Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Chanel Spring 2011 Makeup Collection

Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel believed the light-reflecting property of pearls enhanced a woman’s natural beauty by bringing a delicate luminosity to her skin. Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, captures this quality in a radiant Spring 2011 Collection, LES PERLES DE CHANEL. Pearlized shades of black and white are accented with pinks and corals, brightening the complexion and creating a natural glow. Not to be outshone, nail shades extend the trend.

Edited @ 12/08:  Now with more photos! :)

Ombres Perlees de Chanel ($65.00) (Limited Edition)

  • White pearl, Pink, Deep Purple, Green-grey, Black Pearl

Les 4 Ombres ($56.00)

  • Regard Perle Deep green, rose, beige, ivory

Le Crayon Yeux ($28.00)

  • Gris Scintillant Shimmering grey

Joues Contraste ($42.00)

  • Espiegle Peach

Poudre Universelle Compact ($44.00)

  • Rose Merveille Rose beige (Limited Edition)

Rouge Coco ($30.00)

  • Peregrina Peach
  • Jersey Rose Rosewood

Rouge Allure ($30.00)

  • Coquette Rose
  • Flamboyante Intense pink

Glossimer ($27.00)

  • Aragonite Iridescent white
  • Nakkar Raspberry

Rouge Double Intensite ($34.00)

  • Cristal Rose Rose beige (Limited Edition)

Le Crayon Levres ($28.00)

  • Peche Peach
  • Framboise Raspberry

Le Vernis ($23.00)

  • Pearl Drop White
  • Peche Nacree Peach
  • Black Pearl Black

Availability:  January 2011

See more photos!

Jersey Rose


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94 thoughts on “Chanel Spring 2011 Makeup Collection

  1. Niamh


  2. Eileen

    I know that some readers were horrified by the heavily blackened eye looks that were on Chanel’s spring runway. The common cry was, “No way, no how, not for spring!”. Those people need not have been alarmed. The runway always translates to a much more wearable look as evidenced by the beautiful promo picture which shows a lovely, light springtime look. Personally, I can hardly wait for this young and fresh collection to hit the counter.

  3. Sharron

    Ooh! Time to start stashing money away for the Ombres Perlees de Chanel, Nakkar Glossimer and Black Pearl nail polish…

  4. Tabitha

    so excited! I want all 3 polishes!

  5. flyavsted

    I am going to have it all!! <3 Love!

  6. i can’t wait! this friday i’m getting my makeup done with this line at my Saks Fifth Avenue and I can’t wait to purchase so much of this line! Love the polishes, Ombres Perlees de Chanel shadows and the blush!

  7. DYING over that palette. I can’t wait to see the rest of the nail lacquers! Thanks Christine.

  8. Is Black Pearl a little green, or does my monitor need its colors adjusted? If it is a deep green, you go, Chanel!

    • leslie

      It does have a green cast. I googled CHANEL BLACK PEARL ,and theres swatches already out there of it.

    • nicci

      From other pics I have seen there is some green. It’s not 100% black. But I hope it’s not too similar to Steel. It doesn’t look like it will be though.

    • Kelly C.

      It does have a green pearl sheen to if, if I remember correctly!

  9. I have decided that I am getting every single lip product in this collection. The shades are the type I am most attracted to and for me, I have never been dissapointed with Chanel items. I’ve read and heard that some stores will be getting these as early as next week! I live in Canada so I’ll have to call my SA and see… =D.

    • Tabitha

      I’m Canadian too! (Toronto) If you find out reply to me please!

      • Really?! LOL! That’s so exciting, it’s nice to hear from readers who live in the GTA, I live close by as well! I called and my fave SA told me that she’s expecting stock of this collex by the end of this month!! Definitely call your local Chanel counter =D.

  10. Soooooo beautiful! This will definitely sell out quickly too, I’ll have to make sure I get to a counter pronto! I don’t suppose you know when it will be out internationally (UK)?

