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I don’t know if this is a bestseller, but I hated it. It is the Urban Decay liquid liners. I hated the product and the applicator. The packaging looked cute, but it was a pain to work with.

i so agree with you Quennie! The colors are amazing but the quality is terrible. they dry all stiff and flakey

Oops. I got it backwards. In that case, I love the Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara, while other people hate it.

i love this mascara too!weird that people hate it, because i heard a lot of great reviews about it when it came out.

Hmm.. I don’t actually have an answer to this question, but for the opposite (what beauty product to I hate that others seem to love) I would have to say Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara. Nothing about it is fantastic and the smell is overwhelming.

I love MAC foundation because of the finish and large selection of colour to match my winter and summer skin tone. Their foundations never breaks me out and makes my skin looks gorgeous on camera.

I love Etude House’s Speedy Total Makeup because of it’s 4-in-1 Multi-Function, Makeup Base + Foundation + Powder + Sunscreen in One

I love it too. I think a lot of people do though? It just depends on what you like in a mascara. If you want extremely natural, soft lashes then it’s probably not for you, but if you like a lot of volume and length(and a lot of people do), then it’s great.

Hm… This is an AWESOME questions. I always ask myself the opposite question of “Why do I always hate the stuff that everybody loves?”

First off, I don’t think I like anything that everyone hates. However, I often use the not so popular products. For example, my favorite blush right now is a Josie Maran blush. My favorite lipstick is from Shu uemura. My favorite e/s is my shiseido maquillage palette.

I do want to mention a lot of stuff that I don’t like but everybody seems to love though.

1. Nars orgasm
2. Essie nail polishes
3. mac lipsticks (in general)
4. Korres lip butter (not moisturizing at all)
5. Mac Plushlash (sorry Christine)

Love my N.Y.C. lash curler! Better than all my Revlon curlers and even my shu uemura!! Plus it’s like 1/8 the price of the shu!

OMG! I love the N.Y.C. lash curler. I’ve been using it since high school. I always keep a back-up too. =)

A lot of people say Benefit’s Hoola looks too ”dirty” on the face, but I absolutely love it as a contour. I use nothing else.

I love that one too so much! i also really don’t mind MAC’s mascaras
I also love St. Ives Apricot facial scrub

bare minerals foundation! the original one…the first time i tried it i hated it but then a year later i gave it another chance n now its the only foundation i use. i love how natural it looks on my skin

I thought I was the only one who hated those! I bought the lash stash and was so disappointed. I have better luck with drug store liner.

I love lustres. Most people don’t seem to love them. I also love my Lavender Whip and Blooming Lovely. A friend of mine hates them.

A Yellow concealer by Revlon called EVEN OUT that was brought out a couple of years ago. Nobody bought it, and when I saw that they did not make it anymore, I bought about 6 of them and keep them in a bag in my fridge. 🙂 A Make-up artist once used it on me, and I was hooked. I’m really sorry that other people did not try it and saw how well it works.

I hate the zoomlash by mac, I got it as a free gift in a fashion show and it’s so clumpsy… It has so much exces that I apply the excess as eyeliner with a brush…

Well, I don’t think hate is the right word… but Jordana blushes and matte lipsticks (which are, like, $4NZD or $1 something US) are AMAZING.
Pigmentation at just the right level (for me), a decent colour range and cheap!
Blushing Rose, Coral Sandy Beach, Rose Silk & Sandalwood are my favourite blushes, while I absolutely cannot go past the matte lipsticks in Lavender Lady (a cool toned lilac pink) and Rafael…? Well, it has my heart.
After Guerlain Gems, this is the most beautiful (and a tad more intense) pinky gold sheened coral that ever existed.

For a fraction of the price. For me, $3 compared to $85 – well, it’s a contest all right…

And Revlon Luxurious Eyeliner in Sueded Brown – HG, right there.

i like the MAC mineralize eyeshadow duos. a lot of people complain about fall out but i like the products eg. sea and sky, bright side gallery gal.

and i also like MAC Plushlash 🙂 i know some don’t like MAC mascara but this one is alright

urban decay eyeshadow in midnight cowboy rides again. everybody hates it, but i love the glitter, and just do my eye makeup before foundation to fix the fallout.

