Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Finalist for the 2010 Blogging Scholarship

Hey everyone! Before we get back to MAC Tartan Tale coverage (edited 11/4:  I’m mildly amused that this STILL holds true, even a week later), I wanted to take a moment to ask for your support. A couple of weeks ago, I submitted an essay (no more than 300 words–do you KNOW how hard it was to stay within that word count?!) towards the 2010 Blogging Scholarship, which recognizes students who blog. The first place winner will receive a $10,000 scholarship to help pay for school. I would love it if you would consider voting for me as I am one of ten finalists (I am Christine Mielke!). It would be incredible to show the Power of Temptalia! :)  Voting ends November 5th at noon PST!

Excerpt from my essay…

Blogging is vital to me, because it has given tangible meaning to my heart and soul. Through blogging, I have learned my passion lies in beauty by providing firsthand experiences to help others. Blogging is my method of self-expression, but it has brought me together with likeminded individuals and allowed us to build a community based on that passion. I have been given opportunities to interact with my readers, both on and offline, and there is nothing more rewarding than being able to help someone—even if it is recommending a lipstick. That lipstick recommendation just might inspire confidence in a self-conscious teenager!

You can vote for me here! :)  Voting closes tomorrow (Friday) at noon PST.

Thank you!

Though I said it earlier in my last Tartan Tale review video, I really do feel like a winner no matter the outcome of the scholarship. I have the support of so many amazing readers and viewers, and I will still have it tomorrow and the next day.  You are why I blog, you are why I strive to do better each day.  It’s cliche, corny, and cheesy, undoubtedly, but it’s how I feel.  I’m a sap, and you’ve all really made the week for me, because I know you’re here with me.  Thank you!!  Every time I think about how much support you have all shown me, I get teary eyed and if I’m not careful, I’ll start sobbing!

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523 thoughts on “Finalist for the 2010 Blogging Scholarship

  1. Vanessa

    Im sending all my friends to vote!!!!

  2. Pam

    Good luck :) Hope you win.


  3. Voted! We’re gonna beat john grennan! xD

  4. Lana

    I voted for you Christine. Thank you for everything you do. You deserve to win! :)

  5. rompiche

    ok voted for you with a big pleasure

    Good luck

  6. Riche

    I just voted, hope you win!! I know, firsthand, how difficult it can be as a student. I recently completed my J.D. and was admitted to the bar. we’re rooting for you <3

  7. Natalie

    Voted! Good luck Christine!!

  8. Christen

    Awesome! I voted for you – but I did read the other entrants’ bios. Yours is the only blog I read, so best of luck Christine.
    Grad School can be sooo expensive which is one of the reasons I think I’m done with school.

    • So good of you to take the time to read through the essays! :)

      Grad school is expensive, but it can be worth it if you have a good goal in mind – definitely something one has to consider fully, though.

      Thanks, Christen!

  9. Soraya

    Wishing you the best of luck Christine!!! You deserve it!!

  10. vikaki

    i voted for you!!

  11. mollie

    I just voted for you. It looks like you are in the lead and I hope you win. Best of luck!!!! :)

  12. LOVE B.

    you got this Christine! CONGRATULATIONS!!! <3

  13. Yaz

    DONE! I hope, nah you WILL WIN!!! Best of luck, you deserve it so much. I don’t see often people as dedicated as you are. XOXO :)

  14. nancy

    Done! GL! You have one of the best beauty blogs out there! =) I’m sure law school isn’t cheap!

  15. Sally

    Done! You seem to be in a big lead so far :]
    Temptalia readers, unite!

  16. MZLUC1


  17. Shay

    U go girl… Be the best that u already are…

  18. Sarah

    Hi Christine! I read a lot of makeup blogs on and off, but I read yours every day. You have the most honest reviews (i.e. you don’t claim to love everything). Your website has a great layout, frequent updates, and the most thorough exploration of dupes to be found. Best of luck to you!

  19. nina

    dear christine,
    i voted and i wish you a lot of success and hope you win!
    i know how badly students need money sometimes :)
    good luck!

  20. Jennifer

    Yayy!!!! Good luck! :)

  21. Hannah D.

    Done! Hope you win! We all know you deserve it!!

  22. Lisa

    Makeup isn’t rocket science…it’s not going to save the world…it isn’t even a necessity. But it brings me joy. And I thank you for taking away from your day to make a difference in my day. It’s an escape from my crappy job and it let’s me be an artist every morning. So thanks, and I hope you win.

  23. baby in a corner

    I voted for you! you are winning by a mile! good luck!