  11. Sexy Sadie

    The lipstick looks great.

  12. Nadine

    oooh i want the black pearl <3

  13. Sara

    Perfect timing! I love it and my birthday is the end of January. So, I’ll be saving up my gift money!

  14. CeeBee

    CHANEL DOES A QUINT!!! *faints dead away*

    This looks gorgeous. And wearable. And gorgeous.
    That raspberry glossimer sounds delectable.

  15. nicci

    Ombres Perlees de Chanel – these are cream shadows! I am definitely getting this!! and this – Rose Merveille Rose Beige & maybe Espiegle Peach JC.

    I’m so looking forward to this collection! :) My SA told me they are getting this December 15th, so it should be at the counter before Xmas!

  16. toni

    OMG! im gonna be broke! i love everything!

  17. Chara

    Can’t wait to get the eyeshadows! They look amazin! But bit disappointed by Black pearl nail varnish since it reminds me of the Dior one from last spring so think going to give it a miss. Same when Chanel did nude nails, Dior had it the year before Chanel :(

  18. AnGeLwInGz

    I want it all!

  19. KT

    Is the lip colour on the model Peregrina? I must have it.

  20. Evelyn

    I now realize I’m in trouble. If there’s a rose, pearl or raspberry in the name I have to have it! lol I so love dark pearly or shimmery polishes.

  21. Stacia

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this collection! I can’t wait till it hits the counters!

  22. Interesting palette….and BLACK PEARL you will be MINE!

  23. Tabitha

    will this be sold at all counters/regular department stores? or the select ones?

  24. sherry

    Is it January yet??
    Gosh it used to be spring makeup didn’t show up until Feb at least!!

  25. Yumi

    oh my lord i love her lip color!!! DO WANT

  26. Rosie

    Will this be availbale online/boutique only or in stores also?

  27. Nancy

    It all looks beautiful. I am so curious to see how the White pearl nail polish looks on the nail.

  28. Does anyone know when the Rouge Coco Shine in ‘Boy’ (that gorgeous petal pink that was in the Chanel RTW Spring 2011 show)is coming out? I thought it would be part of this collection.

    • Nellie

      The Rouge Coco Shines (including Boy) is due out in April.

    • Jennie P

      A little birdie clued me in that in bigger markets it will be available around Valentines day…. :)

      • Kara

        oh I hope so. The regular Rouge Cocos are only so-so on me. They totally settle in the fine lines on my lips. No other lippie does that. So even though there are great colors I am done buying them. Wish there was more info out there on the shines.

        • nicci

          me too! I’m really excited for them to come out! There is also a new foundation coming out that is supposed to replace Teint Innocence…it’s Vitalumiere Aqua. It sounds very promising as well – three different finishes matte, dewy, and (natural – only in Asia though). As usual it is already out in Europe and Asia but the US is dead last to get it!! :(

  29. chips

    can never not buy on of their nail polish every season, this is so bad! I’ll probably get the lip color too.

  30. Kelly C.

    Chanel’s ads never fail to wow me. Too bad I can’t afford anything from them! (And the one Rouge Coco I bought was a total disappointment, anyway)

  31. Nicole

    I am so excited about this collection! The cream eyeshadow quad! I hope my (Canadian) Chanel counters receive it before Christmas, otherwise I’ll be hunting it down in Italy. You know you’re a Chanel junkie when…

  32. kcrystal

    overall, not impressed.

  33. trangaxtman

    want the whole collection

  34. Jennie P

    I. Want. All. Of. It !!!!!!

  35. xiao

    i have been WAITING for these 😀

  36. Debbie

    Love it all! But i must have the polish and the eye shadow quint!

  37. liz

    i love that palette already – just my color style

  38. Eleonora

    oooooh I SO want Aragonite! I love Chanel glossimers and Chanel in general.
    And Hell yeah to Black pearl!

  39. Dana

    Wow this collection is amazing!

