Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Chanel SoHo Collection

Chanel SoHo Collection

To celebrate the reopening of the CHANEL Boutique in SoHo, CHANEL Global Creative Director of Makeup Peter Philips has created a limited edition collection that echoes the spirit of SoHo. “For me, SoHo is a place where Bohemian ideals meet the toughness of the city… I love the tension and energy this creates.” says Peter Philips.


The SOHO STORY Collection is a study in extreme contrasts, partnering feminine pinks and roses with strong, industrial metallics. From pretty cheekbones to anthracite nails, tender creams and flashes of metal simultaneously reflect and contradict each other. “I had a specific girl in mind who is both hard and soft. A girl who discovers a new city, a new life.” adds Peter Philips. “This is a very special kind of New York woman. She is innocent, but she has a steely determination that fuels the city.”

The collection’s SOHO DE CHANEL Exclusive Creation reflects a Pop Art influence. Stamped with the four letters of SoHo, this silky powder comes in a delicate palette of shades and, when dusted across the face, creates a subtle, natural glow.

Stupendous, Steel, Strong, Stunning, Stunt, Star: strong names that reflect the candance, the musical rhythm, the heartbeat of SoHo.


  • SoHo de Chanel ($65.00)
  • Stupendous Quadra Eye Shadow ($56.00)
  • Stunning Rouge Coco ($30.00)
  • Stunt Rouge Allure Laque ($32.00)
  • Star Glossimer ($27.00)
  • Steel and Strong Le Vernis ($23.00)

Availability: September 7th on, September 10th at the SoHo Boutique

See more photos!

Chanel SoHo Collection

Chanel SoHo Collection

Chanel SoHo Collection

Chanel SoHo Collection

Chanel SoHo Collection

Chanel SoHo Collection

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98 thoughts on “Chanel SoHo Collection

  1. Nicole

    Okay, I can’t get over how adorable Peter Philips is! I love listening to him speak! LOL. Anyway…those nail polishes are stunning. Probably won’t be available in Canada but I’ll dream! :p

    • Alyssa

      Holt’s is getting it.

    • Andrea

      Yeah, the polishes are what I’m interested in too…

    • Stephanie

      Vancouver holts already has it to look at (no tester) and are doing pre-sales. I want to see swatches first. It looks pretty in the bottle, but I want to see if it’s close to anything I already have.

    • konconsc

      I bought it yesterday at Holt Renfrew already!

      • evo

        which holt did u get it at? i know i’m probably too late to the game but i just went to vancouver holt and they haven’t even heard of it?

    • Sarah

      Just so everyone knows this is mostly sold out everwhere BUT Belk department stores (it’s a southern chain) is just now getting this collection this week November 4, 2010. I just purchased one of everything. Call Belk in Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC or Asheville, NC to get this collection! They will ship to anywhere in the US.

  2. Bernice

    ooh i love the nail polish colours and i love the names especially ‘strong’

  3. Lulee

    a new RAL!!!! i want it even though i have no idea what the color is

  4. baby in a corner

    I didn’t even know there was a soho in NY, I thought there was only the London one! but i suppose a lot of places in the US are named after places in Europe so figures! This looks pretty, specially the nail polish! But i don’t think i’ll be going to NY to get some!

    • It stands for “South of Houston,” SoHo for short. It wasn’t named after Soho in the UK. :)

      • kat

        Actually, SoHo in the UK was established in 1536. The SoHo in Houston may be named after something else, but the SoHo in NYC is well known for being named after the one in London “The Soho name has been imitated by other entertainment and restaurant districts such as Soho, Hong Kong; SoHo, New York; and Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires” (sourced from Wikipedia)

        • Carie

          No, what Judith was saying was that SoHo in NYC stands for “South of Houston.” She wasn’t saying there’s a SoHo in Houston that means that.

        • Carie

          According to Wikipedia:
          “Seeking to identify their group geographically, they consulted a city Planning Commission map that described the area as “South of Houston”, “Houston” being Houston Street. This was shortened to “SoHo”, the group voted to call itself the SoHo Artists Association and the name for the neighborhood stuck.”
          So, the SoHo in NYC is named that because the district is literally South (So) of Houston (Ho) St.

        • Eileen

          Interesting! Here in Southern California we also have Noho, Soho, and Weho with the “ho” standing for Hollywood.

  5. Stasja

    The eyeshadows and the steel nailpolish look amazing!! Too bad they won’t be available in my country. Hopefully ebay will answer my a high cost of course :(

  6. nicci

    Thanks Christine! I have been waiting for this post :) I can’t wait!!! :) I want the quad, glossimer, and maybe the palette and lipstick…

  7. Nina

    I it just me or is Strong nailpolish the same as Paradoxal ?

