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I may have, I never really know because I don’t know the majority of the people subscribed to my channel. Or at least I hope I have because I get a lot of enjoyment from playing with products.

I’m one of those readers! I’ve always been mostly a tomboy, not caring about looks or makeup my whole life (mom doesn’t wear any or know how to use it either). Then I was turning 21 and I had to look for jobs and I wanted to look good and give an impression I cared to look nice for an interview, and then I found your site while looking up products and info… now your beautiful swatches have caused me to have a whole load of makeup products within only a year of starting makeup.

Temporarily, haha. I started using MAC sometime in 2004, it was my first higher end brand aside from the occasional product from Lancome. A friend of mine would make kind of snarky comments about the price of the products for the small amount, and I got tired of it. Someone who doesn’t know anything about makeup probably shouldn’t talk about it like they do. I think at the time pigments were around $18.50, and she thought that was just SOOO much for SOOO little product. (Anyone who knows and uses MAC Pigments knows that it’s totally worth its cost. I will never finish a jar in my life.) She would always say how pretty that the stuff was, but that I was getting ripped off because that’s too expensive for that little of a product. How much did she think needed to be applied?! Like I said, I just got tired of the little comments in that condescending tone. I guess I “schooled” her in makeup and changed her attitude about it. She previously was never into makeup at all or anything girly, but she got interested.

BUT, like I said, it was only temporarily. She bought all this stuff that she now never uses…because it’s colored.

I don’t really try to talk about makeup with anyone in my “real life”. I mention something about makeup, talk about it for a minute, and people act like I’ve been droning on for hours or they just make really negative comments.

Unfortunately no! ๐Ÿ™ Most of my friends either don’t know that I like makeup, or they think I spend too much time and money with it haha.

Not to mention that most of my guy friends are typical rub-some-dirt-in-your-wound types. And the girls surprisingly don’t wear much makeup. Looking for makeup buddies haha!

Yes, my younger cousin and her friend. Both of the hever really had the courage to use more than mascara and a lipgloss, but after I did their makeup for their prom and explained what I did and why they both begann taking me shopping for makeup, and now 6 years later still do. I love that I was able to help take their fear of color away.

I have done so. I have a friend named Sade whom I often tell and show beauty products to. One day she said “I am gonna start wearing makeup” and I was like “Yay! I converted you, now I got another person, I can go shopping with and talk to about makeup!”.I only know three people who like makeup including her. Most ppl I know do not like the idea of wearing makeup (many of whom are in my family). They do not completely detest it but they sometimes refer to it as being a waste and say I own too much but I don’t even have a traincase or anything. I can count the number of items I have on my fingers and toes (literally)… LOL.

my best friend tara! she always says to our other friends, that whenever she goes shopping with other people, she doesnt even look at makeup, but when shes out with me we always discuss makeup and have to pay a visit to mac and debenhams!

i did!!!! i started sharing my love for MAC products with a friend (and colleague) a couple of years ago… and now i created a monster! haha! i’m so glad i have someone to share my love for make up with!

I’m working on it! I got a friend who loves beauty products, but she doesn’t know how to apply eyeshadow. She got Naked2 and now I’m helping her creating looks. She will soon be addicted to Naked2. How could someone not fall in love with that palette?

Christine, I can see how you have enabled a love and a lust for beauty and beauty products. Your blog is one of the best, if not the best blog out there. You take clear pictures, blog concise information, give honest and helpful reviews and take beautiful pics when you model your always fab looks.

I kind of turned my best friend (a guy) into a beauty enthusiast by introducing him to Sephora. That was more for me though. I love me some Sephora giftcards *LOL* I turned a very good girlfriend into a MยทAยทC-aholic. I got my mum back to wearing lip stuff (her skin is way to pretty to cover with make-up) and lastly I got a woman who I see at the bar all the time into watching Youtube, which in-turn turned her into a beauty junkie. Some of my girlfriends will ask me about products or ask about the seasons looks but to be honest they are not junkies or even close.

When i got into makeup I was so excited with every new accomplishment for me, like doing the perfect liner etc. The excitement fueled the same in my coworkers and then we had everybody in the office talking about makeup, which in turn improved everybody’s looks since we were learning from each other! I feel proud knowing i did that since i know at one time my makeup was really bad!

Christine, you have turned me into a beauty addict! I can not tell you enough how much time you have saved me by your reviews and collection posts. Thank you for all you do, we appreciate it!

