Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque

Chanel:  Dragon Rouge Allure Laque for the Perfect Red Lip

Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque ($32.00) is one of the most stunning shades of red I’ve ever had the pleasure to wear. I’m absolutely in love with the vibrancy, subtle shimmer, and opacity.  There are eight lovely shades available — you can see a full list here.

The Rouge Allure Laque formula is satiny, smooth, and very pigmented. (Lighter shades seem to go on more semi-opaque, though.) Dragon is inspiring. It’s just that kind of color to me! It wears well, and it leaves behind a very nice stain even as it fades after eating (I managed five hours of amazing wear before eating).

It’s also very easy to apply straight from the tube, despite being such an intense shade. The applicator is doe-footed, but it’s modified – it’s grooved and fits against the lips really well.  The finish is high shine, slightly glossy, and such rich, vibrant color.  Even though $32 is pricey (at least, for most) for a lip product, the fact that this is basically a lipstick and gloss in one, has intense color that requires no work to achieve… I think it’s well worth it.

Love, love, LOVE. I’m definitely going to check out the other shades and see which other ones I have to get!

  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: If you’re looking for a way to indulge, Rouge Allure Laques may be a way to go. Chanel lip products rarely disappoint me, but this one not only met my expectations but INSPIRED me!

Availability: Nordstrom

See product photo and swatch

Dragon (left), Ming (right)

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241 thoughts on “Chanel: Dragon Rouge Allure Laque for the Perfect Red Lip Review, Swatches, Photos

  1. Lauren

    Holy crap, you’re right! That is the most beautiful shade of red lipstick I’ve ever seen!

  2. Hinahon

    Oh my… ! Indeed stunning !
    Too bad it’s too pricy for me :(
    I couldn’t tell you why but I think it’s one of the lipsticks that shows off the best your lips !

  3. badfish

    Holy moly, you should be a lipstick model.

  4. claudia

    Very pretty indeed but a bit too bright for me. But it has a nice shimmer.

  5. Evelyn

    that is the most stunning lip photo I have ever seen! I can’t imagine how much this product costs in Canada, though. :(

  6. yajaira

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!! Oh can you do a lip swatch with ming too……please!!!!!! thank you!!!

  7. amy

    i like how opaque and bright it is but still have a creamy sheen to it. At that price it is definitely once in a blue moon treat!

  8. Nicole15

    That really is THE BEST red lip I have seen in a very long time. You are very blessed in the lip dept. girlfriend :)

  9. liz

    i am not much for reds, but the payoff and concept of this product make me want to check out other shades.

  10. Kim

    In my opinion it’s quite similar to Dior creme de gloss and I really really love that formula!

    Does the Chanel one bleeds?

  11. Viktorija

    Amazing color and your lips are so beautiful!

  12. virion_butterfly

    One word…..WOW! I want it! I wonder how much it is in Canadian dollars……

  13. Almost black.

    OH MY GOD! This looks SO stunning and gorgeous! Love it! I think this color is *must have* for you 😉

  14. Nicole

    WOW love the color on ur lips soo pretty… can u take a whole face picture of u wearing it as well… so amazing

  15. Leven

    WOW! The line is so crisp and precise, and all you used was the doe foot applicator? That nuts! And that IS the most perfect red ive ever seen, not overly pink or blue. You should totally do a full face look around this color soon.

  16. Jennifer

    Pretty please swatch Phoenix and Mandarin next week or when you can!

  17. Kristina

    I am ordering this today, Canadian exchange is not an issue for something this beautiful. How would you wear the rest of your make up? I am not accustomed to wearing red.

    • Hey Kristina!

      For this lip and color, my style is to opt for champagnes and golds on the eyes, black mascara, and little liner. Or go for even simpler eyes (maybe something mostly nude, just a touch of shimmer) and do more prominent eyeliner (maybe a cat-eye).

      • Kristina

        Thanks, that is what I was thinking. How about the cheek?

        • If you’re warmer toned, I’d go for something just slightly coral-bronze, but probably satin or matte in finish. I might even just contour cheeks slightly and opt for no real color. For cooler tones, something more of a peach-pink, but satin or matte in finish, too.

  18. Wow, this is GORGEOUS! Are those gold shimmers I see? This will be the perfect match for my Dior Vernis =)

  19. on paper, I would have said no. No shimmer. No gloss. A perfect red lip should be classic matte red.

    Thank G-d you have this picture though, this shade is incredible!

  20. I think that’s so far the most beautiful picture you’ve ever made of your lips. Very stunning. You should print this picture in large size, frame it and hang it over your bed! That wouldn’t be narcissism. If my lips were not those ugly little things, I would definitely buy this lip product. Really Chanel know how to rule the world of beauty, sometimes.