  24. Dini

    What an amazing scholarship. I didn’t even know such things existed. Go Team Christine!

  25. Pamela

    Good luck! You seem to be the clear winner thus far. Your blog means so much to me and thousands more ladies. I was in Italy this month and whenever I had the opportunity to get wi-fi I checked your site first!

  26. Tara

    wow…. looks like you have it in the bag so far!!!

  27. barwywojenne

    Done! I hope you will win! I can’t even imagine a day without Temptalia!

  28. ann marie

    Good Luck Christine. I sent the following email to all of my contacts!!! Other readers are encouraged to copy/paste/make your own and send it around too!

    Please vote for Christine Mielke. She a blogger whose site I visit daily. She’s a real sweetheart with beauty, brains and a great soul — and she has an awesome site if you’re into makeup and reviews of beauty products like me. I know many of you aren’t but take a hot minute to vote for her anyway….for me. Thanks!

  29. Nicole

    Voted! You’re winning so far! Yay! :)

  30. DJ

    You’re in the lead! All the best, Christine!

  31. Callen

    My pleasure :) I know how expensive your program must be 😐 Glad to see you’re winning by a landslide!!

  32. Natasha

    Done and done. And you are in the lead!

  33. Sarah

    I think you’ve already won considering the number of votes you already got 😉

  34. Miki

    I voted for you. Good luck – you deserve it!!

  35. LaAle

    Hope you win, Christine! :)
    Good luck

  36. Laura

    Can’t think of anybody that deserves this more!! Hope you win!!

  37. Marie

    I voted! You deserve it; you work really hard, and you are always nice.

  38. Jess

    voted! You’re in the lead! You definitely deserve this scholarship, you are SUCH a hard worker, between running this amazing site and going to two schools (and law school and business school at that)! I don’t know how you do it, you must be Superwoman.

  39. Sabrina

    you’re doing well…and i’ve just voted for u as i read your blog every evening!
    all the best, sweetie

  40. Jazz

    voted , because I know how much school costs.

  41. Sara

    More than happy to vote for you!! 😀 I hope you win!

  42. Ludwig

    DONE! (I’ll check back tomorrow to see if I can vote again!) You deserve to win this with all the hard work that you put into this site : )

  43. DeeDee

    I just voted and saw u are in the lead by a lot!! I hope u win!!!

  44. Perri

    I love the blog- I voted for you! best of luck. even if you don’t win, you have a superb blog that helps feed my makeup addiction!

  45. Rengirl

    Voted! Seriously – I have been reading blogs for a very long time. I have found many blogs ranging in various subjects, lost most. Temptalia is one of the few that has stood the test of time. Your dedication to your site is amazing and I find you very genuine. You are most deserving of this scholarship.

  46. Clare

    Ofcourse I will vote. You have a great blog. Whats your major in school? What’s your career goal?

  47. Anh

    Hi Christine! I’ve just voted for you. I wonder how many times can I vote for you? One for a day or as much as I want to?
    I really love your blog. I found it when I try to see the pics of the VV collection which was last month. I appreciated your honest on those make up reviews, and your sweetness also.
    Sorry about my English is not good enough.
    Hope you will win that Scholarship. Wish you all the best, pretty Christine. <3

  48. kim

    Good luck. I voted for you. :)

  49. Lile

    I just voted for you. Currently, you’re way in the lead. Hope it stays that way.

  50. Laura

    I voted, and even made my fiance vote too!!

  51. Noga

    Well hon, you seem to be in the lead… 1034 62% of all votes (and you sure deserve it) 😀

  52. Mamainak

    LOL, you are so going to win 😀

    Voted, good luck!

  53. skybluesky

    I voted for you!!! You’re around 62% of all votes so far!

    Is there a limit to how many times we can vote?

  54. Michelle

    Gosh, you do so much for us, it’s the least we can do!

  55. Haley

    I am such a huge fan of yours, Christine! I’ve always found that you are 100% honest and work very hard at what you do, and because of that, I voted for you! Good luck, looks like you don’t need it though from the results I saw on the site.. :)

  56. Lindy

    I voted for you! I really hope you win!

  57. Andrea

    Voted for u

  58. Megan

    Looks like your already winning! Voted!

  59. ARISTA


  60. Tiffany

    Just voted for you :) (You’re in the lead!)

  61. Beth

    I hope you win I just voted for you. Good Luck

  62. Daria

    Voted! :) I hope you win, you really deserve it for all your hard work. I can’t imagine a day without checking temptalia! ( 5x) LOL

  63. Olya

    Good luck girl. U deserve it :)

  64. kcrystal

    there are other bloggers that i favor. So, its fair game for everyone!
    On that note, i will simply say good luck!

