Friday, July 13th, 2012

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  More fall products!
  • Weekend plans:  Catch up on EVERYTHING! We took our first vacation in YEARS this past week (I hope you didn’t notice) – we left Sunday morning and came back Thursday evening.  It was pretty good for me, considering I was about 70% disconnected.
  • Do you have any pets?:  No, not a single one, not me.  I do, however, have a very furry child that some might say resembles a dog! 😉 You might know him, his name’s Mellan!

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! :)

This week’s Mellan photo…

One of my all-time favorite photos. It’s my background on my phone! Missed this guy!

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127 thoughts on “Free for Haul Friday, Volume #140

  1. Haul: Lots of stuff from the Nordstrom anniversary sale — Dior Smoky Violets trio, Burberry lip gloss set, Chanel Riviere Illusion d’Ombre, Chanel Fleur de Lotus Joues Contraste
    Weekend Plans: Finally shake this crud that I’ve had for the past two weeks.
    Pets: A spoiled rotten cat named Sephora. She’s even black with a small white patch!

  2. Ooooh! I miss mamma.  That dog of yours Christine has the most expressive expression that I ever seen.  And such beautiful fur.

  3. Haul: Nothing! Fall collections don’t come out here till later, and I’m leaving for my annual trip home next week so ordering anything now would be pointless! Plus, I still have tons to review!
    Weekend plans: Gift-shopping for my trip home, celebrating the boyfriend’s birthday, ironing (which I hate. Ugh) finishing scheduling posts for my time away… 
    Do you have any pets?: Yup! I’m the proud mama of two purring machines, Tango and Muffin :)

  4. xamyx

    Haul: L’Oreal Infallible shadows in Golden Emerald & Liquid Diamond.

    Plans: Nothing Exciting.

    Pets: None; unfortunately, the owner of our buildin doesn’t allow them.

    I think it’s wonderful that you took the time for a vacation, Christine!

  5. Haul:  OFRA order came in unfortunately the Baked palette was shattered. But I got one of their 3D pigments, and the Window Palette (Which contains the complete set of UD 15th Anniversary shadow)
    Weekend plans:  hand sewing as my sewing machine is still MIA. >_< I’m going medieval Scottish soon.
    Do you have any pets?:  Not currently, I had a beta for 3 years and it was the this crazy smart fellow would come to greet only me. His name was Dani Boy.

  6. Reasoner_

    Haul: A Hawkeye inspired phone skin that I’ve been wanting for a while but never knew how I wanted to design it. Also, a new cleanser for combination skin. Love it! My skin has never felt better.
    Weekend plans:  Possible movie marathon with friends.
    Do you have any pets?: Four dogs. A shih-tzu named Pheobie, a Pom named Koda (who is also my dog), a Yorkie named Jack, and a 7-month old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier named Rocky. It’s a full house. (:

  7. takkitoes

    Mellan has the most depressed little face. :( Even when he’s doing happy dog stuff his eyes always look so sad!

  8. Woah Christine! I thought you were here the whole time LOL!!! I wouldn’t have ever guessed! Ninja blogger! x________x glad you’re back and had some relaxation time!!
    Haul:  I have to sort out my list !
    Weekend plans:  Might go see the movie Brave!
    Do you have any pets?:  No… But I’m babysitting my aunt’s cat for 2 months… so I’ve kind of grown an attachment haha

  9. I hope you had a wonderful vacation! Like you, I’m not a pet owner, but I do have five furry kids who keep me very busy :-)
    This week, I picked up two Armani ETK shadows: Obsidian Black Seaweed, which unexpectedly got restocked late at my counter and Red Platine, which is one of the new ones they’ve just launched. I’m dying to try them both out, but I haven’t had the chance yet!

    • Kafka

       @Kate MacDonald  Five??!  Lucky you! Unless they’re all  of a shedding type, in which case, unlucky you. 😉  LOL.  What kinds do you have?

  10. crystallinity

    Haul: The new LUSH store near me finally opened!  I’m going to go do some damage :)
    Weekend Plans: Take my dogs to the beach.  Go help my mom with her new puppy.
    Pets: I am an animal lover to the core.  I live with two pups, Thor and Pirate, and three kitties, Juno, Fortuna, and Minerva.

    • Kafka

       @crystallinity  I like the Norse and Roman deity names!  Only Pirate seems left out of the god-like category but that just makes him more special, right? 😉

      • crystallinity

         @Kafka   Thank you!!  Pirate is our oldest dog, and he was my husband’s before we were married or even dating, so that is why he doesn’t really fit the theme 😉  In interest of full disclosure, when naming the cats I might’ve picked Minerva more for Prof. McGonagall from Harry Potter than the deity at first, but then when we got our second two the Roman names seemed to fit.  Also, we mostly call Fortuna “Tuna”.  It amuses us to have a cat named Tuna.

