Friday, June 4th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

Do you have a signature look you wear? Something that people associate with you?

Temptalia's Answer.

I’d probably say chartreuse greens with blue/teal!

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76 thoughts on “Do you have a signature look you wear?

  1. I’ve been drawing my eyebrows since I was 13.Im 24 now..some of my associates call me BROWS.

    • Mariana

      haha me too! whenever I walked into my local makeup boutiques, the makeup artists always called me “eyebrows”. My eyebrow hairs started falling out when I was 11, and from then on I have been filling them in (I’ve used almost everything). Unfortunately, in the beginning I totally had the chola eyebrows thing going, but after seeing photos when I was 13, I fixed that up right away. Now I use Brow Zing from benefit (I have more eye brow hair now). I use the wax to hold the shape, the powder to fill in the gaps, and Lingering from MAC to crisp the outer & under edges.

      • All the women in my family draw on their brows..I first started using wet n’ wild pencil.FAIL…Then around 15 I started using MAC 226 brush and espresso shadow..I draw them in completely.Now i switch between espresso and jordana lavish bean.

  2. Alison

    I’d say what I wear most often would be black eyeliner (probably winged), black mascara and a sheer (cool) pink lip color. Am looking for a purplish pink that looks natural on me (I have fairly pigmented lips), as well as an every day MLBB/medium and natural shade.

  3. geri~

    I love wearing colors. But on most day and I am in a rush, I would normally have a sweep of color on the eyelids (either a soft bronze, pink or blue) and lining my lower eyelids to match.

    i.e: pink eyeshadow and blue eyeliner
    bronze eyeshadow and purple eyeliner.

    I think everyone is used to seeing me with eyeliner.

  4. nikki

    colored lower lash liner 😀

  5. Lo

    My pale skin with bright cheeks. I usually use the peach blush from on of the Too Face quickie sets blended back with pink swoon from MAC on the apples.

  6. livnzoe

    most of the time i’m wearing greyish smokey eyes. i have light blue eyes and i’m quite pale (NW20).
    i always wear a rosy/peachy blush (MAC: melba, hipness, pich o’ peach).
    sometimes i wear also a rosy lipstick or gloss.

  7. Leslie

    5 out of seven days a week I sneak some shade of blue in to my eye make up

  8. Maybe smokey eyes & light/normal lips. I think it’s more in the way I apply my eyeshadow; where I place the colors and the fading etc.

  9. laarnilabelle

    Mostly neutral shimmers and sparkles and black eyeliner. I’m trying to get some shimmery colored eyeliners to line my lower lids though :)

  10. Carrie

    Probably coral blush and lip glosses. I’m a sucker for shades of coral and it really suits my skin tone.

  11. Maeve

    Silver and black eyeshadow.

  12. Katie

    The green/blue/teal looks are my absolute favorite combinations on you, Christine. You always look so bright and gorgeous with those colors. (Do more!)

    Mine’s probably brown eyeliner winged on the top lashline and subtly drawn in on the lower lashline. My favorites are Urban Decay’s Bourbon, Milani’s Liquif’Eye in Brown, MAC Teddy eye kohl, or MAC Photogravure Technakohl.

  13. Tawny

    really really light bronze smokey eyes, falsies, and peachy lips. rarely wear blush.

  14. CeeBee

    Purple eyeshadows and nude or soft glossy pink lips.

  15. Bold lips – particularly red and purple (Petals &Peacocks really). Only because it’s so easy and fun as well!

    I love doing eyeshadow looks but I don’t always have the time!

  16. Melanie

    I think it is red lips. They are perfect for looking “complete”. You just need a good foundation and mascara and you are ready to leave.

  17. Long, Thick Lashes.

    Oh! and also a great smile! (Cliche, I know)

  18. muffingrl

    winged eyeliner, i never wear it any other way!

  19. nicole

    definitely heavy winged liner. it’s my go-to look, haha.

