Friday, December 17th, 2010

Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire

Guerlain Spring 2011: Blush G Serie Noire

Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire ($65.00 for 0.28 oz.) is a pink and coral lover’s dream. There are four distinct shades in the palette, though it is expected to use either the two top shades or the two bottom shades together at the very least. It’s not really feasible to use just one of the shades individually, as the size of each strip doesn’t lend itself to that–perhaps the upper most shade which is also the largest stripe.

There is a coral-red strip with subtle gold shimmer, a softened fuchsia pink with gold sheen, a peachy-pink with gold sheen, and finally a soft rose pink with pale gold sheen. When swirled together, I managed to find a shade of medium peach-pink with gold sheen, which I found a bit like NARS Orgasm (and the many dupes for it). However, keep in mind that it easily gets darker, more coral, or lighter, pinker, depending on the concentration of each shade you use.

I swished my brush across the surface (once forward, one back), then tapped against my forearm to remove any excess product, and applied to cheeks (using MAC’s 116 brush). On me, it was a pinked coral with subtle gold sheen. As someone who loves corals, peaches, and variations on them, this moves me. The black lacquered palette is beautiful, and the design of the shades inside is beyond elegant.  The texture is smooth, soft, and easy to blend on the skin.

P.S. — On lips, I wore Guerlain Rouge Sensual Rouge G Serie Noire + Chanel Insouciance Extrait de Gloss.

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

RECOMMENDATION: This will work for any shade of skin tone (light, medium, or dark), because it can be intensified or softened, depending on the look you’re going for. I do think it will be flattering on both cooler and warmer skin tones, but the golden sheen found in all four shades does make a more compelling case for warmer skin tones.

AVAILABILITY: January 2011

See more photos & swatches!

Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire

Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire

Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire

Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire

Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire

Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire

Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Blush G? How much is it?

January 2011 wherever Guerlain is sold, $65.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

For the shade swatched on the skin, NARS Orgasm. If you want something a little deeper, NARS Deep Throat. This palette can create a lot of variations, so while those shades can dupe some of it, it's not exactly the same, you know?

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82 thoughts on “Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I really like this, the color is gorgeous. Looks great on you. Hm… I might ask for this as a late Christmas gift… but it is pricy.

  2. Catherine

    So beautiful! I love it- I have a question though…what are you wearing on your lips?!?!?! so pretty! I would love it if you answered. Have a happy holidays, christine! :)

    • Hi Catherine,

      As mentioned in the post, on lips: I wore Guerlain Rouge Sensual Rouge G Serie Noire + Chanel Insouciance Extrait de Gloss.

      Happy holidays!

  3. Jess

    your making me fall in love with guerlain!

  4. Oh Why did I click on the link(wink)?

  5. Renee

    Very pretty blush, but I think you went a little OTT with it on your cheeks, it takes away from the blush itself and your features!

  6. o0o Carina o0o

    Love it! I really want it….hopefully I can manage to get it.

  7. LU

    Gorgeous! Reminds me a lot of how Benefit’s Dandelion looks on me!

  8. Steph

    Ooh this is so pretty, love how it looks intensified on you! So cheeky, haha.

  9. Leila

    Oh…such beautiful colors, the new collection is already available? You look very fresh and beautiful 😉

  10. JustMe

    Really gorgeous blush!

  11. Jazz

    PRETTY !!!!!!!!!!

  12. Oh my, that looks so good! i can already see myself using those colours; they are perfect and so versatile! btw, what’s on your lips temptalia?

  13. Suri

    This is so incredibly lovely on you, Christine! Would you say it’s pinker or more peach/coral as compared to Nars’ Orgasm?

  14. Krystin

    wow i actually love how this make you look it lights up your whole face. i would usually never spend this much or even buy a really high ends blush but you have me convinced its great!!!! hahhah i Gotta have it!!

  15. Rae

    Ooh, is that ever gorgeous in the pan! I love that Guerlain wasn’t afraid of adding the first two super-vivid shades :)

  16. Lucie

    Oh man, can’t wait for this! Beautiful! But $65? -choke- Gonna have to put it on my birthday list.

  17. Hannah

    Aw, from the promo picks, I was expecting it to be like a Marine Life dupe.
    I’m not interested in another Orgasm dupe (although it would be nice to have a similar color in a more refined formula, as I find Orgasm too chunky)

  18. inj

    Christine you have very strong features…you don’t need a lot of color on you. But well this IS a swatch.

    • Yes, that is the point – to show you the color on. You can always sheer it out if you prefer something subtle. I wouldn’t say I have strong features, though – my bone structure is so muddled!

      • daphne

        Aww no way are you “muddled” – you have the classic heart shaped face with that defined chin and strong cheeks. The intense blush really brings out the shape of your cheeks and I kinda like it!

      • Madge

        I think your eyebrows are the strongest of your features – they are pretty large and close to your eyes and you fill them in so much with a dark color. I think since you have fuller eyebrows your face would look much lighter if you didn’t fill them in so much. For what it’s worth – just a suggestion! We are here to talk about makeup/faces after all.

        • inj

          Well, I have those chipmunky(cute) cheeks too. But no strong eyes or nose like you. Sometimes it looks like it throws off the balance of my face, but I have this weird notion that the longer I take to grow out of looking kiddish, the longer I’ll have non-saggy grandmaish skin.

  19. Kalex

    Will there be a review of the Guerlain Rouge Sensual Rouge G Serie Noire coming soon? It’s gorgeous too!

  20. Ivana

    I think I’m in loooove! I was never into Guerlain products bc if the price but this just may be worth it!

  21. Jess

    This blush is sooo beautiful :-O i want it.