        • Kafka

           @crystallinity  I almost choked on my Diet Coke at “Tuna.”  Seriously. Beyond hilarious for a cat. <grin>  I’m assuming that, like most cats, he actually *does* like tuna?  BTW, I think being named after Minerva McGonagall is even cooler than being named for the Roman deity! It may have something to do with my absolute worshipping of Dame Maggie Smith.  She’s even better in Downton Abbey than she is in the HP series!  

        • crystallinity

           @Kafka   Tuna is a PIG of a cat!!!!  And yes, tuna is on the list of things she loves.  Dame Maggie rocks :)  P.S. I am also a GSD lover.  <3

        • Kafka

           @crystallinity According to a friend’s cat called Fur Ball, felines are never “pigs.” At least, Fur Ball (who is the size of a HOUSE, btw) is not. She is merely woefully starved, anorexic and shamefully abused by her negligent slaves. Fur Ball has her own FB page devoted almost entirely to her food travails, the horrors of the diet she is put on, and how tortured she is by the 3 feet she has to walk to get (a “measly” amount of) food. I suspect Tuna would agree most heartily with all that. <grin>  Maybe Tuna needs to get on FB so she can meet Fur Ball? 😉 

  11. Lacey J.

    Haul: Only bought Mac Light Year MSF. I haven’t even wore it yet. I was going to try it tomorrow for work. I’m excited. It’s my first MSF. Hopefully I don’t get too caught up in the MSF’s like some people are, but I swatched it and wow. Just wow.
    Weekend Plans: 12 hour shifts? lol
    Pets: I haven’t had any pet I’ve been close to in awhile but we have two dogs at the house, ones a black lab named Bubby and the other is her daughter, a mutt by the name of Butters lol, after the south park character, and she’s got a really crazy face and crooked ears. So cute!

  12. bulletwitch93

    I didn’t notice you were on vacation at all! And I also have a furry child LOL.


    haul: scarab nail varnish from illamasqua and HOPE in a jar from philosphy. I also got some new dresses and cardis for work.
    weekend plans: Hopefully beach! Last friday i took a vacation day to go, but my boyfriend hurt himself while running the dog and we spent most of the day at the hospital :( he spent the whole weekend and this week recovering so we hopefully have a beach date this weekend! Also nice dinner for the two of us since he got a new job :)
    Pets: Only the worlds most adorable husky ever. She’s the apple of my eye and a nightmare at times. She just hit 6 months.
    these are just some photos from 6 months – 4 weeks. i have many MANY more. these are just what are online.
    sorry for all the pics!

    • Leticia

       @MIRIANV No wonder why she´s the apple of your eye….she´s super adorable!!! I can understand as well why she´s sometimes a nightmare – but that’s sort of her “job” now that she´s 6 months old!

      • MIRIANV

         @Leticia this morning she was such a nuissance! i was trying to do my make up and she kept “rooooooo-ing” at me to take her outside. once outside she would just chew on things instead of doing her “business”. did this 3 times before 8:15 am.

        • Leticia

          @MIRIANV Ooooh, what a girl! I’m sure that what she wants is to have you looking at her all the time, not doing her “business” ! I have a four month old Lab so:-) believe me, I understand what you’re going through!

    •  @MIRIANV I think my heart just melted…

    •  @MIRIANV gorgeous!  oh and scarab rocks too :)

    • Kafka

       @MIRIANV  Adorable!  Really coo-worthy adorable!!!  She looks so angelic in your icon but you can just see from the other photos that she’s a pile of naughtiness. And if you think she’s a nightmare now, wait ’til she hits her teenage years. <grin>  Are you still liking Scarab?

      • MIRIANV

         @Kafka I put it on last night! The color is very rich and I only used one (thick) coat and that seemed to do the trick, but you could definitely do two! I love it as a fall color though, it’s way too dark for summer.

    • Miss J

       @MIRIANV OMG *squeels* SOOO ADORABLE! I want to pet her!
      I swear, I turn 5 every flippin time I see a dog, LOL. I’m always like, “OOOH! DOGGY!”

  14. Haul: Coastal Scents brushes: Pro Blending, Pointed Liner, Bent Liner, Blending Crease and a couple of others.
    Weekend plans: Baking cinnamon streusel topped muffns, and printing fliers for a job hunt.
    Do you have a pet?: Long-time readers of my blog will know about Rock n Roll and Jazz (my cats). Since I moved back in with family, I have to find a temporary home for them. If anyone in the NYC area can help me, contact me through my blog.
    My brother has a half Husky, half Eskimo named Zoe. I sometimes think of her as mine. :)

  15. Pamela

    If you don’t mind my asking, where did you go on vacation?  

