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I wiggle starting at the base then move upwards, and then I’ll apply one last coat where I just pull the wand through the lashes without wiggling. I do bottom lashes last. I curl top lashes before applying any mascara, and sometimes I layer mascaras. I like using Maybelline Mega Plush (Waterproof) + Rimmel Lash Accelerator. Sometimes I throw in a little L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes.

Also, a reminder to all in the U.S. – If you haven’t voted, yet, make sure to GO VOTE today!! πŸ™‚

I first apply a primer (I apply a primer for just about *everything*), comb my lashes, then sweep mascara straight up, concentrating color on the outer corners. Next, I’ll comb my lashes again. I’ll then do a second coat on the outer corners. I’ll usually do the the lower lashes only if I’m doing a heavier eye, as my lashes are naturally very dark & full.

The “wiggle” method just seems to make my lashes stick together, or leave gaps.

I kind of blink it on. I realize this isn’t the norm but it’s how I’ve always done it! I get much better results than just brushing it on. It allows me to avoid clumps and shape them just how I like.

I have always struggled with finding the right mascara that helps to give my lashes the best look. Recently I found an amazing eyelash growth enhancer from worksofbeauty.com called Uberlash. It works really well and I’ve found that mineral makeup brands work much better for me and they last longer throughout the day. I just apply in the morning and around Lunchtime and that’s it!

Good question! I do my lower lashes, recently with Maybelline Great Lash because it deposits the perfect amount for lower lashes. Upper lashes I use MAC Plushlash (which I like, don’t love) and… how the hell DO I do my mascara?! Do I wiggle…? Do I sweep? Man, I just don’t know. All I know is it goes on my lashes and I get pissy if it ends up elsewhere.

First coat = a bit of wiggle at the base, followed by a straight pull through. Second coat = straight pull only and concentration on the outer corners.

I do both upper and lower lashes. My lower lashes are nicer than my uppers. My uppers stick straight out and some even point downwards. Grrrrr.

I received a sample of this mascara and I am IN LOVE with it!! Definitely will be my next mascara purchase πŸ™‚ I’m glad other people love it too!

first i apply clinique bottom lash mascara to bottom lashes on both eyes. then i apply lancome hypnose drama to one eye then the other. that mascara has and s shaped brush so there’s a special technique to apply. the lancome ladies told me to first hold the brush so that the shape looks like a spoon then wiggle the wand at the roots and lift the lashes. then you turn the brush over and apply another layer getting the tips of the lashes coated. then for extra volume there’s a flat side on the curve of the brush that applies a lot of mascara. It’s long to explain but when you actually do it you can get BIG lashes very fast.

I blink mine on to start with. Like literally hold the wand still and blink my lashes over it. Then I get in the bottom and wiggle up to finish off and separate.
I cannot for the life of my figure out how to put mascara on on other people. If I do makeup on someone I tend to hand them a tube, a disposable wand and tell them to figure it out themselves, lol (don’t worry, I’m not a professional so it’s ok)

Love the question! I’ve been wanting to ask this for ages (instead i sent a goofy question about glasses and applying makeup).

I do the root wiggle and pull through. I kind of roll the brush as I pull through. I do one eye twice and then the other eye, top lashes only. Then I go back to the first eye, recoat the tips of the lashes and maybe another full coat. I only use clear on the bottom as I have ridiculous lashes on the bottom and wind up looking like a child’s “sad eye” doll!!

oh, I ALWAYS curl my lashes and I usually layer mascaras.
the only mascara I don’t layer with is Almay one coat thickening mascara. I always have a good application with it as long as it isn’t starting to dry out.

I don’t like lash combs so I use a clean mascara wand for separating clumps.

With my current mascara – which is light and natural looking – I wiggle, then stroke a few times, pushing the lashes up for extra curl. Repeat on the other eye. Add a second coat with upwards strokes and check the inner and lower lashes with the tip of the brush.

With a heavier mascara I tend to just stroke upwards, then use the tip of the brush to do the inner and lower lashes. Heavy mascara overapplies so easily on me, and it a bitch to get off.

