Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick

A Vibrant Orange-Tinged Red for Fall

Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick ($48.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a brightened tomato red–it has definite orange undertones. The finish is creamy, not shimmery, and has a natural sheen. MAC Heartless is more neutral in undertone. OCC Strutter is a little browner. Cle de Peau Red Abundance is just a little more orange and lighter. MAC Strut Your Stuff is a bit lighter. MAC Ruffian Red is bluer-toned. MAC Rockocco is more orange. Urban Decay Revolution is similar. Guerlain Gala has more blue in its undertone.

Genna is a warmer red, but it doesn’t read too orange–it’s definitely a red lip color over all else. I couldn’t detect any shimmer in the base color (sometimes the shimmer in Rouge Gs can be very subtle), but it does have a subtle sheen once applied, so it doesn’t look flat. The color coverage is nearly opaque; you can see a faint outline of my lip freckle. When I wore this shade, it lasted for seven full hours–impressive. One of the reasons I prefer this formula to many others is that longer-wear but the lasting hydration; my lips felt moisturized while I wore this as well as after I removed it. The lipstick has a creamy consistency that glides on but feels more lightweight than you’d think; it’s not thick, doesn’t bleed or feather, and stays put.

Like the rest of the range, there is a perfume-like scent attached to these but no discernible scent. Each is packaged in a hefty silver metal case that has a flip mirror. I appreciate the sleek design of the case, and it feels very luxe to hold, but from a practical purpose, they’re kind of heavy to keep your bag, and there’s no great way to store them (the top and bottom are curved), and they do hold fingerprints.

The Glossover


Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

If you love a good warm red that still looks and reads like a red (and not orange), I think you might like Genna. It applies evenly, opaquely, and feels wonderful to wear--moisturizing, long-wearing, and forgiving.











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Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Guerlain, $48.00 -- August 2012.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

MAC Heartless is more neutral in undertone. OCC Strutter is a little browner. Cle de Peau Red Abundance is just a little more orange and lighter. MAC Strut Your Stuff is a bit lighter. MAC Ruffian Red is bluer-toned. MAC Rockocco is more orange. Urban Decay Revolution is similar. Guerlain Gala has more blue in its undertone.

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: Giorgio Armani #24 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow, Burberry Golden Trench Eyeshadow, Burberry Trench Eyeshadow, Urban Decay Baked Eyeliner. On cheeks: NARS Orgasm.

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38 thoughts on “Guerlain Genna Rouge G Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. GUSnail

    That’s a beautiful red.

  2. Kimberly Nguyen

    Ooh~! Very pretty. I think the packaging is gorgeous, but I don’t own any…but I don’t mind extra weight, it feels sturdier when it’s heavy, to me at least

  3. That looks just stunning. I already have Heartless and I’m thinking it might also be similar to Hourglass Raven (although Raven seems brighter), but I love Rouge G’s so much and it’s really hard to say no to a great red lipstick…

  4. Just gorgeous on you Christine, but a pass for me.  It looks really lush and creamy!!!

  5. Woah, high marks! It looks great on you indeed. I wouldn’t pick this color for myself, but you wear it well.

  6. I love it but the price is not for me!

  7. The image of this lipstick is burning a whole in my screen it’s so bright. lol I wouldn’t be able to wear it as it would look neon on me but what a great shade.

  8. Kafka

    Too orange for me. I feel like such a weirdo and freak when it comes to the Guerlain Gs. For me, the texture is…. disconcerting, perhaps? It’s *too* creamy, and feels actually slippery and slick. Again, just for me. But the real problem is that they would never last 7 hours on me, not with what I put lipsticks through and all the soda/coffee that I drink throughout the day. Plus, I’m not looking for a lipstick that is mostly or predominantly moisturizing but then, my lips are not sensitive and I rarely find lipsticks to be drying. I can completely see how this would be a HG product for others though. On another note though, once again, that Orgasm blush looks gorgeous on you. 

    • Kafka I feel like Orgasm was made for Christine, THAT’S how good it looks in all of these pictures!

    • blueraccoon

      Kafka The Rouge Gs don’t last as long on me as they do on Christine for various reasons – I have a habit of pressing my lips together that wears off lip product, plus I’m always drinking water or tea, plus..but I love, love, love the formula. It’s so comfortable to wear, and my lips *do* dry out if I don’t have something on them, so this is great to put on and not feel an hour later like my lips are screaming for balm. I don’t know if it’s my *favorite* formula, as there are others I love (Rouge Dior, Shiseido Perfect Rouge, Burberry lip cover) but it’s up there. This color is way too orange for me, though :)

      • Kafka

        blueraccoon  The formula and texture sound perfect for you.  (And for annedreshfield, too!) I hope you get a gloriously sexy shade, preferably in a Hot Mama crimson red! ;P  I kid, I know crimson isn’t your colour. But a lovely tea rose perhaps to go with the Burberry blushes?

        • blueraccoon

          Kafka *hee* I do have Garconne, which is that *true* red kind of shade, and it looks pretty good on me :) I don’t know as I need another bright red, although I bought a Shiseido lacquer rouge today in this gorgeous deep red that, as my friend put it, makes me look like Snow White :)(Oh! I also got a sample of the Sheer Transformation cream while at Sephora earlier today. Will let you know what I think!)

        • Kafka

          blueraccoon  Woman, one can never have enough red lipsticks! <grin> I truly believe that. It’s just like a LBD (Little Black Dress) in that regard. Oh, the Shiseido sounds wonderful. Lipsticks that make one look like Snow White are the absolute BEST of all! And Shiseido has some fabulous lipsticks that last for a seriously long time. Is it the one that looks like a lipgloss but dries to a matte, long-lasting, almost paint-like finish?  As for the Sheer Transformation, I *knew* your Sephora would carry O/H, but I’m really touched you remembered. I hope so, SO much — fingers crossed — that you like it.