      •  @Christine (Temptalia) excellent distraction!

      • Kafka

         @Christine (Temptalia)  Did you gamble at all? If so, what’s your game? I have a love for roulette, even though I know it’s a hopeless game that favours the House. <sigh> 

        •  @Kafka I’m not much of a gambler, honestly! I put $20 into a slot machine and played until $5 went down the tubes, and after 3 different times and $13 gone, I stopped. Shaun likes to play blackjack, so I played that for $40, which went very, very quickly.  My favorite part of the trip was watching the two tigers (brothers, about 1.5 years old each) play at Mirage’s Secret Garden, LOL.

        • xamyx

          @Kafka Roulette’s my game, too. The last time I played, I was up over $200, but instead of walking away, I got greedy and lost it all. I went to Vegas for a friend’s wedding with only $20, and I came home with about $100, so it wasn’t too bad.

        •  @Christine (Temptalia)  @Kafka   I am no part of a gambler either.  I lost $250 in Vegas in one night and I was so angry..  I would rather have gone out and bought a new set of sheets to take home.  I haven’t gambled really since.  But Vegas is so much more than that and it is perfect for getting away because there is so much going on to distract you..even people watching is hilarious!  Glad you got away Christine, and I agree with everyone else, you should do it more often.. we would miss you, but we could cope.. I think!  LoL

        • Kafka

           @wwendalynne  @Christine (Temptalia)  “but we would cope…. I think!”  ROFL.  Are you sure? 😉  We may need to define “coping.”  <grin> 

        • Kafka

           @xamyx  @Kafka  It’s so hard to know when to walk away. But when one wins big, God, it feels exhilarating. I try to justify that exhilaration as worth the money lost but … er… no, it’s not. Does that stop me from loving roulette or feeling a thrill when I enter a Casino? Alas, no. I’m a very superstitious gambler too, so it just adds to the whole illogical nature of the endeavor. 

      • Pamela

         @Christine (Temptalia) I went once and I loved it!  They have a MAC Pro store and one of the employees was from NH and I’m from Mass so we talked about the culture shock for us New Englanders.  All the dry, flat terrain is different than anything we ever saw but it was beautiful!

      • Pamela

         @Christine (Temptalia) You weren’t tempted to elope in a ceremony officiated by Elvis, were you?

  16. Icequeen81ma

    he looks sooooooo cute

  17. eyeheartit

    Mellan is SO adorable! 
    Haul: NOTHING! *fistpump*
    Weekend plans: Our dog needs a bath. Oh boy. He’s our only pet right now! 😉 And he’s enough, haha.

  18. Haul: MAC Galaxy Rose lip gloss.
    Weekend Plans: Lots of video gaming.  Maybe work some more on my writing.
    Pet:  I have two kitties!  >^_^<  They’re brother and sister, and it was love at first sight.  The boy is a very special little guy.

  19. Kafka

         Awwwww, a whisker photo! Did Mellan stay with his cousin, the grumpy Peke? Where did you go on vacation, did you have a blast, did you get a lot of sleep (for you), did you take lots of photos? Details, woman, details!! 😀
         Haul:  UD’s Mary Jane eyeshadow. I also ordered 2 things from the NARS Fall Collection: the Storm Bird nail varnish & Outlaw blush. I also got a complimentary, deluxe 6 piece set of NARS skincare line. So, score!
         Weekend plans: Work-related stuff, h anging out with my sister tomorrow, trying to read “Cutting for Stone” in one day (all 500+ pages, ugh) for my book club meeting, cleaning up my house & focusing, in particular, on that thing of the devil, dusting. <shudder> 
       Pets:  No, no pets. I am a slave to a little boy in a fur coat nicknamed The Hairy German, only now he’s The Plucked Chicken. I love (human) children but I plan only to have GSDs for the rest of my life.

  20. Joannie

    Haul: Nordie’s anniv sale: NARS  Joie De Vivre Cheek Palette
      MAC Triple Feature Lip bag in Red
      MAC Brush Kits 4/5
      MAC Blot Powder
      MAC Painterly PP

    Weekend Plans: Major R & R. In the hammock, Sunday family dinner

    Do you have any pets: I had a dog who never knew she was canine and not human. I miss her everyday, and struggle with the decision to get another one. I LOVE dogs and look forward to my weekly Mellan fix, which sustains me for now!

