5 Shades of Spring for Nails

Do you break out the pastels come springtime?  I picked five of my favorite shades for spring, some punchier than others, and nothing too light/pale.  I’d love to hear yours!

What’s your favorite polish for spring?

Essie Blue Rhapsody Nail Lacquer

Essie Blue Rhapsody Nail Lacquer ($8.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as a “jazzy blue metallic.” It’s a subdued bluish-silver with a frosted, metallic finish. The dry down is a shiny matte; it has a flat look, but it’s not truly matte and there’s a sheen there. Out of the blue nail polishes I’ve reviewed, I couldn’t find or think of a dupe.

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Essie Blue Rhapsody Nail Lacquer

Essie She’s Picture Perfect Nail Lacquer

Essie She’s Picture Perfect Nail Lacquer ($8.00 for 0.46 fl. oz.) is described as an “iridescent, reflective lilac.” It’s a medium lilac purple shot through with ultra-fine fuchsia-pink iridescent shimmer. I can’t emphasize enough how subtle the shimmer is and how little it really reflects–it takes a lot of direct light and shifting to see it. Cult Nails Charming is warmer, less blue-based. Zoya Caitlin is much darker and bluer. Essie Lilacism is much lighter.

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Essie She's Picture Perfect Nail Lacquer

Essie Fall 2012 Collection – Yogaga

This August: Essie Yogaga

Get zen with a clean slate of refreshing, monochromatic nail colors that will be as at home on the yoga mat as they are in the boardroom. From modern neutrals to smoky grays and distinctive taupes, this natural palette is a breath of fresh air. “Colors move me in many ways,” says Essie Weingarten, Chief Creative Officer. “Inspired by the simplicity of shades and the nuances in tones, I spin from one hue to the next every single day and sometimes there is no substitute for a pristine neutral shade that can be worn absolutely anywhere and with anything.” Enter Yogaga, a collection of enlightened neutrals that embody everything that is easy and fool-proof about nail color. While on the flip side, the shades are squarely on trend, coinciding with several consecutive seasons that have seen runway designers embracing an astonishing array of neutral and natural shades for both hands and feet.

When it comes to neutrals, there are fifty thousand shades of gray! Let the perfect neutral carry you flawlessly from spin class to lunch with your best friend, to a night out in your favorite little black dress. The trick is color mixology at its finest. Classic neutral base shades are awakened and transformed with subtle infusions of color. From a lilac that shows off notes of pink, brown, cream and purple, to a rose that appears bright and subdued all at once, to a taupe that looks cream, gray or brown depending on what else is nearby, these shades are all about fine distinction. And proving once again essie’s favorite law of nature — color is truly infinite.

So make like Switzerland and go neutral with an om-tastic new wardrobe of the season’s freshest go-to shades.

  • Spinning Again Nuanced, neutral brick
  • Marathin Fresh, universal rose
  • Gym Dandy Neutral brown with a hint of gray
  • Pilates Hottie Subdued, pinky, taupy lilac
  • Boxer Shorts Cool yet classic purple
  • Yogaga Creamy, icy taupe

Availability: August 2012 at salons and beauty destinations worldwide, $8.00 each

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Essie Fall 2012 Collection – Stylenomics

Coming in September: Essie Stylenomics

This autumn, leave nothing to chance. Consolidate your power with color that heralds the return of the woman of substance. It’s no secret, women are major players in the economy, and what fashionable purse-strings they hold! Wise to the credit debacles of the past, they are playing it safe in spending and in style. Classic, statement dressing is the look of the moment, and serious silhouettes require a fabulous match of full-force color. “I absolutely love hearing from women about how essie color makes them feel,” essie founder, Essie Weingarten explains. “And when they tell me it made them feel powerful and poised in a business meeting, to me, that’s just the best!” Her own storied rise to the top of the nail color world began at a time when the fashion & beauty world was populated mostly by men. “Now, I get such a thrill from rubbing elbows with more fabulous women than ever. I created this collection with those can-do women in mind!”

stylenomics (stahyl-NoM-iks), noun: opulent color that lends an upscale look without breaking the bank.

There’s a sense of ease in refinement and confidence in restraint. No need to overdo things and above all, don’t sweater it! Profound green plays the role of black beautifully this season, creating a glorious counterpoint to striking red and lush burgundy. Austerity measures be damned, miss fancy pants always keeps it classy with graceful greige. Take a tip from the crush-worthy head mistress who whips everything into shape, without skirting the issue. It’s an ambitious wardrobe of color that’s sure to inspire every recessionista.

  • Miss Fancy Pants Refined, chic greige
  • Recessionista Millionheiress magenta
  • Stylenomics On the money opulent green
  • Head Mistress Bold, take-charge red
  • Don’t Sweater It Warm & cozy mauve
  • Skirting the Issue Slinky & subversive burgundy

Availability: Sepetmber 2012 at salons and beauty destinations worldwide, $8.00 each

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Essie Fall 2012 Collection – Mirror Metallics

Now Available: Essie Mirror Metallics

Step into a pristine and polished world of reflective metallics that will change your perception of nail color forever! Strike it rich with foolproof formulations that deliver reflection, sheen and a quantum leap forward in silvery chromes and incandescent golds. Metals apply like molten silk for seamless fluidity and a salon look – effortlessly.

“I was obsessed,” says Essie Weingarten, Chief Creative Officer. “The appearance of beautiful foils on the runway ignited a year-long search to realize that kind of overall, even reflectivity in a paintable polish.” Aluminum pearl coated in silver was Essie’s ticket for high-shine, helping her create this off-the-catwalk collection. Highly reflective, these metallics are the latest and greatest in the essie roster: “I am thrilled with my metallics!” Weingarten continues, “No one will metal around with you while wearing these babies!”

Amazing, high-impact effects add mesmerizing novelty to this luxurious palette of precious metals, but the shades were formulated with an eye on fashion and longevity. More than just the colors of the moment, they are carefully crafted classics of a mercurial nature – suitable for lunching ladies and newly launched rock stars alike. This is highshine nail fashion at its chicest!

This season, adorn yourself in a spectrum of metals from a to zinc and chart a course for futuristic fantasy in five fantabulous hues. Visionary color makes rocketing to the forefront of fashion a cinch, so don’t get left behind: select the mineral that casts you in a gorgeous light or mix them up for a French Manicure gilded in molten metal. No need to agonize over which to invest in – in this case a bright penny and rich nickel are worth their weight in gold!

  • No Place Like Chrome Richly oxidized nickel
  • Blue Rhapsody Heavy metal air force blue
  • Nothing Else Metals Ultramodern lilac alloy
  • Penny Talk Statement-making incandescent copper
  • Good as Gold Pure, rock-solid classic

Availability: Now at salons and beauty destinations worldwide, $8.00 each

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