Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream
Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream

Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream ($25.00 for 0.25 fl. oz.) is described as a “burgundy.” It’s a deepened, cool-toned burgundy with a subtle reddish tint mixed with purple. It had a satin-matte finish. MAC Talk That Talk (LE, $16.00) is more matte, slightly warmer. MAC Heart Hangover (LE, $18.00) is a touch darker. MAC Dramatic Encounter (LE, $16.00) is darker. MAC Boyfriend Stealer (LE, $16.00) is sheerer. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Black Dahlia (P, $18.00) is darker, warmer. See comparison swatches.

The Cashmere Lip Cream formula is supposed have rich pigmentation, feel lightweight, and yield a matte finish. For all those who eschew typical spring lip colors, here’s a review for you–a rich, vampy hue that’s intensely pigmented with full, opaque color coverage. The finish is more satin to natural for the first couple of hours of wear–it absolutely becomes matte at some point, but there was a noticeable sheen that powered on for longer than anticipated. To get a more matte finish right away, apply a lot less with a lip brush, blot, then apply a little more, then blot again. Bordeaux is very long-wearing, and it held strong for over six hours and still made it fairly intact through a meal. After six hours or so, it’s slightly faded but hardly noticeable by any one else. It was lightly hydrating over time, and the consistency was light-to-medium-weight, was comfortable to wear (particularly in the first four hours, where it is a little creamier), and applied evenly. I didn’t have any issues with the color feathering or bleeding. There is a slight scent to it that I can’t quite place–a little herbal-y? perhaps that’s subtle and I can only somewhat catch a whiff of it when I smell the applicator.

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Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream
Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream

Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream
Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream

Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream
Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream

Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream
Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream

Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream
Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream

Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream
Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream

Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream
Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream

Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream
Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream

Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream
Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream

The Makeup Look

On face: Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Foundation, Guerlain Les Voilettes Loose Powder, Giorgio Armani Daybreak Cheek Fabric.

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91 thoughts on “Bite Beauty Bordeaux Cashmere Lip Cream Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Fabulous it isssss n u r looking smoking hot in this :)
    it should be theeeee burgundy m looking for ( I guess sooo )

    can u check dear .. the makeup look says
    On lips … lancome

  2. Ivana

    Wow, that´s a gorgeous color! It´s such a shame that the brand isn´t available in Europe… I keep my fingers crossed that they will make it to us in the future :)

  3. That is really gorgeous. I wish it was a tad more matte but nevertheless, I might snag this and have it ready for fall! <3

    • It definitely gets matte as it wears on, but it takes a couple of hours! With these types of products, I usually apply and wait 20-30 minutes (or less, depending on how fast it dries down!) to make sure it “sets” in a sense… but nope, still noticeably shiny!

  4. Wow this shade looks stunning!! Beautiful.

  5. Wow! It’s so rich and opaque. I love a good burgundy color.
    Judith Recently Posted: Maybelline tough as taupe color tattoo: one product, five usage

  6. Helen

    WOW. Just wow. Too bad we don’t have Bite Beauty in Spain because all their lip formulas seem to get raves everywhere. This shade looks particularly stunning, vampy but still wearable.

  7. Oooh I’m really impressed with the coverage and finish, perfection!

  8. Oh, my! What a beautiful shade! :)

  9. Helene

    Oh, that is a fantastic colour! I think I must do my very best to get me one. I see so much I really like and even love, but rarely if ever do my heart skip a beat from seeing a lip colour. This just happened!
    You looked stunning as always.

  10. helen

    This is gorgeous on you, Christine. As much as i want to love Bite lip products (being a Canadian, i want to support a home made brand), i purchased one of the limited edition matt crayons and i need to return it. As lovely as the colour (and texture) of the matt crayon is, the lipstick colour turned that dreadful fusha (that some lipsticks do).
    The bordeaux colour is gorgeous and is right up my alley. I would certainly give this formulation a try if it doesn’t turn that horrible bright pink. How did it wear (as far as colour consistency?).
    PS: Christine, in your make-up description (love your foundation and blush!), you list your lips as a Lancome product. I assume that’s just a mix-up?

    • Hi Helen,

      Yes, it’s the full description of what I wore the day I took photos (I usually have a mix of blush and lip swatches), so it’s the lip color I have on (so I remember) for the blush photos.

      I can’t really recall many, if any, shades changing colors on me!

  11. Wwendalynne

    Wow that’s some sexy lips. This colour is TDF! This is going to be jumping in my cart.

    My experiences with Bite have been impressive. Wonderful brand.