  20. Wendy M.

    I always wear neutral, warm eyeshadows.
    When I came home from getting my makeup done, my mom told me that I looked so different with green eyeshadow on… but in a good way. xD

  21. Michi

    red lips!!! i wear red lipstick also to go to the university….i love that color and i love my lips (they look like Marilyn Monroe lips ^_^)

  22. jo-anne

    black winged eyeliner and red lipstick

  23. downtownbebebrown

    “Blush” is my signature look. The color will always change, but its always bold. I guess most would say i put on too much, but thats my thing! I have Blueish Green Gray eyes and when i have a bold color on my cheeks, they just come alive =)

  24. Moza

    Black winged liner and nude lips.

  25. ‘Natural’ face (concealer, foundation, blush & contour :P), neutral eyes and bold lips =)

  26. Neela

    Black winged/cat eye eyeliner. I feel weird not wearing it. I get asked how I do it all the time. Not as hard as it looks.

  27. Definitely the very black smokey eye!

  28. sofia

    i would say smokey in grey or bronze and lately satin taupe+navy blue smokey..LOVE them

  29. Pin up with a twist, thick black liner but a bright pink lip rather than red

    • liz zambrano

      I’m your everyday look twin! I usually wear winged black liner and a choice of any of these lipsticks: Milani Rose Hip, MAC Impassioned or Snob, and this awesome Avon cheapy lipstick called Moscatel (which looks like MAC Show Orchid minus the blueish flash).

  30. natalia

    Black eyeliner and mascara..I wear it every day even with a bare face..I think my big eyes pull it off

  31. Lots of colours. Not the same ones all the time, but I do like using colours and doing strong eye make up, and often wear bright lipcolour too. I’m also the person who always wears make up. Wouldn’t ever dream of going anywhere without make up on! :)

  32. AnGeLwInGz

    BRIGHTS BRIGHTS BRIGHTS! I don’t know anyone besides myself who considers Urban Decay liquid liner in Acid Rain to be a go-to item.

  33. Diana

    Slate-blue smokey eye with nude lips, or “natural” eyes with matte red lipstick.

  34. These maybe;
    Light sparkly eye shadows
    Applying lip gloss and lip balm all the time
    Highlighting cheekbones
    Mascara is not always important… infact it can ruin the look
    Only using eye pencil on lower lashline; not upper lashline (If it’s not colorful, but I don’t have any colorful ones)

  35. Haley

    purple and red eyeshadow!

  36. LNU

    Well, maybe a few? I have a thing for wearing warm gold/nude eyeshadow over the lid and then an eyeliner on both upper and lower lashline matching my top. Then theres my everyday go to look which is a dark smoky grey with black eyeliner on the lower and upper lashline. I always have the same lip though, MAC Viva Glam V.

  37. Jacqueline

    winged blacktrack fluidline, LONG lashes, neutral eye, and pink or neutral lips

  38. Clothswise, Really feminine dresses and heels. Makeupwise, I wear a lot of “lipstick colors” on the eyes. You know, rich reddish plums, reds, corals, pinks…..

  39. Meesh

    A very neutral eye with wild colors on the lower lash line – like purple or electric blue or green or well it depends on my mood I guess! Coral colored lips or as my friend tells me like I’ve been chewing on them XD And pretty coral cheeks too that people can’t aways tell I’m wearing blush or flushed.

  40. Sexy Sadie

    Brown matte smokey eyes.

  41. sarah

    I don’t really think I do!
    I love to change things up (:

  42. Diana B

    You will always catch me with a smokey eye/nude lip combo except for the summer months where I like to keep it simple and fresh.

  43. Christy

    I used to wear neural eyeshadow with bright lipstick but know I do the opposite bright or smokey eyeshadow with a soft or nude lip.

  44. Abril

    Smokey eye (usually brown tones) and big lashes!

  45. I don’t wear makeup every day but I want to contribute anyway! :) Levi 514’s, Black Doc Martin boots and a band t-shirt (usually something like The Cure, Duran Duran, David Bowie or my beloved Velvet Underground shirt that I seem to be wearing EVERYTIME I’m in front of a camera! LOL) In high school I used to make most of my clothes and I was a HUGE Prince fan (I’ll leave it at that). Anymore I seem to have a uniform I wear… Sigh.

