Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

CoverGirl Captivate Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Lip Perfection: Captivate, Fervor, Enchant, Smoky, Enamor

Let’s take a look at five more shades of Lip Perfection, and these five finish up the range of brown-based lip colors within the CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipcolor ($6.99 for 0.12 oz.) formula.  Like the first six I reviewed, this set of five yield opaque color coverage with very little product (think one swipe!) and have a slight shine regardless of whether it’s a straight cream or laced with a little micro-shimmer.  As I said in my original review, the only ding on these is that they’re not as moisturizing as they claim to be.

  • Captivate is an opaque, lightened, brick red with a creamy finish with a subtle shimmer and shine. It’s a little lighter than Bobbi Brown Raisin. It seems a bit redder than Chanel Imperial.
  • Fervor is an opaque, plummy red with a creamy finish and shine. It’s only a smidgen darker than Cle de Peau #117. It’s pinker than Chanel Ballet Russe. It’s also similar to MAC Sappho.
  • Enchant is an opaque, dark chocolate brown kissed by red with a glossy shine and creamy finish. It’s not quite as dark as NYX Very Berry but similar. It is also similar to NYX Decadent Lipstick, which is a little lighter. It’s more opaque and a touch lighter than MAC Underworld.
  • Smoky is an opaque, rich bronze shimmered brown with a metallic sheen. I couldn’t think of anything similar to this that I’ve reviewed.
  • Enamor is an opaque reddened brown with a creamy finish and shine. It has a creamier finish but is close to the color of Illamasqua Growl and Bobbi Brown Blackberry. MAC Dark Side is redder and brighter, but it is fairly close to MAC Dark Deed.

For a full review of the formula, please read my original review! :)

The Glossover


CoverGirl Captivate Lip Perfection Lipcolor Swatches, Photos, Reviews (Part 2)

I think the color range is excellent, and there are some really stunning shades that I think people would love. These are a more moisturizing lipstick, but they don't replace lip balm for me, so the rating reflects a slight miss on that particular claim.











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See more photos & swatches!

CoverGirl Captivate Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Captivate Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Captivate Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Captivate Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Fervor Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Fervor Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Fervor Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Fervor Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Enchant Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Enchant Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Enchant Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Enchant Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Smoky Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Smoky Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Smoky Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Smoky Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Enamor Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Enamor Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Enamor Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Enamor Lip Perfection Lipcolor

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42 thoughts on “CoverGirl Captivate Lip Perfection Lipcolor Swatches, Photos, Reviews (Part 2)

  1. Krista

    I’m really getting into darker lip colors lately. This looks soo pretty! Can’t wait to try them out.

  2. Leslie

    Wow, Fervor is really pretty!

  3. Jenna

    Hey Christine, thank you SO much for posting these swatches I’m really into darker lips. But I was wondering if there was a good lipliner to use under darker colors?? Something that wont change the color of the lipstick if possible. Suggest whatever you want whether its 2 dollars or 20. ( i’m an nc20/nc25)

  4. Rosie

    Most of these colors are very appealing to me!!! Christine do you wear a color badly???? I could never pull off those dark browns on lips, but it looks great on you 😉

  5. Fey

    Enchant and Enamor are my favorite browns.

  6. jilian

    enamor is my favorite, gorgeous colors!!

  7. Mariella

    These are gorgeous and so affordable – yay! There are at least 3 that I really like and can see myself wearing for autumn.

  8. Caroline

    Thanks for reviewing these. You’ve definitely swung my vote for trying them out now. I think I like Fervor. I would love to see more swatches of other colors, preferably neutrals, if possible. Thanks, Christine.

  9. Sara

    Oooh, I like pt.2 much better than pt.1. :) Granted, what I really need are lipsticks in wearable colors, but some of these might end up coming home with me one day.

    Thanks for swatching these!

  10. Gala

    I’m not falling for those dark colors.. for my fair skin tone, its over goth-looking on me

    • Chantal

      I’m super pale, so we’re in the same boat with these. Fervor is possibly the lightest color here — I have MAC Sappho (which Christine mentioned as a possible dupe), and it’s really vampy on me (which CAN look good sometimes, but I hardly ever wear it).

