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Pretty much all jumbled up in a plastic storage drawer with my lip glosses. Although it feels like I own too many already, I don’t have enough to organize in any special way. BTW, I started following your blog about 1-2 months ago and I love it! You do such a great job and it’s so nice to finally have an idea of what is coming out and what to look forward to. Thank you!

I don’t have much lip stuff in general, so I just chuck it all into a little tray. If I had more I’d probably have to get lots of trays, or maybe a tray with compartment.

I don’t have many lipsticks and all but 2 of them are MAC. I just have them laying in a drawer in no particular order.

Mines all jumbled but recently I’ve put all my “summer” lipsticks and glosses on the counter so there’s less hunting. Leaving all the vamps and reds in my drawer for fall and winter.

well i have not very many lipsticks so they’re just in a bowl in my bathroom…. i remember the shade names seeiing as they’re only a few!

Hi Christine,
I have so few lipsticks at the moment that no organization is needed yet, but I’m working on changing that =P. My lipsticks just stand upside down in a small box so their names are visible.

I’d like to ask you a question if it’s ok.
Am I mistaken or Benefit’s “Ms. Behavin'” lipstick looks like a more sheer version of Mac’s “Kittenish” from the Felines collection; which in turn looks like a less-red version of Mac’s Venomous Villains: Malificent’s “Dark Deed”?

by brand, then by color, then by level of coverage (sheer to full). i suppose i should just mix them all together and ignore the brand thing… but it just kills me to combine mac with aveda with chanel with dior with… lol πŸ˜›

I don’t, they’re a mess. I usually have to dig around in my bag for them or I just pick one at random to put on.

i dont have that many lipsticks. and they are all mac. i kinda remember the shades of the names. πŸ™‚ simple! its even better when it comes in limited edition packaging.


When do we get to see the other 2 villain looks? From Maleficent and Facilier?
I’m dyyyyying to see it LOL

I also organize mine by brand (unlike my eyeshadows that I do by color, each color has a drawer). On my favorites I take a sharpie and write the name on the bottom of it, that way I can easily reach for my favs without having to get my glasses. It’s a life saver on these 48 year old eyes! LOL

By brand. I separate cools from warms with neutrals in the middle and line them up from light to dark. Just OCD that way I guess!

I must have a brain like yours cause i can remember all lipsticks name i own/ i see. This is kinda funny but we learn more about what we love!

I have a box of high end and a box of drugstore lipsticks, plus a box of Mac lipsticks + lipglosses together, and then also I have the long lasting lipcolours together in a drawer. I need a new box though as my Mac box is overflowing.

I retain lipstick names too! I wish I could remember important things but nope, I remember makeup names! Geeesh!

I was just trying to figure this out the other day. Separate lipglosses from lipsticks? How to separate the colors? What I really need are those lipstick containers I think. Right now I have 4 small baskets. One is for clear/shimmery lippies, one is for reds, one is for peach and pink, and one is for deeper shades of rose and plum. Anybody else have any suggestions? Where to buy lipstick containers on the cheap?

I keep everything in it’s original packaging and box since many items such as Chanel do not have the name on the product itself. It also makes stacking and organizing easy because everything is relatively the same shape! =D

I “depot” them. Well, parts of them. I slice and melt them into eyeshadow pans and make palettes with them, that way I have them all together when it’s time to apply and can see exactly what i need. Easier to carry to jobs too… the rest of the lipstick (two thirds of the bullet) stays in storage for when i run out and need to refill the pan, or to take on a trip if traveling light…

I bought a paperboard box at an arts and craft supply shop for a few bucks, it’s about 8″ x 8″ x 4″ tall, with a lid. Then I made some…how do I explain it…accordion-like paper inserts that hold up the lipsticks on end so that I can read the labels. Then I have them organized by color in the box: lights, neutrals, pinks, corals, reds, browns/darks. I’m really happy with it!

I usually organize them by brand, it makes it easier to find the lipstick I need especially when I’m on a rush and don’t really have time.

I really do mean to organise all my lipsticks and lipglosses one day, but I just don’t know where to begin. By brand? colour?

At the moment I have my MAC separate from the rest, but that’s as far as it goes, and I keep them in their boxes so I can read the colour names from the top, as I don’t like the idea of storing lipsticks or glosses upside down.

Should I put pale shades together? Reds, pinks, oranges, purples etc together? Some fit into more than one category, eg pinky reds, orange reds. Blue or yellow toned together? “Everyday” vs “glam” vs vamp?

I give up! Help!!

badly. I haven’t found a good storage container for it all, that can hold my MAC ones with the label up, and accommodate other packaging shapes too.

The mac ones are currently in a styrofoam block, set upside down. Nudes are at the top, Dark ones are at the bottom, roughly. There’s a vague graduation in tone, but it’s not very specific. Just a vague “first shade Myth last shade Cyber” spectrum.

I have them standing upright in a small basket on a glass shelf in my private bath. There are not many, perhaps 20, but they are all in full view whenever I need them. The basket is a vintage heirloom from a relative.

Jumbled up in a makeup case, along with other makeup stuff. I’m terrible! I hope I’ll get things sorted out (aka A LOT more organized) when I’m in Belgium.

I keep all of my makeup in a linen container from Bed Bath & Beyond with 6 separate compartments–one for lip products, one for eye makeup, one for powders, one for liquid face products, one for hair clips, and one for random stuff. All of the excess stuff that I don’t wear on a regular basis, I throw in a catch-all shoe box in my dresser.

I don’t, really! All my lipsticks and glosses live together in a tin, vaguely separated by color. But I tend to wear the same colors over and over, so it’s not that big a deal–the most used ones float to the top, so I can typically find them when I need them!

They’re all together in a storage drawer. I haven’t been into lipsticks for very long though, so I only have about five. The only two that look alike from the outside are Gaga and Cyndi, so for now it’s pretty easy to find the lipstick I want. πŸ™‚

I organize my lipsticks by brand, then by number the lipstick number. I usually end up memorizing all the numbers of my lipsticks.

I organized everything by brand into different plastic square containers I spray all my makeup I opened every 4 weeks with Beauty So Clean makeup sanitizer so my makeup lasts longer.

i organize them by brand…i have 2 separate boxes just for my mac and 2 more boxes for my guerlain, chanel, dolce and gabbana and armani.

By brand.
My MAC stash is in a different drawer and all the rest of my lipsticks and glosses are organized in plastic containers. I remember names very easily so if I need something in particular I can find it very fast.

All jumbled up unfortunately – really need a good idea how to organize them well, since I have a lot of lipsticks and I always end up searching for the particularly one I need….

I picked up a lipstick organizer from The Container Store and I love it, but unless you’re storing a NYX lipstick or a Rouge Artist Intense, Rouge Coco, etc, they wont stand up with the names showing. I have mine all jumbled up by brand but organized by name, thank god I have my MAC and Lime Crime’s memorized. When I get the time I’m going to try out EnKore’s lipstick organizer!

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