Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Chanel Genial Rouge Allure Lipstick
Chanel Genial Rouge Allure Lipstick

Les Pop-Up de Chanel:  Genial Rouge Allure

Chanel Genial Rouge Allure Lipstick ($29.00) is a brightened pinky-coral with a slightly glossy sheen. It’s a creamy, nearly opaque lipstick that offers lips in full-color coverage without a hint of shimmer. It’s creamy without being slippery and despite the bold color, lip lines aren’t emphasized. It’s a fun pop of color with the lovely texture of a Rouge Allure lipstick. It’s new and limited edition as part of Chanel’s summer collection, which debuted online this week.

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  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: If you love bright colors and the Rouge Allure formula, you should check out Genial to see if it’s the right coral for you.

Availability: Chanel

See more photos & swatches!

Chanel Genial Rouge Allure Lipstick

Chanel Genial Rouge Allure Lipstick

Chanel Genial Rouge Allure Lipstick

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99 thoughts on “Chanel Genial Rouge Allure Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. RAE

    Genial truly brightens up your complexion! I purchased both Super and Genial, expecting to be blown away by the latter but surprise, surprise…Super looks much better on my lips than I could ever have anticipated! And I rarely fall in love with a perky pink =) I wish Genial could look as flattering on me as it does on you. It’s too neon red-pink, not at all coral, on my pucker. Curse my awkwardly pigmented lips!

    P.S. I purchased the complete Chanel Noir Et Noir Collection from the NY boutique and they charged me $25, as much as one of the polishes[!], for shipping. It almost made my cry but all 4 products blew me away; they’re gorgeous. I wouldn’t have known about the collection if it weren’t for you, Christine, so thank you!

  2. Ino

    Lovely as always.

  3. Lexi

    OMG I want it !!!!!!!

  4. Diana B

    So pretty

  5. Ana

    I love the color and way Chanel lipsticks look and feel on the lips. However, corals are not a color I can pull off. It does look great on you.

  6. mia

    How close is it to Ever Hip from the MAC Give Me Liberty of London collection?

  7. kristina

    I have been waiting on this swatch!! I pre-ordered it without seeing it, and I am soooooo happy that I did.

    This is gorgeous, it looks like a slightly subdued Chris & Tell.

    Love it.

  8. Annika

    OMG!!! Tis is totally my color, but I haven’t seen this Chanel Collection lately.

  9. ellen

    this is a gorgeous color, it is already sold out online! any ideas for dupes?

  10. Kate M.

    looks similar to lancome’s chris and tell??  love corals!!

  11. gia

    This shade looks very pretty on you a nice summery color:)

  12. Marta

    This color is lovely! and you look beautiful with it!! it really enhaces your skin color and makes it glow!! I must check it out!

    By the way, I’ve tried to buy the nouvelle vague nail color online and it says is out of stock, do you know where else I can find it??

    • Thanks a lot, Marta!

      In-store – should be carried at Chanel counters everywhere. You could try other online retailers (Nordstrom, Saks, etc.) — not sure if they’re online yet for those, but they should be.

  13. Chiara

    It’s exaclty the kind of colour I love, but that unfortunately doesn’t work so well with my complexion

  14. Amber

    OOooh – this is sooo pretty! I knew that I wanted Super, but this shade looks ultra-wearable for the summer too! I’ll have to check it out in person, since i’m really fair/red hair. It looks just warm enough to work for me – i LOVE Coral!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hend

    Oh what a beautiful coral ..
    it looks soo good on u hun ..

  16. Wow, this is very pretty! :)

  17. Katherine

    Love,love,love this color. Just bought it last weekend. It has summer written all over it. Both of Chanel’s Rouge Allure lipsticks for summer are just gorgeous.

  18. Ashley

    That looks beautiful on your lips, I am so getting this!

  19. Nancy

    I got two of them Love it. PS it looks beautiful on you Christine

  20. Rosie

    This color is freakin’ beautiful! It looks so lovely on you :).

  21. Off topic again…the site appears perfectly normal on screen…thanks for fixing it..:)

    On Topic: The Lipstick is pretty…:)

  22. Kelly

    does anybody know of any good MAC dupes for this? I have so many empties and I’m trying to use my BTM before I buy any more lipsticks and this is GORGEOUS!