  21. Simply AMAZING. I love it. I need to have it now.

  22. Elle

    Must. Get. Now. :) Love it, Christine! And yes, time and time again your lips look gorgeous on these posts. This one is no exception.

  23. Anitacska

    Wow, gorgeous! :)

  24. Jennifer

    How does this Chanel Lip product stack up to their other lipstick products?
    I have tried Chanel Luminous finish in Frivole, and while I think it is a quality product, and it doesn’t feel bad on the lips, it does nothing for me. Am I perhaps trying the wrong finish? I love love Dior’s Rouge lipstick. I think the pigmentation, the hydrating rich feel on the lips is divine.

    I do like Chanel’s Glossimers, but haven’t bought those in awhile.


    • Hey Jennifer,

      I think these are excellent, and I’d compare them to the Rouge Allure lipsticks in terms of how smooth and color-packed they are. I’d say this is probably one of my favorite Chanel lip products I’ve tried. Have you seen Guerlain’s Cashmere gloss? These are a bit like those.

      • Jennifer

        No i haven’t tried Guerlain’s. That sounds good.

        I’ve been looking up swatches for this product online today. Still undecided . Either have to wait for better swatches, get my bum to nordstroms, or wait till my wallet isn’t wimpering from pain of my charging for all these Mac products lately. hehe. I was going to buy this in Phoenix at Nordstroms online, but with shipping and tax it would come to 44 dollars. No way I’d spend that much lol. 32 is steep, but I’d go for it. Maybe in no time I can trick myself into spending money on it in the store.

        • Hey Jennifer,

          I think if you can visit the store, it’s worth checking out in person, because they do have eight shades to choose from!

          • Jennifer

            I will. I think I might be able to Friday.

            I am excited, but not too excited on splurging hehe … If the other ones provide such a nice finish like this color it will be worth it.

            Oh, I just got Red Full Stop by Mac in the mail. I can definitely see that it has a subtle red in it. I love it though.

            • I definitely hope you can! I tell myself 1) it’s Chanel, and the price is in line with their other lip products, and 2) it’s a gloss and lipstick (because there’s no need to alter the color or add glossiness!), so it’s a two-fer!

              I’m glad you like Red Full Stop!!

  25. Wow, when you say it’s satiny, smooth, and very pigmented, you are correcto! that is the sexiest shade of red i have ever seen too! I have GOT to get that for my B-day this year…and Christmas too! Golly Gee…thanks for showing me. I LOVE LOVE RED lipstick!! But this one is gorgeous!

  26. insa

    Having loaded the site I was like “POW IN YA FACE!”. Stunning. This is definitely a perfect red lip.

    Does it feel more like a liquid lipstick or like a gloss?

    • Haha! I suppose it is rather in ya face when you first load!

      Actually, it feels like a creamy lipstick. It doesn’t feel very liquid-y at all! Between those two, I’d say more like a gloss.

  27. Stacey

    Oh, I love this red! And your lips look gorgeous 😀 Does it stay on pretty well?

    • Thanks, Stacey! Oh yes, it does! I found it wore really well on me for the fives hours I wore it before eating (then it faded a bit), but it faded prettily, lol, if that makes sense.

  28. Christina L.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful pout in my life. I don’t wear red lipstick but this might be one of those items I buy just to hold when I sleep at night. LMAO!!! gorgeous christine!

  29. Alexis

    Lipstick and Gloss rolled into once chic little double C package? you sold me once again Christine – I’ll have to try one on. Don’t know if I have the courage to do red but I’ll definitely try it on!

  30. Pkb

    I picked this shade up a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it too! It’s striking but pretty, perfect for fall/winter, another awesome red lip from Chanel!

  31. Dancerwendy

    This is simply STUNNING! Christine: I always loved your swatches, but I’ve never seen your lips look as amazing as with this color, it’s a winner!!! I’m a couple of shades darker than you, do you think this color can still work? (nc42-44)

  32. Honey

    Beautiful color! I might just spend the money thats the best red lip I have ever seen.

  33. That’s a beautiful red! Were you wearing any lipliner in this photo?

  34. Tee

    That is beautiful, Christine!! I have very full lips so I’ve always sort of avoided reds – or rather, have never found one that really prevents me from looking like Ronald McDonald, lol. I’m going to have to try this one. Thanks for the great image!

    • Thanks, Tee! I know what you mean — my lips aren’t super full (I’ve always considered them average – not thin, but not plump), but sometimes certain shades make me feel clownish.