      On the other hand, I bet these (along with the shades swatched in part 1) would look great on darker skin tones! Us fair-skinned peeps have tons of drugstore options for lipsticks, so I think it’s great that CG is putting out lots of shades that will flatter a multitude of skin tones. I suspect these will sell well; perhaps other drugstore brands will then consider expanding their shade ranges, too?

  11. Devi

    Hmm, would Fervor look better on a cool toned or warm toned skin color..? I can’t tell. It looks like it would bring out the pink undertones if a cool-toned person wore it, which isn’t good. On the other hand, it looks like it would clash horribly against someone with STRONG warm undertones… and it’s so pretty…

  12. Andrea

    I like Fervor

  13. malia

    oooh vampy!! Lovely on you, not my cup of tea though.

  14. Jo

    Fervour and Enamour are beautiful! The coverage looks so good too. Shame we don’t have CoverGirl in the UK :( Definitely on my list to check out while my brother has his study year in Miami if I get to go and visit him. I guess I could try and get him to make up shop for me while he is there…!

  15. Annalogik

    I’m so into dark lipsticks lately!!! Too bad we can’t get covergirl here in Spain :(

  16. kandie

    Oh wow! They’re all so pretty! Have to invest in these. My favorites are Enchant and Enamor. Love my drugstore products. Thanks for the review

  17. Tigress

    I must have Fervor! I like Enamor too.

  18. Lauren

    wow enamor looks really good on you!

  19. Fervor looks a deeper version of the Chanel Etole lippie you posted yesterday. My wallet jumps for joy!! Thanks, Christine!

    I can use the $$$ for the Chanel Epatant shadow cream instead 😉

  20. Naz

    These are gorgeous!! I don’t wear lipstick, but I bet my mom would love these 😀

  21. I hate that I like so many of these because I can’t buy CG because they test on animals. :\

  22. Melissa

    Christine, what lip balm do you use? Your lips are absolutely perfect, I don’t ever see any dryness on them!

  23. Is this a relaunch of LipPerfection? I am at the drugstore now and the pictures you show aren’t even close to what I am looking at. I’m wondering if this is an older version of the line. Color me confused!

    • Nope, not a relaunch!

      • So crazy. I know colors vary on screens, but the difference is astounding. These shades all look about 5 shades more brown in the tubes at the store. I went to Walgreen’s to buy three of these, but left with none due to the obscene difference in color between what I see here and how the shade looks in the clear base previewing the color. I might try a Rite-Aid, where they let you bring back cosmetics if you don’t like the shade.

        • Just the base of the lipstick but not the actual lipstick itself? The base is a good indicator but they’re not 100% exact! But definitely buy from a place that allows you to return!

        • Jenna

          I totally agree!! These shades look NOTHING like the ones I own.. Enamor is straight up brown with a slight burgundy but NO red, its just dark brown. Enchant is also a medium warm brown.. I have no idea what is going on.. Please get info from covergirl :)

          • These were sent to me in April? or so…

            • Jenna

              Mine were purchased just a few weeks ago, so i have no idea whats going on. Are you sure they sent you things with the right labels? because i swear it doesn’t look right.. Maybe go to your local drugstore and check for yourself. you’ll see it i promise. You should really contact covergirl.

            • Yes, these are all labeled correctly – they line up to me.

            • Jenna

              You know what i didn’t even notice but I also own “captivate”, that is definitely not the color I own at all.. I purchased everything from shoppers drugmart and the swatches are literally completely random it seems. Captivate is a medium-dark coral color. Definitely not as red as it looks. I really wanna know what is going on.

            • Hmm, Jenna – I would describe Captivate as a medium-dark coral-red – it’s not a red, definitely more coral than red. Perhaps you could share a swatch of yours?

            • Jenna

              Where should I send the swatches?

            • submit[at]temptalia.com

  24. Alya

    It Looks really amazing on you. I wanna try them out but unfortunatly don’t have this brand in UAE

  25. Shirley

    Wow, these are nice! I will definitely have to look into all of them ^_^

  26. artemis

    cute :d

  27. Jasmine

    Hey Christine, thanks for the swatches! I’m not sure if I’m missing out on something, but I can’t seem to find the other swatches of this collection. I can only find part one & part two. I’m positive there’s 44 shades, but maybe you didn’t post them? Anyways, thanks for being so dedicated to your blog, I check it everyday! : )

  28. Jacqueline

    Enamor is gorgeous :)