Monday, November 5th, 2012

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette

The September Issue is Packed with Value and Quality

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette ($40.00 for 0.28 oz.) includes eight eyeshadows: Couture (glimmering clove), Silhouette (antique white), Statement (vibrant orchid), Pret-a-Porter (sunbaked gold), Tres Chic (apricot cream), Editor’s Pick (metallic teal), Glitterati (shimmering pink), and Ensemble (deepest eggplant).

Each eyeshadow is 0.035 oz., as compared to the average full-sized eyeshadow, which is 0.05 oz. (and bareMinerals’ Ready eyeshadows in the duos and quads are 0.05 oz.). In duos, they’re $20/0.10 oz.; quads are $30/0.17 oz., and 8-pan palettes are $40/0.28 oz.–which breaks out to $200/oz., $176/oz., and $143/oz. I love that they give you a little more as you buy larger palettes. Just to put those prices in context, MAC single eyeshadows are $300/oz., while their duos are $275/oz. and quads are $210/oz.

Couture is a neutral-cool dark brown with a subdued bronze shimmer-sheen. It had really good color payoff and was soft, finely-milled, and smooth. Girogio Armani #24 is a bit darker. Dior Golden Savannah is warmer, a touch more golden. NARS Paramaribo is more red-toned. Urban Decay Snakebite is much warmer, browner. Tarina Tarantino Dreamy has more red in its undertone.

Silhouette is a pale, warm white with a pearly sheen. It had good pigmentation and applied smoothly. Dior Night Golds is frostier. Too Faced Vanilla has more beige in it. Givenchy Lune Mysterieuse is similar but more frosted.

Statement is a fuchsia-magenta with a matte finish. It is a smidgen powdery, but it has good color payoff and does apply evenly and smoothly on the eye. MAC Infra-violet is pinker, lighter, and has shimmer. Sugarpill 2AM is similar but has very, very fine shimmer. Bobbi Brown Ultra Violet is a touch more purple. Urban Decay Purple Haze is more purple. Urban Decay Fishnet is shimmery and iridescent.

Pret-a-Porter is a molten honey gold with strong yellow undertones and a frosted finish. It had excellent color payoff, and it was a cinch to work with: super smooth and soft. OCC Triptych is yellower, less orange-toned, and has a metallic finish. Urban Decay Honey is less orange-toned. NARS Paramaribo is more antique-y. Inglot #404 is less yellow.

Tres Chic is a subdued peach with a mostly matte finish. It had good pigmentation, and it was soft, smooth, and not at all powdery. Chanel Premier Regard is similar. Cinderella Pumpkin Coach is yellower. Dolce & Gabbana Cocoa is lighter. Inglot #328 is a touch lighter.

Editor’s Pick is a deep green-teal with an almost blackened base and a frosted finish. Urban Decay Hijack is bluer. Illamasqua Android is darker, smidgen bluer. Milani Mix It Up is brighter. Urban Decay Loaded is less frosted, darker (blacker base). Bare Escentuals Max Volume is pretty similar.

Glitterati is a light pink with a golden shimmer-sheen. It had good pigmentation, and it applied very smoothly. MAC radial Pink is lighter, less golden. Chanel Harmonie du Soir is darker, no golden sheen. MAC Invicible Light is a yellower pink without the golden sheen.

Ensemble is a dark burgundy-brown with a matte finish. This shade swatched unevenly, but applied to the eye, it performed better. It was very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. The texture was slightly powdery. theBalm Presto is similiar but warmer. Tarina Tarantino Saw Dust Heart is darker, blacker. MAC Midnight Flurry is comparable in color. MAC Embark is redder, warmer. Inglot #378 is similar.

Quite honestly, bareMinerals’ Ready range is an eyeshadow formula I could use and use exclusively and not feel like I was missing out. It is a truly excellent formula with a wide range of colors and finishes. They are consistently top notch in quality, but I love that they really reach across the spectrum of color. You have pops of color plus a strong neutral range. I’ve been a huge fan of the Ready eyeshadow range since it debuted, and I continue to be impressed by the recent releases.

The September Issue is a Sephora-exclusive, and it’s an interesting mix of colors, from color to neutral and warm to cool shades.  There were two shades (Statement and Ensemble) that were a bit powdery, though they were both very soft, finely-milled mattes. The other six shades performed incredibly well.  I wore several of the shades in a look, and I had no problems getting a full eight hours of wear without creasing or fading without a primer.

The Glossover


The September Issue

It's a fantastic palette from start to finish with a good selection of colors and neutrals. It's not warm or cool-toned, so it should work well across skin tones.











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bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals Couture Eyeshadow

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals Silhouette Eyeshadow

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals Statement Eyeshadow

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals Pret-a-Porter Eyeshadow

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals Tres Chic Eyeshadow

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals Editor’s Pick Eyeshadow

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals Glitterati Eyeshadow

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals Ensemble Eyeshadow

bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette
bareMinerals Eyeshadows in Statement, Pret-a-Porter, Editor’s Pick, Tres Chic, and Glitterati

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Sephora, $40.00.

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See individual shade reviews! :)

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42 thoughts on “bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I like this one a lot when I saw it in Sephora but the %50CAN price point has me cringing every time.

    Love the eye look you did with it. 😉

  2. ada

    Wow, this is a very nice palette. The look you did with it is very pretty!

  3. Those swatches.. serious quality!

  4. Jade

    This looks beautiful but the mix of colours doesn’t appeal to me.