  23. Kaylynrenee

    Okay… This one might be my favorite on you! So I went to my friendly Chanel counter in Nordstrom yesterday to try this in Super (I have your review of it bookmarked on my phone so that I can refer to it often, I lust after it THAT much!) but my 2-year old decided to start actin’ a fool so I turned around and walked out. I think deep down I am allowing myself to be sabatoged because I’m afraid to fall in love with Chanel!

    • LOL!

      Yes, one you go Chanel, well… it’s impossible to resist anything thereafter! ‘Cause let me tell you, for a few years, I was a total Chanel nay-sayer. I was like, “GLOSSIMER, WHAT, PFFT!” Then I saw it reflecting and shimmering and dazzling at me outside and I was like “OOOOOOOH!” And then it was like the fastest downhill sled race!

      • Kaylynrenee

        Ha! That happened to me the other day but on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. I came across Revlon’s Illuminance Cream Shadows and, even though I know they haven’t worked for me in the past, I HAD to have Va Va Va Bloom. I was absolutely mesmerized by it. So I knew I was really only buying it so that I could open in and swatch it with little hope that I would be able to use it as intended! Dumb. Lol.

      • Kaylynrenee

        Well, I did it. I got away from the kids and got me some Super! Then I came home and frantically swatched and mixed my other lipsticks trying to make sure I didn’t have a dupe. Finally I realized that the Chanel felt like heaven on my lips that the little pop-up tube was way too cool! And now I’m demanding a new car because I can’t possibly drive a sedan with Chanel on my lips… Thanks Christine!! My husband looooooves you! ;0)

        • Kaylynrenee

          Okay, bad news… I think I’m going to return it!! *big tear*

          I’ve been applying it all afternoon/evening (the fact that I even need to reapply that often is disappointing) and it just breaks down super quickly on me and it becomes so unflattering. I don’t really know how to describe the look… Just a faded bright pink stain. I have a lot of color in my lips naturally and even with a fresh application, it’s a little bright and light, maybe too creamy? I dunno… I’m WAY disappointed :’0(

          Can you tell me if all Chanel lipsticks are this consistency/finish or is it just this collection? At the very least I would like to try something a little darker and see if that helps… Fingers crossed!

          • Oh no! :(

            I would say Genial feels much like the rest of the Rouge Allure line-up, to be honest. I haven’t had any fading issues (they do fade after three to four hours, but not unevenly or what you described!–which sounds awful!) myself, but I think Genial’s formula feels consistent to the Rouge Allure line-up itself.

            I wonder if Rouge Coco might be better — they’re a little drier. Of course, the problem is they’re not as opaque as Rouge Allures!

        • I am sad to hear your update on this :(


  24. Abril

    Super pretty!!!

  25. Gail

    Are there any dups from MAC – I have so many corals from MAC/Crosswires/Made w/Love/Vegas Volt/Flash & Dash to name a few. What do you think? I want to get Paris from Chanel before this one. Its gorgeous on you.

  26. jaspreet

    sexy coral

  27. DawnaldC

    I’ve been waiting for this review to see if you would love it as much as me!! I went to Nordstrom on Thursday to pick up Super, and bought this too without even paying attention to it. But once I got home and tried them both on, Genial is the clear winner. LOVE IT.

    For those who love this, YSL has some great colors that are similar to this. #27 Rose Paris (Rouge Volupte), #52 Rosy Coral (Rouge Pur) and #152 Pink Grenadine (Rouge Pur). [Can you tell I spent way too much time swatching at Sephora yesterday??]

  28. Rachel

    I’m so excited to go pick this up today. One of the Chanel SAs put it on hold for me earlier in the week, and hopefully it’s still there!

  29. Rachelle

    um, WOW, i freaking love this. do you think it would suit cooler tones? i’m NC15..

  30. shontay

    Gorgeous. I just can’t deal with the scent of these lipsticks. Come on, Chanel.

  31. j e n

    Love the color! I need this lipstick in my life!!! 😛

  32. Sarah H

    Dam this is so hot – it’s stunning on you, I must have it!!

  33. Shelley

    Wow, that looks fantastic on you. I tried it in the store and it was really loud and awful on me. can’t believe the difference!!

  34. Christina

    OMG I have to have it! sooooo pretty… *drool*

  35. hey christine I love your lipstick swatches especially how close up you take pics I actually stepped up and bought a mac lipstick becaseu I saw how beautiful it was in you so thank you for that but I have a problem I want to find a really good lip conditioner could you tell me which one you use because I can see how healthy your lips look never cracked so what ever you use must be good thanx xxxxxxxxx

  36. Jula

    Omg I really really want this!