  8. LU

    I just want that cool looking compact, LOL.

    • LU

      I’m really falling in love with Chanel! I have two of the perfumes, and I’m gonna buy my third as a birthday present to myself in December! If I could afford it I would dive into some of their makeup and skincare.

  9. I’m going to go to the boutique on the 11th to get a few things from this collection. Gorgeous. I can’t wait! I have to go to space.nk anyway. Works out!

  10. Alexis

    Oooh that Steel nail polish is calling my name and so is that Soho blush/highlighting compact. I’ll definitely put this on my NYC list when I visit this month. SO excited!!

  11. Diane


    Do you know if this will be available at all at Nordie’s or Nordie’s online? Or even Neiman’s? I love the dark deep red nail polish and the eyeshadow quad!


  12. Jenn

    will this collection and the khaki nail polish collection be available at chanel boutiques in Canada?

  13. Kristina

    Stupendous really looks like Mystic Eyes.

    • mylinda

      I agree. Which is why I need to stop myself from buying Stupendous! It looks like they just swapped out the copper shade in Mystic Eyes for a beige in this quad. It may not be exactly the same but the colors are definitely similar in pictures. I would love to see a swatch of the Stunning Rouge Coco though. Everything looks so beautiful in pictures! I just worry that I’m not going to get much use out of them to justify the spending (esp that highlighter!).

  14. Sandy

    i got a few things from this collection. it is veryyyyyyyy pretty :)

  15. zb

    Gotta, gotta have these polishes. My husband works on Spring Street but I feel bad asking him to go to Chanel on FNO. Maybe if I order online I will have them by Friday… :-)
    Christine – Thank you, and keep up the great work!

    • Melissa (divinem)

      ROFL — I would shamelessly send him on a “Honey Do” 😀 Hope you enjoy. I ordered the Highlighting Powder and Strong nail lacquer.

  16. Maya

    That eyeshadow quad and “Steel” nailpolish are GORGEOUS!

  17. Elisa

    Too bad i’ll leave just before this comes out! I’ll have to beg my sister to swatch and buy for me

  18. Lenore

    Is it just me or is “steel” a dead ringer for noir ceramic?

  19. !!! Those nail polishes are to die for! I love them *__* I can’t wait till Australia gets them!

    • JJ

      Hi Celina, Australia got the collection about a week ago, but only Sydney Myer Chanel makeup studio has the items. Australia didn’t get the rouge coco or rouge allure laque, though, but the rest of the collection is beautiful. Better call them ASAP as I believe the collection is selling out fast….their number is (02) 9238 9114. Also, they are the only chanel counter who will be getting the les khaki nail collection which is coming out soon (put your name down on their lists if you’re interested as I think they will be sold out on the waiting list alone). Hope this helps!

      • nicci

        Actually, the Chanel counter at the Nordstrom I go is also getting the Les Khaki collection as well. This is in Bellevue, Washington. They are making an event out of it for Vogue’s Fashion night or something I believe, it is happening on the 10th. :)

  20. Those Chanel nail polishes are really hot now, eh?

    Always find Coco Chanel to be such an inspiration…

    • Alison

      While all the shades are amazing, I hate the brush and I hate the formula. I wish they’d do something about it – I don’t like forking out money for stuff I need to adjust.

  21. Alison

    Oooooh. This seems a little unusual for Chanel but the nail laquers look very respectable shades as usual…

  22. JJ

    Just for you Australian girls out there, the SOHO collection is already available at Sydney Myer’s makeup studio (I believe they got the collection about a week ago) but unfortunately they didn’t get the Stunning rouge coco or the Stunt rouge allure laque. I think it’s selling pretty fast!

  23. nicci

    Is it already available online? I thought it would be…on the 7th! Both Strong & Steel are out of stock.

  24. tehteh

    this won’t be avaliable internationally will it? I’ loving Stunning and SoHo =)

  25. Sarah

    Love the look of this new collection! Does anyone know if it will be available to purchase in the UK??! I’m ever hopeful!! :)

  26. nicci

    Thanks Christine for the nice pictures, especially of the lipstick. These are the best I have seen! :) Now I REALLY want the quad & lipstick, think I will pass on the glossimer though.

  27. Chanel has really put a lot of emphasis on their nail polishes lately. That promo video pretty much only features the model’s nails. it’s an interesting choice on chanel’s part, but with the total domination of Jade I guess that makes sense.

