Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Chanel Les Pop-Up de Chanel Collection for Summer 2010

Chanel Les Pop-Up de Chanel Collection for Summer 2010

Bold and audacious, Gabrielle Chanel pushed the boundaries of style. Now Peter Philips continues the tradition by creating a free-spirited makeup collection inspired by an idyllic seaside vista: LES POP-UP DE CHANEL, fresh new cult-worthy hues for lips and nails. Vibrant pops of colour, including neon pink, sunny coral and brilliant turquoise are beautifully complemented by bronzed, glowing skin. . . and sure to be the standout shades of summer.

Le Vernis ($23.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Mistral Soft pink
  • Nouvelle Vague Turquoise
  • Riviera Intense pink

Rouge Allure Lip Colour ($32.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Super Rose
  • Genial Coral

Levres Scintillantes (Glossimer) (Limited Edition)

  • Bikini Peach Soft Pink

Aqualumiere ($29.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Bondi Light copper

Aqualumiere Gloss ($27.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Bondi Beach Rose gold

Gloss Fluo de Chanel ($27.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Laser Pink
  • Pop Coral

Soleil Tan de Chanel ($50.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Terre d’ore
  • Terre Halee

Availability: May 2010

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Chanel Les Pop-Up de Chanel Collection for Summer 2010

Chanel Les Pop-Up de Chanel Collection for Summer 2010

Chanel Les Pop-Up de Chanel Collection for Summer 2010

Chanel Les Pop-Up de Chanel Collection for Summer 2010

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64 thoughts on “Chanel Les Pop-Up de Chanel Collection for Summer 2010

  1. Nathania

    I LOVE THIS!!!!! I mostly love how they set up the makeup. So pretty!

  2. Andrea

    Nouvelle Vague is gorgeous!

    • Julia:D

      Oh, god. Nouvelle Vague is sooooooo gorgeous. I heard there were problems with chanel nail polish, though. Anybody have problems with it?Love it? Hate it?

      • I don’t like it at all… the brush on it is so terrible and the nail colours all streak ( I have six of them so far and they all do..!) and they also crack on me, even with a good base coat and top coat.

        so not worth it when they’re that expensive…

        • Julia:D

          aww, man. I might just cave and get it anyway. Thanks for your help!

          • Kristina

            I have had no problems with my Chanel polish. I think polish wears differently on everyone, like most cosmetics. Try it and see before you write it off.

          • GretalovesMAC

            here is my two cents on the Chanel polish: I LOVE them and I think that you just have to use a quality base and top coat and they stay for a week or more depending on how hard you are on your hands.

          • Nancy

            I have used them for years and do not have a problem with them. They wear very well for me.

      • Nancy

        I have about 12 Chanel nail polish’s and I really love them. I have no problem with streaking or the formulation. Mine even seems to last long on my nails. I have however heard others say it chips. I have used it for years and just adore it. PS I am also an OPI fan but nothing feels better then Chanel.

      • Glosslizard

        I haven’t had any problems with Chanel polishes, in fact, Chanel’s Jade is one of the best-wearing polishes for me! I always use Seche Vite as a topcoat, though, and I’m sure that helps!

      • Petra

        I only own two – so i might just be lucky. One is Particulier, which is AMAZING. I’m not fussy about nail stuff, I’m used to chipping, layering, etc and dealing with that stuff. However this is really opaque and even in 1 coat, and lasts long. I didn’t mind the brush, it’s nothing special to me. Also, it dried quite fast.
        The other, Azur is just a blue tinged shimmery topcoat, very subtle and pretty (but it’s not meant to be opaque etc).

  3. Julia

    I am sooo excited for this collection!! I plan on picking up all three polishes and the two bright rouge allures. I believe the last two lipsticks are mixed up though; Genial is the bright coral seen at the S/S ’10 couture show, and Darling (repromote) is the pink beige.

  4. Brittany

    Love the nail polish colors!

