Monday, July 26th, 2010

Evening Look: Smoky Eyes & Red Lips

Still loving Chanel Dragon.  Still my favorite red!   Also still loving Guerlain Parure Gold (which is totally my “special occasion” foundation).  It’s always nice when you go back to your favorites and you find they’re just as amazing as you remembered!

Psst… Mellan photo included behind the cut!

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Tzarine (warm champagne) eyeshadow on the lid. Lightly blend Rajasthan (taupe) eyeshadow on the outer third of the lid blended to the outer lid with the 239. Next, apply Coconut Grove eyeshadow into the crease with the 226, lightly blending onto the outer lid. Blend Trench eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Stash eyeliner on the lower lash line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Plushlash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Douceur blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.  Highlight lightly with Amber Diamond skin shimmer with the 165.

For lips, apply Dragon rouge allure laque for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

Saw Wicked last night! It was great! :)

OH! And I forgot to include this comparison photo on last week’s FFHF…

Mellan @ 9 weeks

Mellan @ 12 weeks

Mellan @ 2.5 years

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205 thoughts on “Evening Look: Smoky Eyes & Red Lips

  1. Connie

    what a gorgeous, subdued smoky eye look! i like that i can work for day or night.

    mellan pics just melt my heart, such a great way to start the week.

  2. Dini

    What a striking, classy look. I like that both the eye and the lip get a bit of drama each. This is great on you! What makes the Parure Gold good for special occasions? Does it photograph particularly well? And Mellan is adorable. :)

    • Thank you, Dini!

      It photographs well, wears all night, gives excellent coverage without being heavy… Just really love the way it looks on me.

  3. Rae

    Aww, baby Mellan was so cute!! (Of course, so is Mellan now.)

    Love this look :) You always look so great with smokey eyes and red lips — classic without being dated.

  4. You look so pretty, like a modern day Snow White 😀 I love it!

  5. Jennifer

    wow pretty look! and your puppy is adorable by the way!

  6. I wore that lipstick today as well. SOOO happy you convinced me to buy it! It truly is stunning on ANY skintone! :)

  7. Laurz

    That look is so beautiful. I try that look for special occasions as well, but I don’t have the right brown/taupe for the crease…I might have to get this one! The Chanel palette from a while back looked promising as well. I also am a huge dog lover so the puppy/adult comparison photo got a huge out loud “awww” from me. Thank yoU!

  8. Roxanne

    This is wicked! (Had to!) Are you going out to eat tonight? The play looks really interesting.

  9. Lady Di.

    Love this look! Neutral eyes are always my favorite cause you can wear it with just about anything.
    I have a question. I am an NC40 and I wear blush just about everyday. It looks great when I apply it (over moisturizer and powder) but by the time I get to work an hour later…it seems to disappear! This happens with any blush I wear and for the most part, I wear MAC. This week, its been Petticoat…but again, only lasts about an hour. Know any way I can make it last longer?

  10. Kat

    Omgosh…so precious Mellan is!!!


  11. Bridget S.

    The makeup looks great, but Mellan! MELLAN! I want to squeeze him : )

  12. Elena

    Very nice smokey eyes! I love these colors. Your Mellan is beautiful!

  13. Hend

    I dunno how you managed to combine smoky eyes with red lips
    but the result is really lovely and not over-done at all! , I
    should try doing this look
    aww Mellan loves the stomach rubbing , thats so cute 😀

  14. Sari

    I really like this look on you! Mellan is such a cutie! If only you weren’t all the way across the US, we could have our dogs have a doggie play date . Love the website!!

  15. meghan

    This is HANDS DOWN my favorite look on you!!!

  16. Corinne

    I wanna be Christine when I grow up. 😀

  17. Melly

    I want a Mellan! So cute!

  18. Saph

    What a beautiful look!
    This Lipstick(?) looks amazing on you.
    Mellan is so cute!!! :)

  19. Great look! These colors really suit you! <3

  20. Kiki

    Wow, great look and such a huggable Mellan! I would pet him for hours :D.

    I have some questions: I’m NW25 with oily/combination skin (blue/green/grey eyes, red hair…). Do you think the Dior Amber Diamond Skin Shimmer and the LM Loose Setting Powder would work for me?

    p.s. How was the musical?

