Monday, March 21st, 2011

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle with Keira Knightley

Three years after the first commercial film, Knightley reprises her role as COCO MADEMOISELLE, a modern day Coco Chanel whose mystery, daring and rebelliousness are at the heart of her charm.

While the first film featured long evening gowns, the second takes on a more urban feel, with Knightley appearing on the streets of Paris in a chic, beige motorcycle jumpsuit designed for her by Karl Lagerfeld. Filmed in legendary locations across the City of Light – from Place Vendome to Place de la Concorde, the film is a collaboration between Knightley and Joe Wright, a creative relationship that began with Wright’s directorial debut, the Oscar®-nominated film Pride & Prejudice, and continued with the Oscar®-nominated Atonement.

“For me, Gabrielle Chanel is an icon and there was an incredible power emanating from all the photos of her,” states Knightley. “When I began to delve into her history more closely, I was obviously fascinated by her immense talent as a designer, but more than that, by her singular background.”

The commercial film’s soundtrack, “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” by James Brown is performed by the soulful voice of Grammy® award winner, Joss Stone and was published by Warner Chappell.

Coco Mademoiselle is a fresh oriental scent created by CHANEL master perfumer Jacques Polge in 2001. The fragrance represents the ever-evolving spirit of Coco Chanel in this feminine, sexy, young and exciting fragrance.

See photos & behind-the scenes shots!

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44 thoughts on “Chanel Coco Mademoiselle with Keira Knightley

  1. Nella

    I generally don’t like any Chanel scents, but the color of this one lures me into giving Coco one more try. I hope it smells good as it looks good!

  2. jj

    She looks so fresh! Love it :)

  3. lila

    We NEED to know what is she wearing, her makeup is gorgeous. CHANEL please! be good to us!!!

    • Gabby

      Oh my goodness YES. I really want to know what makeup she’s wearing in the ad! It’s GORGEOUS! I also really need to know what foundation they use on her as well. I know it’s all from CHANEL but come one! details required!

  4. Vicky

    She’s cute, but a horrible actress. Even the nicest critics agree that she couldn’t act her way out of a parking ticket, and I think she manages to somehow overact even in that ad. The perfume junkie in me wants to give this a try, but my cinephile self wishes this fragrance wasn’t advertised by a crappy actress. That said, I feel for Keira, since the ad itself is a supernova of cheesiness.

    • Amy

      I think you’re being a little bit harsh here. I think “crappy” is a little over-kill…I have read many reviews from critics saying that she’s great at what she does. The ad is beautiful and she’s beautiful in it. But with that said, we are all entitled to our opinions.

      • Christina

        She’s had great reviews for Atonement, for instance; also for the Pirates of the Caribbean to my knowledge.

        You may not like her – I find she has great screen presence when at her best, great charisma. her stunning looks are part of it, but she’s also acted well especially in Atonement. You can feel her character’s pain to an almost too intense degree.

        I love the perfume, I love her visually and as an actress. I love her makeup in the ad, but I DONT love the ad. I find it kind of disappointing.

  5. have it, and LOVE IT to death 😀

  6. Tiffany

    My signature scent! I love Coco and I love Keira <3

  7. Xtina

    Terrible ad. What I took away from it is that the model is dependent on the photographer and she seduces him to get her shot. Once they’re about to seal the deal she takes off, because it’s all about the chase and if she gives in then she becomes absolutely powerless. There isn’t a single thing I like about the ad.

  8. Honor

    so beautiful, love her makeup..that what I call a fabulous nude…..

  9. SA

    The last video was better IMO

  10. Petra

    I personally find the colours of the ad very alluring, and think Keira is a gorgeous woman. But whenever I see her act or watch an interview with her, there’s something in her personality that rubs me the wrong way. So having her as the new face won’t urge me to buy Coco Mademoiselle, nor will the ad, which despite the really pretty colouring, I find very tacky and boring. The scent is nice, but I always end up purchasing something more exciting (well, more exciting for me anyways. :)).