Hmm not really. My bestie is now a bit more interested in all the toys I have, but we haven’t figured out how to work with her eyes yet. Granted she’s about 100 times more gorgeous than I am with no makeup on, it is very hard for her to wear any kind of eye makeup without looking overdone!

Oh, my mom like WHOA. She went from wearing nothing but black Great Lash to wearing high-end foundation and lipstick frequently! She didn’t even know that you had to wash the makeup off your face at night, how cute ^.^

My little sister already had some interest in make up, but I keep fueling it because I continue to give her makeup I don’t use.

I have! I turned my best friend from a tomboy to a beauty product addict. It is so much fun to have a partner in crime now!

the only people i end up talking to about makeup are MAC/sephora SA/artists and people who are already really into makeup! the rest just roll their eyes at me aha

My niece! When I moved back home and she saw all my makeup and my enthusiasm for, she got really excited. She’s all about going to MAC and Sephora:)

You’ve definitely inspired me to try products I would never have looked into before Christine. As for me personally, I’ve turned people onto a product here or there, but haven’t really made anyone crazy for makeup overall ๐Ÿ˜›

Haha… some of my friends have caught the bug!! =P
My mum also.. and the quality of products really show when she wears her make up, she’s gotten so much better and I think it’s through using products that flatter and work well/do their job easily!!
I have a youtube channel and sometimes help people out with suggestions, I’d like to say some of them have been through me!!
=) xoxo

I’m currently trying to turn a few friends. one of them, I’m slowly educating her on brushes, and the other comes to me for advice on colors and brands. I’m hoping to bring them both over to the dark side muahahahaha

I’ve never fully converted anyone but i have opened alot of peoples eyes to little things, i’ve one friend who never thought she could pull off red lipstick until i started to explain to her about shades and tones, that helped her gain a little confidence to experiment with reds and now she couldn’t be without MAC’s ladybug. Also i’ve introduced a good few friends to the wonders of eyeshadow primer and its really revived there love for eyemakeup.

YES! My best friend – she loves makeup now, especially shimmery eyeshadows (the Dior Iridescent quints are a favourite of hers) and lip glosses.

I gave her a gold & crystal bracelet and a Guerlain Rouge G lipstick for her 30th birthday and she was more excited about the lipstick I think ๐Ÿ™‚
I also got her onto Benefit Sugarbomb, she has very pink cheeks naturally so has always steered clear of blush but I have converted her (sly wink).

She’s asked me to do her wedding makeup too!

I did help my other and friends feel more secure about makeup and beauty products.
My mom has always been very strict on me applying makeup but she’s opened up 3 years ago when she saw I was very passionate about beauty. Since I was constantly looking for videos to inmprove my techniques and shops which offered a wide range of products, she got interested in skincare, knowing more about her skin and hair. Whenever she needs a product, she now consults me to know my advice! Also, thanks to that, she’s not as harsh on makeup as she used to be before that.

With my friends, it’s very hard because I do’nt want to push them, but makeup is an incredible tool to boost them up and try something different. At first, they were all like “You can rock that but I can’t, it’s not for me” so I had to show them what they could wear, and yes, they could rock with makeup too. I did makeovers on some of my friends and they were left with butterflies in their stomach. All I did was follow their requests “Make me look naturally beautiful” so I used nude shades but enhanced their features! I also recommended products and made them sample mine (washed with alcohol of course!) and they ask me now on products!

Definitely! I’ve always loved makeup to some extent, but since starting a job at Sephora, I have really picked up sharing my love with makeup. I had a makeup party/tutorial session with friends, and we’re planning a trip to Sephora soon! Also, I really enjoy reading your blog for new products. Your articles are so comprehensive and I trust your opinion. Thanks so much for all the work and testing that you do so that I don’t have to!!!!

My little sister used to be all Maybelline and product she was strong armed inot buying by Mary Kay sales associates. She thought eyeliner was too much time to waste in the am. Now she’s a MUFE fan and Chanel junkie.
My roommate was always a hair girl, but makeup confused her. She didn’t own a single brush that didn’t come with her product! But she kept noticing that my eye makeup looked nice, so I took her to Target and got her some Sonia Kasuk brushes, which helped, and then I bribed her into a MAC makeup application, and that helped even more. Now she’s in Sephora more than I am!

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