Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

A firm believer in luck, Gabrielle Chanel surrounded herself with her favorite charms and talismans, as much for good fortune as for inspiration. The symbols that warded off superstitious fears now serve as silent muses for an enchanting Fall makeup collection. Sumptuous khaki tones are set off by new ‘lucky charm’ duos: entrancing, shade-matched pairs for cheeks and lips.

Le Blush Creme de Chanel / Cream Blush ($38.00)

This innovative formula offers an enticing new way to blush. Simple to apply with fingertips or a brush, the powder-cream colour features sheer yet vibrant pigments for instant luminosity. The silky texture offers a longwear satin finish, both soft and comfortable for every skin type. Mix and match the eight versatile shades, use as primer to enhance the wear of another blush or powder, or pair seamlessly with a complementary lip  colour for a mesmerizing match.

  • Destiny Golden beige
  • Presage Apricot (Limited Edition)
  • Revelation Soft shimmering pink
  • Inspiration Soft blue pink
  • Affinite Intense blue pink
  • Fantastic Burgundy (Limited Edition)

Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour ($34.00)

  • Icone Golden beige
  • Mystique Apricot

Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine ($34.00)

  • Secret Soft shimmering pink (Limited Edition)
  • Instinct Soft blue pink (Limited Edition)

Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Colour Lipshine ($34.00)

  • Rendez-vous Intense blue-pink
  • Esprit Burgundy

Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow ($28.50)

  • Gri-gri Metallic taupe (Limited Edition)
  • Hasard Matte lavender

Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow ($59.00)

  • Mystere Golden khaki, golden ivory, silver taupe, matte khaki (Limited Edition, U.S. Exclusive)

Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner ($30.00)

  • Khaki Precieux Khaki with bronze tint

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara ($30.00)

  • Khaki Bronze Khaki with bronze tint (Limited Edition)

Le Vernis Nail Colour ($27.00)

  • Elixir Milky pink
  • Alchimie Golden khaki (Limited Edition)
  • Mysterious Deep khaki

Availability: Now @ Nordstrom, Chanel; July 2013 at department stores

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44 thoughts on “Chanel Fall 2013 Color Collection – Superstition

  1. Katie

    I’m really liking that Army green eyeliner. The blushes look nice too :)

  2. Jasmin

    Oh my, I need Gri-Gri ! Lovely Collection, except this muddy-green liner.

  3. Makeup your mind

    Hi Christine, would you be reviewing any items in this collection? (Particularly the single e/s ?)

    Thank you for all you do, I come to your blog every day. Big hugs!

  4. Those are definitely my colors 😀 Very excited about this collection.

  5. Liz

    Very pretty

  6. Mariella

    Big surprise – I’m loving the single shadows, especially Gri-Gri (but I imagine I have numerous identical siblings for it!). Mostly, I love the dress the first model is wearing!

  7. Veronica

    Love the look of that palette, especially on the model. Very classic Chanel!

  8. I only bought the Gri-Gri single shadow from this collection, but it’s amazing! I love it! I’ve already worn it four or five times, on its own, over different bases, with other shadows in the crease, with and without liners, it’s amazing! The shimmer is so delicate. I can’t say enough good things about it.
    The only other thing I want is one of the cream blushes, either Revelation or Inspiration.
    Looking forward to your reviews :).

    • Mariella

      SIGH….I was hoping someone who’d used Gri Gri would say it was only “so so” or not all that special. I have so many similar colour shadows but I KNOW I’ll end up buying this if they have it in stock when I’m there! I am SO weak!

  9. kate

    why do they tempt me with those nail colors

  10. Note to self: resist lipstick. Resist the lipstick. First Urban Decay, now this. RESIST.

    Other note; I can’t be the only person who hates how English requires we capitalize the first letter in seasons (i.e., “Fall”). It just looks so awkward.

  11. Dominique

    Very classy on the whole ! I don’t like the nail polishes but I am interested in the cream blushes, the RCS ( and maybe the quad if it had been available here )

  12. VickyM

    The collection I´m looking mostly forward to 😀 , everything is just marvelous, I definitely will pick up a cream blush and with some good luck a Rouge Coco shine, even though I actually want the entire collection 😛 .