  21. Carrie

    Oh, my goodness. The puppy pictures are sooo cute!!

  22. Ariel

    Oooh, I love the look! I’m never quite bold enough to try red lips… :( And Mellan! So adorable!

  23. Lo

    Such a pretty look, I love UD Stash eyeliner, it goes so well with the red lip. The Mellan pic is adorable too, he loves him some belleh rub!

  24. Laura

    PUPPY! Mellan is adorable. I love this look too; super put-together and classy. Oh, and Wicked is awesome!

  25. baby in a corner

    I find it hard to combine smoky eye with red lips without looking like a drag queen! it looks really good on you!
    I’m a massive dog lover! love your mellan, unfortunately i don’t have a dog at the moment. where did the name come from?

  26. Megan

    oh my gosh those mellan pictures made me laugh out loud! So cute! 😀

  27. Brandon

    *Chanel envy*

    Wow, a perfect example of how to pull off something a lot of people think they cant ever do. Bold lips and bold eyes =D As Ru Paul would say…”It is SEVERE up in here!”…it sounds better when you actually hear someone saying it xD

  28. nikki

    loveeeeeeeeeeee the look work it girl!!!!

  29. aradhana

    very pretty as per usual… every time you put up a pic of you with that foundation gives me the urge to run out and buy it…. (still holding back though!)

    btw, i could be wrong but i think the shade name refers to your nars foundation?

    • Thank you! It has such AMAZING coverage. Bad skin week… there’s Guerlain to solve that 😉 Well, at least the illusion!

      You’re right – I’m #03 in Guerlain’s!

  30. Michelle

    Oh my goodness, i love your dog. i cant wait to get one!

  31. Ari

    Wow, this look is great. I always love a red lip, even if I can’t always pull it off. Are you going to do a review on the Nars Douceur blush soon?

  32. Jess

    That’s a fantastic look. :) And your dog is so cute! I want one but don’t live in an apartment that allows them. Someday!

    PS I went to a CCO for the first time today after doing tons of research on this site, and got four things I read about on here that you recommended, including Show Orchid (which I wasn’t sure I could pull off but I can and I AM :). Thanks so much for all the work you put into this site!

  33. in 2 years your dog went from “awwwww” to “RAWRRRRRRRRR!”

  34. CXB

    I love this look, but i love Mellan a little more!! He is so SO adorable! Is he a cuddle monster like my dog is? Despite being over 70 pounds lol

    • Mellan is definitely a cuddlebug, though he’s about 62 pounds (very lean!) so he’s not TOO big. He actually looks like a pipsqueak next to other labs!

  35. Rachel

    SO cute that you took the same belly rub shots of Mellan as he grew up!! Wish I had thought of that! My pup Strudie turns one this Sunday… They grow up so fast 😀

  36. Melissa

    There’s an uncanny resemblance between your smile and the smile on the Wicked poster lol, anyone else notice that?

  37. marley

    your dog s so cute! your are so luckkkeeeyyy you saw wicked i am dying to see it. love the smokey eye!

  38. Diana B

    You look amazing in these pictures from your eyes,lips,cheeks and skin.

  39. Polly

    Wow… your eyes look amazing! I love this smoky-eye — must try it!

    Your lips are SO dragon red…as it’s named! So HOT n CLASSY!

    Nice combination!

    OMG your Mellen is SUPER cute<3 If you don't mind…*cuddle*

  40. Annalisa

    what a flattering look Christine!! And it is really fantastic on you, and the lips are simply gorgeous. Not to mention Mellan, adorable :)

  41. Luisafer

    love your look!!! the color combination is great!!!

    Your puppy is so big and cute, love dogs, too bad my huby doesn’t want one

  42. ace

    i love this look!! the red is definitely a beautiful color. AND MELLAN IS SO CUTE!!!!!

  43. Emily

    AHH Dragon is soo pretty.
    I think I may end up puttin down the 32 dollars for that gorgeousness.
    and lol @ mellan!

  44. Kathy

    Ah you look amazing! And your puppy is ADORABLE!! I’m such a sucker for dogs

  45. *squeezes mellan* what a cutie :)

  46. Katy

    I love that you kept the comparison pic poses consistent.

