks amazing. I’d like to try it but I’m also interested in Chanel’s newest foundation Perfection Lumiere. Are you going to review that one as well, Christine?

  13. Sunny

    Oooo this is lovely! I’ve been dragging my feet forever but I think it’s about time I start looking into foundation now. The yellow undertone definitely works very well with your warm undertone, which makes me think it might also work with mine! I’ve heard lovely things about Ellis Faas foundation too. Have you tried that?

    • I have but I don’t remember anything to say about it, as I haven’t written a review (which means I have not tested it fully). :)

      • Sunny

        I’ll be waiting with baited breath and crossed fingers that you will test it fully one day then :) I wonder if I should go ahead and purchase it anyway just because there is FINALLY one thing I want that is cheaper in Europe than in the US (the TVA here is a killjoy, I tell ya)!

  14. Rosie G

    I have to say that you are ONE of a kind…..”THE BEST”!!!! For doing the review on the foundation! I am about nc20/25 and i got number 2 aswell- i loveeeee, love, love, loveeee it!


  15. Dana

    Wow this really looks gorgeous on you!

  16. I had a makeup artist use this on me at an event over the summer. It was beautiful- light and natural feeling and evening my complexion out just enough… Sadly, even at that point, at the beginning of August, when my skin was basically as dark as it gets, even the lightest shade was a little too dark for me. If I looked along my jawline, I could see a bit of difference between my natural skin and the foundation. I’ve heard that there are lighter shades available in Asia, but that’s not exactly a reliable way to shop for foundation…

    • It is weird that their shade range isn’t great on the light OR dark end of the spectrum – a lot of the high end lines cater to light and medium but forget dark, but here they miss both light and dark!

  17. Sarah

    Have you ever tried Clarins Skin Illusion or Chanel Aqua Vitalumiere? Since these foundations are also touted as “second skin” ones, how would you compare them if you’ve tried them?

  18. snm

    I have been curious about Guerlain foundations-especially this one-since forever but I have a feeling that it might not be the best choice considering my comb to oily skin and preferance of light coverage.but those pics are tempting:) I have run out of my foundations recently so I will check this out soon.

  19. Melissa

    i actually just bought this over the weekend and i’m in love with it!! i used to wear shu uemura smooth foundation, but honestly this foundation is soooo natural looking it’s unreal! beautiful finish! luvs it!

  20. Stephanie

    Do you think this foundation is good for oily skin?

    • From what I can tell, I think it would, given how long and well it wears on my skin it should still hold up well on oilier skin – especially since it’s not really dewy.

      • Daniela de Paula

        Hi! So, I live in Brazil, hot place and I have oily skin. Do you think this foundation wouldn’t have a good lasting power? Because one think I look in a foundation is the lasting power and I hate to be shine after a few hours. Thanks!!

    • Ruth

      I own this, and I have pretty oily skin-I don’t find the wear to be that great. It applies flawlessly but you’ll need to powder or blot within an hour of application.

      • Daniela de Paula

        Hi! So, I live in Brazil, hot place and I have oily skin. Do you think this foundation wouldn’t have a good lasting power? Because one think I look in a foundation is the lasting power and I hate to be shine after a few hours. Thanks!!

  21. That foundation looks great on you. I look forward to trying Guerlain cosmetics.

  22. baby in a corner

    I love almost everything about this foundation – the finish is gorgeous – looks like real skin only better. I’m not mad on the colours though – i’m very pale and no 12 is a little dark for me. it also oxidizes a bit.

  23. Karyn

    Hey Christine! Excluding the fact that this has SPF, would you say this is comparable to Burberry’s foundation?

  24. aradhana

    looks really nice! i wish they catered to more skintones though, as i suspect i won’t find my match!

  25. nitnot

    I’m a perfect NC 30 and #02 was way too light while #03 was very pink. I stood there in the counter just about to hand over my credit card but the color selection looked crazy weird. I thought #23 would work, but it is instead very deep yellow.

    In case anybody doesn’t know, Guerlain color selection works like this: colors that begin with “0” means neutral/beige undertones, “1” means pink/rose undertones, and “2” means yellow undertones.