1) I scrape off all the excess mascara on the back of my hand until there’s almost nothing left on the wand.
2) I do my right eye.
3) I pick up some of the mascara on my hand and do my left eye (with my left hand – yes! I actually switch hands!)
4) I pick up as much of the excess mascara as I can and add a light second layer to each eye – right, then left.
5) I go over the smudges with liner, because I’m still too clumsy not to smudge my mascara on my lids lol.

If I am going for extra drama, I first start with a primer. Then, I apply my defining mascara (currently loving L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes in the gold tube) with a straight swipe starting from the bottom of the lash. Then I apply my volumizing/drama mascara (currently loving LancΓ΄me Hypnose Drama) using the wiggle technique for darkness, drama and full body.

I am not happy until my lashes look like falsh lashes. I use Lancome doll eyes to separate the lashes and then lots of layers of Hypnose drama. I have tried lots of mascaras and this is the combination that I prefer. For some reason many sales assistants still try to talk me out of using two mascaras. Not sure why. They sell more and I am happier with two mascaras.

I hold the wand horizontally and start at the base of my lashes, wiggling as I work the mascara up my lashes. Then I switch to the other eye. Depending on what mascara I’m using, I might repeat that step. Next, I hold the wand vertically and add more mascara to the tips of my lashes (that adds length). Sometimes, I’ll comb through my lashes with Sephora’s lash and brow comb #21. I love the metal comb on that tool. I usually use either L’oreal million lashes or L’oreal Voluminous. I also use random samples from Sephora.

Damn, I wish there were an edit button. I forgot to add that I usually don’t do my lower lashes for work. I’ll do them for a night out. I usually hold the wand vertically and then kind of glide the wand over the lower lashes.

Only on the upper lashes.
One heavy coat on the upper part of the lashes, then two heavy coats on the lower part.
I like my mascara to be dramatic and a little clumpy.
Black only.

Depends on where I am going first of all, if its for work, I usually just do the top lashes only with the Two Faced mascara and don’t go all out. This mascara I prefer for work as it seperates them out more. I try to get the wand as close to the roots as possible, do the wiggle and then slowly blink it through to coat the lashes. My lashes are quite curved and long already so I rarely use a curler. If I’m going out I’ll use Illammasqua’s mascara and do several coats, sometimes even doing both ‘sides’ of the lash. I’ll then go in with the Two Faced mascara and do a coat on the bottom. (otherwise I’ll look too bug-eyed).

I do about 2-3 coats on the upper lashes while wiggling at the roots with a waterproof formula. For the bottom I usually do one coat of a tubing mascara ( usually blinc ) so that they look finished but not spidery or clumpy.

I always curl my lashes. They are long, but super straight.

I start with my right eye first because I tend to do worse on that side (need more time). LOL.
Curl then apply mascara, brushing upwards thru my lashes. One or two coats.
I try to hold the brush against my lashes for a 10+ secs while they are in the curved shape to help hold the shape longer.

Then switch to my left eye and do the same steps.

I used to not apply mascara to my lower lashes, but I’ve been liking how defined they look when I use a mascara with a smaller brush.
I have to apply the mascara carefully and slowly because I tend to get mascara on my skin under the lashes. OTL

Oh, btw, I’m left-handed and I wear glasses. But ofc, I take off my glasses to do my mascara. And my vision is very, very poor.

I have to get very close to the mirror to apply my makeup. I feel like I can get closer on the left side of my face than my right side. Idk why…

applying mascara is probably the most important part of makeup.
especially for someone who doesn’t have perfect lashes!
i have super short and weak lashes, probably not even 1cm but luckily very curly.
so I never use curler and non of them work for too short lashes anyway.
the important part to me is to pull up the upper eyelid before applying lashes. it is to make sure I apply mascara from the roots.
lashes look much longer and stronger when the mascara is applied from roots and apperently it will hold the curl much better as well.
and as my lashes are very short so I normally use primer from lancome before mascara.
but to me, if I apply primer, I only apply mascara one coat,
if not, I do 2 to 3 coats. the result is not huge different.
I like to apply lower lashes as well. to apply lower lashes, I wiggle the wand side to side in horizontal way very quickly.
and it’s all set.
even super short lashes are very visible after this. I even get compliments about my lashes from time to time. πŸ™‚

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