Sunday, December 9th, 2007


Seductive curves. Now, power shape your lashes with up to 160% more curl. Advanced aerodynamic gel formula with innovative curling polymers gives lashes weightless, seductive curves, without stiffness or flaking. New pigment technology creates intense black impact shades that absorb light and surround your eyes in the beauty of deep, rich color. Fragrance free. Ophthalmologist-tested.

  • Applicator: Medium-sized brush with an oval shape to it–small point a the end.
  • Clumping: Only mild clumping was experienced on the third coat towards the roots of lashes, but not at the ends.
  • Curl: This isn’t a curling mascara, but it does hold a curl when you’ve used a lash curler.
  • Ease: Quite easy to apply given the nature of the wand, which allows for more precision to get to harder to reach lashes on the inner area and the lower lashes.
  • Length: You get a decent amount of length after a few coats of this mascara–not the longest I’ve ever seen–a good length for both natural and more dramatic looks.
  • Thickening: I would have to say that I didn’t feel like my lashes were significantly thicker, even in the appearance.
  • Volume: I found I got more volume out of this Estee Lauder mascara than some of the others I’ve tried. I felt like my lashes appeared fuller.
  • Best: I liked how full my lashes looked thanks to the volumizing effect of the mascara, and the length that came out was quite lengthy. This is a great everyday mascara for those who want a bit of length and drama, but nothing over the top.
  • Worst: No real downside to this mascara; perhaps the price is a turn off for those who are more budget-conscious.

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Estee Lauder DayWear Plus ($38.00)

More than moisture. More than protection. DayWear Plus actively shields skin from the multiple assaults of the environment to help prevent lines before they appear — so your skin looks younger longer. The secret? An active response anti-oxidant system with a powerful blend of new and natural ingredients. A skin-friendly UVA/UVB screen you can wear AM and PM. An advanced dual moisture system to keep skin feeling moist and healthy. Lightweight, oil-free creme. Dermatologist-, Ophthalmologist-tested. Apply AM and PM after cleansing, and after applying your Repair Serum.

What makes it worth it: Oh my goodness, I fell in love with this rich moisturizer as soon as I put on my first application of it in the morning! It is a luxuriously thick cream that dries quickly and leaves skin feeling incredibly smooth and hydrated. The scent reminds me of cucumbers and cool days, I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s a subtle scent, so it’s perfect for a facial moisturizer. I just honestly felt like I was pampering my skin with this product, and I will definitely be adding this to my list of staples. A little goes a long way, which as I always say, is most excellent. Oh, what else? It contains SPF15, which is an essential item you need for your daily regimen.

Why you might pass on it: None! Buy it today. I adore this, and I can’t think of a single reason not to at least check it out and try out the texture for yourself. The price is the only thing that could sway you, but I imagine one container will last me at least a month of use, so I’ll fork over the money for this lovely addition.

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Monday, December 3rd, 2007


For more defined, more conditioned, more beautiful lashes. Get intense definition–for immensely expressive eyes. Get more black impact–shade “More Black” with advanced pigment technology creates the deepest jet black. Exclusive Moisture-Binding formula defines and conditions with two moisturizers for smooth, silky-soft lashes that are never flaky, never brittle. Unique hollow-bristle brush wraps each lash in luxurious color that brings out the beauty deep within your eyes. Why settle for less, when you can have more? Fragrance free. Ophthalmologist-tested.

  • Applicator: Small to medium sized brush with densely packed bristles that comes to a point at the end.
  • Clumping: Lashes do clump a touch, so you might want to have a disposable mascara wand to run through your lashes in-between the second and third coat to ensure separation.
  • Curl: Doesn’t naturally add curl, but it holds one well.
  • Ease: Quite easy to apply given the smaller nature of the wand, which allows for more precision to get to harder to reach lashes on the inner area and the lower lashes.
  • Length: This mascara definitely delivers on the lengthening promise, because my lashes were definitely getting to that sky-high level that I love.
  • Thickening: My lashes appeared a bit thicker, but not overly so, which is mostly good. I wouldn’t want them to be too thick if it meant I’d risk sparseness instead.
  • Volume: Some volume, but not a ton. There’s a bit of an illusion of volume because of how black this mascara is, though!
  • Best: Who doesn’t love a super rich black mascara? This is a moisture-binding mascara, which means your lashes don’t feel brittle at all–love that.  I also liked the length I got out of three coats!
  • Worst: It would have been nice to see a bit more volume overall, but I’m not disappointed in this mascara at all.