  5. I have the first 8.0 palette and love it. But what I really fell in love with is the brush, though. I always love a good travel brush. I really wish I could buy JUST the brush (not the full-size, but the small one included in the 8.0 palettes)

  6. Dominique

    I don’t like it very much. I really prefer the Vice Palette ( glad to have it here ! ) but Bare Escentuals is a good brand ( in France it’s called Bare Minerals ), I love their textures, products are long-wearing and highly pigmented ( just have a blush and a quad ).
    This Holiday palette is a mix of M.A.C and Urban Decay in terms of coulours to my opinion.

  7. Vanilla

    I’m always amazed with the eye looks you come up with for every palette you review! You can make mediocre shadows look great, and great shadows look amazing. I have a hard time incorporating that many colours together, but it’s probably because I overblend and all the colours start bleeding into each other and it looks muddy. I love what you did here!

  8. I really love these colors!

  9. moena

    The quality is nice, but the colors themselves are very meh in this palette.

  10. blueraccoon

    There are some really lovely eyeshadows in this palette. I don’t know if I’d get a lot of use out of it, but the quality is definitely there.

  11. Marie

    Thank you for the review. This is one palette I’d love to have! However I imagine the grotesquely-inflated European price would be a big deterrent for me.

  12. These are all so lovely!

  13. Carly

    I love this. If for anything for that pink! I’m a sucker for those unfortunately… I want BRIGHT not dull, fade away in a heartbeat pinks!!

    But like Marie said before me, the price over here will be insane. I’m in the UK so not as bad as some places in Europe but bad enough when you are a student!

    • Marie

      I agree. I mean, it’s great quality for a reasonable price in the US, but in Europe oh my it’s a luxury product!

      When I first saw the Bare Minerals quad in my Sephora, I was so happy. When I saw the price, I was floored.

      Some cosmetics fan who know about products actually decide *not* to purchase these products because they feel they’re being ripped off. In Europe we’re used to this weird “law” that says $1 = 1€, we know we’re always paying 30% more than in the US. It’s already annyoing as it is. To push it even further is too much.

      Just an example:
      A BM quad is $30 in the US, 35€ in Europe. 35€ is equivalent to $45.
      I suspect this $40 palette will be sold for 50€ (or even more).

      Now I’m curious… How much are these in Australia / New Zealand? I can’t even imagine…

  14. virginiaisforluvrs

    Great eye look! When you post looks, might you be able to share what brushes you used? I am just starting to get the hang of using my new brushes, so it would be a great learning lesson (and helpful to know what brushes I am missing)! If you don’t have the time, I understand :) Thanks!

  15. Johvian

    Which liner did you use in your waterline?

  16. Nicolle

    Hi Christine! I love your reviews and would like to know if you will be reviewing the Bareminerals Christmas palletes.

  17. Kristina

    I LOVE the way you did your makeup. I don’t think I would use all the colors of this palette, but glad to hear the quality is good. Is Couture similar to Darkhorse from Naked 1?

    Does anyone have the A-list quad palette by any chance? is it good?

  18. Wow, as soon as I saw the photos, they jumped out at me immediately. The colors are so vivid. I know it’s probably the most “boring” one, but my favorite is Tres Chic, also Pretaporter

  19. Maria

    Wow, how gorgeous is Couture?! I must consider purchasing.

  20. Jasmine

    Didn’t really want this until I saw the look you did in the picture at the bottom!

  21. The quality looks nice but I don’t like the color selection here. Basically, some shades I have dupes for together with some shades I wouldn’t use.
    It’s funny they mispelled Silhouette on the bottom of the compact. They skipped a letter!

  22. An

    Your eye look is stunning! Love how you used all the colors. :)

    The palette is very nice, but it doesn’t grab me.

  23. Laura H

    WOW ! That eye look is probably one of my favourites I’ve ever seen you do ! The way you combined those colours is so beautiful.

  24. Alison

    I’m impressed – I can actually see myself using most of the shades in this palette. Usually I only like a couple, and that’s it!

  25. Terri

    I have been looking at this at Sephora and Ulta every time I go in, but so far haven’t pulled the trigger. It is visually very appealing to me and I have heard such good things about the formula but…..I bought the vice palette, the harmonie du soir palette and the Chanel eye shadows in Vision and Abstraction, plus a MAC eye kit so I need to STOP!!!
    But I really want to get this….maybe I’ll get it for my daughter for Christmas and “borrow” it occasionally. :)

  26. Virginia

    The editors pick shade is gorgeous!!!!

  27. Bare Minerals never ceases to impress me with their shadows. They are so opaque and long wearing, it’s ridiculous. Coming from someone who NEEDS a primer to wear eyeshadow, but still get creasing with MAC shadows (damn you Club!) within 6+ hours, Bare Minerals shadows last 12+ hours on me with a primer. I almost couldn’t believe it!

  28. Veronica

    I love the look you made with this palette, and the variety of colors was refreshing. Editor’s Pick looks like an interesting shade from your swatch.

  29. Ellie

    That eye look is so so so so so so gorgeouss!

  30. Taylor

    The palette, I was like hmmm whatever. Then I saw your eye look. WOW. Very inspiring. I need to get some popping colors, and get cracking on some tricky looks like that.

  31. Ru

    As usual Christine, thanks so much for your indepth reviews and shade comparisons. I do like this palette but in reviewing it I have so many similar shades it’s not worth getting. Thanks!

  32. Kat

    Wow, you did your eye so beautifully!

    It’s impressive how you combined all the colours into this look…never thought it could be done and look so good :)

  33. Audrey

    I wasn’t drawn in by the first picture but your swatches totally convinced me. Gorgeous!

  34. Melinda

    This is now on sale for $32 on the Bare Minerals website.

  35. Found this gorgeous palette at Kit Cosmetics in Myer (an Australian department store) for $49. It’s my first BareMinerals palette purchase. Can’t wait to try it out – the colours are beautiful