  21. Christine, you couldn’t tell you went on vacation…at all! Major kudos, but do know that if you DO want to go on vacation, I doubt your readers would mind if you missed a post or two…yes, we’re addicted to your blog, but everyone deserves a break. :) 
    Haul:  Nothing much, except I bought MAC’s Eye Brows in Lingering to replace my Benefit Brow Zing…oh my God, I can’t even begin to explain the difference. SO much better! 
    Weekend plans:  Hmm…going to a barbecue tonight, having a golf lesson tomorrow morning, getting my brows done tomorrow afternoon, and headed into the city to see the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra on Sunday night…going to be a fun weekend! 
    Do you have any pets?:  Yes, a hilarious, rambunctious tweener Dachshund named Rusty…it’s his 9th birthday on Monday! :) 

    •  @annedreshfield I *heart* our Dachshund too..they have sooo much character!

    • Kafka

       @annedreshfield  I love the SF Symphony.  And Happy 9th Birthday in advance to Rusty the Doxie!

      •  @Kafka Aren’t they magical? I think I’ve seen them and the SFYSO 5-6 times this summer. Love Davies Hall, too! Last concert I went to I ate in the Wattis room…Jerry Brown was there eating at the next table over! 😮

        • Kafka

           @annedreshfield  <sniffle>  I miss SF so much. I lived there for about 6 years, 5 in the City and 1 in Orinda. SF is probably my favorite city in this country. Who or what are you going to see? 

        •  @Kafka I’ve been here the past two summers working at a start-up in the city and living with my grandparents out in Walnut Creek…and I was born in Walnut Creek and lived in Alamo for about 7 years, too. I love the Bay Area. :) On Sunday we’re going to see Michael Feinstein perform with his band and the orchestra…I’ve never seen/heard him (he’s before my time), but it should be good! 

    • Miss J

       @annedreshfield Happy Birthday to Rusty!!

  22. EvilPinkRobot

    Haul: Color Club polishes in Chelsea Girl, Feelin’ Groovy, Jackie Oh!, and Mrs. Robinson. First Aid Beauty face cleanser. Tokidoki Love From London pencil bag, lip balms in Donutella and Pink Martini, Las Vegas palette, polishes in Ciao Ciao and Stellina, nail art stickers in Adios Ciao Ciao and Cactus Friends. MAC Volcanic Ash exfoliator x2, Venus lipstick, Star Wonder MSF, Woodwinked eyeshadow, and a Zoom Lash sample in Zoomblack that my hubby loves and made me promise I’d buy a full tube next time I go to the mall. >_<
    Weekend Plans: Maybe the OC Fair, but most likely just chillax with the hubby.
    Pets: No. No. No. Nonononononono. I already feed and clean up after something smelly.

  23. Mariella

    Haul: Nothing more than a Lustering lipstick from MAC (I like this shade for summer and wanted a 2nd one to have in my purse)
    Weekend plans:  celebrations all ’round!!!  My older son survived a (foolhardy, in my opinion) hike in Denali National Forest; my younger son, who is in 1st year engineering,  got 2 job offers for his next co-op term and accepted one and my daughter, a newly minted teacher, got a full time teaching job in the board where she did her practice teaching. She’ll be teaching gr. 5 French Immersion. And the day after that, her boyfriend proposed and she accepted!!!  So we have a LOT to celebrate.
    Pets: My beloved Daisy, a Golden Retriever, until we had to have her put to sleep in 2006 (I think of her every single day, still); a grumpy old cat who lived to be 18 and who we nursed though kidney disease. Now, no pets but my daughter – the one who just got engaged – is “pet sitting” a few dogs here in our home in the next few weeks. I’m especially excited about the Golden Doodle who’ll be coming to stay.  DH said it gives us the perfect opportunity to “test drive a Doodle”.

    • Kafka

       @Mariella  Congratulations!!  What a lot of wonderful news! I hope you have the best celebratory weekend ever.  Btw, one of my best friends has a Golden Labradoodle and it is one of the sweetest furry children I’ve ever met. Wonderfully affectionate, loving, easy to train, full of fun, and very smart.  I hope your “test drive” goes well. :)

    • Miss J

       @Mariella Congrats on all the wonderful events! Also, Golden Doodles are amazing! They are some of the sweetest creatures. They are very loving, obedient, and smart! They are also super cute, lol.

      • Mariella

        Thanks so much, Kafka and Miss J.  I do like the Doodles but, in all seriousness, I have ethical issues about people breeding what is essentially a mongrel and charging a fortune for it (they run more than our show quality Daisy did). I strongly believe that if  you want to get a mixed breed, you should get one from a shelter and people shouldn’t be adding to the canine population in this way.  At the same time, I can understand why these dogs are so popular though, of course, you have no way of knowing what you’re getting as one litter can be so different from another in terms of something as simple as shedding.   But it looks like our “visitor” will be here on Sunday, which should be fun!

