Monday, December 21st, 2009

Chanel Les Impressions de Chanel Collection

Hot–No, Lukewarm–Springs with Empreinte de Chanel

Chanel Empreinte de Chanel ($65.00  for 0.49 oz.) is the signature product (and limited edition, of course) from Chanel’s Les Impressions de Chanel Collection for the spring.

Chanel describes the product as a “radiant glow highlighting powder” designed to brighten cheeks and brow bone with shades of rosewood, beige, and brown. It also includes an angled brush (the size you’d typically find in a compact, not a full-size brush), which is surprisingly soft and usable–though I’ll still use my full size brushes myself.

The compact has these lopsided circles in creamy white-gold, bronze, and peach outlined in the bronze. Then there are, of course, the two signature interlocking Cs in a shimmering, gilded gold (not quite a true gold). I was trying to furiously swatch away anything that would be an overlay, and though it seems like the circles seem to fade away, the color remains the same regardless. The Cs seem to be shimmery (as far as I could tell without destroying the compact) to stay shimmery as well.

Empreinte de Chanel is a warmed-up, peachy gold. It’s surprisingly pigmented, and it’s definitely something that would lovely as an eyeshadow as well as on top of cheeks. It reminded me of a more pigmented, way more shimmery version of Lancome’s Sparkling Cherub; Empreinte is also warmer and less brown (more gold).

Bottom Line: It’s soft, silky, and certainly looks beautiful on, but it is definitely a shimmery highlighter; so if you prefer a more subtle highlighter, you may want to test this in person first! The price is steep, and Chanel fans won’t be surprised, but if you’ve never considered Chanel, this probably isn’t the best product I’d take the plunge on (they have better; including Kaska Beige Eyeshadow Quad, if you are jonesin’ for spring).  The only thing that compensates for the price is you do get 0.49 oz. of product, which is quite a bit for a blush/highlighter product (typically 0.20 oz. or so).

P.S. — The entire Chanel Spring collection is now available at Nordstrom and Saks. You’ll probably have to search by name or click through the Chanel categories, but they’re up there. I just purchased Particuliere through Saks ’cause Saks has FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING (!) right now.

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  • Product: 26/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: Chanel fans will likely enjoy this piece, but the price tag is a little steep for a product that’s good, but not great.

Availability: Nordstrom and Saks

See more photos and swatches!

Chanel Les Impressions de Chanel Collection

Chanel Les Impressions de Chanel Collection

Chanel Les Impressions de Chanel Collection
Chanel Empreinte de Chanel

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21 thoughts on “Chanel Empreinte de Chanel Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Melinda

    It looks Gorgeous But Pricey :O(

  2. AnGeLwInGz

    I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it but no powder is worth $65. Back when I worked for CHANEL those things were never more than $40. Guess there’s a market for it somewhere.

    • It seems like that’s about the price of these type of products in the past few seasons, but I could be remembering it wrong. Even for Chanel, $65 is steep. It’s pretty, though! At least it’s not like some of Dior’s star products, which I think were retailing for $80+!

      • AnGeLwInGz

        Yeah, I wait for other people to buy me the Dior star products for my birthday or Christmas. They’re ridiculously overpriced!

  3. Sarah M

    Ooh… pretty! 😀

  4. Anitacska

    I like the look of this. :) How does it compare to the tweed highlighter that was released earlier this autumn/winter? Thanks Christine!

  5. Alexandra

    This overlay looks like Rice Crispies….makes me hungry. Now I want some cereals !

  6. Pretty but wayyy too pricey.

  7. Nicci

    I saw this over the weekend and it was very silky but I don’t think I would buy it since I don’t use a highlighter in the first place and cause of the price, and oh…I wouldn’t want to destroy the interlocking Cs!

  8. shontay

    Christine, I had no problem with the price b/c it looked so lovely, but I must return it. I have a problem with highlighters. It seems it mixes too well with my skin to the point where it doesn’t even make a difference. I’m around Beyonce’s complexion, perhaps a bit lighter and I’ve tried Nars and Chanel highlighters and they just don’t show up at all.

    I bought thebalm’s mary lou-manizer and it’s the best thing I’ve tried. It was nice enough for me to actually keep. This Chanel one has to go back, though. I have to get all up in the mirror to see the tiniest bit of shimmer. :( Still love Chanel, though.

    • Really! I’m so surprised, just because it’s really, really… gold, doesn’t seem like it’d blend into skin. It’s really too bad you have to return it, but I’m happy theBalm’s Mary Lou-manizer is working out for you! :)

  9. Nancy

    I purchased this as I am a die hard Chanel Fan. Sadly it looks awful on me, it made my skin which is really nice look patchy and scaley. I have to take it back in the next day or two. I do think the Holiday Tweed Highlighter which I have is so beautiful.

    • Oh no :(

      I found I have to use a light hand with it, or else it can look like too much! I do like it on decolletage though, as well – and since there’s so much product, I feel OK using it to highlight on the body, too, lol.

  10. Lorna

    it looks like smallpox

  11. amy

    Pretty but too expensive for me :(.

  12. Michelle

    The overlay on this looks like a petri dish full of agar after it has been incubated, or maybe like an abnormal cell wall under a microscope… Pretty, but I couldn’t justify spending the price :(

  13. K

    You do the BEST in-depth reviews, Christine. So helpful for us all! Thank you!

  14. Euphoria

    So lovely for a hilighter,
    I’m now considering to get one with the eyeshadow quad as well.
    Thank you for the swatching!!

  15. Wow. I like it. but it’s sold out. when It’s come. I will but it.