  26. Marina

    Man, what an amazing review! I wish this was available in fair range :(

  27. Nic

    I currently use Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and I’ve very happy with it, so it’s not as though I need a new foundation, but I am inclined to want to check out any foundation you’d give an A+. Not sure there’ll be a shade in the range to match me, but the finish looks great.

  28. Liz

    It looks lovely! I would try it if it wasn’t that expensive!

  29. Your skin looks great without foundation!

  30. Liz

    It’s lovely, but not available in a shade pale enough for me, so meh :/

  31. Brittany

    Wow Christine, this looks amazing on you!

  32. Maria

    Christine, you and I have similar skin tones and you go for the same undertones as I do. What shade do you use in MAC liquid foundations? I’d like to know so I can order this foundation online :)

  33. AZ

    Hey Christine, I’m around NC20 and 02 is a bit too dark and it oxidizes slightly too.. do you think 12 would work? I heard someone mention that 12 is lighter than 02… I feel like it might just be the pinker version of 02. Have you swatched/seen 12?

  34. Lena

    Christine, would you say this is a good foundation for combination skin?

  35. Lu

    I looooved this post. But now I’m very lost, don’t know if I should get the lingerie de peau or parure gold. Any help??

    • Parure Gold is very different – is medium coverage with a semi-matte finish. It totally depends on the coverage you want and the finish you prefer.

      • Lena

        was about to ask the same thing, since i have the parure gold and love it. will definitely need to check this one out then.

  36. Stephanie

    This is definitely the next foundation on my to-buy list! Well this and Parure Extreme…hehe.

  37. Lori

    How would you say this compares to Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Coverage Foundation? Thank you!

  38. Ana G.

    I absolutely love this foundation.Bought it because I loved how it looked on you and decided to try it. At Sephora they gave me a free sample and was love at first sight (use).

  39. That looks beautiful on you! Can you compare it to Lancome Tiente Miracle? That was a little too thin for me.

  40. Kasia

    but it is too pink and too dark for many girls, which make it B, not A+.

    • I don’t see how that would make it a B – it only takes away from whether you can purchase it or not because it may or may not match your skin, but the quality of the foundation itself, which is what you would look at first (whether it’s even worth looking for a color match) doesn’t change simply because it doesn’t match you. That’s like when people say, “This product sucks” because they don’t like the way the color looks on them – what about for people who do like that color and are just trying to figure out if it’s a good product or not? It doesn’t take away from the overall quality of the product, pigmentation (light coverage), texture, longevity, application, or packaging.

  41. Thanks for the review Christine, I’ve been meaning to try this one out and ur review may have just sealed the deal for me.

    How’s the colour range for cooler skintones? I’m light medium but have cooler undertone (MAC NW25).

  42. Kathryn

    I don’t know if you’re told this as often as you should be, but you are absolutely gorgeous! This foundation is lovely but you out shine it ten fold. Keep up the awesome work :)

  43. Emily

    Wow that looks amazing! Too bad they don’t make colors in the paler or darker range. I’d shell out that much money for a good wedding foundation like that!

  44. Ashley

    I prefer the “before,” but that’s because I feel the foundation looks too heavy. But then again, I find that all foundations/powders look heavy because they don’t look like skin.

  45. Amy

    Hey Christine, I think you might have the captions on the last two pics mixed up. Great post though – I’m thinking of picking up a sample. If you know of a good colour match for NC40-NC42 or MUFE HD 153 please suggest it! I also have oily skin and the MUFE HD barely holds up at the end of the day with MUFE Duo Mat to set it – how would you think this would perform on oily skin?

    • I think it should work decent on oily skin – it lasts no problem on me (normal to dry with a slightly oilier t-zone), especially if you set it.

    • Ash

      Hi Amy,

      Im a NC42 skintone. Been using the Guerlain since Feb. Mine in shade 04. Its perfect. Im in Singapore and we only have shades in 01 – 05. Hope this helps.

  46. joyce

    what a timely review. my lingerie de peau will arrive tom :)

  47. Alison

    I’m definitely interested in this, it looks and sounds fantastic. I’m usually more of a tinted moisturiser/sunblock kind of gal but I definitely think I’ll give this a go!