  5. Colette

    Yummm, I want Riviera! btw, I think you have Genial and Darling mixed up. I thought Genial was the coral.

  6. inga

    mmm….strange collection. Gray lipstick??

  7. Wilde

    nouvelle vague is just beautiful.
    reminds of Jade a lil bit.

  8. The varnishes look good…I hope they’re not too sheer!

  9. DonnaN

    mheh….nothing jumps out to me, except Nouvelle Le Vernis. I will definately try to track THAT one down…

  10. I’m really liking Coral and Vague Aqua Blue.

  11. Hend

    OMG .. Looks amazing !
    I loved the Super Fuchsia rouge ..
    perfect for summer !

  12. WTF is with the grey lipstick and nailpolish? The rest of the collection is just what I would expect from a summer collection – vibrant colors. But those greys? WTF?!

  13. dana

    Are there no eyeshadows in the collection? It seems incomplete with the shadows…

  14. Nicole

    I think I probably NEED Nouvelle Vague, and Riviera is so pretty too!

    I’m thinking the grey colors are just designs for the promo.

  15. Kaoyee

    LOL I thought those grayed out photos were part of the collection. I was getting excited for gray nail polish but not so much gray lipstick :)

  16. Helena

    Looks gorgeous…just my kind of colors. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. j e n

    WOOOOOOW first Coco Rouge and now this! It looks amazing. I can’t wait to see your swatches! :)

  18. AnGeLwInGz

    Mistral, Nouvelle, and all 3 glosses are on my list!

  19. amelia

    the aqua nail polish. i’m there.

  20. amy

    I think I would like Vague Aqua Blue.

  21. Jae

    Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick -all that’s on my list-

  22. Amanda

    I WANT IT!!!! I WANT IT!!! I WANT IT!!! Did I say how much I want this LOL!!

  23. Kristen

    Hi Christine,
    Do you have any insight if the silver/gray nail polishes in the campaign above are the ones used in the Chanel Spring 2010 runway show? From what I understood Peter Philips used the platinum duo not previously released in the US. Or is the gray to help pop the colors in the line as part of a marketing campaign? I know you have a good relationship with Chanel’s PR – so I was hoping you have (or could get) some insight. Fingers crossed those Silver polishes are from the S2010 show and finally being released in the US. I believe it was called “Platinum Duo” in Europe. Thanks!!!!

  24. Stacia

    Oh my gosh! I will be getting all the nail colors. Are these available in the US? I went to my local Nordstrom and they had a diffferant collection but similar.

  25. Jula

    I NEED to get Genial. Such a beautiful color, perfect for summer. I’m in love…

  26. vinna

    Bikini Peach glossimer only for me…. i’m trying to be good ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Diana

    Those bronzers look so nice.

  28. Loving the lipsticks!

  29. Shannon

    So lovely!!!!! :)

  30. this looks AMAZING. *drools*

  31. tracy

    I’m loving the aqua and the coral colour. I wonder if the aqua colour is a frost?

  32. Emily

    When is this collection being released? I know sometimes the go quick and I really like the nail polish!

  33. Dana

    I’m so glad that Chanel brought Soleil Tan de Chanel back, it’s my favorite!

  34. amy

    Is that a gray nail polish i spot or is it something else?

  35. Sarah

    I am obsessed with all three polishes!

  36. Alexis

    Nice -this feeds my current addiction to bright pink gloss. I will start saving up now!

  37. Miss_Rona


  38. Julie

    Is it really hard to track down Chanel LE Collections? Like do they sell out quick/should you be on a waiting list. I’ve never really paid attention to Chanel makeup but these, especially Bondi Beach, are goregous.

  39. i need all of this!! AHHHH

  40. Denise

    Now this is a collection im excited about!

  41. Michelle

    I just purchased all three nail laquers and one lipstick and Glossimer. Lovely, all of them. I’m most likely going to purchase the Terre dโ€™ore today as well. Chanel and Dior are my favorite cosmetic brands and this year’s offerings have been so wonderful!