  65. Oh you should definitely win this HANDS DOWN! Thank you so much for your dedication and effort. Love YOU!

    I’m telling everyone to vote for you of course!

  66. Stargirl Heuser

    You’ve got this one in the bag, Christine! 63% of the votes so far! 2nd place has 11%!!! I had not checked my google reader yet today, so I heard about this from Leesha (XSparkage) via Facebook. I’ll be posting this on my Facebook, too.

  67. Kate M.

    After all your hard work, I’m glad your readers (including myself) can do something
    to help!! I hope you win Christine!  You truly put so much effort into Temptalia and 
    you’re so inspirational!

  68. Lenora

    Yay! you’re in the lead with 63% of the votes. It was my pleasure to vote for you.

  69. Sam

    I voted for you!! You deserve this!! You do SO much for us and you put SO much dedication into Temptalia and sometimes I feel like we should be doing something to thank you. This is it! We’re gonna win this for you, Christine! We love you! :)

  70. Grace

    Just voted! You definitely deserve a reward; we all know how much work you put into this blog!

  71. Anna

    voted and i’m asking all my friends to do the same! you deserve this 100%!

  72. I voted! Considering all the time, effort and money you put in to Temptalia you deserve it. =)

  73. Jennifer

    Voted for you! Lord knows what I’d do for help paying the ever-rising UC tuition, so I hope you win. :)

  74. Vee

    You are so! going to win…ur a really likeable and respectful person, plus all those giveaways and useful advice. Ur leading the votes by far, there is no way u wont win!

  75. PeachBellini

    Done! Hope you win this.

  76. Cheyenne *DemureAllure*

    :) You got my vote!! Your doing great!!

  77. I have voted! Good luck!

    You put so much work into this, you definitely deserve it.

  78. Reesa

    Voted. Good luck….you seem to be doing very well right now (fingers crossed). I would love to see you win this!

  79. heather

    i voted for you!

  80. CeeBee

    Yay! You’re winning (by miles so far, LOL!) so good luck! I have my fingers crossed for you because you put so much effort, professionalism and hard work into this :)

  81. Mor

    I voted for you, of course. So far, you’re kicking butt ;).

  82. Kristen

    Haha I don’t think you need to worry about winning, you have 64% of the votes!!! But I still voted for you. :) Thanks for getting the Tartan Tale swatches up so quickly! You’re the best!!!

  83. done! good luck! i’ll see who else i can get to cast their votes too! :)

  84. rachel

    voted! happy to help 😀

  85. Kassey

    Voted 😉

  86. K7P*

    Just Voted for you… Where’s my sticker? =) j/k Umm yea… you are kicking everyone’s butt! Woo-Whoo!!! Hope you win it!

  87. Melissa (divinem)

    Girl, looks like you’re a shoe-in with 65% of the votes already. No one even comes close! You’ve got mine. :)

  88. Laila

    I just voted for you, and it looks like you’re miles ahead of the competition! You definitely deserve this, good luck :)

  89. Danielle

    I voted!! You have 64% of the vote, you;ve got this!!

  90. Chloe

    I’m thinking you’ve got it in the bag darlin’! =D <3

  91. Marjolijn

    I think you’re going to win, you have 63% of all votes 😛

  92. It looks like you’re going to win it Christine. :)

  93. virginiaisforluvrs

    So happy to vote for you! You deserve it!!

  94. Diana

    looks like you’re going to win! you currently have 63% while everyone else has under 10% of the votes lol! you deserve it!

  95. Mamavalveeta03

    Christine, I voted for you and would have, even if you hadn’t asked! I think your blog is amazingly well-written, informative, entertaining, and the pics/swatches are so dead-on! And I can’t believe that someone so young does such an amazing job of putting it all together (where do you find the time???) Best wishes!

  96. As of 4:00PM CST, you had 1855 votes, which is 62% of the total number of votes cast. I think you’re going to win! Congratulations, and I’m going to Tweet this so all our followers know to vote for you :)

  97. Jay

    lmao its not even like u need more vots ur wrecking every1 else. but i think its kinda unfair that u posted it since u have such a popular blog. and people really r not picking u for ur essay…

    • The way they have the scholarship set up is to ask your readers to vote for you – they sent out the finalist announcement and included a badge (the image in the post) so you could post on your blog.

  98. Angela

    Done! Nice to see how crazy your lead is on the others. Good Luck!

  99. mo

    i hope u win. i voted for you, i deserve it, im praying for u