  48. Jennifer

    Hi Christine,

    I’m seriously considering purchasing this foundation during Sephora’s VIB week. Did you find the texture very silicone-y at all? (That sort of feeling like it’s very velvety like a primer might be, but it never fully sets on your face?)

  49. Seii

    )= found that the guerlain range in Australia is terribly limited and too beige/pink for my skin tone. I also find that they oxidise on me terribly.. almost within 5 minutes which is SUCH a pain because I love the texture of the foundation and haven’t found anything quite like it.

  50. Natasha

    Hi Christine, i have been trying to find that one foundation that i swear by. i am an Indian and shade NC43 work for me. i have a few acne scars on my cheeks which turn red on sun exposure. which foundation will suitable for me please suggest. should i go for MAC or Guerlin.

  51. Vicky

    I love this shade on you! Makes it look like you got a light, healthy and very uniform suntan! :)

  52. This does look fantastic on you! But doesn’t the alcohol bother you? I’m really tempted to try this, but I’ve just never had luck with foundation containing alcohol, such as: Lancome Teint Idole, YSL Teint Resist, Armani Luminous and Lasting Silk, Guerlain Extreme… They always make me peel and flaky.

    This is also available for purchase online from Sephora. So if anyone wants to take advantage of the VIB sale, now’s the time.

    Also, in the photo above, did you use a powder to set, Christine? And which one do you typically use?

    • Hi John,

      No, it doesn’t bother me. I’ve never had a foundation that’s made my skin peel or flake. The only time I’ve had this has been when I’ve used the wrong moisturizer or left a chemical exfoliant on too long (that was once and oww!). For the photos above, I did not use anything to set so that you could see the foundation’s finish. I generally Guerlain’s Les Violettes :)

  53. artemis

    daaaamn, you don’t even need it :O lucky! i’m so jealous :(

    seems like this foundation wouldn’t work for me…light-medium and dewy? x_X

  54. JEN

    Christine…are you biased with Guerlain? I mean every Guerlain product you grade are always A’s?? I’ve tried their lipsticks and they are very drying…yes the packaging is very sleek and expensive looking but that lipstick was not working for me. Although your foundation does look flawless.

    • I find Guerlain lipsticks some of the most moisturizing on the market — they’re not drying at all for me. I’m sorry the lipstick didn’t work out for you, but I don’t think that should make me a liar or biased. Unfortunately, not every product will work the same on you as it does on me (and vice versa); there are products that didn’t work out for me at all but many readers loved them. Most of the products I review from Guerlain are their lipsticks (Rouge G and Rouge Automatique), both of which wear 4-8 hours on me, are moisturizing/comfortable to wear, and have good color payoff, so the product range tends to get good reviews. Since I review many shades individually, there are certainly many high marks for them, because the range is fairly consistent. However, I don’t love all of their products; here are a few recent C+ reviews – http://www.temptalia.com/guerlain-mitsouko-140-rouge-automatique-review-photos-swatches, http://www.temptalia.com/guerlain-rue-de-passy-eyeshadow-palette-review-photos-swatches and I’ve given numerous products Bs. Packaging only accounts for 5 points out of 5, FYI, and being “sleek” and “expensive-looking” are not factors I award points for. I award points for utility, functionality, portability, droppability, etc. I have over 50 different characteristics I look for in products to determine points (or lack of points).

  55. yoong90

    Hi Christine. I’ve received the tester for this foundation before and loved it!! I was eagerly waiting to finish my Burberry’s foundation to go out and buy this.

    Unfortunately, currently there are no Guerlains counter where I live, I know I used the lightest shade but I do not remember which skin tone. So I know that Beige is yellow toned, Rose is Pink, and what is Ambre ?????

  56. Kristine

    My absolute favorite HG foundation! I sampled it from Nordstrom and fell in love right away! SO perfect!

  57. Coco

    Wow, this photographs beautifully! I would love to try it, but I don’t think I can justify spending $57 on a foundation anytime soon =(

  58. Maomao

    Wow, that looks fantastic on you Christine! Do you know how similar it is to MUFE Face & Body? I love that foundation, but am looking for a similarly textured product with a wee bit more coverage.