    For my YouTube vids though, I wear Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, Peach Skin Corrector (for concealor), A liquid or cream blush (I have an Aveda one that’s a favorite of mine), Black Mascara and usually a little Air Force Blue CCB around the eyes. Once I’m done with the look I press Srobe Liquid into my skin with my hands. It sets the foundation (much better than Fix+) and makes the foundation look more natural… Like skin instead of makeup. Liquid though… Not Cream. The liquid dries down, the cream stays kind of greasy.

  46. sara

    I do cat eye every single day of my life. ahah or mostly. even my guy friends will say you look different today if i’m not wearing it extended.

  47. Tiffany

    I mix up my eye looks, but a bright or bold lip is my signature.

  48. julia

    i would say light pigments allpied on the middle of the eye lid. love it!!

  49. Neutral eyeshadow and bright red lips!

  50. Heather C.

    I don’t think I have specific colors to my look, but I definitely have the signature of wearing bold, dramatic makeup.

  51. I think my signature look is black winged eyeliner with mascara and filled in brow. My friends give me a hard time they know that if I don’t wear makeup that my brows are going to be done.

  52. wallflower

    in clothes: white tops/t-shirts (i LOVE them) and black’n’white outfits
    in my everyday makeup look: glossy lips, black liner on the upper lid and waterline, colored liner along the lower lashline
    if i go out, i like to wear white liner on the waterline instead of black, i love the effect.:)

  53. tremorviolet

    Warm eyeshadow in yellows, oranges, corals, and coppers with Rich Ground fluidline and hot pink lipstick.

  54. erin

    bold lips. red, purple, black, or hot pink.

  55. For tanned bronze skin. I look best tan so a good self tanner
    is essential! I love the glow to put emphesis on my skin and wear minimal eye/lip makeup!

  56. Aimee

    neutrals with intense, long black lashes and liner and bare lips :)

  57. christine

    cat eyes with MAC blacktrack fluidline :)

  58. Alexis

    I used to do bright intense eye makeup(mostly greens blues and purples) and very neutral lips.I wear glasses so the focus is always on my eyes and at school I’m known for my eye makeup. Well now that its summer I switched to simple liner and mascara and a bright bold lip (I love purple lips Up the Amp=pefect I need violetta soon). Needless to say everyone was shocked at the turnaround in my makeup. They took more getting used to than I did.

  59. venny

    neutral eyeshadows,thick winged eyeliner with nude lips.

  60. Eva

    Mon-Fri: silver to black smoky eyes (b&w I like to call it), vaseline (as in nothing visible) on lips, blue/green/grey nail polish.
    Weekends: hat (hate to wash my hair when not going to school :D), blue eyeliner, nail polish experiments (=fails).

  61. Christine B.

    Neutral eyeshadow, thick cat-eye eyeliner, peach blush, light pink lips

  62. Alex

    Bold brows and pink lipstick

  63. I wear peacock-eye and really bright pink lips very often, so I guess that’s my signature look :)

  64. chibu74

    My signature look is Amber lights on lids and antiqued in the crease and outer V…my friends call me Goldy coz i wear this look so much :)

  65. Plums and teals – I try other colors but I always go back to this favorite. Also a very tapered, winged eyeliner.

  66. Mirna

    My signature look is well defined eyebrows and winged black eyeliner. Think retro glamour and/or that Katy Perry look (MTV this past weekend) without the blue wig! LOL

  67. Mar

    I love wearing winged, black eyeliner, a very light eyeshadow, black mascara and a bright lipstick to get a retro look.
    When I had dark hair, people called me ‘Dita'; now I’m a blonde and people call me ‘Marilyn’. Well… I’ll take that as a compliment 😉

  68. Luce

    Signature look? Flawless fake tan, pale-pink lip shimmers and my trademark huge hoop earrings (not makeup…but my trademark)