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Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15
Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15

Chanl Beaute Initiale — Is it love?

Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15 ($75.00 for 0.1.7 oz.) is a quick-absorbing moisturizer with a cream consistency but the feeling and behavior of a lotion. It is designed to be used daily to “keep early signs of age and fatigue at bay.”

I wanted to try this particular moisturizer, because I really enjoyed Chanel’s Ultra Correction Lift Day Cream SPF 15 ($150.00 for 1.7 oz.). Chanel has several different product families available in skincare, and Beaute Initiale seems to be their “entry-level” range. It also seemed like it would be a good fit for my skin and aging concerns (more about preventation than reversal at this time). Hydramax + Active seems like another alternative for getting your foot in Chanel’s skincare.

My Skin: I’m 24 years-old with some fine lines around my eyes, slight but noticeable lip lines when I smile. My skin type is normal-to-dry in the fall/winter and mostly normal in the spring/summer. I am acne-prone and suffer from minor breakouts that seem to be more hormone or stress related than anything else.

There were so many things I loved about this cream, but it just doesn’t work with my skin type (normal-to-dry). I need more moisture, and I found my skin felt parched after a couple of hours after using this. I think those with oily skin  (but I would still recommend the Fluid for very oily skin types) could definitely consider this as an option for a daytime moisturizer. The cream dries down very quickly, within a few minutes, which is something I always keep an eye on when it comes to creams. Nobody wants to wait thirty minutes for their moisturizer to absorb!

It also spreads very evenly and well without leaving any streaks of white–it feels and looks like a cream, but the way it evens out so quickly makes it seem more like a gel. It dries down to a semi-matte, smooth finish. It is scented, but I found it pleasant–a fresh floral that didn’t feel heavy. I loved using it and wearing it for two to three hours, but for my skin, I need something heavier.

I’m not entirely sure why this isn’t sufficient, because I don’t have particularly dry skin, and there is a Fluid version (which I imagine is lighter and designed for oilier skin types). It is listed as a cream, so it should be heavier and more suitable for drier skin types, but it does not seem to be hydrating enough for my normal-to-dry skin, let alone dry skin.

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  • Product: 25/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: I recommend trying a sample of this for normal-to-oily and oily skin types. If you are oily or very oily, you may consider using the Fluid version, which comes in a pump and may be lighter (but I haven’t tried it myself).


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Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15
Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15

Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15
Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15

Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15
Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15

Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15
Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15

Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15
Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15

Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15
Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15

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22 thoughts on “Chanel Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15 Review, Photos

  1. Svetlana

    I use Chanel’s Ultra Correction line repair Night Cream from their Precision line…It’s sooo great for very dry skin like my own. I also use Hydramax+Active Nutrition lip care from the same line but it’s not something special, it’s just ok

  2. S.D.

    you should try the Hydramax+Active serum underneath this moisturizer. It will give you an instant boost of moisture to your skin and make your Beaute Initiale work like a dream :) trust me.

    • Do you think it really adds anything beyond moisture? At that cost I should just get the Ultra Correction which I LOVED!

      • S.D.

        I really feel ultra correction lift would just be too mature for your skin. The hydramax serum will just give you that instant boost you are lacking while still allowing you to use the beaute cream. Hope that helps/makes sense.

        • Ultra Correction Lift I really, really loved (have already tried it), and the cost the serum and this cream would be the same as just Ultra Correction Lift – so why do two products just for moisture? Seems more inconvenient! I’m just trying to see if there is some additional benefit to using both.

          • S.D.

            Esentially the ultra correction lift is truly for a skin who has lost firmness and elasticity. Ultra correction lift works on rebuilding the tensin in the skin (what keeps you firm and breaks down as we age). The benefits of the beaute cream are not only a preventative anti-aging measure, but also to promotes radiance and overall vitality in the skin. The star ingredient in beaute initiale is blue ginger pfa which is what will refresh a ‘tired’ looking complexion. Beaute also has soft focus pigments which help to reflect the light and give your complexion a correcting effect to the skin. I understand not wanting to feel like you are spending extra $$ and having to use another product, but if it is moisture that you are lacking the hydramax+ will work at the source to address hydration and lock in moisture. You will find a small amount goes a long way as the airless pump is premeasured.

            • Thanks, S.D.! I appreciate the information. It’s not a combo I’ll be doing – I’d rather just use a moisturizer that moisturizes enough on its own (which I have several but the nature of blogging means you are all testing something new) :)

  3. Barbara Derrick

    I’ve used the same one as you do for about a year or so now, and find it really works for my combination skin, not greasy at all, and year-round SPF. I’m 55, but it I’ve had great results, too. I use their richer version minus the SPF at night. Eye creams and serums, as well.

  4. Erika =]

    Hey Christine,
    I know there is nothing about this, but…. I got a question:
    Do you know if Mac “Upstart collection” travel kit wiil be available at Mac store or is it just available at Nordstrom?
    Because I`m planning to buy it but if they get it in store I`ll rather get it there cause I have Pro card.

  5. Eunice

    wow, this looks like it has a pretty high alcohol content. that could be why it’s somewhat drying? i’m quite surprised that at this price, chanel is putting so much alcohol in it especially as it isn’t good for the skin at all :\

  6. Even though it is my namesake…I am going to have to pass on this. It is a little out of my budget for that kind of product.

  7. Nina K.

    Hi Christine,

    had the same problem with the cream: to less moisture. Far better is the combination of Hydramax Serum + Hydramax Fluid (better than the Hydramax cream). I have normal to dry skin in winter and this combo works good under makeup.

    At the moment i use products of the kanebo sensai cellular performance line: emulsionIII, moisture polish essence, hydrachange mask (best mask ever! use it as night cream) and their makeup line. makes super moisturized flawless skin, love their products a little bit more than chanel skincare 😉

    Be well!
    Nina K.

  8. Alexxx

    I basically have the same skin than you (based on your description) maybe slightly more dry and prone to acne but I am very happy with my creams, so maybe you should give it a try

    Clinique Youth Surge during winter
    Clinique Moisture Surge Extra during summer

    I never get dry skin now that I have those 2.

  9. Joy

    Water, alcohol, glycerin, jojoba, shea…if this wasn’t Chanel, it would be a decent moisturizer sitting on a Walgreen’s shelf for $8.95.

  10. AnGeLwInGz

    I really like the Beaute Initiale products because they’re lightweight. When I worked at Chanel I used to get them free or discounted but now I don’t use them as much because they’re pricey. They also smell the nicest of all skincare lines IMO. I agree they may not be worth it for people with really dry skin but if you just need a bit of moisture to keep your skin healthy and delay aging, go for it if you can afford it.

  11. Quinctia

    Wow, yeah, I honestly can’t believe that the second ingredient in that stuff is alcohol. I’ve been having some break out issues, and I picked up Alba’s Oil Control lotion the other day, and even THAT doesn’t have alcohol so high up on its ingredient list. And it’s meant to be a little drying.

  12. I have EXTREMELY dry skin and have been using this for over a year now as my daytime moisturizer, and I love it! It’s the only thing that moisturizes my skin well enough for the day without feeling greasy. I’ve tried SO many moisturizers, drug store and high end, and this has worked the best for me. Many of the moisturizers formulated for dry skin are so heavy and feel gross on your skin. This one absorbs quickly and feels very light. I also use the Hydramax + Active cream at night because it has no SPF. My skin is so dry I need something at night so it doesn’t feel like it’s pulling apart. Perhaps it’s the combo of the two, but the Beaute Initiale is a very sufficient moisturizer for my very dry skin.