  22. june

    thanks for telling us what you used on your lips 😉

    is it possible you might do that more in the future? i’m always interested in what you use to put together a look even if it’s just a simple blush and gloss :)

  23. wow thats gorgeous. When I saw the promo pics I was hoping it wouldnt be pigmented to kill my lemming but oyy. I am hoping that the fact that I have orgasm, deep throat and chanel in love will be enough 😛

  24. Rosalinda

    This very well may be my first Guerlain product. I must have it!!! Although $65 for a blush seems crazy for me. I will probably find a way to justify it though hehehe its so pretty!!

  25. sarah

    i LOVE it but i hate the price!

  26. Nadine

    Thanks for the great pictures and swatches! I think I will buy it now, it looks even prettier than I expected.

  27. CeeBee


    Pretty, so pretty…

  28. nicci

    I’m not feeling it…

  29. Natalie

    Awww with your hair up, rosy cheeks – you look like a pretty ballerina! Show me your tutu!! :)

  30. Jennifer F

    Gorgeous colour and very complimentary to your skin tone. I may have to save up for this. If I get it, it will be my first Guerlain product!

  31. Mia

    Does the blush have the typical strong smell of violets like the other Guerlain powder products? TIA

  32. W-O-W I think this is the first time I see a blush that pricey, don’t care about that fact and want it right away—because honestly, it is gorgeous! I WILL GET IT ^_^ LOL ++Starts saving $$++

  33. Oh wow, this is prettier than I imagined! Will definitely get it. I’m guessing you also have some of the new Rouge Gs, so I’m looking forward to the review of those too! 😉

  34. Marianne (from Switzerland)

    Is there a brush in it?

  35. That’s pretty. Will show up on black skin. Love what I see!

  36. baby in a corner

    this is beautiful! can’t wait for the rouge g swatches.

  37. oh wowwwwwwwwwwwwww so gorgeous and you look so pretty! Honestly I am in heaven with this, MUST have it, cant wait! xx

  38. Anna

    I have 4 Rouge Gs and a Meteorites – all decision made after reading your blog. After reading this one and seeing the crystal clear pictures, this blush will be mine. Sorry wallet!

  39. JessL

    Am torn between this and Benefit’s Bella Bamba. What do you think Christine? Thank you!

  40. Bridget

    Would you say there are any dupes for the *just* third shade down? Thanks!!

  41. Katherine

    I can’t locate this online. I really want this too. What is that lip color you are wearing in this pic please? Looks lovely on you.

  42. Josiane

    I like the new design of the website!

  43. Aisha

    Thanks Christine! How would you compare it to Benefit Bella Bama?

  44. Laia

    Yesterday I swatched it on my skin and it looks pretty lovely. I’ll save up and soon buy it!!!

  45. Vvn

    pricey… but I think this will be mine!

  46. Corliss

    Too Expensive!

  47. Since I have seen this review with the beautiful swatches and crystal clear pictures, I started to bug my Sephora. They finally got it in last week (I’m from the Netherlands) and I finally got my blush. It’s so pretty and I’m so glad I knew about it in advance because I got the very last one and they had it in for only a week! Thanks you Christine!

  48. Chau

    I was skeptical with the hefty price tag and my past experience with Guerlain. This is small product. BUT it’s absolutely gorgeous. It does give out multi dimension effect, which I think quite unique. It stays put, which for me is a big plus. Most blushes don’t stick more than 3 hours on my cheeks. This one does and the color stays fresh. it is is wearable and versitle despite bright. I just think that Guerlain should have put more product on this blush. xoxo Christine! I had my eyes on this for a long time until you reviewed it.

  49. Hope

    This blush is spectacular! I’ve never come across one like it and I’ve been a makeup maniac for 4 decades. It makes other brands, even high end, look and feel cheap. It has a glow that is coming from the inside, like baby skin. It is sheer and build-able and I can’t imagine anyone from the palest to the darkest complexion not looking good in this. It’s really unique and worth the splurge. One caveat, if you do not like any sparkle at all, don’t buy this. The glow is very soft and classy but if you only like a matte look, pass this up.

  50. Laura

    I’ve looked everywhere for the guerlain blush g serie noire without luck. I’ve checked Sephora, Saks, Nemian Marcus, Nordstroms and can’t find it available. Any idea where I might be able to purchase it?

  51. Desiree

    The sad thing, though is that I can’t find it online anywhere!
    The search continues!

    • Laura

      My search continues without finding the treasure. If you’re able to locate it on your hunt will you please share the hidden location. Thanks.

  52. Cam

    It’s still available in my country, but it’s priced at $73

  53. NessaMBaby

    Is there a dupe for the lightest pink on there? Xoxo

  54. Pamela

    Hey Christine – what would be good dupes for just the top two colors? I have similar coloring to yours, and often do a coral-y blush with just a pop of pink (Nars Desire) on the apples of my cheeks. Thanks SO much!!

  55. Ann

    Christine, I’ve read that Le Metier Echo is your holy grail peachy pink blush, would you also choose Echo over this also? I love both, but can only afford one : ( . . . your thoughts?

    • If you want something pinker, than Blush G, if you want something more orange, Echo. Echo is permanent as far as I know – I think you can also just get it on its own so it’s a little cheaper than this one.

  56. shikha singh

    hiii chrstine…..a big fan of ur quite reliable reviews..christine i hv a lancome pink blush nd guerlain rose plein vent m luking 4 a nice peachy blush like of a lancome mandarin sky blush or a nars orgasm..but dsnt wana double them with rose plein vent, no use buying 2 similar shades …highly confused plz help…moreover im exactly of ur complexion…