  37. starr

    love it! though it is a bit expensive.. are the rest of the colours in the collection the same consistency/texture?

  38. Tiffany

    hey christine i was wondering, is this simalar to MACs EverHip? thanks for the swatch! :)

  39. Linda

    Ahhhh! Love!

  40. Samantha

    This colour totally makes you look so fresh and summery!! Christine, what did you use on your face in your swatch picture? You look stunning!! I wish I could pull off more pinky-coral looks!

    • Estee Lauder’s champagne-y shade from Bronze Goddess and MAC Prepped for Glamour in the crease. I think it’s Plushlash mascara and NARS Black Moon eyeliner, and then Guerlain Blonde Halee Bronzer lightly on cheeks.

  41. This is so pretty. Do you know any dupes for this?

  42. Diana

    I’ve been wanting Genial ever since I saw it on the catwalks. Gorgeous!

  43. Jenn

    NOO!! OOS on Chanel’s website. :( Hopefully my local nordies will have it.

  44. Paulina

    love this color!

  45. OMG! I love it! I need it for spring into summer!

  46. Emily

    Holy crap this is the most amazing lipstick I’ve ever owned. I just got the last one in stores and it’s identical to your swatch, so thanks for being so accurate. It looks so good on me but I’m scared to use it because I never want it to run out. Any dupes?

    • MAC Vegas Volt is like a more orange-version. Crosswires a toned down, pinker version. I feel like I haven’t quite come across something like this yet, but I’m keeping an eye out…

  47. Katie

    Why, why must you show us these beautiful lipsticks and then they’re Chanel??? I can’t afford this! (jk) This is a lovely color though, and it looks very nice on you.

  48. Dianna

    Looks fantastic on you!!

  49. Nicole

    This is the PERFECT color! I just might have to take advantage of free shipping from tonight! Yay! 😀

  50. ilmy

    oh Christine you look lovely with this color.
    I’ll check on it.
    I know Christine you have boyfriend but my brother just love you, he thinks your are such a cutie. Anyways he ask me if you have a sister?
    Haha , silly brother

    Anyways we both love u so much, and thanks for the swatches

  51. great color! i love it on you :) what mac l/s do u suggest that’s closer to this shade?

  52. Kit

    Love this! Thanks so much for swatching it. Looks fantastic on you

    I think Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Colour in Coral Pink is v v similar – am wearing now…but I love the rouge allures (its the click packaging) so I may get this or the pink.

    Will you be swatching Darling too?

  53. Ruth

    OMG I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Just swooped this up today — one of the LAST ones — at my Nordstrom counter. Never thought I’d be totally enamored with such a bold shade of coral as this!

  55. Michelle

    Gorgeous! Do you have the swatch of the Darling lippie? Chanel’s online swatches never look the way they do in person — love your swatches!

  56. daphne

    I’d been hoping to pick this up last weekend at Saks’ F&F sale but they were all out of it :( Then I checked Lord & Taylor in the same mall and they were sold out too. Then I visited the Macy’s at the mall near my house (whose cosmetics counters, except MAC, suck the big one, but I’m always there so) and they were cleaned out too! So yesterday I wandered by the Macy’s in downtown Boston, they had it…but I couldn’t quite bring myself to buy it because of how bright it was on my hand! DUH STUPID! I thought about it all day today – I don’t have a nice bright lipstick quite like this – and finally called them and had them hold one for me, not sold out yet, thankfully. My first Rouge Allure lipstick, yay!

  57. Alisha in WI

    anyone know a good dupe for this? I just can’t justify spending $29! But it’s so gorgeous!!!

  58. Enna

    Christine, could you tell me if this color is similar to impassioned from mac? I had a swatch of it on my hand that I wanted to compare to my impassioned at home, but buy the time I was home the swatch was gone. I will appreciate your fast response as I will have to fly tomorrow to the star to buy it since there is only one left.

    • Impassioned is a bright pink, and Genial is more of a coral. I would say they are different enough to own both. If you have redder lips, naturally, then I think they may come off more similar that way.

  59. Sexy Sadie

    Love this one.

  60. Hebe

    Love it! Did you use a lip liner? If so, which one?

  61. sue

    how is this compared to MAC impassioned?? or YSL rouge volupte 27 rose paris??