  24. moena

    Haul: Rouge G Gigolo
    Plans: Not sure yet

  25. Tigress

    Haul: Nada
    Weekend plans: Work and wishing I was somewhere else
    Any pets: My two furry cat shaped daughters

  26. Mellan is soooooo lucky … 😀 D: … i wish we can exchange life for one day … i will not bother you much “C” .. not that i mean he bothers you … 😀 😀
    can you imagine i get see you soooooooo closely for 24 hrs … okayy let me just dream about this 😀
    and if you are holding any giveaway for one of the readers to attend your wedding i want to win it baby … plsssssssssssssssss i will pay all the expenses .. i promise 😀 😀
    and i will try my level best to convince you for this 😀 ….

    •  @rashmidev Aw :) You are too sweet!!

      •  @Christine (Temptalia) after agessssssssssssss i got reply so fast … i am not complaining .. 😀 just rem the day when i was actually chatting like this 4 yrs back while asking you about some quad to buy for first time and you were online and was replying fast fast … i always go back to your post and read our convo … 😀 😀 you mean world to me “C” …… stay blessed dear XOXO 😀

  27. and haulllll …. MAC So chaud lipstick , Waveline fluidline, INGLOT AMC Matte lip pencil to go with navy liner 😀 …. nothing much …..

  28. PollyPloy

    Haul: I’ve been trying to collect items from permanent range that I skipped when some good LE were lauched. This week I got MAC Freckletone l/s (what a wearable nude peach!), MAC Kinda Sexy l/s (my new favorite shade from MAC! It suits every of my looks from natural to more intense smoky and never wash me out), and Clinique Color Surge Eyeshadow Trio in Totally Neutral (found that had enough of brown tone neutral, needed something grayish shade)Weekend plans: Take a good, enough rest. Hang out with friends and family <3My pet(s): I have a fluffy hopping around happily girl… or boy? Never be sure about that ! Sometimes I believe it’s a boy coz it tempts me for a minute and then just flees away (ha, ha) The name that follows his/her hair is Latte <3 Such a funny little cute bunny <3 (I bet most of owners believe their pets are the cutest lol)

  29. army_wife_in_alaska

    Haul: NARS Outlaw blush from their fall 2012 collection and NARS Orgasm blush (ran out)
    Weekend plans:  Nothing yet. Will have to see how the weather is this weekend.
    Do you have any pets? My Japanese Spitz dog died this year. :( So no, I don’t have one.

  30. HAUL:  I recently ordered a pile–slight exaggeration–of cosmetics from Illamasqua since I have to order them from the U.K. site and I get free shipping if I spend a pile 😉  Anyhow, I was on a website somewhere which is dedicated to Illamasqua swatches; essentially people photographing their products and posting on this forum.  I love Illamsqua like crazy, but I’m not too fond of their online swatches.  They aren’t bad, but an actual photograph is so much better.  Anyhow, I concentrated on products in the rose colour department because strangely I do not have a lot of cosmetics in this range and rose and burgandy actually look great on me.  I’m planning to do a lot of burgandy,warm rose, eggplant looks this fall rather than my usual greys.
    Blush:  It’s so unbelievable loud and obnoxious in the pan, but ‘Thrust’ is glorious, glorious, I tell you!
    Eyeshadows:  All in purple and rosey brown tones.  Feint, Forgiveness, Dizzy, CanCan.  I love matte shadows because you can always change them up with loose minerals like OCC or Limecrime or Sugarpill .
    Lippies:  Lipstick in Wanton w Lipgloss in Move and Lipstick in Salacious w Lipgloss in Lily Rose
    So it’s been a blast for the past couple of days playing with the goodies and I’m hooked on a really super pretty summery rose look I’ve been wearing for the past couple of days.  
    Weekend plans:  Stay out of the heat.  It’s going to be another scorcher and we desperately need rain.  
    Pets:  4 dogs, 1 barn cat, 4 horses, and about 100 sheep.  No, I don’t live in the city *snarfle*

    • Kafka

       @wwendalynne  99 sheep and one studly ram with an over-sized personality called Gus. You can’t lump Gus in with all the rest, Wendy!! I’ve seen the photos. That boy is unique and oh so cool. Personality galore.  Nice haul with the Illamasqua. Sounds like you’re having a blast playing around. And Thrust looks very cool from the swatches I’ve seen, though the pan colours seem to vary a bit from swatch to swatch. That said, it definitely doesn’t seem to look as magenta on the skin as it does in the pan. I bet it looks lovely on you.