      Let me know if you like!

  35. Nicci

    don’t you love these?? :-) I want to pick up another color. I bought my first one in Santal. That red looks goregeous, although it would be out of my comfort zone…I should get it and force myself to step out, esp. w/that color!

  36. Marina

    I swear i died a little when i opened the page, it’s too gorgeous! I want it so badly but i never dare to wear red lips :(

  37. jessica

    Amazing,Amazing,Amazing!! 😀 I Need To Get This.

  38. evelyn

    oh wow, this a beautiful red shade, i def will try this out!

  39. Bridgette

    My god is this the most beautiful red that i have ever seen! I don’t wear reds but i bet this will look great with my NC40-42 skintone. I have to give this a shot.

  40. Christy

    Nice! I think I’ll try this out.

  41. Letitia

    This is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. When the picture came up, I was like “Whoa! That’s pretty” aloud!

  42. Kat

    Absolutely stunning and gorgeous shade. If they ever remake Rocky Horror Picture Show, you could definitely model for the poster!

  43. Kajsa

    That is the most beautiful lips, shade of red and sexies lips ever! :DDD

  44. bec

    WOW!! That’s STUNNING!

  45. Jennifer

    Rose Mcgowan said Chanel makes a good red lipstick. I know she didn’t mean this one, but they most certainly do.

    Oh last month I was looking at some fashion mag and liked the red lip on the actress on the cover and guess what red it was…This one :)

  46. Jennifer

    I don’t know if this is allowed…But I found some swatches of I think all the colors at this make up blog, for those that can’t wait lol :

  47. Azucar

    The most beautiful red I’ve ever seen. Inspirational, actually. As soon as I can get to a Chanel counter, I will!
    Thanks for posting this.

  48. Elle

    OK, question from someone who’s only purchased Vamp nail polish from Chanel–is this a LE item?

  49. sher

    i literally omg’ed jaw jropped when i saw that red lip photo lol, i need this color in my life.

  50. dudisea

    how the bleep did you apply so perfectly? i need lips like those before I get that shade. way too ambitious for my thin lips. but you rock it

  51. WOW that is just gorgeous!

  52. apfelwinter

    Wow. Beautiful. The most beautiful red, indeed.

  53. inuchan


    this shade will make me fall in love with Red Lip, honest! even if i cannot pull one for the life of me!!!! My, I’d give it an 11/10 haha

    Thanks for sharing, Christine!

  54. Nina

    I adore it! I’m too shy to wear loud red lipsticks, so I use Chanel Le Vernis Dragon. The best red I’ve ever seen!

  55. Ribbons

    This is definately a ‘I neeeed itttt sob sob sob’ kind of product!!
    I love seeing red lips on other people but I’m too scared to do them on myself cause I always think I’ll look a bit silly, but I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself from trying this one!

  56. dy143

    omg!!!! i want to see a full face picture please..

  57. Michelle

    I just purchased Dragon this past Saturday at Nordstrom’s Trend Show in San Jose, California. It is a beautiful shade. I also have three more of the Laquer’s, which I was lucky enough to find in Spain BEFORE they were released in the U.S. #’s 73, 79 and 74, and they are all beautiful. Ming, however, is really beige pink and I didn’t like it, so I passed on it. You’re right about its’ longevitity on the lips, they last a long time. They’re worth the splurge ladies!!!

    • Hey! I was there, haha! How did you like the Trend Show? Favorite parts?

      So happy to hear you love the new shades and formula!!

      • Michelle

        I really enjoyed the show, but I thought some of the cosmetics lines didnt get the same amount of air time so to speak as others did. I also felt that they should have given a little more information on some of the newer products that Chanel and Dior had. Since I switch between those two lines and Armani, it would have been nice if they had focused on them a little more. Also, I was really bummed when they did their drawings, because NOT ONCE did they shake up the giant glass jar/bowl that all the tickets were in, and it wasnt fair to those of us who handed in our cards earlier. It was as if they late folks had a better chance than those of us who were timlier (is that spelled right?). I love the shades I have! I also bought the Murano Eye Shadow Quad, Dragon Nail Lacquer, and some Dior things as well. speaking of Dior, have you tried their new Brow Pencil? Its really great. The tip is soooo small you can really focus on those sparse areas and make great brows!! Which area Nordstrom did you attend the Trade Show at?

        • Hey Michelle,

          I attended the Valley Fair one, LOL! 😉 I’m glad you had a good time, though. I haven’t tried Dior’s new brow pencil, but I’ll definitely have to check it out next time I’m at Nordies!