  13. Kate

    My mum got me two of the cream blushes (Presage, Revelation) in NYC (they haven’t been released in the UK), but I haven’t been to collect them yet!

  14. Raloves

    Awaiting the swatches!

  15. Of all the fall collections, I’m so excited for this particular one! The colours in the quad and even the singles are really spot on for me. I had not previously caught photos of the khaki eyeliner and yeah I love it too!

  16. I’m very much looking forward to this collection and am wondering if the Chanel cream blushes can live up to the beautiful ones that Dior came out with this summer, but can I just say that these overly airbrushed photos of models are giving me the creeps? Seriously, this women looks like she’s made out of vinyl. In the second shot, her arm appears to bend halfway between the shoulder and the elbow…

    OK, rant over, Looks like a very classy collection. I don’t need another taupe shadow, but I know I’m going to end up with Gri-Gri, unless it’s horrible.

  17. Uh oh.. Gri-Gri looks like its right up my taupe loving alley

  18. helen

    If those nails are the dark khaki, Mysterious, shade…where do i sign (or key in my PIN)…

  19. Lillye

    Booooooring! I love a classic neutral look, but this campaign and colors are so dull!

  20. I purchased the Stylo Khaki eye liner from Nordstrom because I loved the color. But the liner faded after a few hours, hardly any staying power on me! I returned it. I own a Khaki eye liner called sparkling ammunition from Tarina Tarantino that is very similar in color but last a lot longer . Also brought a Chanel eye shadow blending brush that I love!!

  21. divinem1 (Melissa)

    After so many failed quads, I have given up and am no longer enthralled by Chanel. Guerlain has a much higher quality formula for its shadows, and I have enough nail polish to last until the end of days. Pretty model, albeit photochopped.

  22. stacey

    Guess Chanel is passing up selling Les Beige Powder in the U.S.

  23. Malia

    Alchemie matches her eyes! It’s not for me but it’ll probably sell out 😛

  24. Jan

    Gray eyeshadow quad. My fave!
    They look like they’ll work on my skin color too!

    Single shadows look sultry and warm!
    One or two of the blushes catch my eye as well. I need to stay away from the counter for this one and just send someone to pick up the quad.

  25. What a nice collection! I’m really looking forward to this one! I LOVE the quad, single shadows, eyeliner, ALL the rouge coco shines and the golden khaki nail polish! The blush shades seems nice as well, but I’m not that into cream blush.

  26. Leeann

    I wonder how the color of that eyeliner compares to NYX Golden Olive eyeliner?? Also, I must find a dupe for that Alchimie polish!

  27. Alchimie nail polish! It looks amazing. Overall, I really like this collection. And the model is adorable.

  28. I’m liking this collection! Super excited about the blushes and quad!

  29. I swatched this “collection” at Nordstroms pre anniversary sale that started today. Hot mess. Glitter bomb galore. Same old khaki,gray,beige colors – channeling Barnabas Collins. Exception: Alchremie nail polish was pigmented and pretty in the bottle. Wouldn’t dare let the sakesclerk place it on my nails. IMO, the eyeshadows are daily dupable elsewhere with better textures. Superstition indeed…

  30. I like everything about this collection. Really…It looks seemply stunning!!!

  31. jessica

    hi cristine i have a doubt, the ones you not described as a limited edition are their permanent? like the blushes and eyeshadow?

  32. Linh

    Hi Christine, do you know what lipstick the model is wearing in the first picture? Thank you!!

  33. Amber

    hi christine,
    the quad is not a US exclusive, i thought i would comment because i know that i read your post and was so dissapointed i wasnt going to bother even looking at this collection because all i wanted was the quad, but luckily i went to look for something else i might like and found the quad on the selfridges uk website. SO PEOPLE IN THE UK, THE QUAD IS NOT EXCLUSIVE TO THE US!!!

  34. Love all Chanel new collection!)