I love MAC feline eyeliner and MAC foundations! Everyone says that feline is too hyped up and its not that great but i love how black it is!

I’m with you guys on the MAC mascaras, particularily dazzlelash; I really like the tiny little brush and I think the formula is great. I have no idea why everyone hates them so much! Maybe I’m just really easily pleased when it comes to mascara.

As for what I hate that everyone else seems to love, I have two: lipstick, and eyelash curlers. I can’t stand the way lipstick looks and feels on me, and I honestly don’t see the point in curling my eyelashes, nor do I have any interest in using a metal pinching apparatus anywhere near my eyes.

You must have nice eyelashes then! Mine are so short and stick straight out that if I don’t curl them, my eye might as well be naked!

Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara. This doesn’t build dramatic lashes in the least, but when I want a truly “no makeup” makeup look I reach for this. It slightly enhances my already long lashes and makes them shine.

The silver tube is also very chic and sleek, It look great on a vanity 🙂

I love absolutely anything from the MAC mineralize collection…and plus lash mascara…it’s my go to mascara.

Mineralize eyeshadows. Not just Mac, I really like Laura Geller’s ones as well. But everyone seems to hate them for some reason, lol. I’m wearing a couple of them from the holiday collection (Mac) and honestly not had one fleck of fallout!

I love the Neutrogena Skin ID skincare system, which after reading the review on this blog, I didn’t realize so many people hated it. It works fantastic on me!

I love all MAC mascaras lol. Some are better than others, some give me a different look but I’ve never disliked any MAC mascara. I HATE HATE HATE the green and pink maybelline mascara. That thing is pure uselessness.

yea, about the maybelline great lash i agree, and i have a rant….lol:
i dont even know why its always been #1 drugstore seller. (and i do like most maybelline products, too), but its too wet (watery & takes forever to dry), the brush sucks, doesnt volumize, doesnt last, makes my eyelashes stick together (which im thinking is because its really wet combined with the crap brush)

I love my Prescriptives Virtual Skin foundation but I guess not enough people did since Prescriptives is going out of business. I don’t know what I’ll do when I run out.

I love love mineralized blushes from MAC. I love the fact that you can apply them and make them look pretty sheer or you can build up the intensity. They are definitely my favorite blushes.

NARS Kuala Lumpur duo – I know how you feel about it Christine. HAHAHAHA

I know you are not a hater but I know this is not your favorite!

i LOVE the kuala lumpur duo! i use it all the time
i like that the peach color is kind of sheer, i usually don’t want it to be too vibrant anyways
and then i love the plum color!

I love Maybelline’s Define-a-lash and its brush? 😀 (I know a lot of people don’t like it and can’t work with it, but I really like it and while it doesn’t do extremely dramatic things for my lashes, it’s good for everyday use)

Awesome question.

I too love Mineralize Blushes and MAC Zoomlash. Whenever I put it on, people think I am wearing false lashes!

I am gonna say MAC’s mascaras. To each his own, but I don’t understand why folks don’t like it, LOL.

I LOVE the Studio Fix Lash.

I’m with ya – I’ve been wanting to try that Studio Fix lash. Is it better than Zoomlash? I’m currently using my old stand-by Plushlash.

Good question! I love Clinique Self-Sun Moisturizing Body Lotion, but people seem to feel either lukewarm about it or they hate it, which breaks my heart. I worry that if nobody likes it or they say bad things about it, Clinique won’t sell very much of it and they’ll discontinue it. No!!!!

Dark, vampy lipsticks. I have about 12 and, yes, I can tell the difference between ALL of them. Black Knight, Dark Side, Faultlessly FW, Cyber, Tribalist, Charred Red, Sin, Underworld…

Also, MAC’s Mystic is probably my favourite lipstick ever, but no one seems to buy it. And the fact that they seem to have discontinued Palatial Lustreglass makes me think that I was the only one to like that too…

I’m not sure if this counts as a beauty product (LOL!!), but I love Accutane! I have some severe body acne and this cleared it up in a matter of weeks! I kinda see why some people don’t like it, it causes EXTREME dryness, and some side affects which didn’t comne out on me. So thank you accutane!