  47. Maggie

    I’m jealous that you got to see Wicked! I still haven’t seen it, and my older brother’s boyfriend is in it part-time, so I’m especially lame for not seeing it 😛 Next time I visit the Bay, I guess!

    Also, thought you’d enjoy knowing that I was at the MAC counter in the Nordstrom in Portland, and the lovely guy who helped me mentioned you :)

  48. Alexis

    That blush looks awesome on you. Also loving the use of both Tzarine and Rajasthan NARS duo – looks like I’ll be picking up both of them!

  49. Claudia

    Loved the look and LOVE MELLAN !!!!!!! He’s so adorable !!!! Christine, pls help : can you suggest a MAC dupe for the blue e/s on Nars Rajasthan duo ? Thanks !

  50. Kelsey

    I. Love. Mellan.

  51. Sarah

    I am extremely fair skinned, would this look work for me? I’ve always wanted to try a red lip but I was always afraid it wouldn’t look right on me.

  52. Gisele

    Hollywood 1940s Glam! Mellan is so sweet.

  53. Ellery Cushing

    I love Wicked!
    My grandma took me to see it a few years ago for my 16th birthday, it was so amazing.

    And I think I might have to buy that Rouge Allure Laque.
    I’m not one for red lips, I just lack the confidence, but that looks AMAZING!

  54. ashley

    omg mellan is so sweet :)

  55. lizm

    Pretty look :) and love the red lips

    Omg mellan is soooo adorable give him some hugs for me!

  56. yadira

    you looker tanner? hav eyou been hitting up the tanning booth? maybe the beach? dont forget the sunscreen :)

  57. Maddy


  58. hang

    great look-Christine–can’t believe you can pull off the smokey eyes and bold red lip without looking heavy—love it–i gotta get the nars blush–hope it’s still available and the Channel red l/s-thx Christine

  59. Elle

    I love the eye/lip combo on you! I’m still loving Dragon too. I’m wondering how much I still have left since it’s an opaque tube :)

    I love the pics of Mellan. Toooooo adorable!

    • Thank you, Elle! :) You need so little, so I imagine you should get quite a few uses out of it! I suppose you could weigh it at the beginning and then periodically 😛

  60. So sad that Dragon doesn’t look good on me at all (NC42 Filipino skin). I tried it on at the counter but it was whorish!

  61. Evelyn

    I love your look and especially the doggie photos! They are so cute at any age.

  62. LNU

    If I had a dog, I would get a little yorkie, I think they are super cute!
    This is a really stunning look. The two Nars eyeshadows in the crease look so pretty! I also knew right away you were wearing Chanel Dragon, so gorgeous on you!

  63. Red Katie

    You have gorgeous eyes *jealous!!* And your dog is too adorable :)

  64. Lara

    Hey Christine, this isn’t about the look but I thought I’d let you know that Ulta has a few Urban Decay palettes on sale for $19.99 starting this last Sunday, so its a pretty good deal :)

  65. Steph

    Beautiful look! And I LOVE the progression of Mellan. So funny!

  66. Lenora

    beautiful. I absolutely love that red lip.

  67. I am liking Red Lips a lot lately. But instead of complementing my fair skintone, it actually makes me look quite pale. I am NC25. Somehow me and red lips doesn’t photograph too well. I can use different tones of red, like sheerer red, but I like the red like the one you are wearing, and Dubonnet.

    I tried Dubonnet yesterday. Though it looked pretty on its own, but my face looked pale. And I was wearing MAC Lightful foundation NC30!

    Any advice?

  68. Sarah

    Aww Mellan is so adorable! I can see he is growing up :) Love your look as always!!

  69. jen

    I just did this look and Christine you are majorly gifted. Now a question I am going to a Roller Derby ball in Vegas called the Black and Blue ball. .. can you help me come up with an awesome blue look. .. Mac if possible (I own most of Macs blues that have been released in the last 3 years) please. … thank you

  70. Giedre

    your face looks SO flawless! loving the look :)

  71. Lisa

    the look is so beautiful, i adore it.
    and your dog is so cute.

  72. Lisa

    OMG MELLAN is super adorable especially as a pup! He had super white teeth!!! Compared to alot of other dogs! You look stunning Christine!! AS USUAL!!! Dragon looks amazing on you!! You always pull each look off wonderfully!!

  73. Val

    Really va-va-voom !

