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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

Oh goodness, memories of last winter! I was late leaving the house, missed my bus, and grabbed the train so I’d only have to walk 15 minutes from my stop to get to work. Keep in mind this was in -35 degree (Celsius) weather! As soon as I got to work my mascara melted down my face. Despite all my best efforts, and without my makeup bag, I looked quite unfortunate for the rest of the day.

Hahahahha!! Omg yes! With it being any where from -10Β° to 20Β° here in anch, Ak you have to wear this “turtleneck” scarf. (it’s a round kind like an infiniti scarf that’s thick and snug). Anyway you have to wear it up and over your nose. When you breath the moisture freezes onto your eyelashes and wah-la what a mess you have on your brow bone and under the eye! Total mascara everywhere!! Just happened today as a matter of fact. I’m not big on waterproof mascara but I think it’s time to pull it out πŸ™‚

I feel ya! I live in the Copper Basin and its been -30 or colder for at least a week now! I have to use waterproof even if Im only outside for a moment in the day.

Given that I live in a country where it is extremely humid, the daily temperature is generally above 30 deg celcius, and it rains on and off, the weather NEVER FAILS to ruin my makeup.

Tropical weather ruins my makeup 90% of the time. The heat and humidity turns my nose oily in 2 hours and if i had to rush and start sweating, my foundation will slip or crack.

Only all the time! South Florida is brutal (especially in the summer!), and if it’s not a million degrees and humid, it’s thunderstorming. I have to say, UD Primer Potion has been really good for keeping my eyeshadow in place… it even survives college football games. But I definitely try to plan for waterproof mascara, if it looks like it’s going to be a particularly rainy week.

Lol Shaun cracks me up. He should do more reviews! I almost died last week during the ffhf when his response to what’s on your wye right now was: my finger cuz it’s itchy. Lol!

I wore eyeshadow to an outdoor all-day concert this past summer (bad idea!!) By the end of the night you could only tell that I had eyeshadow in the crease and right above the lash line- my lid was pretty much bare. Yikes!

I have ruined my makeup mostly on rainy days, it makes my eyeshadow crease in the inner lid area. I use waterproof mascara everyday so my mascara never leaves me with raccoon eyes:) for really hot days, my makeup stays put for the most part:) I still looks pretty much the same with a bit of foundation wearing off around the t-zone area. I don’t know if this counts because it’s not weather but I hve left my makeup on while going to the steam room or sauna and my waterproof mascara is okayy but my lashes r not curly anymore.

Oh, definitely! After having made it through a couple of hurricane seasons in New Orleans, I can’t even count the number of times that the rain and flooding has ruined my makeup. Plus, it’s already humid there to begin with, which doesn’t help matters any.

Oh yes! Humidity, rain or a blizzard.. I’ve been through them all and always ended up with raccoon eyes and a blodgey mess on my face. And not to forget the hair that also ended up looking delicious. πŸ˜€ But I just smile and try to act as if I was always rocking that look. πŸ˜€

Thankfully not in an epic this-is-all-doomed way. But my eyes are very sensitive to the sun, to cool and cold winds and to freezing temperatures. I have to deal with smudged eye liner, been-there-but-gone-now eye liner, crumbled-into-hard-lines eye shadow and barely a chance to do eye make up on the lower lid every single day. No matter how good a primer I use, how waterresistant or waterproof the eye liner is or how careful I am on where to place my eye shadow. Some days I wonder why I even care to put on eye make up.

Ooooh PLENTY of times!!! I ride my bike everyday, everywhere, when its raining,cold, snowing or melting hot…Belgian weather is known for its ruining make-up aspects πŸ™‚

Thats why I always carry q-tips for some easy touch ups

Well mostly the heat! For whatever reason I expect the rain to ruin it and it doesn’t really bother me. I HATE the feeling of makeup when I’m sweating. Just makes me want to wash my face asap.

Used to happen all the time when I lived in Canada, but must less often since I’ve moved to Australia. Revlon Colourstay and Shadow Insurance (both of which I’ve recently purchased) have certainly helped as well!

today! i wasnt wearing any bold make up though.it was very windy and it always hurts my eyes.so they got madly watery,my non waterproof mascara flaked all over,my eyeliner and shadow got ruined:/ and for some reason pro longwear conc. decided to drag away with the tears.not the best look i have ever created lol

Always, here in very humid Manila! It’s unfortunate that I also have oily skin, so I look like a greaseball a couple of hours after putting my makeup on. Good thing the Christmas season has been kind to us so far – it’s been drizzling but at least it’s cooler than usual πŸ™‚

Always. Here where I live, every single day of the year is between 25 – 35ΒΊC and the air is too humid, so it gets horribly hot. My makeup is always melting and everybody I know has problems with oily skin.

Oh yeah! Thanks to the hot humid weather I live in, I’ve had my liquid liner smudge everywhere or my blush slide off lol. And highlighting my face can easily go wrong and look plain oily if not done cautiously.

Oh, gosh, yes. When I lived in the northeast, heat and humidity would melt and smear so much that I only wore mascara & eyeshadow. In the West, it’s dry severe heat in summer which melts more than smears. Definite days without makeup. Living indoors really is the best environment for makeup!

I only wear eye makeup on a daily basis (and sometimes lipstick) but i’m really good about not touching my eyes throughout the day. The worse is when i get something -like an eyelash or a mascara particle- in my eye and i have to remove my contact and put it back in. my eye then gets watery and i try my best to just clean up the area underneath my finger and a bit of good ol’ saliva! LOL if i’m home ill use a qtip with a bit of face lotion and it does the trick.

Yes! In south Florida its impossible to be outside for more than 5 minutes before you start sweating! Even with primers / setting sprays the makes up seems to fade

hair, yes. makeup, no. I always carry an umbrella in my purse, so i don’t have to worry about rain. humidity totally frizzes out my hair sometimes tho. i used to basically wear nothing but mascara and eyeliner in the summer, due to humidity. but since i started using UD’s all-nighter spray… humidity isn’t an issue anymore.

Yes definently when there’s humidity outside my eyeshadow creases horribly. I basically don’t wear eyeshadow during the summer where I am.

the humidity of fl. really ruins makeup and made worse with our sun especially if you are a sweater. you need to powder down everything and then with adding sunblock all day it is a tough regimen.

omg yes. rain, snow, humidity, and nothing like spending forever on makeup only to go into the freezing cold and have your face go all blotchy from the temps: EPIC FAIL

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