Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

This August: Estee Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine Launches

This Fall, Estée Lauder and Tom Pecheux dare you to play in a world of bold, luminous and impactful color with new Pure Color Vivid Shine – the latest wave of shades that dazzle eyes, lips and nails with sparkling shine and chromatic color. This modern spectrum of color features new finishes and textures. Eyes are heightened with hyper metallics that accentuate and entice, lips come alive with amplified, vivid color in lustrous shades that offer unprecedented shine, and
nails sparkle with alluring chromatic hues to complete the look. Whether it’s to create a striking and dramatic or soft and luminous effect, Pure Color Vivid Shine is a collection of bold shades for women and makeup artists who want to indulge their love of color.

Pure Color Gelée Powder Eyeshadows bring color to life in two weightless, incredibly smooth finishes:

  • Limited-Edition Vivid Shine Finish: In the collection there are 6 Vivid Shine shadows that feature a unique blend of specially treated glow and metallic pearl duo complex. This luminous finish catches and reflects light, creating the purest levels of multidimensional color illumination for unforgettable eyes that glow!
  • Cyber Metallic Finish: These 10 shimmering Cyber Metallic shades transform eyes to a hyper-metallic, futuristic look.

Vivid Shine Eyeshadow ($24.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Magenta Pink-purple
  • Electric Orchid Purple
  • Fire Sapphire Blue
  • Ultra Marine Teal
  • Lights Out Black
  • Pop Pistachio Green

Cyber Metallic Eyeshadow ($24.00) (Permanent)

  • Cyber Pink Light pink
  • Cyber Ruby Burgundy
  • Cyber Ice Platinum (Limited Edition)
  • Cyber Silver Silver
  • Cyber Lilac Purple
  • Arctic Sky Pale blue (Limited Edition)
  • Cyber Gold Gold
  • Cyber Copper Copper
  • Cyber Teal Teal
  • Cyber Green Green

Vivid Shine Lipstick ($25.00) (Permanent)

  • Power Pink Pink (Limited Edition)
  • Pink Voltage Coral
  • Pink Riot Pink coral
  • Magnetic Magenta Fuchsia
  • Mauve Struck Plum brown (Limited Edition)
  • Electric Mauve Plum
  • Violet Electra Violet
  • Rebel Raspberry Dark pink
  • Brilliant Bare Nude brown (Limited Edition)
  • Copper Flash Warm brown
  • Spiked Toffee Caramel nude
  • Spiced Cocoa Brown (Limited Edition)
  • Hot Corraline Light coral
  • Fireball Orange-red
  • Poppy Love Dark red
  • Forbidden Apple Deep red
  • Pearlescent Luminizer Pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Gunmetal Luminizer Gunmetal (Limited Edition)
  • Foil Luminizer Foil (Limited Edition)
  • Lame Luminizer Gold (Limited Edition)

Vivid Shine Nail Color ($20.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Purple Velvet Pink
  • Dressed to Kill Deep red
  • Black Turquoise Blackened teal

Availability: August 2012

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50 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine Launches

  1. Nicola

    Whaaaaaat is with this photo!? Eeeeeeek this took an unfortunate trip into the Uncanny Valley for me

  2. madii

    These eye shadows are amazing!

  3. The crow in me is attracted to the gold packaging for the eyeshadows.  Again, this ad has a 70’s disco era vibe for me.  Where da heck is @kafka? I cannot even mention disco anymore without that ‘song’ (it really does deserve to be put in quotation marks and in fact it deserves to have me make the mock quotation mark gesture with my fingers in the air even!!!) running in an endless loop through my head.. dammit! In any event, yeah..70’s disco era, 80’s dynasty era full glam makeup is embodied right here in one picture and it is all wwwaaaaay too much for me, but definitely fun nonetheless.  

    • xamyx

      I *love* the eye makeup in the photo (although I can probably recreate the shades with my massive hoard of purples)! And that nail polish is really calling to me. What is with me and blues all of a sudden? I agree, the look in the promo pic is a bit too much, but I love it (I’m a child of the 80’s).

      • xamyx I stared at this photo for quite awhile.. it’s all so nostalgic for me.  It is TOO much, but from an editorial standpoint, I rather like it9856+  that’s my dog, Bernice talking to you..  she’s pawing at my keyboard because I am ignoring her.. LoL..  Anyhow, it’s a strange fascination for sure.

      • xamyx Blue nails are really sophisticated, I think!  I started with the navy blue nail thing last winter and then I discover a lot of blue nails look amazing on me and it’s just a bit different than the usual with plenty of unexpected drama.