Saturday, December 1st, 2007


High drama for every single lash. Now you can project thicker, longer, more defined and lustrous lashes that highlight your beautiful eyes. VolumAire formula creates weightless volume and sharp definition that resists clumping. Hollow spherical polymers act like inflated balloons that volumize and lift. ProDefinition Brush draws out even tiny lashes with infinite precision and separation control. Lets you lavish attention on every single lash, every single day. Blends two kinds of fibers: hollow fibers to hold formula, plus solid rigid fibers to comb it through and separate. Pearl pigments mimic the luster and color of natural hair for a lustrous, healthy look. Slowly work through lashes using precise strokes to build up volume, comb and separate lashes.

  • Applicator: Small to medium sized brush, with densely packed bristles.
  • Clumping: I didn’t find I had many clumping issues while applying my regular three coats.
  • Curl: It didn’t naturally curl lashes, so you would need to use a lash curler, but it did hold the curl.
  • Ease: Quite easy to apply given the smaller nature of the wand, which allows for more precision to get to harder to reach lashes on the inner area and the lower lashes.
  • Length: This is a multitasking mascara, which includes lengthening, and it definitely lengthened, but it didn’t give me sky-high lashes.
  • Thickening: I definitely felt that it delivered on thickening power, though; my lashes were clearly more lush after application.
  • Volume: I achieved some volume, but not as much as I’d have liked.
  • Best: I loved the rich black color and the way the mascara adhered to my lashes for the naturalness. It sort of muddled through length and volume, but it was great at thickening!
  • Worst: I would have loved to see more volume in this mascara–the length is probably fine for most, but I personally love ridiculously long lashes that I can get without applying false lashes.

Monday, November 26th, 2007


Think of it as simply stretching the truth. Get extremely long, way-out-there lashes that defy reality. Lash XL extends natural lashes to supernatural lengths—up to 50% longer. Every last lash is separated, defined, lengthened beyond belief. And that’s the truth.

  • Applicator: Small to medium sized brush, very skinny, but the bristles are packed densely on the wand.
  • Clumping: I thought this mascara would have some problems with clumping if you waited too long between coats, and especially if you tried to do more than two heavy coats or three lighter coats. You can see in the results photo that after three coats, my lashes aren’t as separated as one would like.
  • Curl: Some natural curl mechanism, but mostly due to the lash curler.
  • Ease: Quite easy to apply given the smaller nature of the wand, which allows for more precision to get to harder to reach lashes on the inner area and the lower lashes.
  • Length: This is a lengthening mascara that did not deliver as well as it could, and it definitely doesn’t compare to some of its competitors in the price range.
  • Thickening: My lashes were definitely thicker, but several of them stuck together, so it’s hard to say whether it’s truly thickening or if it’s just the clumping that does it. I think my lash looks somewhat full, but with the lack of length, they’re unimpressive.
  • Volume: I saw an increase in volume, but not by much. I was a bit dismayed that for a lengthening mascara, I couldn’t get the length, and despite that, volume seemed to be missed, too.
  • Best: I liked the richness of the black, and if I wanted a mascara to quickly apply before leaving to get groceries or something simple, this wouldn’t be a bad choice.
  • Worst: I was quite disappointed in this mascara, because it did not give me the length it should have. It claims to be a lengthening mascara, so when it clearly misses the mark, it’s a big let down. For $21, I expected more out of a mascara! I would compare the results of this with Bobbi Brown’s Everything Mascara.

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

Estee Lauder Professional Pure Color Lipstick is a lovely gold gift set with five full-size lipsticks in Pink Parfait, Bois de Rose, Nectarine, Rose Tea, and Rice Papapya. $32.50

Estee Lauder Professional Pure Color EyeShadow is a gorgeous gold palette with six great shades for the holidays: Camouflage, Copper Penny, Honey Drop, Ivory Box, Pale Moon, and Plum Pop for a mere $25.00.