Do you like value-sized beauty products?

Do you like value-sized beauty products? Like jumbo-sized skincare products? Fragrance? Bronzer? Palettes?

The one that I find to actually be useful are jumbo-sized skincare basics, because those are products you can actually go through in a reasonable time, whereas a palette of eyeshadows may never see the end.

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Very true! When I first started getting into makeup, I was OBSESSED with palettes and bought like 2 Coastal scents ones and all those Urban Decay ones with the pretty packaging. I swear, three quarters of the colors have barely been touched! Now, I just limit myself to small quads with wearable colors.

For the most part, the packaging is inconvenient. However, I’ll use a jumbo sized face cleanser if it’s a mild one that I love. I would also use a jumbo sized eye makeup remover.

That’s about it.

I would rather have much SMALLER versions of blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, etc, so I don’t feel so guilty about vast volume of stuff collecting in the junk drawer.

Like you, Christine, I like value sizes for skin care and for body care especially and also for shampoo! If I can get a 1 litre or 1.5 litre bottle of shampoo, that is great for me as I know I will finish it. If it’s packaged with a free conditioner, so much the better. Where it doesn’t do it for me is with makeup, since I’ve not hit pan on anything since I really got into makeup maybe 10 or so years ago. Before that, when I basically had one eyeshadow (a grey one from Revlon), I’d use it up and replace it but now…. When MAC has those LE shadows in the huge pans, even though they are a good “per ounce” value, they’re really not a great purchase for me since I haven’t even used up a regular sized MAC (or any) shadow. Ditto blush (though I am still valiantly trying to finish my first MAC blush!). I’d be much happier with smaller pans and a lower price which is why I (sometimes) like palettes – several shadows but in smaller pans.

While my budgetary mind thinks jumbo sized products are great, the reality is I will probably find a replacement for it before I get to the finish. When I look at my buying habits, there are very very few products where I buy a second. There are some really great exceptions, but for the most part, technology or my approach to a specific product changes/improves/evolves and inevitably there is something else out there which has caught my attention and I absolutely have to try. Fickle biotch…

Plus, I do feel skincare routines need to be mixed up a bit. I’m not the type who uses the same products year after year and believe they lose their efficacy over time. Sometimes it is a simple as a rest period. Others, it’s time to move on.

I have product ADD, too – there are just too many things out there to try! And then I feel like I have to finish a product I don’t love anymore by the time I get to the end.

If it is something I frequently use packaged in a way that is hygienic (not a jar) then I love value sized stuff. Large palettes are also awesome because then for travel I can just bring one (like the vice palette or book of shadows) and not have to worry about carrying a ton of small sized eyeshadows or whatever.

I have loads of value sized eye shadow palettes (BH, Urban Decay) and I feel like I will have them forever. I’m not a huge fan of value haircare or skincare either, because I tend to get sick of products haha. But I actually love value sized nail polish remover. I definitely go through more nail polish remover than any other beauty product.

I like the options offered in value-sized makeup. It’s nice how you can also find a palette with six or ten shades you use a lot and just stop buying eyeshadow or blush or whatever.

Yes for shampoos,conditioners, any bath beauty stuff. As far as palettes and makeup…i actually love palettes. Especially the urban decay ones. At $18 per single eyeshadow it just makes more sense to find one of their palettes with shades i like and get several additional shadows basically free if you think about it that way. So, i guess i do 🙂

As someone who uses a good selection of skin care and staple “beauty” items such as foundations, powders, concealers, brow and contour products, value is definitely something that I consider. If I can get something in a larger size, and doing so wouldn’t compromise the product itself, I’ll buy it without a doubt. Because I don’t use color cosmetics (i.e. eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, etc.), I don’t have to deal with this issue of variety versus value too often.

That being said however, I think an extension of that idea can be applied to fragrances. Even though I only own 4 fragrances, I do regret picking up larger-sized ones, because it feels like I’m NEVER going to finish them! Yeah, I had originally purchased them under the assumption that I was getting more bang for my buck. But eh, some of them will likely go rancid before I finish the entire collection. So that’s something that I wish I would have gotten in smaller sizes (that have less value), because it would have allowed me to explore a wider selection of options over time. And it’s not that I CAN’T go out there are buy more fragrances, despite having unfinished ones. I just won’t allow myself to, because I’m too much of a minimalist and perfectionist. I much prefer peerless simplicity over overwhelming banality. If I did use color cosmetics, I think the same concept would apply: I’d find the best options (for me) available at the time, and then wouldn’t allow myself to purchase anything until I use up the products I have.

While that may sound like great self-control, it’s really more of a psychological idiosyncrasy AKA weirdness. I’m just a little crazy; neurotic even. It makes me utterly predictable, but oh well. It’s not like I’m a spy or something. Haha!

I LOVE value-sized skin care (cleansers/makeup removers) and hair care (shampoo/conditioner). Helps me save money. E/s palettes on the other hand can be overwhelming at times when you have too many. Like me! haha

I prefer palettes for eyeshadows, as although the pans are usually quite a bit smaller, I like that I can get (typically) 6-8 shades for what I’d pay for 2-3 singles in the same brand. I like alot of variety in my eye looks, so this works well for me, and I’ve never actually finished a shadow, either in a palette or as a single.

