Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Chanel Candeur Rouge Coco Shine

Chanel Spring 2012: Rouge Coco Shines

For spring, there are two new Chanel Rouge Coco Shines ($32.00 for 0.10 oz.); they include: Candeur (pastel pink) and Flirt (soft coral). Chanel lists both of these as joining the permanent range.

  • Candeur is a pale neutral pink with almost opaque color coverage. It’s a touch lighter compared to Guerlain Rose Innocent.
  • Flirt looks like a slightly pinked coral in the tube, but when I applied it to my lips, it took on a much pinker appearance. I suspect that this shade will lean more or less coral depending on how much pink is in your natural lip color. This shade had more semi-opaque color coverage with some translucency so it doesn’t read heavy or opaque at all. It’s like a much lighter version of theBalm Strawberry. MAC Flamingo is slightly warmer, less pink. MAC Blossom Culture is slightly more opaque. MAC Ever Hip is less pink and more opaque.

I’ve reviewed the formula in the past, and while it feels lovely on lips initially, I’ve found the formula to be just above average but not really worth the price tag. The wear time is under two hours (I normally average four), which is definitely a bummer. For me, what is most disappointing is the lack of hydration. The formula is supposed to be moisturizing, and indeed, it feels like it will be, because it glides on and feels lightweight and more like a lip balm than a lipstick.

The formula isn’t drying, but it doesn’t add moisture for the short period of time it’s on your lips. I feel the need to add some sort of balm after these are up or else reapply. Because of the really creamy, glide-on consistency, it is also easy to overapply these. The color is intended to be soft and translucent, though these seem more pigmented than other Rouge Coco Shines I’ve tried.   There are readers who definitely enjoy these, so they may be worth checking out if the color really grabs you. I haven’t had a great experience with them, though, and I think Chanel can and has done some really amazing lip products in the past–these just don’t hit the mark for me.

The Glossover


Chanel Candeur and Flirt Rouge Coco Shine Reviews, Photos, Swatches

If the wear was improved, these would be a better buy. They do apply exceptionally well, because the texture is very balm-like, so it glides on effortlessly and feels comfortable to wear while it lasts.











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Chanel Candeur Rouge Coco Shine

Chanel Candeur Rouge Coco Shine

Chanel Candeur Rouge Coco Shine

Chanel Candeur Rouge Coco Shine

Chanel Flirt Rouge Coco Shine

Chanel Flirt Rouge Coco Shine

Chanel Flirt Rouge Coco Shine

Chanel Flirt Rouge Coco Shine

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57 thoughts on “Chanel Candeur and Flirt Rouge Coco Shine Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. Katie

    I just purchased Flirt Rouge Coco shine. Cant wait to get it It looks so pretty!

  2. OMG it’s stunning. Many might not like it but I totally love it. I am saving this look for brighter face, eyes and lips. You look charming as always!!

  3. Devoney

    What do you do to keep your teeth so beautiful and white?! I’ve always wondered. I’m always looking for better products :] By the way these lipsticks look wonderful on you, and that wear time is such a bummer!

  4. Agata

    What blush are you wearing in those pictures? It looks really pretty.

  5. Soly

    Loving Flirt!

    I must know, what’s the rest of your makeup in these pictures? :)

  6. Lucy

    I love flirt rouge coco shine. Though I love other lipsticks so I’d spend my money elsewhere.

    What’s on your cheeks Christine?

  7. Allison

    Ooooh I think they both look nice and fresh on you!

  8. lilly

    I love it, but I don’t love it at $32! pass!

  9. Oh my, I was really pleasantly surprised by how these look on you as opposed to in the tube! They’re very pretty; too bad about the price and the lackluster formula!

  10. Holly

    What’s on your eyes Christine? As always thanks for the review!

  11. Melissa

    A Chanel SA told me that he found the Rouge Coco Shines to not be moisturizing at all. And the fact that they are so sheer proves to me that they are definitely not worth the money. I stocked up on their Aqualumiere lipsticks when they were being phased out, and I know that they are so much better than the RCS. Why Chanel discontinued their Aqualumiere lippies is certainly a mystery to me. I want them back!