MAC cremesheen glass. Most people don’t like it because it is not very pigmented, but I love the smooth feeling of it.

Actually, I’ve heard of people who don’t like beauty powders by MAC and I love mine, it’s flower mist dew from the emmanuel ungaro collection, it shows up beautifully on my nw15 skin, perfect, natural, pretty kiss of pink.

Lancome’s Renergie Microlift moisturizer. It doesn’t soak into the skin at all, and when I rub my face even very lightly after using it, it “rolls” off onto my fingers… gross. I have the same problem with Almay’s Smart Shade blush in the tube. Both products are a total waste of money because in the blush’s case, the rolling problem makes it so I can’t blend the blush. The moisturizer was part of a GWP, thank goodness, so at least I didn’t shell out money on it. But I have a real problem finding a moisturizer/night cream that works, yet is not too heavy. (recommendations would be very welcome!)

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin (others seem to love the nude one, I love both) and Select Cover-Up MAC concealer.

metoo!!!!! looooove. i set my make-up, i foil my pigments & use it for wet shadow too. some people are just like “well why dont you use wateeeerrrrr??????eeerrrrrrr?????” ..and im just like “ITS NOT THE SAMEEE!!!”

Alot of people say great stuff about Maybeline mascaras ..
I HATE THEM .. when ever i give any one of them a try ..
they cause some serious shedding to my eyelashes 🙁 ..
L’Oreal has some great mascaras .. not to mention Dior show is a stable in my makeup bag ..

While I don’t think this is a product that people don’t like so much as never heard of, I absolutely LOVE the Geisha Ink liquid eyeliner. I’m addicted to liquid eyeliner (It’s the only kind I use – no pencils for this girl!) and I’ve tried every one under the sun and this is by far my absolute favorite. No other even compares. As far as I know, it’s only stocked in (too few) Canadian stores, and no major ones, unfortunately. the only place I’ve found it is at Smashing Cosmetica in Banff, AB. I know you can order from their website (http://www.smashingcosmetica.com) and shipping within Canada is free on orders over $100 and reasonably priced on orders under $100. International shipping has a pretty hefty fee, though.

this is kind of the opposite

but i hateeee layering lip gloss and lipstick
it has just never worked for me!
the formulas always mix on my lips and become all gross and move around
i like the look of the colors together but i cant stand having a slimy mix on my lips
does anyone else agree with me??

I have this problem a lot when I mix different brands! I usually only use lipgloss and lipstick when I use a mac lipstick because a lot of their formulas are dying on my lips but in general, I hate the layering! I just go with one or the other!

I love MAC’s zoomlash mascara! The Plushlash has a wicked awesome brush too but not much love from the general public. lol

I have a love/hate relationship with MAC Zoomlash mascara…I love it until about 4 hours after I have had it on and it starts to flake off into my eyes! But, I always wear it again and then complain about it. I love what it does to my lashes…but hate the clumping.

I also love Revlon Photoready foundation…a lot of people dont like that. 😀

I finally have an answer! Urban Decay Pocket Rockets. I love my Pocket Rocket in David. I love the concept of the Pocket Rocket. I don’t think UD is trying to say that all people into makeup like men, but straight women, and gay men are a good target consumer for makeup. I find the packaging amusing and I have no problem pulling it out and applying lipgloss. It’s not like it’s obvious from far away what it is, you have to be pretty close to see the effect. I have it in David and it’s such a beautiful color. I like it with all sorts of looks. I just think people are too hard on UD sometimes, especially with Pocket Rockets. They’re just having fun. I mean look at the names of their eyeshadows and polishes for crying out loud. Baked, Twice Baked, Half Baked, White Widow, Homegrown, Bourbon, Binge, Crash, Deviant, Graffiti, Underground, Rockstar, Big Fatty Mascara, Rehab. I mean come on, it’s a theme. We like to have LOTS of fun and party.

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