  11. Manderlay

    I can’t stand her. Give me back the lovely Audrey Tatou!

    • Lili

      That’s a bit harsh.. Keira is just beautiful! She represents chanel very brilliantly. Nobody could’ve done better than her. Yes Audrey is absolutely gorgeous as well and she’s the face of Chanel No 5 not Coco Mademoiselle in case you’re a bit confused. Audrey would’ve been a bit too old for Coco Mademoiselle. They are both perfect the way they are. :)

  12. Timperley

    Not the point of the advert but I really like the wallpaper

  13. Mamavalveeta03

    Who cares if she can act or not? She is GORGEOUS!!!!

  14. Silvia

    colorwise the video is nice, but everything else makes no sense to me. Far too long and no real story that needs to be told. too much of a construction to me.
    this does not mean what a strong independent woman is to me.
    Keira tries too hard.

  15. Marie

    I didn’t like the “story” of the ad.
    But the picture of her in bedsheets and a perfume bottle in her hand is stunning! Absolutely stunning!

  16. Karen

    I think she is so gorgeous, but I didn’t really like the storyline of the ad. I’m not really into oriental scents either.

  17. Megan

    This is my favorite scent :)

  18. Girl

    she should have done him

  19. Girl

    and done him good….

  20. Christina

    mmm the ad wasn’t so great but keira knightley is gorgeous!
    she always look so chic!
    not to mention she is a fantastic actress!

  21. Colleen

    Would like to know what lip colors she is wearing?

  22. Lucie

    Keira Knightley is so stunning! Couldn’t think of a more perfect face for the fragrance. I might buy this just because she happens to be endorsing it. 😛

    • Christina

      Actually, I preferred kate moss and bought the fragrance because of her :-) I like it, but I wonder if i would have ever considered it without that ad with Kate? (the one where she is topless and wears a black pearl necklace on her naked back).

  23. Nunuiviet

    She’s cute but the ad is so boring. Keira has such a flat chest. I think that Keira and Natalie portman look so much alike, they coold be twins if you just look at their face

    • Andrea

      Why comment on her having a flat chest? What does that have to do with anything?

    • Sara

      Sorry, but what’s wrong with being flat chest. She’s a gorgeous flat chested women. Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes!

      • Nunuiviet

        That’s my opinion, you have yours so just keep this to yourself don’t play the offended girl.

        • She has an equal right to express her opinion – if you don’t keep yours to yourself, there’s no reason for her not to speak up. Or for you to name call. Please consider this a warning. Repeated comments like these will result in removal from Temptalia.

  24. kasiaj85

    I love the Coco Mademoiselle scent and to be honest, I’d never had gotten interested in it if it wasn’t for the previous ad with Keira. That ad intrigued me so much that I went and checked out on the perfume. And the music in the previous one was also Joss Stone I believe :) I generally like the atmosphere of the ads :)

  25. Ana G.

    This perfume is amazing!!

  26. JungleSpark

    I really really really need that wallpaper. Where in the world do I get it?!

  27. I love Keira! Her haircut looks really nice, as does her make-up. I wonder what nail polish color she’s wearing in the film. That grungy yet sophisticated grey looks fabulous!

  28. Cherokee

    Coco Mademoiselle is my all time favorite parfume ever!!!!! There is something very nostaglic about the smell. It reminds me of something I don’t remember or recall and takes me somewhere I’ve never been but miss (weird I know). I love this so so so much. Miss Dior Cherie has a hint of Coco in it.

  29. Joyce

    I prefer Chanel Allure and No 5 Eau Premiere…Who the guy? Goodness, he is so cute. Intelligent Sexy.

  30. One of the dumbest ads I’ve seen in a while. KK looks gorgeous and the photographer is hot, but that’s about it.

  31. Darcy

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!find out her makeup colors fron the print add…I need to know so I may have them asap….thanks so much…love love love your blog

  32. Christina

    I would LOVE to see a recreation of the look on youtube like Makeup Forever often does.. or at the very least know the product names :)