“Face” products are a different matter, for the most part. Where I’m alot more flexible in what shades I’ll wear on my eyes, I’m alot more selective on what I wear on my cheeks/face. When I find a shade I like, I’ll try to replace it, or I’ll search for something comparable. As a result, my blush stash is quite small when compared with the rest of my collection. I would much prefer one large blush over 5 smaller ones, since I prefer blush to actually look natural, and how many varieties do I really need?

I actually wish foundation & mascara were offered in smaller sizes, and at a lower pricepoint. I’ve *never* actually “finished” either of these products before needing or choosing to replace either. I also keep 3-4 foundations in constant rotation (although the actual products get switched up occasionally), so smaller bottles would be ideal. Mascara speaks for itself; I used to keep several on hand as well, but in the last year or so, I’ve limited myself to one at a time.

Hair products should be switched up every month or so, and as a result I tend to just buy “normal” sized bottles, unless I get an amazing deal. Again, I don’t like to have too many products opened at once. I go through skincare rather quickly, so yes, “jumbo” sized is great.

I get palettes in shades I know I’ll use (neutrals/smoky shades) and I’ll go through them pretty fast from everyday office looks. I LOVE getting liters of Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner (I think Ulta & Beauty Brands still have their liter sales going on). Costco also carries my favorite body wash, Olay Ultra Moisture body wash w/Shea Butter in a 3 pack value set. I think they also have the Neutogena moisturizer that both my boyfriend and I use. With the rate I’ve been buying sunblock at, I might as well get a value pack of that next time!

If it’s something I’ll use regularly/often, and finish before the expiry date (if applicable), I’ll definitely go for it. Otherwise, probably not, because I hate spending money on stuff that’s only going to go in the trash eventually.

I would buy everything in value sized containers if I could. I tend to stick to the same products, and if I switch something out, it’s usually a calculated and researched switch that would likely happen when I’m getting toward the end of one of the value sized products. I buy Redken’s Clear Moisture shampoo in the 1 liter bottles when they’re on sale at Ulta, several at a time – one lasts MONTHS, so I only have to buy them once per year. When I buy them on sale and calculate it out, I’m actually spending less on the Redken per ounce than I would on something I’d buy at the drugstore (Pantene, Aussie, Aveeno, etc).

I use Dermalogica face products for cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer, and I really wish they sold in bigger packaging with a discount (they do have a small size and a large size but the large isn’t large enough for me). There are almost NEVER Dermalogica discounts. I’d rather spend more on a product and have it contain more and have to actually go out to purchase the product less.

And please give me 1L lotions and body washes! That’s one of the main reasons I purchase Philosophy products – a lot of them come in HUGE containers!

Most of my purchases are ‘value sized’ – sets of makeup (Value boxes at Sephora) or pallets, or sets. I love these because I get to try new colors. I actually would rather have eyeshadow pallets, since I get many colors for the price of a few. I like sets of minis the most, though. Since I travel these are sooo easy to use, like Kat Von D’s Everlasting Love minis! Love those!

Hi Shahela,

I wish I could help you, but after publishing our original review of their brushes, we no longer felt comfortable working with them or featuring any of their products. Our feelings have not changed over the past few years, so we have no plans to review any Sigma products at this time.

It really depends what we are talking about. For example, when it comes to fragranted skincare (like body lotions, body butters, body washes), I don’t really like value size, because I like to rotate my fragrances often. I also don’t think 100000000-color eyeshadow palettes are that great… they just take up place, and I’d never use 70-80% of the shades.

Other things, like skincare basics, are good in bigger sizes. About frequently-used blushes and bronzers, value packs are okay size-wise, if they are not too hard to hold while doing make-up. As for blush or bronzer palettes, I could do with a 12/24-colored blush set, but as for bronzers, I only need one shade.

Perfumes, I like in bigger sizes, but I always have some which are perfectly sized for travelling.

I only like them if they’re essential products that I know I’ll finish up. Stuff like powder, primer and skincare. I don’t actually like it with foundation or concealer because my shades change so many times throughout the year that it already takes me years to finish regular sized products, never mind jumbo ones!

I like value-sized basics as well. Unless, it’s make up I’m very loyal to products. I rotate value-size shampoo/conditioners. If MUFE would do a larger bottle of their HD foundation I would be in ecstasy.

Weirdly, I would love if international brands would do a smaller version of their nail polishes, as we have back in Brazil. I change nail color constantly and I have like unfinished 25 bottles drying up on my shelf.

I actually don’t. I get tired of the same thing all the time and like to change up products. I’m indecisive LOL. I find exceptions to be palettes, which is more options for a (usually) better value.

There are three lipsticks in my life that I wish were value sized because they are no longer available, and of course my favourites. Sigh.

Definitely agree with you there! Mostly cleansing and moisturising products for hair and skin are good to have in larger amounts because they are used daily, so get used up more quickly. Also they end up being better value for money, as they’re cheaper per ml. Make up products can go out of date faster, and are harder to use large amounts of so I can’t see it being useful as far as those are concerned.

I like these for body care products – body wash, lotion, etc. For facial skincare, I do if it’s a staple item that I use from the same brand all the time – cleanser, toner. Anything else would be a waste for me.

yes! skincare is what i go for in jumbo sizes. i squealed when i bought laura mercier’s face polish in a jumbo size. my favorite exfoliator ever! i’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for if/when the jumbo size ever goes on sale because it really will last me a while, but it’s such a good deal for me because i use it 4-5 times a week!!

Only for perfume. The bottles of other stuff get gross after a long time, especially large hair conditioner bottles stored in the shower.

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