  58. lunamaris

    I just had to buy it today because of this beautiful swatch :)

  59. Helena

    Its, like, backward…the actual product is better than the promo pic!
    There is a God, and…well, God works for Chanel.

  60. I agree. this red is stunning!!

  61. Andrea

    I have Coromandel after the MA recommended that to me. After seeing this swatch, I preferred it to Dragon because it complimented my yellow skin tone better. Dragon looks a bit cool to me.

  62. inuchan

    This is THE shade that makes me want to wear red lipstick (even I am too chicken to try lol). Absolutely. Gorgeous.


    Thanks Christine for the review!

  63. Carrie

    What a gorgeous red! I’m going to pick this up as soon as I get paid. This will cut down the number of Dazzleglass Cremes that I get, but this color is completely worth it

  64. inuchan

    this is absolutely GORGEOUS !!!

    Please Christine could you make a Holiday look, featuring this lipstick? Id’ really need some advice about how to best pull a red lip… I must admit I am a real newbie on that field… thank you :)

  65. Letty

    Lovely but I don’t know if I am brave enough to wear it. I wear pale shades.

  66. Melissa

    Do you know if Dragon is at all similar to any MAC lipsticks (i.e. MAC Red, Russian Red, etc.) or even Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella? I already have each of these as well MAC Tinted Lip Glass in Russian Red. I have NW20 skin with pink undertones. I just don’t want to duplicate any of these reds with this new (beautiful) Chanel item. I really appreciate your help. Thanks!

  67. K

    Christine, my favourite lips on you are coral shades – I just can’t get enough. But to be honest, this is THE BEST LIP I have seen on you ever!!

  68. rowan

    wow, that red is really stunning. the depth and vibrancy looks pretty amazing. i will have to check this out!

  69. Wow this is a gorgeous shade of red! I wonder if it will suit asian skintone, around NC20? What do you think, Christine?

  70. Andrea

    I bought Ming!!!! I LOVE it!!!

  71. Marta Fernandes

    I almost purchased this lipstick today, almost. In the end I just ended up spending my money on something else. I don’t know, it just seemed way too much for me. It looks gorgeous on your lips but I think it would be too overpowering on my smaller lips. I bought my first red lipstick (Lady Bug) a few weeks ago and I’m still getting used to it so this one would probably be too much of a leap, even if it is absolutely gorgeous.

  72. Sairah

    OMG, this is my very first comment!! I never really comment on blogs and such, so I’m excited! LOL…
    Christine, I honestly LOVE your site and I’m amazed by all the effort you put into it. I check it out Every Single Day… all the way from The Netherlands! 😉
    I really loved these swatches and I knew I HAD to check this gloss out. I already own a Crème de Gloss by Dior, which is basically a lipstick and lipgloss in one. So the Chanel formula sounded familiar. I really like the Dior gloss, but the color I own shows up fuchsia/red on my lips… and you know, this color in Dragon looked like the perfect red for me.
    And guess what!? One of the department stores here was offering 25% off almost all make-up yesterday. Yes, including Chanel.
    I went straight to the Chanel counter, I swatched Dragon, I loved Dragon, I bought Dragon.. with 25% off! Lucky me! 😀
    It’s the perfect red for me. It suits my asian/indian skintone really well!

    • Happy first comment, Sairah!! :)

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you LOVE Dragon. Sometimes when I adore something, I get nervous others will hate it, but I get absolutely giddy when they love it too :) And lucky you – getting it at 25% off!

  73. ELYSIA


  74. After all these months, I’ve bought Dragon today! I’ve been drooling over it ever since I read this review, and I finally did it! Thank you for showing us how beautiful this shade is!

  75. I caved in today..I got a tester off of ebay for a bit cheaper..it’s GORGEOUS even on brown skin! 😀

  76. Kim

    I’ve been shopping for the perfect red and I came across this post. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you. I hope it looks the same on me as it did on you. It’s beautiful!

  77. Ashley

    I must say Christine I really have to agree with you on this one !!
    I don’t even really gravitate towards reds but this color is probably the most stunning lip shade I have ever seen with an outstanding formula and wear !! Inspiring for sure !!I got a sample of it then ran back to buy it specifically for my Halloween costume
    ( Burlesque Dancer )..and it looks AWESOME for a Holiday Shade as well …Looks great on you gurl …P.S. Love you site I always know where to come for true product reviews !! 😉

    • So happy you like it, Ashley!! Thanks so much!