      •  @Kafka LoL..I stand duly corrected!  Gus IS a character and very very manly..and smelly and he lurves me so much he comes running to me with a little skip every time he sees me.  
        You are correct, the blush does not look magenta on the skin, more of a hot rose colour, but subtle as I do not put piles of it on my face.  It’s really super pretty.  I’m not surprised the photos vary as it has different nuances even in the pan, but it is definitely a matte finish.

        • Kafka

           @wwendalynne  We’ve seen the numerous results of Gus’ “manliness”…. <grin>  I don’t know why, but I have such a wee crush on Gus — to the extent anyone can with a big, macho, ram.  If I ever came up there, I think I’d spend half the time just hanging out with Gus. He’s got a very haughty Jack Nicholson vibe, mixed with some Marlon Brando bad boy-ness.  (Yes, I actually *have* spent some time contemplating this. ROFL.)  How are the lambkins and how many do you have now?  

        •  @Kafka I’m not at all surprised because he has always had the same appeal to me.  He really is a stud muffin and he’s very self assured and confident.  This is a typical personality trait in good breeding stock in the animal kingdom in general as you probably already know.  What is unique about Gus is his calmness and deliberateness.  He is very self possessed and also very kind and gentleman like.  If I were a sheep, I would do him.  *Dying laughing right now*  He’s rather like my partner, Harald, come to think of it.  I like the stoic quiet self-assured kinda guys.  Show offs  turn me off completely and so do metrosexuals.. I don’t fight over the mirror, period!I’m trying to think of how many babies we have right now and I”ve drawn a blank.. too much going on these days and me spreading myself too’s my specialty.  xoxo Dahlink.. so glad you love Gus!  You will have to meet him some day.

    •  @wwendalynne What kind of horses do you have Wendy??

      •  @annedreshfield 1 Dutch Warmblood gelding – Omega my former competition horse, 1 Holsteiner (german warmblood) gelding – Lacoste my second for competition and as it turns out a fabulous jumper, 2 Hannoverians (german warmblood) – 1 mare Diva – a gorgeous black mare and our young guy gelding Maximillian aka Max..whom I call Mad Max.  I used to compete in Dressage, and my partner Harald rides jumper… that’s how we found out Lacoste can jump the moon.  :)

        •  @wwendalynne Oh my gosh, lucky you! I’ve been a horse lover for my entire life and started riding western when I was 7. I switched over to English a little less than a year ago when my best friend JacyHumphries (a fellow makeup junkie, too!) convinced me to give it a go. I LOVE it! My dream is to own a horse someday…I grew up riding Arabians, I have a fond spot for Quarter Horses/Appendix Quarter Horses, but Warmbloods are just to die for. Your horses sound marvelous. :) 

        • Jacy Humphries

           @annedreshfield @wwendalynne Wow that sounds like a very good-looking set of horses you have! I had a Hanoverian, a Selle Francais, and a Belgian Warmblood–not all at the same time, but they were all beauties. I’ve been riding hunter jumper since I was 8. I’ve always thought Dutch Warmbloods are the most gorgeous horses around. I hope to get one someday!

        •  @Jacy Humphries  @annedreshfield Yup, my Dutch Warmblood is really good looking at he knows it.  He’s quite arrogant, but that is what made him such a great competitor.  If either of you are on FB, look me up or anybody who chats here for that matter:  My fb is Wendy Lynne Misener.  Don’t forget the Lynne, some other chick has my name dammit.  I have pictures on FB of my horses and farm and sheep too! ha!!

        •  @wwendalynne  @Jacy Humphries I might just do that Wendy!

    • Miss J

       @wwendalynne Holy awesomeness! It must be amazing with all those animals around. SO FUN! I hope you guys get some rain and have fun with all your new goodies. I, too, want go the more rose/aubergine route for fall. I think I’m also going to do a lot of emerald smokey eyes. What’s your coloring like? I’ve been considering Thrust; I’m about NC20-25.

