Monday, November 26th, 2007

It’s really important to take a break from being cool, collected, and gorgeous and just have a little bit of fun with yourself. Knowing when to have a bit of spontaneous fun can do wonders for your attitude, outlook, and even creativity! Personally, I’m known as a work-a-holic, as I enjoy being productive above most things; whenever I’m not productive, then I really go all-out and be the laziest gal you can imagine (this means I sit around, catch up on ANTM and I Love New York, watch Criminal Intent, etc.).

I don’t “let loose” as often as I probably should, but I did tonight, and it reminded me that I should urge everyone around me to do the same every once in awhile. My boyfriend just purchased a new suit and had it tailored, so he modeled it for me earlier this evening. As a joke, I put on his jacket, and he convinced me to put on his pants, too. Since I made him model for me, I had to model for him (fair is fair, after all). He snapped four photos, and here’s a collage (larger size than the top photo) of the four he took so you can proof that I can be fun and silly at times! :)

What do you do to have a bit of fun and be silly?

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10 thoughts on “Dude Looks Like a Lady — Have Fun, Get Creative!

  1. Vanessa

    Wear things that are totally colorful!
    i think that’s fun and silly.

  2. Tekoa

    I write cheeky comments in my stats labs. For example : “I know this result is true because God has suddenly granted me knowledge of all things statistics.” Or biology, where I point out that newlyweds John and Jane have more important things to think about than if thier children will be freckled. Then I continue to actually answer the question.

  3. I play with my 16-month old niece by doing whatever it takes to make her laugh. I’ll dance, make faces, tickle her, and play peek-a-boo. Just being around her brings out the silly-ness in me 😉

  4. awww, don’t you look cute! You are totally swimming in that jacket! Your boo must be tall!

  5. Aww, you are too cute!

    One of my favorite ways to let loose is to play boardgames with my SO. Nothing gets me out of work-mode more than a little game of Monopoly or Sorry :)

    I also like to dance… even if its just around my living room or in the car. Turn the music up really loud and just let loose. Its exhilirating driving down the freeway, with the windows down, wind blowing through my hair, listening to my favorite song, singing &dancing :)