    • Kafka

      wwendalynne  See, *one* exposure to “Shiny, Disco Balls” and you can never quite look at some makeup posts on Temptalia the same way again.  <smirk>  I actually came here to comment that  Estée Lauder seems to have stolen YSL’s Robert Palmer styling and made it a thousand times worse, if not ruined it flat out! I’m not sure I see 70s so much as Paulina Porizkova (sp.?) from the 80s with that model, but it’s DEFINITELY a full-on Dynasty look. Way too much for me, too.  And her ears look weird, almost as if they stuck them on à la Mr. Potato Head. I do like the nail varnish somewhat but, to me, it looks like deep, metallic navy. It definitely does not look like blackened “teal.” (Doesn’t “teal” technically have some green in it?) 

      • Kafka Mr. Potato Head…brahahahahaha!  I don’t see teal there either, but I love the comment from blueraccoon about the airbrushing.. maybe they airbrushed the green right outta the picture.  *Cue in Dynasty music..please*…  

      • Kafka Who the hell is going to play Krystal Carrington.. do we have any takers who is blonde?  

  4. I know this is off topic but… Squeeeeeeee the Guerlain lippies are here and I ordered some today!!!!   SQUEEEEEEEEE.  Apologies, I’ve been waiting for this for awhile and I had to let some pressure off the boiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wwendalynne l’Extrait popped up on Nordstrom this AM too. About to put in an order for mine!Which lip products did you grab?

      • Christine-Temptalia Oh man Christine, I really really wanted to order all of the l’Extrait with the exception of the orange shade, but I held myself back and limited myself to 4:  M25 Colere, M65 Paresse, M69 Orguel, and M71 Gourmandise.  I could be kicking myself over M27 Luxure, but it appears to be a true red of which I have quite a few lipsticks, and the M06 Avarice is also interesting..seems to be a dirty pink brown??  I didn’t order any of the new G’s since they are not limited and I have the leisure of hopefully seeing some reviews first.  The l’Extrait I was afraid would sell out before I could get my hands on it.  :)

        • wwendalynne Sometimes I am impressed when a product that’s $48 can sell out, LOL! I hope you love them! Let me know. I’m grabbing five – all but the two I already reviewed. Which are you most hopeful/excited for?

        • Christine-Temptalia M71 Gourmandise!!  I hope so too! Fingers are crossed!!!  Because that is $200 buckerooos on lipstick..plus..getting them to Canada.   I figure if I try one and it blows, I will off the rest on eBay.  

        • wwendalynne I know, I saw $248 as my pre-tax total and was like, GAH! I need to go find my Nordstrom notes before I place the order, lol!

        • blueraccoon

          Christine-Temptalia wwendalynne I’m dithering on whether I want to order Avarice or not. I know I’m getting Paresse, but I just can’t decide about Avarice. Hopefully my Nordstrom’s won’t sell out before Friday when I can get there!

        • blueraccoon Good luck Chick!!!  Let us know about Avarice.  It looks rather intriguing and while I am not ready to return to brown lips, this looks like it might be more of a pinky brown neutral which I think could be quite different and interesting and it also looks nothing like the rest of the collection…rather like the odd man out.  But that isn’t a bad thing necessarily.

  5. Liz9969

    The photo of the model looks likes she should be on the cover of a 1980s magazine.  This look is not my cup of tea.  I thought the YSL photo from last week wasn’t very nice, but this takes the cake.  

  6. xamyx

    I’m really curious about the gunmetal lipstick.

  7. ticklishgypsy

    Really turned off by the promo photo, so dated and overdone.

  8. Dinitchka

    EL has been a love of mine forever. Besides MAC, EL has been a make-up staple of mine for over 20 years. I can’t wait to see the rest of the collection. The nail polish she is wearing is a must for me!

  9. Suzanne

    is it just me or is that image giving anyone else 80s deja vu? 

    • Twirly Girly

      @Suzanne Oh heck, I’m about to date myself (darn it!)….but the eye makeup in the photo replicates the *exact* eye look I wore in the 80’s. Borghese (the only brand I wore back then) made a stunning eye shadow duo with two of the most gorgeous shades of purple, just like the shadows in the photo. They made my slate blue-gray eyes look the most amazing shade of blue. I cried when Borghese discontinued those colors. Literally. My first thought, sadly enough, when I saw the photo was “H-m-m-m. Can I still get away with that look?” Um, no. Not without about $50,000.00 worth of cosmetic surgery I can’t.

      • xamyx

        Wow, someone else who remembers Borghese! Most of what I wore Senior year of high school and college was Borghese. They were the only brand at the time that had a *perfect* foundation match.