      • Hi Miss J:  I’m somewhere in that MAC neighbourhood as well and have neutral skin tones so I think you could definitely carry it off, just with a light hand.  You could even go darker really as I tried applying a little more heavily today and it still didn’t look crass.  I did top off the planes of my face off with some Guerlain bronzer..the one with a hint of shimmer and pink in it in Blonde 01 or something like that.  Oh and I am not blonde, I have dark brown almost black hair, but I only like bronzers that are quite light.  The animals are a blast, but there are bad moments too and a helluvalot of vet bills.  But the good definitely outweighs the bad :)

        • Miss J

           @wwendalynne Thank you so, so much! I was a bit nervous to try a “magenta” blush shade. Didn’t want to look like I had some sort of rash, lol, but I will have to give it a go! I have been loving Illamasqua, but it’s a bit of a pain not having it sold anywhere in my area to go look at it in person! Thanks, again! :)

  31. makeupmatters3

    Haul: Today I bought Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder, LORAC Wild for TANtalizer Collection/Smashbox Master Class Eyeshadow Quad in Hazel, and the QVC deal of the day from Tarte. Oh and I also bought another Z Palette to hold my eyeshadow pans

  32. Aw too cute! I’m so surprised you were on vacation, Christine–yeah, DEFINITELY did NOT notice. You’re good! I don’t know whether I should be impressed or worried…lol kidding.
    Haul:  LOTS and LOTS of drugstore products and skincare products, a few items from the Chanel Fall Collection
    Weekend plans: I’m playing catch-up too. I’ve been feeling a little…drained and uninspired this past week, so I have a LOT of photos to get through!
    Do you have any pets?:  My dog/baby, Lady (a Maltese)

    •  @Becca @The Beauty Sample I had my sister on hand, which really helped :) She’s my assistant of sorts now that she’s graduated college – so she was able to keep everything afloat while I was (mostly) gone. 

  33. timeless

    Haul: Shu Uemura Face Architect Smooth Fit Fluid Foundation (784), Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyeliner Pencil (WT909) and an Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Woodstock. Putting myself on a ban doesn’t seem to work, haha…
    Weekend plans: Probably watching Ice Age 4 at the cinema tomorrow. Rest of the weekend will be spend with work and studying.
    Do you have any pets?: Yep, a nine-year-old Havanese. Her name is Jeanny. I really can’t imagine living without her anymore, she is the most  adorable little thing ever… bad thing though she knows it. She makes me put up with quite a lot sometimes. 😛

  34. blueraccoon

    Haul: Fresh lip balm in plum, Shiseido Perfect Rouge in sweet pea (bought *entirely* because of this blog and I love it), Clarins hand cream, Dior Addict Extreme in Paparazzi, Rouge Dior in Rouge Blossom. 
    Weekend Plans: Cleaning tomorrow, working a 12 hour shift on Sunday. Bleh.
    Pets: No, not anymore. I miss my puppy – he was technically my parents’ dog, but I loved him to pieces, but he passed away a few years ago. Right now I live in an apartment that’s not big enough for a dog and has no yard, and we’re a bit too messy for a cat!

    • Miss J

       @blueraccoon I’m sorry you miss your puppy. :( What breed was he?

      • blueraccoon

        He was a mostly border collie with some springer spaniel and some we don’t know what else thrown in. He was a rescue dog, and had some bad habits we never trained out of him, but he was a wonderful, wonderful dog, even if he was smarter than we were *g* Although my dad now says if he and my mom ever get a dog again, they’re getting a stupid one!

  35. Nicole

    Haul: I just wanted to buy a Giorgio Armani foundation and ended up buying an eyes to kill eye poder shadow trio, one intense eyes to kill silk shadow in a champain color and a bright coral glossy lipstick. And I needed a Kiehl’s foundation and an OPI Natural Base Coat.
    Weekend plans:Hair appointmen, grocery and drugstore shopping and baking for my office team on sunday.
    Do you have any pets?: No, we took care for the cat of our neighbords, he choose my house as his homebase. Sometimes we take care of the dog of friends, when they are on vacation.

  36. EstherKudron

    Haul:  I bought the vegas Tokidoki palette, a NYX eyeshadow, and Ulta brand stuff is on sale, so I got a handful of eyeshadows.
    Weekend plans: just the usual – sleeping and studying.
    Do you have any pets?:  we have four cats. two of them are super fluffy, and all of them are fat and cuddly ;P

  37. Haul: YSL touche eclat and Bourjois contour clubbing waterproof mascara. That’s all I bougth this week, I must be sick… 😉
    Weekend plans: No photoshoot or anything! Just a weekend for me and  the boyfriend, looking forward to it! Although I’ll probably end up doing some work anyway, I always do.
    Do you have any pets?: Used to have the sweetest lab, but she passed away :-( Currently petless.

    • Miss J

       @Kiss and Makeup Aw, I’m sorry for the loss of your lab! How old was she and what was her name? Do you plan on getting another lab in the future?

      • Her name was Lenka. Sweetest dog in the world… :-) She was 13, so she lived a long life. And a good one, we treated her like a princess :-) 
        I don’t want to get another dog just yet, but eventually there will be a new one, I’m sure. Because I really miss having her around. But I’m not ready to “replace” Lenka just yet, you know? 