      • Skybluesky

        Christine, you made it look SOOOO good. I bought it recently from Saks! It pulls bluer on me (I’m Chinese, NC 35-40ish) but it still looks great…kind of berryish almost. I also bought a Cle de Peau concealer and Armani Luminous Silk in #8 to blend with my #6.5

        Needless to say, no more cosmetics for me! I also need to stop reading your blog because you entice me to get things! Hahaha, I have a problem. Don’t judge!

        • LOL! How is the Cle de Peau concealer? I’ve heard a lot of good things about it!

          • Skybluesky

            I really didn’t want to like the Cle de Peau concealer…but it really is worth it. I have it in Honey, and it is a corrector AND a concealer for me. It’s a creamy stick, a little drier than usual concealers in my experience…for under eyes I like to mix it with a little lotion for extra moisturization. I also like to use it to cover up my red marks from my cystic acne scars.

            Using this concealer along with tinted moisturizer AND LM translucent loose powder (again, got it because of your excellent review) gives me a really polished yet natural look. Thanks again!!

  78. jennSda26

    i just purchased this one perfect for xmas parties…

  79. Khadija

    I just bought this imin the nc 50 range do you think I can do it?

  80. Sarina

    Is this your favorite red? because im looking for the perfect red for my lips

  81. Mila

    Hi! I want to know if this product is permanent….
    ’cause I need something that doesn’t stains cigarretes, glass, people’s lips etc.

  82. Amanda Blyskal

    where can one find this amazing lip product?

  83. divine

    hi christine! yay, my super fave Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque is one of your best editor’s pick. i really super love Dragon! my all time fave red lippy too! this is high end, what MAC red lippy you think is nearest to this shade? 😉

  84. Amanda Blyskal

    can you apply it with a lip brush? it went all over the place when i did it directly from the tube

  85. Dosha

    Well, I decided to go for it and purchased this especially after reading the reviews from Christine. First, Dragon is an awesome red! If you are a WOC, this may be the HG red for you (I’m NC45). Also, my lips have a tendancy to get very dry, so I cannot wear just any lip product. It’s non-drying. Very opaque, so only 1 layer needed. It hits the right balance in terms of texture. Chanel Rouge Allure Laque is the best of both worlds (a gloss and lipstick in one) with staying power. This lippie is awesome (my 1st Chanel lippie BTW)! I believe I may try Mandarin next! Thx Christine for the helpful review including the true-to-color swatches…makes all the difference in the world.

  86. Preeti

    Finally got Chanel Dragon yesterday and I love it!!!! It is indeed the most beautiful red I’ve ever owned and seen. Thanks Christine so much for your wonderful reviews and swatches. I feel so much comfortable buying a product after I have read your reviews.

  87. Steph

    Every time I see a post with this lipstick, I want it so badly. Oddly enough, this is the one product from the website that always sticks in my mind, and is on the top of my list for when I am not a poor student and have a larger disposable income.

  88. Sarina

    0.2 oz isn’t that very little amount for 32$

  89. wow this one is sensational, me in looooovvvvve

  90. Sara

    That looks amazing! I would LOVE to get it, but I’m not sure it would suit me. My skintone’s a bit lighter than MAC NC15. I’m more like Bobbi Brown’s porcelain. What do you think, Christine?

  91. Lils

    I’m getting this ASAP!

  92. Diana

    What a beautiful red Christine, thank you for introducing it to us :)

    I have a question for you – I have fair cool skin with a lot of cool pink in my lips. Shades like MAC Russian Red look great on me turns fuschia in about 15 minutes ): do you think this would be less likely to turn pink because of the gold? or do you have any other recs?

    thanks so much!

  93. Rachael

    Wore this out the door this morning. Fiancee called me hot! He doesn’t say that often so it totally put a pep in my step. :) I can thank your blog for this!

    PS- Its not that I’m not hot, its just he doesn’t give out compliments much. He’s the strong silent type.

  94. cait

    I live in Canada and whenever I go the Chanel counters I can’t find a tube that says Dragon on the bottom? Does Chanel rotate colours or is this only available in the States and Online?!

  95. SusieB

    This is truly a beautiful colour Christine, I have been following you for a while and really enjoy your CREDIBLE reviews. I am a MAC NW45 and this looks stunning..Need to look after this thou, it isn’t cheap at UK£25.00 but think its worth the price for a premium lipstick. Need to keep a close eye on this thou my younger sister is looking to steal this any day soon..

  96. Rebecca

    I heard Revlon Crimson was a close dupe, but it doesn’t have that subtle shimmer. Maybe mixing in a white shimmer throughout the pigment will make it match.

  97. Michaela

    I just saw your post Christine on the discontinuation of Dragon. I just bought two of them lol.