  74. rashmi

    wow christine u r looking awesome as always u know i love reds … but the thing is this time mellan has taken my all attention now i need one in life … my baby sitting in my lap now and is enjoying mellan’s pics … he is just adorable …
    love the post dear

  75. Nanda Chaves

    Is Mellan yours? I`m sorry I got here just a few months ago and I`ve never seen Mellan before,that`s why I`m asking!
    This dog is THE DOG, Christine! I love it!!!!!! So cute!!!!!!!

  76. Amy

    you look beautiful, such a great and classic look.
    and mellan is so so cute!!

  77. inaya

    aaawwww. MELLAN IS ADORABLE! and you look breathtakingly beautiful in the pictures. hey christine, since you hate doing your hair; why don’t you just get sth like a brazilian blowout. which basically gives your hair a hairstyle for 8-12 weeks. i think the prices vary between $200-$500

    • I wouldn’t pay that much to make my hair only marginally straighter, lol. My hair is pretty straight and doesn’t have much frizz naturally – 90% of my photos with my hair down is my hair naturally with no products and no styling products put into it, just brushed through with fingers or a brush once or twice. If I really want it super straight, I’ll just spend the time to flat iron :)

      I think the getting a keratin treatment would be worth it if you have really frizzy/curly hair that you actually flat iron on a daily basis, but if you already have fairly straight hair, your money is likely better spent elsewhere!

  78. abby

    gorgeous make up Christine!!!! you look very beautiful! awwww and Mellan is sooooo cute!!!

  79. abby

    that foundation looks amazing! MAC probably has nothing like it does it??

  80. Dee

    This is a really fantastic look on you, very pretty!! Seriously, Mellan is crazy cute :-)and I don’t want sound weird (yet I know it’s going to) but you can tell you take very good care of him, those teeth are pearly white and his fur is so healthy. Good Mom!! :-)

  81. Wow that eyelook is amazing, looks great on you.
    Awwww Mellan is cute! :)

  82. maya pastori

    so lovely!

  83. Hilana


  84. Keshia

    OMGGG.. this is an awesome look!

  85. Natalie

    Woot! You are rocking all these NARS looks Christine and it is driving me crazy! 😀 I want NARS shadows so bad!!
    Haha… Why do I never go gaga over babies but when it comes to puppies…. I want them all! Mellan was a cute puppy and now I can see why you took him home :) By the way, is anyone having a problem getting your ‘follow up comments’ via email? I used to get them but not anymore.

  86. Oh, love that red, it’s so bright and beautiful! But may love Mellan more…

  87. I was like “i know that red lipstick” et voila, it was Dragon! I love that red so, so much. you’re really making me want that blush. and rajasthan……. ugh!!

  88. Jennifer

    Love this look and the pup!


  90. Mellan!!!! What a cutie! :o)

    I love the smokey eyes and rouge lips. Very classy!

  91. Theresa

    I love this look! Which shadow gives all of that reddish sparkle?

  92. Lauren

    aww Mellan looks the same, just bigger! He’s so adorable! :) Glad you had fun at Wicked – I love the soundtrack! :)

  93. Beautiful look! Love it!

  94. Isabella Rabello

    I just bought my first red lipstick (actually, is a lip liner I’ll use as a lipstick) and I was thinking of using it this weekend, but I don’t want to use it with only eyeliner – the classic match.

    You gave me a great idea to use it! Thanks, again!

  95. Miss Silver

    This look suits you!!

    And big hugs to the goggie! Cute pup!

  96. Piarpreet Kaur

    where did all the sparkle from the crease come from? tzarine or rajhastan?

  97. Lani

    I absolutely LOVE this look! I tried to recreate it with shadows I already had but it didn’t give me the same feeling so I went out and bought both NARS duos, Coconut Grove and Douceur blush and I LOVE everything. This by far is my favorite NARS collection and don’t regret buying anything. Thanks so much Christine for inspiring me!

  98. joellep

    Love the LOOK,Your beautiful.I love the RED LIPS,VERY HOT.
    I bought the lipstick,LOVE IT.Have you tried Tom Ford`s
    Red Lipsticks? LOVE Mellan

  99. DarkGlamour17


  100. Becca

    and OMG!!! I saw WICKED on broaddway last year too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was amazing!!!!!!!!!! <3