  12. That’s one gorgeous lippie! It looks fabulous on you, Christine!

  13. Such a beautiful color, and so pigmented. This is not good for my wallet.
    Lucina Recently Posted: STREET SHOOT

  14. Emi

    This is a gorgeous color & the formula sounds fantastic. I am definitely tempted!
    Emi Recently Posted: Weekly Loves #4

  15. I need this in my life. This will be a “congrats, Audrey, for making it through finals” present to myself. :)
    Audrey Recently Posted: Just For Fun: If I only had $100 to start over my makeup collection

  16. Gina

    The color is stunning on you! I was wondering how you would compare the wear time and comfort to the YSL Kiss and Blush product? I just purchased #5 in YSL and it is very nice and comfortable to wear and I normally don’t do that type of gloss/lipstick…I’m strictly a MAC prolongwear lipstick gal :)
    Thank you

    • Hey Gina,

      This is a little creamier, so the texture is a bit different. I think they are about similar in terms of comfort – a shade like this will last longer than some of the lighter YSL shades but will be on par with the deeper shades. Do you mean the original PLWs or the actual PLW Lipsticks? The latter, I think you’ll be fine with this… but if it’s the old school formula, then these might be too creamy.

  17. I would love to try something from Bite Beauty. This is tempting me!

  18. I’m pretty much obsessed with this company, and have been looking for a color like that, so I guess this is kismet? :)

    Shani x
    Shani Recently Posted: OOTD: Are You Going My Way?

  19. That’s a nice vampy shade!

  20. Jaclyn Lilli

    I bought mine during Sephora’s winter sale and haven’t touched it since. This has inspired me to start wearing it more. It’s such a lovely color with great formula!

  21. Wow, what a stunning color! And actually something that I have nothing similar to!

  22. Andie

    I like the way this looks. Especially for spring. So fun to do something unexpected.

  23. Beautiful. I wonder how the other colors perform!

  24. Woah Baby, it’s beautiful too bad this isn’t the everyday color for you haha (I love bold colors, I just don’t like the attention it receives haha)

  25. beka

    LOVE this color!!!! i’ve almost gotten this in the shade port on many occasions and have left it in the store because i think i have too many that might be similar, but now, i think they’ll both be going in my cart. how does this formula compare with the armani maestro formula? that is the only liquid lipstick that i’ve really liked.

  26. Holy smokes!!! I need this color :)

  27. Michelle

    Oh wow, this is beautiful! Such a pretty colour. These are the times that I wish I lived in the US and not in The Netherlands haha. (We don’t have a Sephora anymore unfortunately.)

  28. Kate

    This looks very similar to YSL forbidden burgundy. Am I wrong?

  29. Safyre

    I’m so glad Bite is finally getting buzzed about in the beauty community. I discovered them through work maybe last year or a little before that and thought “omg why is no one talking about the awesomeness?” and now it’s on Temptalia :’) lol. Beautiful color on your Christine. :)

  30. Clare Herickhoff

    I discovered these a few months ago and I’ve loved the formula …. Is it weird that when I first tried it, I thought, “but what would Christine think?!” Hehehehe 😛

  31. OMG, I need this yesterday. This is going to the top of my list for lippies.
    Erin Recently Posted: Why Does Wine Give Me A Headache?

  32. *gasp* LOVE this color!

  33. I was hoping for a more matte finish. I think darker colors in a matte finish look really stunning. But that aside, looks like a really good formula!
    Ankita Recently Posted: NYX Butter Gloss Peach Cobbler : Review, Swatch

  34. During the November Sephora sale I bought this Cashmere Lip Cream in Port. Love it.

  35. Oh this looks so beautiful… I’ve really liked the lipsticks I’ve tried thus far from Bite. Thinking I’ll have to pick this one up, given my love for deep reds.
    Kate Recently Posted: mental health mondays :: tippling too much?

  36. Wow! Such beautiful, vampy goodness :-) Perfect for those of us heading into autumn…except for the part where Bite Beauty doesn’t exist here 😛 Still, until they do, inspiration is always welcome!
    Sylirael Recently Posted: Exploring an Ice Dungeon! A Frozen Glitter Gradient Manicure with OPI and China Glaze

  37. Oh my that is a lovely shade!

  38. WOW! I imagined this to be more like a gloss. Its’ amazing!

  39. I love these type colors on you! I really need to check out some Bite lippies. I hear nothing but good things about them
    fancie Recently Posted: Spring Lip Picks

  40. I love this shade! I’m going to try to pick it up when Sephora has their sale this weekend. I’d love to see you review more lipsticks from Bite. I was surprised to see you only have three posts for their products (unless I’m searching incorrectly).

    • I forgot to add – I own the lip cashmere in Port and have had a lot of complements. I really does last longer than other lipsticks for me, and when it wears down it doesn’t look bad either. I do notice that not a lot of product comes out on the applicator, which seems a bit weird. I’m not sure if I’m the only one that noticed this or if I got a bad item – it still works fine though.

  41. this is SO pretty.. i love colors like this but i’m still too nervous to wear them in public!