  59. tati

    this foundation looks wonderful on you, christine! i’ve been a big fan of parure extreme for a while, but i’ve been considering switching to something even lighter now that my skin doesn’t need a lot of coverage, so i just ordered this – your review was the thing that convinced me! i can’t wait until it arrives :) i’m wondering, have you reviewed les voilettes? i tried to search for it but nothing’s coming up. does the powder work at all to control oil? what other brands would you compare it to? it seems like i’m always on the hunt for the perfect setting powder, and this sounds nice to pair with lingerie de peau

  60. Veronica

    Wow, I have to admit that it does look really nice in photos. You look quite pretty either way, but I can see where the foundation really brings out the glow in your skin. Shame it’s such a limited range. I might hit Sephora to test it in person, but I get so pale in the fall/winter (the only time I wear foundation) that it might be a lost cause. :(

  61. It is looking really nice!!!…Loving the finish!! :)

  62. Christine, you look gorgeous in these shots! How would you say this formula compares to Diorskin Nude?

  63. Your skin looks gorgeous with the foundation!!! Will be keeping this in mind next time I’m in need of foundation. Do you think this is similar to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua? Which one do you like better?

  64. Nancy

    Thanks for the review! This foundation is next on my list of foundations to try because of your review :) How does this compare to the Diorskin Nude liquid foundation? I’m a 031 Sand in Diorskin Nude – I wonder if the 03 Beige Natural in this foundation would work for me? I wish they had a more extensive range in colors!

  65. Civa

    That looks so beautiful! Need to go to sephora and check this out :)

  66. Kat

    Look so lovely! How do you think Guerlain Lingerie compares to La Mer fluid foundation?

  67. Marilou

    Hi Christine I had been lurking in the corner quietly reading your amazing website. I am debating between parure gold and lingerie de peau. I was wondering if you can give me some recommendation. I love nars sheer glow and I use punjab(summer) and santa fe/fiji (winter). I’m 44, asian and starting to have very mild under eye wrinkles. Normal/oily on summer, normal/dry on winter. I have gigantic pores and some pitted scaring and still suffer from acne. Not a lot but it’s there most of the time. Uneven skin tone/brown spots. I would like to ask your opinion between this two since we dont have any stores (Sacramento) close by that carries this foundation that I could ask some samples to try. I have to order it online. Thank you. (Price is not an issue)

    • Hi Marilou,

      It sounds like in the winter, you might like Lingerie de Peau, because it will work better against any dryness in the skin. Parure Gold has more coverage, so it may even out your skin tone more, but it has a semi-matte finish, so it may not sit on drier skin as well (depending on how dry your skin is). You might try calling up your nearest store (even if it is not super close) and seeing if they can send samples via mail to you – I know some readers have found counters/artists willing to do that! If you find NARS Sheer Glow to be enough coverage, then Lingerie de Peau should be OK :)

      • Marilou

        Wow you are amazing! Thanks for the quick reply. Do you think Nars SG punjab would be more like #02 or #03 on lingerie de peau? I’m normally normal/oily but lately I had been using Obagi/Retin A and it dries out my skin a lot. So I alternate it with Argan oil + Philosophy miracle worker to keep the dryness at bay. And of cours I’m getting old so I’m getting dry too even if I drink 2-3L of water a day.

  68. Alison Doodle

    Hmm… Which one would you suggest for a foundation newbie who prefer to apply things with fingers, with slightly oily Chinese skin, aiming for a natural look- Diorskin Nude or this one? Would love your opinion!

  69. Supreme

    I’ve been DYING to get this foundation. Might invest in it for the holidays!

  70. Lil A.

    Hi Christine! What did you use to put on this foundation for the photo?

