Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Chanel Las Vegas de Chanel Collection

A city arises from the middle of nowhere in a feverish vision, like a mirage. Under the azure blue of a cloudless sky, Las Vegas keeps the desert dust at bay in the hypnotic ballet of neon lights. Along the Strip, the luxury hotels and casinos set the scene for a modern fairytale in which all dreams are possible. Amongst them stands the Bellagio Hotel. Its sumptuous gallery will welcome an entirely remodeled CHANEL boutique in earlier this year. An elegant stopover in a modern-day treasure hunt.

Peter Philips, Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, creates a gold-plated collection and strews stardust over polyester dreams. The iconic gold of CHANEL elegance slips into every texture. A silky powder on the skin, sunny lacquer on the nails or a sheer whisper on the lips, it highlights a radiant face that’s on a lucky streak.

The Exclusive Creation of the collection concentrates the entire spirit of Las Vegas in its traditional square case. Lined up in rows, four shades of sand and bronze sweep through every variation of a fabulous desert in which gold embraces the sun and shines. On the surface of the colours, an embossed star design seems to extend a warm welcome to the city of dreams. For an illuminating makeover, a beveled brush is ideal for choosing and blending shades, sweeping lightly over the cheekbones, face or eyelids.


  • Lucky Stripes Irridescent Powder for Eyes & Cheeks ($95.00) Shades of sand and bronze
  • Brilliant Rouge Coco Shine ($32.50) Sheer gold
  • Vegas Gold Precision Lip Definer ($29.00) Gold
  • Gold Fingers Le Vernis ($28.00) Semi-sheer gold

availability: The Exclusive Creation Las Vegas de Chanel products are available now at the CHANEL Bellagio Hotel and Wynn Hotel boutiques, Please call 1.800.550.0005 for availability.

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36 thoughts on “Chanel Las Vegas de Chanel Collection

  1. $95us is way way way to steep IMO

    • Aggree… But I can’t help but droll over the design/colour. I hate to think what the price tag will be in Canada.

    • Tori

      I know! When I saw it I was like, Oh that would look really pretty on my cheeks. Then I saw the price and I was like, what are they thinking?!

  2. Cupcake

    I love gold in make-up, also I love the idea and concept around this collection – I hope it launches worldwide. I guess I would love to try the eye pencil and the nail polish, not so much the powder compact.

  3. Jennifer

    If the Brilliant Rouge Coco Shine is a nice sheer wash of gold shimmer/sparkle/pearl, I’m getting it.

  4. Oh my lord, I just died a little bit! The rouge and the lipstick are gorgues, gaah! Gotta check it out right away if these will come to Sweden, wow wow wow!

  5. Dinitchka

    I’m a gold girl and I am LOVING and LUSTING over this collection!

  6. Michelle

    Wow! That powder is the most expensive product I’ve ever heard of. However, it looks pretty and I’ll definitely check it out when I go to Vegas in a few weeks.

  7. Lucy

    Hi Christine, are these hotels in the US? Just wondered if there was any way to get hold of these in the UK? Gold Fingers is beautiful!


  8. Mindy

    I’m lusting after that powder…but is it worth the price?

  9. AnGeLwInGz

    I’d love to be able to own something from this collection, mainly the powder (that ain’t happening!)

  10. Makaegan

    Oooh I desperately wanted that iridescent powder until I saw the $95 pricetag :( But it’s gorgeous. And I’m definitely going to try and pick up the Brilliant Rouge Coco Shine. I adore Rouge Coco Shines and that color is amazing and it looks so unique.

  11. I have never bought a Chanel product before, but I really think that if I had the chance to get these I would. They look so unique and gorgeous. Do you know if it’s a limited edition type thing?

  12. Camila Marques Müller

    Wow, I’m curious about this gold lipstick

  13. Mindy

    I’d get the lucky strips if it wasn’t so darn exspensive!

  14. KewZee

    The products are also available on :)

    Man, Gold fingers look like Illusions d’Or without the larger specs. :/

    The compact looks awesome for the summer. Wonder if it’s worth it though. Will you be doing a review on it, Christine?

  15. Tiffany

    I always love the special edition powders Chanel releases, but I think I might have to pass on this. I’ve been using the pearl glow powder and I’ve barely made a dent in it lol

  16. Melanie

    That powder is gorgeous, but not $95 gorgeous.

  17. Wow, that powder is gorgeous. Even know I know I won’t be able to purchase it, I can’t wait to see real photos and swatches of it!

  18. Oops. I meant ***even though, not even know. Sorry.

  19. Beautiful! But, I’m way too poor those price tags!!

  20. liz

    omg. love chanel and that peachy golden bronze…and vegas is my hometown, tempted to buy even with the steep price tag. hopefully theyll have it when i go home for spring break in a few weeks.

  21. Miss J

    The iridescent powder is GORGEOUS. However, I will never spend $95 dollars on a highlighter. Would love to see what it looks like applied, though!

  22. annie

    Its already available in Chanel Boutique here in the Netherlands since last week.
    I have seen the swatches and would love to see the look Christine created :) she always made it work best :)

  23. I love that powder but $95 is definitely limiting those they can purchase this.

  24. Michaela

    I’m from Las Vegas and live in Las Vegas…This collection is beautiful, but in all reality, it would not look like this lol.

  25. Gina

    Yikes! That powder is gorgeous, but $95 is steep even for Chanel.

  26. How do you think this will compare to Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Bricks?

  27. YellowLantern

    This collection was definitely not made with cool toned skin in mind. Oh well, money saved. The gold lipstick looks interesting. I wonder how it looks on lips if it’s really opaque.

  28. jasmine

    whoahhh, i was all ready to buy that powder until i saw the price. nevermind, i can live without it.

  29. Melissa

    Gold? That’s the collection? I’ll wait for the next one, thank you.

  30. I hope they will be selling these in other places besides the Bellagio and Wynn soon!!

  31. Caroline

    Love the powder, not the price. Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

  32. Thom

    Looks very nice but seems to only be available online or at these two hotels in Las Vegas… makes sense.. it might be a good thing that it’s only available in Vegas!

  33. Nancy

    Chanel’s LE face powders/ blushes/ highlighters just keep going up by price one after another by $20-$30 each..

  34. Amna

    This collection is already available in Mexico at the boutiques and I must say the price was cheaper than $95USD I paid $73 USD that’s what I like about Chanel they don’t charge like crazy over here, I wish I could say the same about Burberry… This collection is for Chanel’s hardcore fans def.