Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Gold Eyeliner: Tokidoki Unicorno, Guerlain Gold, Make Up For Ever #9L,
Urban Decay Eldorado, Urban Decay Honey, Milani Gold, L’Oreal HIP Gold Charge, Stila Koi

Gold Eyeliner Comparisons & Dupes

There are certainly lots of variations on gold but one particular hue seems to find its way into multiple ranges, and I’ve deliberately excluded more antique golds (to-be-posted), but these are the more traditional golds, based on the products I own.   (Please assume that if it’s not here, I do not own it.)

  • Tokidoki Unicorno Glitter Eyeliner is a pale white gold base with darker gold glitter. (Review)
  • Guerlain Gold Stylo Yeux is a golden orange-peach–looks yellower in the pencil than swatched. (Side note: I received this relatively recently, but yet I could hardly find any information on it… anywhere.)
  • Make Up For Ever #9L Aqua Eyes is a lightened yellow gold. It’s not a dupe for Urban Decay’s Honey (or Eldorado). (Review)
  • Urban Decay Eldorado 24/7 Liner is a true yellow gold. You can tell it is significantly different from Honey. (Review)
  • Urban Decay Honey 24/7 Liner is a rustic gold with a molten gold-bronze glint. This is one of my favorite colors, but apparently Urban Decay discontinued it. It is similar to the next three eyeliners, but it seems a hue darker. (Review)
  • Milani Gold Liquif’Eye Liner is a deep metallic gold. It has a nearly identical texture and color to L’Oreal HIP’s Gold Charge. (Review)
  • L’Oreal HIP Gold Charge Chrome Eyeliner is a deep metallic gold. It has nearly identical texture and color to Milani’s Gold. (Review)
  • Stila Koi Smudge Stick is a deep, metallic gold. The color is nearly identical to both Milani’s Gold and L’Oreal HIP’s Gold Charge, but it’s a mechanical pencil, so it’s not quite as creamy. (Review)


Urban Decay Honey is now discontinued, but for those feeling the heartbreak and are running low, you may want to consider any of the following as close sistersL’Oreal HIP Gold Charge, Milani Gold, or Stila Koi.

DUPE ALERT! If it wasn’t visually obvious, L’Oreal HIP Gold Charge, Milani Gold, and Stila Koi are near identical.  L’Oreal HIP Chrome Eyeliner and Milani Liquif’Eye Liner formulas are quite similar, too–both creamy eye pencils that glide on smoothly (creamier than Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liners, by-the-by).  Stila Smudge Sticks are mechanical pencils, and they have known packaging woes (takes forever to get it to twist, often you can’t twist it back in).

Product Formulas/Wear:  I have no notable issues regarding overall wear with this set of eyeliners (exempting Guerlain Stylo Yeux, which I haven’t tested).  For more specifics, I urge you to review the particular product’s review.   Tokidoki Unicorno Glitter Eyeliner is a bit rough/scratchy against the lash line, because of the glittery bits.

What are your favorite golds?

See more swatches!

Gold Eyeliner: Tokidoki Unicorno, Guerlain Gold, Make Up For Ever #9L,
Urban Decay Eldorado, Urban Decay Honey, Milani Gold, L’Oreal HIP Gold Charge, Stila Koi

Gold Eyeliner: Tokidoki Unicorno, Guerlain Gold, Make Up For Ever #9L, Urban Decay Eldorado

Gold Eyeliner: Urban Decay Honey, Milani Gold, L’Oreal HIP Gold Charge, Stila Koi

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43 thoughts on “Gold Eyeliner Comparisons & Dupes

  1. pearlyn

    lols youre so fast in doing all these freaking love you for that. any other comparisons coming up? like blue green and purple? i love them and would like to find nicer ones too thanks so much for doing this 😀

  2. Evie

    I love what you’re doing!

  3. hannah

    For those in the UK, the boots no7 metallics liner in gold is also pretty good.

  4. Hiromi

    i have the MUFE #9L and i LOVE it. so perfect for lighting up the inner corners with that glowy effect. i always get compliments on it!

  5. Pam

    i really do like L’Oreal HIP Gold Charge. Only downside is that i can’t wear on waterline. It makes me teary-eyed LOL

  6. I think I’ll go with Urban Decay’s HOneYY!!! 😀 Looks so pigmented and creamy!!!

  7. Mindy

    I be sad Honey is goners. The others are close but not yellowy enough for me :(

  8. Danielle

    I love these new swatch comparisons you are doing! It is SO helpful!

    My fav of these that I actually own is the MUFE #9L. I bought that earlier this year and LOVE it. It is the single longest lasting eyeliner I have. It is the perfect gold for the inner eye and highlighting. I sometimes use it as a base too, or a quick wash of color. It’s great and now a staple for me.

  9. vikaki

    you should reallyyyyyyy try a greek brand called erre due!!
    the silky eye pencils are the bests i have everrrrrrr tried…:))

  10. Rosie

    What? Honey was discontinued :(. It was my first ever Urban Decay product and I used to wear it ever day like three summers ago. I was known as the Y leader with the gold eyes by the kindergardeners :(. I’m almost out of mine too and was gonna pick it up soon. Good to know. I’m liking the Milani or L’Oreal as replacements. Thanks for these comparisons. I loved Perversion in the Black!