  12. Libby

    $32 for 1?! i’ll pass on that. it just looks like a tinted chapstick that i could get at the drug store

  13. lulu

    Love love this! It’s so fresh and pretty on you. What’s the other makeup you’re wearing in this look?

  14. Steph

    I love it, but the price isn’t for me.

  15. Timea

    Omg you are so gorgeous!!! :O can’t stop staring, lol.

  16. Shortie

    What’s on ur cheeks? Love it!

  17. Angela

    Hi Christine! What is on your cheeks? So lovely.

  18. Hilary♥

    Not worth the price – there’s no real pigmentation, they look like regular lip balm and honestly I’ll never spend so much money on lip balms.

  19. Colleen

    Pretty shades! And love your eyes, goes well with the lip colors. What are you wearing?

  20. Gina

    This is from the 2012 collection, correct?

  21. The first one I skipped over because it is way too light and not worth much. Flirt I thought about and finally purchased and am glad I did. It pulls pinky peach on my rosy lips, but not orange as I first thought it would. I just a post up with swatches on my haul from this collection and the Knightsbridge one. Very pretty shades that I plan to use a lot of this spring and summer!

  22. PJ

    I think “flirt” is a good color for you. Im not so sure that I can pull off a coral look, but it looks like that is the trend for spring 2012. I have a few of these coco shines, still use the bonheur color, but the others are just taking up space in my makeup drawer! KaaaaaChing!

  23. Jenny

    Flirt looks lovely on you which makes me want it and sad at the same time because it would not show up on my lips at all.

  24. Anna

    Yeah they look sooo pretty and you look great in those photos, but for $32… can’t do it. haha.

  25. just curious what are you wearing on your face (foundation & blush & eyeshadow wise?)

  26. They both look gorgeous on you!!!

  27. I like these, but I really need to know what’s on your eyes :)

  28. Nancy

    Every lip color looks stunning and perfect on you. What do you use to take of your lips so well, Christine?

  29. trèsYou look pretty in pink !

  30. Alejandra

    I wouldn’t mind splurging on a really nice lipstick, like I did for Dior Nocturne, but these sheer lipsticks leave a lot to be desired.I would not pay $10 for these let alone $32.Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

  31. Nancy

    I also find these way overpriced. I bought “Boy” two days before Christmas and right now I’m a little more then half way through with the whole tube. It’s very thin and watery consistency doesn’t hydrate or last long on my lips at all..very disappointing for the price and amount of product you get.

  32. A bit too steep for my budget. You look great!

  33. Mary

    They are both so pretty on you. The lipsticks remind me a bit of YSL Rouge Volupte Perle. Have you ever tried those Christine? By the way, what eye shadows are you wearing? They match both of the lipsticks perfectly!

  34. Sumer Mohammad

    What I have to say ,, you lucky people $32 isn’t that bad comparing the price here in my country (I do live in Saudi Arabia ) and Dior and Chanel lipsticks is about $ 48 …:(. And I really like flirt it looks pretty

  35. Kirsty

    I’m not talking to Chanel any more. How *dare* they discontinue Dragon. HOW DARE U CHANEL %*&%&^$(*&*((

  36. Karina

    The Flirt shade looks lovely.

  37. WOW! Wonderful! I love this colours!

  38. Ayse

    Hi, what your blush and eye makeup here?

  39. i LOVE these colors on you. It’s natural and goes well with the whole face. What’s your cheek color? It’s so pretty!

  40. OMGOSH! I want BOTH! They’re gorgeous!

  41. Cathy

    Hi…Thanks for the great swatches…I love the look of the Candeur in the tube…but need something with a bit “more to it” when it’s on. I know you mentioned the Guerlain…any other ideas in similar color family?? (Does t strike you as anything like Chanel Chintz?) Thanks!

  42. Christina

    I got Flirt and it look peach on me with a hint of coral on me. I have pale skin with freckles.