  38. Miss J

    Haul: NARS Outlaw from their Fall line. I’m so excited to finally have this one!
    Weekend plans: Visiting with family. Relax.
    Pets: I have one Schnauzer-Bichon fur baby. We got him in 2001 when he was 6-8 weeks old. He’s lounging next to me on a pile of pillows like usual when I’m on the net. :)

    • Miss J

      Also, hope you had a great vacation, Christine!!

    • Kafka

      @Miss J    I see that Bubba is being treated like the boss man that he is…..  😉  You need to post photos to the Temptalia Pet Group.  

  39. Ashley Sarah

    Haul: Philosophy divine illumination bronzer and highlighter
    Weekend plans: Work & cleaning
    Pets: I have a cock-a-poo Cocker spaniel / Poodle. He’s cute but annoying.

  40. Haul:  Going to Inglot this afternoon, who knows where that will take me :)Weekend plans:  Just exploring the city, like every weekend.Do you have any pets? A Jack Russel named Missy, a Tortoise Shell Tabby named Milly, a mixed breed dwarf rabbit named Andy, and a gerbil called Violet. I had two chinese hamsters, both recently passed :( 

  41. D: I forgot to mention that I ordered a decent amount of Bath&BodyWorks minis yesterday as well. 

  42. basia77

    How did you come up with Mellan’s name?

  43. Veronica

    I thought vacations were supposed to be a break from work!  That is some serious dedication on your part.  😛  I hope it was enjoyable and relaxing
    Haul:  Milani powder eyeshadows in Pearl, Purple Shock, and Olympian Blue, Milani Infinite liquid eyeliner in Endless.
    Weekend Plans: I’d like to say relax, but I have to study for the PCATS, go apartment hunting with a friend, and somehow get my resume rewritten and sent out at some point.
    Do you have any pets:  While I do not personally own any pets, my mother currently has two cats – a pair of brothers named Toby and Fluff – and a border-collie mix named Murphy, who has likely been persuaded by my mother’s spoiling that he is, in fact, her fourth child.  Growing up, we always had cats in the house, and for several years we owned a few guinea pigs.

  44. Leticia

    Haul: MAC eyeshadow in All that Glitters and Mineralize Concealer in NC15; Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lipgloss in Naked Plum, with which I am absolutely in love with. Thanks Christine for your review, this immediately caught my eye and now I want to wear it all the time!
    Weekend plans: rest, cook a metal for my family

    • Leticia

      I meant cook a MEAL for my family…….my tablet´s automatic text corrector drives me crazy!!

  45. Leticia

    And pets: yes!! I am the happy owner of a four month old Black Lab puppy named Kasumi!! I posted some photos yesterday on the Temptalia Flickr Group :) !!

    Mellan is especially adorable in this photo, Christine!! No wonder why it is your favorite!! And it’s so great you took some very deserved vacation but as organized as you are, you left everything ready so we did not even know you weren’t home! Hope you had the greatest time!!

    •  @Leticia Off to go check out your cute puppy photos!! Enjoy your new baby :)

      • Leticia

        Thank you, Christine!! I really am enjoying her – it´s been a while since I had a puppy, so been great to have this little bundle around :) !!

    • Kafka

       @Leticia  I just about fainted from the photos of Kasumi! Beyond adorable. She has an incredibly sensitive, soulful face, too, though I bet she can be quite naughty sometimes like all puppies.  Has she eaten any of your shoes yet? LOL.  Every puppy of mine has always managed at least one pair. My prior GSD, Kafka, had an unfortunate love for cable wires and wood, too. He ate part of the door frame, the window ledge AND 3 furniture legs!!   

      • Leticia

        Oooh, thank you Kafka!! She does look so sweet in the photos….but as you well say, she IS naughty at times! No eaten shoes yet  :) but she has eaten plenty of flowers in the garden, bitten a chair´s cushion to pieces, “stolen” a pair of garden gloves and my sister´s wallet (she hid them in her bed – how cute is that??) and is still unable to “watch TV” with us because she keeps jumping at us and biting whatever she finds in her way. Like your previous GSD, she had a thing for cable wires, but it seems she´s over that now (phew!)! But I think she would still love to chew on furniture, so I´d rather keep as much away from her as possible! But as is the case with any dog lover, just looking at her eyes melts me and I forget her mischieves!
        Your “Hairless German” is sooooo beautiful…..I saw his pictures when I uploaded Kasumi’s and he’s just gorgeous!! I guess he’s quite naughty too, but how could you not forget all about it when looking at that face??