  11. AnGeLwInGz

    I often use Gold Charge on the upper lashline and Eldorado on the inner corners in looks.

  12. Andreita

    Thanks for doing this is very helpful, are you gonna do it with blues I’d love to see that ;P The last 4 are my favorites Honey looks brighter imo.

  13. wow @ Urban Decay’s Honey!!!!! A fierce shade of gold! Is it a limited edition?

    anyways thanks for the eyeliner comparison series, it’s such a brilliant idea!! :)

    Kisses from Italy, Hun! :)

  14. Elysia

    I looked at this and i was like “oo that bright one is my fav, i have to get it!, then i saw that it was UD Honey, which i already have. Score!

  15. Rebecca

    all not available in my country :-( except for guerlain but I don’t like that one

  16. I like my Korres Gold Liner; however, I definitely need to add more gold pencils to my kit. Now I have more of a place to start. Thanks for the post!!

  17. Deb

    These eyeliner comparisons are really neat and helpful! Now, I’m extra glad I have Honey, since I had no idea it was discontinued. That’s amazing how similar the last three are!

  18. Deb

    Of these, I only have Unicorno and Honey, and Honey is definitely my go-to gold liner.

  19. Yuen-Ting

    Eldorado – Urban Decay eyeliner is a nice gold colour, i think it’s one of the new shades in the collection

  20. honoluluhoney

    i love that you are doing these swatches for eyeliners!!!! i am so sad about urban decay honey not being available, its such a pretty gold, but thank you so much for the dupes!!!!

  21. Elisabeth

    christine, i LOVE you for doing these recent swatches of eyeliner comparisons!!! it is helping me tremendously, when it comes to seeing the subtle differences in the products that i’ve been contemplating buying. i did want ‘el dorado’, but after seeing these, now i’m going to pass and pick up the Stila pencil. i have been sending all my fellow makeup-lover friends over here to drool over and contemplate your swatches. thank youuuu!!!

  22. just thought u were give notes to them as well as the black ones.

  23. Amy EM

    I’ve been looking for a replacement for my MAC buttery, so this is a big help! I hope you do greens next :)

  24. Lucie

    Never understood why UD discontinued Honey and replaced it with Eldorado…I LIKE eldorado but it doesn’t have the richness that honey did.

  25. Lana

    Thanks for the swatches! I hadn’t even noticed that Urban Decay discontinued Honey, darn! Up until now (with Asphyxia liner coming out), I would have to say that was Urban Decay’s most unique liner.

  26. Alisha in WI

    Christine do you have UD Baked liner? Just wondering how that compares. I have it and am wondering if I “need” one of these too…lol.

  27. telle

    thanks Christine for a gold and silver liner comparison and dupe set! I will be picking up gold in the L’oreal Hip liner and I already have a silver liner from Smashbox! I was definitely debating on whether or not the Hip liner would be a good purchase and you’ve given me the info to make my decision! 😀 Thanks again!

  28. GinaB

    i was wondering what you thought of Urban Decay “Baked” eyeliner in comparison to the others?

  29. Irusha

    i like MUFF’s gold best of all, was looking for such a color for a looooong time) will definetely buy this one. thank you)

  30. The only gold eyeliner I own is a mini MUFE one. I never use it though. . what are some suggestions uses?

  31. Katie

    I’m pretty loyal to 24/7 but I got the L’Oreal HIP Gold Charge based on this feature, and I’m really happy with it! Glad I got a great product at a drugstore price.

    Thanks for this series Christine…very helpful.

  32. Opheliana

    Stila koi and Urban decay looks wonderful. I can recommend Make up store czar on gold eyeliners too.

  33. Polly

    Hi! I’m very very VERY excited to share!

    Today I just found a very VERY beautiful gold eyeliner which is totally what you call ‘antique gold’ or ‘bronze glod’ and its texture is SO amazing because it is gel liner in pencil form! Very smooooothly glide on the lid. With a cheap price tag of 180 THB (= 6 USD) OMG!

    Oh.. I was too excited that I didn’t mention its name! It is In2It waterproof gel liner in WG80 aztec. Extremely beautiful!!

    I will send you my skin swatch photo to you if you’re interested! I found this In2It one looks so much like a dupe for UD Honey!

  34. Rosie

    How funny I didn’t remember this post. I went out and bought Milani’s Gold even though I have L’Oreal Hips and I was swatching on my arms (I am almost out of Honey and it makes me so sad because it’s my favorite gold of all time) so then I look at my swatches of Milani and L’Oreal Hip and they don’t look almost identical too me, they look exactly the same. Both manufactured in Germany. I bet they’re the same exact formula and color. It’s a good thing I like the color.

  35. nasekr

    Hi, I also like golden colors and I find good hues in Pupa. Tnank u for yr review, I will be yr regular reader)

  36. Sarah

    I wonder which one they used for Lenny Kravitz as Cinna. 😀