  28. Diane

    I just ordered the eyeshadow, the two nail polishes, and the lipstick! WAHOO! Gosh, I hope it is good — I have never ordered something sight unseen before, especially where I am not sure of the return policy!

  29. LU

    Ahhh my god I want that highlighting powder so bad but 65 dollars heck no!

    • Melissa (divinem)

      Hmmm, I’m sitting here deciding whether to enter my CC info. I’m a sucker for highlighting powders, I’ve learnt. Not sure how this would work on my ivory complexion. It’s GORGEOUS!

  30. Argh! Why can’t this be released in Canada as well?!? I really don’t like purchasing things unseen but I seriously might cave in…sigh. Oh Chanel, the woes my bank account is going through because of you.

  31. Karen

    I believe it’s international since I saw someone from Macau selling on eBay. Both nail polishes are up for purchase on GO get it before it’s sold out!

  32. Sara

    Are these limited edition????????????

  33. Does anyone know if the UK will get this collection and if so, when? x

    • My info doesn’t state anything about elsewhere, just & SoHo boutique. A few Australian readers said they saw some pieces at their Boutique store!

  34. Kalex

    I ordered Stunning lipstick and that’s it! (So proud of myself) I hope I don’t regret not getting the Laque… I talked myself out of the blush/highlighter because I know I’ll never use it.

    What did you order Christine?

  35. Suzanna

    I agree withe the poster who noticed the similarity to Mystic Eyes (one of my go-to quads). I won’t be buying this one. Love the look of the highlighter and may check that out, although it certainly isn’t indispensable.

    • sheryl

      I’m sitting here comparing christine’s pic w/ my mystic eyes quad. thanks… ya’ll just saved me $56 plus shipping. Which is good, since I went beserk for Fab Felines

  36. Monica

    I ordered the highlighter/blush,eyeshadow quad(even though I have mystic eyes and it’s probably really similiar) but I couldn’t resist! I also got mademoiselle rouge coco. I’ve heard good thing about it and have been wanting it for a long time. I hope I like it!

  37. Melissa (divinem)

    I caved. Ordered the highlighting power and Strong nail lacquer. 😀

  38. paige

    I like the shades of the nail polishes. I placed an order for both Steel and Strong today.

    For those of you living in the U.S., here is a free shipping code you can use: 0810SHIP
    It’s good until 11:59 pm EST, Monday Sept 6.

    • Denise

      Thanks so much 4 the shipping code! It saved me $8.99 , I ordered the palette, can’t wait 2 get it!

    • mylinda

      Am I the only one who can’t figure out where to input the promo code? I receive promo codes like these in my email but never get to use them because I can’t find the box to input them. I checked the FAQ and it says:

      1. Enter your offer code on the “Payment Information” section of the “Billing” page.
      2. Type in the rest of the required information.
      3. Click “Continue Checkout” and the offer will be applied to your order.

      But the only thing it lets me input is the credit card info. I even wrote an email to customer support but got no response. Somebody help!!!

      • mylinda

        I actually finally figured out where to put it in. The box is on the first page, before you check out. I don’t know why I never saw that box before. Maybe I was too tired and going blind with desire ;p

        • Nancy

          I had trouble with finding where to put the code also. I had to refresh and start all over again. I really think there is a system problem with that because it was not there the first few times for me and then all of a sudden it was.

          • Mylinda

            I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. So it’s not my imagination that that box may not have been there the other times I tried. I could swear I’d never seen it until this morning. It was right under the “select shipping” box.

  39. CharismaSL

    OMG this collection looks sooooo good. I want to buy the whole collection the blush/highligther, the quad, the nail polishes (both) and the lipstick and gloss. Oh boi…I think I may end up spending a fortune :(

  40. CharismaSL

    For all the Cdn ladies, I’ve confirmed that this collection is only available at Holt Renfrew Bloor location and the Chanel boutique. Also, the lipstick and lip lacquer are not available here as they’re exclusive to the US residents or the SoHo location or something like that (I can’t remember – stopped paying attention to the SA as soon as he said that they were not available in Canada). :(

  41. Vale

    The polishes are FANTASTIC!!! I need a swatch! 😀

  42. Kasia

    living in Europe seems so unfair…:( and the ebay prices are killing. I was just wandering if ther’s a chance anyone could do some Cahnel online shopping for me?

  43. Lorna

    is this collection still available? i don’t see it on…

  44. Angel

    is this collection available at counters too?? :( i really want stunninggggg

  45. nicci

    I got mine in the mail today and love everything I got! and the little bag it comes with, so cute! :) I purchased the quad, lipstick, and laque…I love the quad, I don’t have any of the colors in the quad…so pretty.