        • Twirly Girly

          xamyx Anyone who used Borghese back then isn’t apt to forget it. Their entire line was fabulous. Nowadays I’d be hard pressed to name any brand that’s great across the entire line – high end, masstige, or drugstore.  And, as Temptalia has proved here many times, even different shades of the same product from the same brand and collection can vary greatly in quality.Makeup shopping has become far more complicated, IMHO!I still remember the names of those two shadows I loved; Plum Brilliante and Mauve Mist. This is significant because if you were to ask me the name of the shade of one of the makeup products I’m wearing RIGHT NOW I couldn’t tell you – I’d have to go check!

  10. blueraccoon

    I’m just boggled by the model’s hand. Could they have airbrushed her fingers anymore? She doesn’t even look like she has knuckles! 

    • kellilee

      blueraccoon I thought the same thing.  I was just sitting here trying to figure out how to get my fingers to look like that.

    • blueraccoon It’s positively creepy!

    • blueraccoon EL is definitely one of the more liberal photoshoppers out there :(  I don’t mind a photoshopped ad – to an extent to make it look polished. It’s OK that a model’s skin gets a blemish erased or if there was a little mascara smudge that was corrected… but it shouldn’t all be a blur!

      • blueraccoon

        Christine-Temptalia Yeah, I’m not against all photoshopping, but when the model starts looking plastic, something’s wrong. I mean, why not just use a computer generated image altogether if they’re going to airbrush that much?

        • blueraccoon Agreed!  And really, it just makes you wonder how much liberty they took with the COLORS of the image, too. 

        • xamyx

          @Christine, I feel the same. Honestly, I don’t care at all how much they airbrush the face, hands, fingers, etc, as I *know* noone can achieve that in real life, and I just ignore it, but when they start screwing around with the actual shades, I tend to think they’re falsifying the quality.

  11. The nails in the promo shot look awesome!

  12. Tina C

    Good grief! Could they have photoshopped her anymore??

  13. yellowlantern

    Everything in this photo is just way to “full on” for me. Full on smoky eyes, full on dramatic cheeks, full on dark lips…it’s just way too much. I am curious to know what gunmetal colored lips are going to look like. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another company come out with gunmetal colored lipstick so props for that. 

    • xamyx

      Revlon did an “all-over” pencil in Gunmetal years ago, and it was a favorite of mine, especially on the lips (over a red or burgundy), so I’m really looking forward to ELs interpretation.

    • yellowlantern I love it from an editorial standpoint..only!  

    • Hannah

      yellowlantern Apparently, the gunmetal lipstick is a layering shade, that makes anything under it look darker and smokier.

  14. Oh my, what did they do to this poor girl’s hand to make it look like plastic… An excess of Photoshop and now she’s missing a phalanx!! Oh and she lost her neck too?When are brands gonna stop photoshopping so much?? It looks ridiculous more than classy, imo…

  15. Dominique33

    I don’t like it, vulgar in a way. Today I purchased part of the NARS collection, it’s really more classic and classy ! Estee Lauder makeup is sometimes very bad, Tom Pecheux is French, well it doesn’t show except for some collections which are pretty good.

  16. SatelliteAlice

    I’ve tried these (and preordered a few for their gift) the eyeshadows work well wet and only about half work well dry.  The lipsticks are nice and pigmented but I have never really liked the way Estee Lauder lipsticks smell.  The luminizers are about a cool idea and most of them worked well for me.  The gunmetal one (even though it looks super fun) just doesn’t work over anything I’ve tried.

  17. SheDaisy

    I’m starting to worry that the 80’s are back…

  18. Michelle

    I really don’t see ANYTHING wrong with this picture….
    Have any of you actually gone out to try the collection? or are you just completely rejecting it due to the photo?

    SHADOWS are amazing!
    Favorites so far: Cyber Teal, Fire Sapphire, Pop Pistacio

    Nail polish… I WANT ALL! Favs: Choas, Blue Blood & Nouveau Riche

    Lips – Violet electra! fireball, and spiked toffee.

    Love this collection, way to go LAUDER!

  19. Norma Jean

    Love the fall colors. Going back to Estee Lauder

  20. CrazyMAClady

    I’m loving the Gunmetal Luminizer. Who would have thought EL is so wickedly young at heart. Loved the 80’s. As an 80’s young teen I would love for all the crazy makeup and colors to return. Same with the 70’s. There was a lipstick my mother swore bye and wore no other from Revlon called Congo Lime. Wish that would make a comback. My mom had tons of those and it looked amazing on her though growing up I never understood why my mom had green lips. Ha!