        • blueraccoon

          Kafka Of course I remembered the O/H cream! Silly woman, we’ve only been talking about it for how long now? *g* I’m not sure if the Shiseido is the one you’re thinking of? It’s the new product for fall, the lacquer rouge, so it’s in the same kind of tube as the lipsticks, but it’s a liquid, although I don’t think it’s matte. Then again, maybe it is? I just put a little on my wrist and it seems to have dried down matte. So maybe? I’m learning this about red lipsticks. I was always afraid to wear them before, but I’m getting bolder :)

    • Kafka Rouge Gs actually last through drinking/meals on me, too, when it’s one of the darker shades (reds, vamps, etc.) – just not the nudes!  I usually wear Rouge Gs for business and will have manageable wear for 8-12 hours through drinks and meals.

      • Kafka

        Christine-Temptalia  I think we have very different lips because I’ve noticed that we seem to have polar opposite experiences with a number of lipsticks. For example, you loved the Rouge D’Armani and found it moisturizing, without any bleeding or feathering. Me, in contrast, found it to be THE most drying lipstick I’ve experienced in years. Not just drying, actually. It makes my lips crack and actually BLEED in several places, and this has happened repeatedly. It also feathered/bled like mad.  But those actual cracks and prune-like wrinkling effect….. ugh! Another example, I think you liked Illamasqua’s lipsticks, while I found the texture to be pretty gross, to be honest, and thought it just lay on my lips thickly like gloop. It also was the 2nd most drying lipstick I’ve worn this entire year! Prune-wrinkling again! In contrast, lipsticks like MAC’s Red don’t dry me out in the slightest, while I know they do you.  Same with Lipstick Queen, though I don’t know which formulation or version you tried. And our duration time drastically varies too. Lipsticks that you’ve found to last only 5-6 hours, like say a NARS one, will last 8+ hours on me with really dark shades like Scarlet Empress lasting 10-12 hours! In contrast, every single Guerlain I’ve tried or owned — with the exception of the amazing old formula for the KissKiss Long Lasting (mattes) — has lasted a very short amount of time on me. Same with the MUFE ones that I think you like and the Chanel.I have no explanation for the extreme differences other than the fact that I must be a weirdo with very different lunatic lips. LOL! I do think your lips are much more sensitive than mine, but that doesn’t explain such opposite reactions to things like the Rouge D’Armani. Re. lasting time, it obviously doesn’t help that I do far more than just have a meal 3 times a day; I have a giant 57 oz. mug that I fill with Diet Dr. Pepper and drink throughout the hour via a straw. I replenish that 57 oz. every 60 minutes, o that by the end of the day, I can easily finish off four to six LITERS of diet soda. Liters! Daily! And this after drinking endless cups of coffee from 5 a.m. onwards. In other words, my lipstick is being subjected to a lot of stuff far *before* I get to mealtime with accompanying drinks. That’s why I stick to NARS’ pure mattes or semi-mattes. They are the only thing that really last (though some of my Shiseido do too, to a large extent, as does Lipstick Queen which perhaps rivals the NARS for duration.).  I’m tempted to try again with the Rouge G’s to see if I just got a bum dud, but at $48, it’s not worth the scientific experiment. Especially when I see the huge difference between various new Guerlain formulations (like the new KissKiss line) with the old Guerlain lipsticks that I have. So, I’ve just concluded we have very different yardsticks. And, that I have freak lips as compared to yours. <grin>

  9. Okay, I officially have to check this formula out the next time I go shopping. This one’s too orange for me, but if it wears like that…soo tempting!

    • annedreshfield Their deeper, more intense shades do wear that well, I find. The first time I wore Gigolo (from last Fall), it lasted 7 or 8 hours on me, including a snack and a few drinks without needing a touch up. I’m a lipstick fanatic and even I was blown away.

      • Gina

        Kate MacDonald I’ll second that! I also have Gigolo, and it wears like iron. So worth the price for such a jaw droppingly beautiful color, and fantastic formula.

  10. Wow–this is such a bright, fresh-looking red. I love it! But then again, I prefer the more tomato-y reds

  11. Virginia G

    So glad that these new colors are not limited since I want them all!!

  12. radiofireworks

    This is really lovely but I just can’t ever imagine spending that much money on one lipstick! I really lust after some of Guerlain’s products but the price just makes me cringe. Maybe if I get a great job I’ll be able to indulge guilt-free one day!

  13. f0rtunefaded

    this color is gorgeous i would definitely wear this. but the price :(

  14. Rebeccawr

    This is a gorgeous red! Christine, do you know how this compares to MAC’s Ladybug?

  15. stephanie

    Hi Christine! Aside from Genna what other Rouge Gs have a creamy finish (without subtle shimmer)? Thanks for this helpful review!

    • @stephanie I’m not sure off the top of my head… there are 40 or more shades from the range. I’ve swatched most of them here –

  16. How different is Genna from Guerlain Gipsy, Christine?

  17. artemis

    WOOOOW, looks sooo bold! yummy

  18. Woody-on Pam

    Always “A” for Guerlain

  19. xamyx

    Really pretty color; it reminds me alot of a Max Factor shade I had many, many years ago, and I asolutely *loved* it. I actually feel an urge to pick this one up, purely for nostalgic reasons, but the price… I just can’t.

  20. PattySntos

    @GiniSunshine ginifsa no me haga eso ♥

  21. Jennifer

    Wow-this look is great on you!

  22. Sasha

    Tried this on last weekend and love it! Dark reds don’t look very good on me but these bright, orange based ones pop! Going to have to try Chanel’s Coromandel too. This may very well be on my Christmas list this year.

  23. Nat

    It still exists?