  40. Jennifer F

    Chanel makeup is so expensive I never bother looking but that nail polish on the model is so gorgeous I might treat myself when it comes out and feel all extravagant for a bit lol. I also like the eyeshadow palete colours but it really depends on the UK price for me and the pigmentation, I imagine I can get similar colours elsewhere.

  41. Marina

    Love this collection! Love Chanel <3

  42. Marie

    Wow, I love *everything* from this collection! I can’t wait to check it out when it’s available. :)

  43. so gorgeous! I love the models makeup look!

  44. Everything looks and sounds gorgeous! Can’t wait till it gets to Australia!

  45. Paula

    Love the lip color on the model!

  46. Nadine

    Hi Christine! Is this Poudre Compact a highlight powder, or for all over the face? I saw a picture of it where it looked really shimmery and more pink, so I was excited for it to be a highlight powder. If so, I would get it.
    Black Pearl is definitely on my list, and Aragonite lip gloss, if I’m not getting the powder. I just recently got my first Chanel gloss, Mica, and I love it.

  47. alice

    Not impressed. Looks nice because the model looks nice. Not into nail stuff, and the cream shadow palette houses typical neutrals. Blush and lip colors look wearable, but I have wearable already…

  48. I don’t think hubby will be happy about me buying this entire collection, but I can talk him into getting me the palette though. It’s nice. I hope it’s pigmented.

  49. Aracely

    Does anyone know an exact date of release in January?

    • It’s generally just whenever the counter gets its shipment in – I know mine was never able to give me an exact date.

      • Aracely

        Ty Christine. Even though I am dealing with workers of the Chanel Counter that didnt’t know what I was talking about (I asked about the black pearl and pearl drop nail polishes) grrr

  50. Candice

    I see the color forecast for Spring 2011. I’m diggin’ it. However, this collection looks more of a Fall look to me. The hues seem too warm. Sry, I want to POP out of winter into Spring. The Estee Lauder & Nars choice of purple is more up my alley!

  51. Ida

    The pixiwoo girls have already used the Espiegle blush, Peche lip pencil and Coquette Rouge Allure in a tutorial…looking gorgeous so far!

  52. sofia

    omg!! i A D O R E it!!!!

  53. Natalie

    Has Chanel ever released cream shadows before? I wonder if staying power is any good?

  54. M

    To be succinct: I AM GOING TO BE BROKE COME JAN 2011!! Nakkar is GORGEOUS. Hope it will be the same texture and finish as Pink Tease i.e. more opaque and shimmery vs. sheer and shimmery.

  55. MARGO

    what a gorgeous collection………….

  56. jen

    gorgeous, i love the lipstick.

  57. Emily

    oooo the nail polishes look gorgeous!

  58. Fiona

    i want every single item in this collection. well done to peter phillips, ever since he took over as director in the chanel makeup dept. he has come up with one beautiful make up collection after another!!

  59. Natalie

    I want everything in this collection! I think everything would look so beautiful!

  60. Adriana

    i don’t want to be an ogre but i am kinda thinking booooooorring. However black pearl is quite lovely

  61. Jess

    Is it weird that I want Jersey Rose lipstick just because i’m from Jersey? probably

  62. Chakia

    Now up on!

  63. barb

    Its already available on!!

  64. leslie

    Has anybody purchased the blush ESPIEGLE? I tried it and it almost looks like MACs Utterly Game. Would Utterly Game be a dupe for that???

  65. The Chanel Spring 2011 collection is superb! Sultry and elegant in one. Black Pearl for me is probably the best Chanel colour ever, and even when the seasons come and go, for me this will be a classic.

  66. Maria

    Great collection as always!!! Loved it! Especially the blush “ESPIEGLE” and lipstick Rouge Allure-84 “FLAMBOYANT”.

  67. nastic

    dear you!
    i’m very very love OMBRES PERLEES DE CHANEL, but i can’t find it in Vietnam. show me the way buy it. please!
    Thank so much!