      • Ursula

        I have only recently discovered Guerlain makeup and I can honestly say what I have used thus far from them are amazing. I use Lingerie de Peau but the new compact version. I was hesitant about it because I normally wear fluid makeup but this has become my HG foundation very quickly. The company is a cream formula which comes with a concealer a shade lighter than the foundation. They both are creamy in texture but go on sort of like a cream-powder and the finish is what I would call perfectly natural, satiny finish but despite being perfectly natural it covers every little problem area I need concealed. My skin does not really have flaws but everyone has a few little veins, the occasional spots of breakout from time to time. My only slight problem was also the shades; though Guerlain has gotten better at that from what I read shades can still be difficult to match to skin, many are a tad too yellow or orange; from Lingerie I use the lightest shade but in reality I am somewhere between the lightest shade and the next one up. In the summer I would use the second shade, I bet that in the winter the lightest shade will be perfect but now when I am still somewhere in between the lightest shade is almost perfect but a tadbit too light. It is not a huge problem though because I use terracotta bronzer with it (In 00, the lightest shade again:))) which adds the needed color, this still works better than if the foundation was too dark or too yellow/orange.

  71. AshD

    I tried this and loved the finish, but did not find a shade to match me – I am between a NC 15 and 20 in MAC, and there was nothing pale enough for me in this foundation. I’m not usually the palest shades in most foundations, so that is strange. I think it will only work for you if you are NC/NW 25 and above.

  72. Elisa

    YOU are a #3? Great, the girl at Sephora gave me a sample of shade #3. and I am a NW 20. How could she? -.-‘

    • Iris

      To be honest, they only have samples in number 3. My friend and I went to an event and all we receive is #3, even though my friend is fairer and already matched with #2.

  73. Iris

    My HG! The finish I’ve got from applying with a duo-fiber brush like MAC 187 is much more gorgeous than with sponge or paint brush. Look like your skin but feel velvety and soft, ah~

  74. bobbigirl999

    Thanks a lot for this review. I tried both guerlain parure and LDP in shade 23 and loving them . They photograph better than any other foundation I own. Iam nc42 in MAC , Honey in bobbibrown , golden caramel in revlon colorstay , syracure in nars sheerglow for reference.

  75. Meena

    Do you wear primer under this foundation.Do you find primer a necessary step or is moisturiser sufficient? How long does this foundation last on you with & without primer?

    • I don’t wear primer, so the time stated in this post is without a primer.

      • lola


  76. Ali

    How do you think this would work with oily skin? I know you have said you have drier skin, but if for some reason you know, that’d be great!

  77. liron

    hi, you know if this make up is oil free?

  78. Christine, like you, I am somewhere between 02 and 03. If you have a chance to get the shade 32 Ambre Clair (which might be Asia-only – I’m not sure), I think you might find it to be your best match.

  79. Kei

    What foundations before this one were you using, Christine? Do you have any full coverage recommendations?

  80. Sydney

    This looks great on you!

  81. beck

    Would you pick this over Parure (sp?) Gold? What one would be your top choice?

  82. Silvia

    Hi, was wondering which foundation do u prefer? The guerlain lingerie or parure gold? Also, which one is more matte?

    Thank you!!

  83. cchloe

    I am NC15 and Chanel B10, usually the lightest yellow color in a foundation. Would the 02 Beige Clair too dark/beige for me? 

  84. PhebeWu

    Hi, I am Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation warm ivory, should I pick 02 beige clair or 03 naturel ?  Thank you.

  85. yellowlantern

    I know this is an older post, but if you see this I was wondering if this foundation’s finish or coverage is different depending on your application method? Do you get more/less/the same level of coverage applying with a brush as you do applying with fingers? 
    I’m curious because I usually can’t be bothered most mornings to apply foundation with a brush (that’s really only something I’ll do for very special occasions) I want to know specifically if there are differences you’ve noticed with differing application types. 

    •  @yellowlantern I think you get about the same, possibly more – it really depends on how much you apply and whether your skin is really dry or not. I apply it with fingers all the time and don’t think it’s too little/much coverage.
      I think it ends up being about the same, because your fingers don’t absorb foundation even though some will stick to your fingertips – brushes still get foundation trapped between and on the bristles, so it seems like a wash!

    •  @yellowlantern You could probably better achieve really SHEER coverage if that’s what you were looking for with a brush, though.

  86. yellowlantern

    Oh, another question, are you wearing setting powder in these photos? 

  87. ann

    I am looking into buying this foundation, but what would your recommend for skin that oxidizes foundation easily? Or any tips for that?