Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Clinique’s Long Last Bronze Collection is gorgeous in the colors and hues, but so innovative with new formulations and products that I know you’ll fall in love with.

In April, Clinique will launch 18–yes, EIGHTEEN!–shades of their latest gloss formula Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 ($14.00). The science behind it says that there are “film-formers” that help create a seal to help your gloss stay on for up to eight hours. And you read it right, these glosses contain SPF 15, which means even your lips will be protected by the harmful rays of the sun.

  • Nudes: Goldspun, Brandy Twist, Knockout Nude, Sunset
  • Taupes: Cabana Crush, Juicy Apple, Bonfire, Guavagold
  • Pinks: Clearly Pink, Fireberry, Bamboo Pink, Air Kiss, Kissyfit
  • Violets: Mystic, Whisper, Tenderheart, Stellar Plum, Rock Violet

What I love about this new formula is that I can wear this gloss and go through a cup of coffee without much disturbance to my lips. I’m fascinated by how well the gloss does adhere to your lips throughout the day. If you don’t eat/drink, I have no doubt that this gloss will be rockin’ for at least eight hours, if not more. Color pay off will depend on the hue and shade you get, as some are more opaque and others are quite sheer. The glossy sheen you get is amazing, and I just really enjoyed how high-gloss it was. I tried Clearly Pink, Guavagold, Juicy Apple, and Tenderheart, and I really did like all of them. I was actually sporting Juicy Apple to school without a lipstick underneath, because it gave me these lovely pinky lips.

Quick Eyes Cream Shadow ($15.00) is another new product launched this summer that is purported to be a cream shadow that will give you all-day wear without creasing or smudging. Using a combination of water and silicones, it is supposed to dry to a powdery finish to last up to ten hours. It is water resistant, transfer resistant, and crease proof according to Clinique. There will be 9 shades launching this summer: Cocoa Shimmer, Sparkling Nude, Sunlit Palm, Lucky Penny, Starlit Pink, Muffin, Rock Vioilet, Truffle, and Sea Shell.

I used Muffin in a recent look, and I didn’t experience any creasing whatsoever throughout the day. I was honestly a little worried it might, because it is truly like applying a liquid on your eye lid (reminds me of a liquid liner’s viscosity). I do recommend that you go lighter and then build up the color to minimize your chance of overdoing it (which will hinder the product’s effectiveness a bit). The doe-foot applicator does make it easy to get the initial product on your eye, but you’ll need a brush, sponge, or [if you have to] your fingers to blend it out.

But you know what I LOVED from this launch? The Shimmering Tones Golden Bronze powder quad. I didn’t even expect to like this, but it gives me this gorgeous bronzy flush. One quare is a raspberryish red color, which helps give a little bit of color to cheeks while still adding a little bit of bronze. Just absolutely gorgeous on the skin!

Will you be heading to the Clinique counter in April to check these out? I think you should! I know I will be so I can see the other shades of the new glosses and cream shadows since I’ve only had a preview myself.

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25 thoughts on “Clinique – Long Last Bronze Collection Review of Long Last Glosswear, Quick Eyes Cream Shadow, Shimmer Tones Powder Quad

  1. Thalia

    Do you mean “Tawnies” instead of “Taupes” for the lipglosses? I never thought taupe would be appropriate for a lipcolor lol.

  2. Pquanda

    Hey Christine! I love your blog!

    I have a question.. I love Cliniques glosswear lipglosses, but recently switched to MAC because they were more long lasting and viscous. Are these new Clinique glosses thicker, and how do they compare to the MAC Lipglasses?

  3. Carrie

    I’ll definitely be checking out that gorgeous gold-green eyeshadow…Sunlit Palm I assume!

    Thanks, Christine!

  4. Pearl

    You should try out these colors more Christine, because they are more natural, sheer colors. I know you love to pile it on the eyes, but you need to get away from the Vegas Show Girl/Street Walker look, because it’s way too much makeup. You’re applying way, way, way too much. Look at magazine covers and use that as a benchmark. I don’t see them layering their eyeshadows 12 times. It really needs to be toned down.

    • Hi Pearl, your opinion is your opinion, and I totally respect you for it. I’m sorry you think I look like a streetwalker (which I’m not, by the way), but there are several styles of makeup — natural being one, subtle being one, dramatic, etc. I do looks from basic to intense, and I’m really sorry you dislike my makeup so much and urge you to look elsewhere! After six comments, I’ve more than heard your opinion and hope you understand why I disagree.

    • Carrie

      Jeez, Pearl…

      I know you’re writing to Christine, but you posted your criticism publicly, and even though I’ve never met her in person, I consider her a friend of mine [odd as that may sound] and I have to stand up for her here.

      First of all, she has posted tons of looks on this site through which she has clearly demonstrated that she’s mastered subtle makeup. But this is a site about exploring makeup and playing with makeup (note the tagline “beyond the boundaries of beauty”). Personally, I think it’s great to see her fun, playful, colorful looks because all I can wear to work every day are subtle, natural looks and I get bored with them. Who needs to see more examples of that? That kind of makeup is everywhere.

      The other point I want to make is that if you get past the magazine covers and check out the advertisements, runway shots, and editorial spreads inside–at least in Vogue, Elle, Allure, etc–you will no doubt see a great variety of makeup application. The spring Shu Uemura collection was bright yellow and green. MAC always has outrageous styling in their photos. There is much more to makeup than the safe, commercial looks usually displayed on covers.

      I applaud Christine and the readers/contributors of this site for being bold and creative.

  5. kat

    hey, i was just wondering…does anyone know of any tricks to keep cream shadow from creasing? mine usually just melts away…not cute!

  6. Clini-Kew

    THis launch is so big! I got my glosswears and Quick eyes today from the company. Love my job! The kick off look for this campaign is gorgeous! Do you have the promo photo Christine? If not, I can send it to you and give you the details on what was used! Fabulous!- as we lab coaters say!!!!

  7. Nell

    Oh dear, another gorgeous collection. How can I resist, how can my pocketbook be spared? I don´t know! Your nickname – Temptalia – is very, very accurate 😉

  8. Hi Temptalia. Great post. I am running right behind you to the Clinique counter. I am also putting this post on my blog’s weekend reads.

    Have a lovely Easter.

  9. I love, love, love the cream eyeshadow and liner, also glossers are pretty too, I think it is so much better than the nude blush collection.

  10. gabyvv

    I know I’m way behind on this post but.. I still love these glosses especially my Clearly Pink!!