Monday, March 29th, 2010

Got a question? Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, both beauty-related or unrelated.ย  Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too :) The more the merrier!

Don’t be shy — ask one or twenty or none! :)

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532 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #023

  1. Nancy

    Can you recommend a great mascara?

    • What kind of mascara are you looking for? Or maybe a price range?

      I love Maybelline Full ‘n’ Soft for drugstore & full but natural lashes. I love MAC Plushlash mascara for inky black, near-false lashes. I love Chanel Exceptionnel the most, but Plushlash is almost as good and half the price.

  2. Keylla

    I am willing to pay whatever for a really good finishing powder. I don’t want anything that will make my face cakey. I am currently using MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC42. I heard good reviews on the MakeupForever HD powder. Do you have any other recommendations? Thanks!

    • I like Laura Mercier’s Setting Powder! :) I also like MUFE HD and MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.

    • I use the MUFE HD finishing powder, and it works fine for me. But then, I AM NC 15, so for me the transparency was key, as most powders with a skin tone go on too dark on me….

  3. Megan

    best acne spot treatment?

  4. Amanda

    -What are your favorite gold/antique gold eyeshadow(s)?
    -I’m kind of scared of blush – I’m really pale & sometimes my cheeks break out. Am I right or wrong in thinking blush would draw more attention? & if I’m wrong, what shade might you recommend? (I have blue eyes)

    You’re totally awesome for doing this!

    • MAC Rye eyeshadow (limited edition) is my favorite. Permanent, maybe MAC’s Patina.

      If you find one that doesn’t make them breakout, then I think you could wear blush. I’d go with a pale pastel pink. You may try something with a matte or satin finish if you have broken out cheeks so that it doesn’t emphasize the area!

    • Coming from another pale girl too(NC15) MAC Well Dressed would be lovely, or Brit Wit, if you use Cream blushes.

      Well Dressed is VERY pale, and can look VERY natural.
      Brit Wit is a touch darker, but the cream blush wears well, looks natural, and(I’ve found) broke me out less, when my skin was sensitive. I would DEFINITELY recommend finding some product you can use though. Particularly for us pale girls, the cheek color can REALLY make your skin look a lot healthier. And I think it can often look worse, wearing a heavier foundation with nothing on the cheeks, since it calls attention to the things you are trying to hide. Just use a green concealer on the irritation to pull out excess red, apply normal concealer over(if needed, or if you use a foundation like MACS studiofix, with full or heavy coverage, you can just apply that with a concealer brush), or just go straight to foundation. Use a TEENY amount of blush, and focus on the contour, to make your skin have depth.

      Hope that helps, let me know if you want any other color recs! The two I mentioned are just my ultra favorites(other than the azalia blossom blush ombre, but thats more opaque, and might call attention to imperfections)

  5. Simone

    I have dry, pale skin, and I cannot find a foundation that doesn’t make me look more dry, and also cakey! what would you recommend?
    I’m also looking for a volume mascara! any ideas?

    • Use a thicker moisturizer and let it sink in for 15-20 minutes prior to foundation. What foundations have you tried? I’d recommend a liquid foundation first off, and you’ll want to look for foundations with “satin” or “dewy” finishes.

      For a volumizing mascara, I like Maybelline Full ‘n Soft.

    • Rae

      May I butt in for a sec? I’m in the same boat as you are, Simone — have you checked out Make Up For Ever? Their Face and Body foundation is absolutely wonderful, and the shade range is pretty darn impressive :)

  6. Theresa

    Thanks for doing this- I love it!

    1. Best tips for blending? I can’t seem to get it right- my shadow either seems too harsh (not enough blending) but them sometimes it’s like all the colors have melted together. I did look at your how to on blending but I still can’t get it! :(

    2. Have you ever thought of doing celebrity makeup looks on yourself? I’d love to see your take on Kim Kardashian, any of the gossip girls, Britney Spears, Heidi Klum, Christina Aguliera, etc.

    3. What’s a good lip product to keep color on?

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Hi Theresa,

      Less blending is more! Don’t forget to take a step back, too – like it’s great to work close to the mirror, but always make sure you look at it from a “normal” viewing distance, too. I’d also watch some YouTube videos (I have some, but there are plenty of people to watch) and see if maybe that also helps make it “click” for you.

      Not really… I don’t really keep track of celebrities (just not my thing)!

      Lip liner or concealer!

    • Have you tried tapping, or patting product on? Its usually recommended you do this with soft, or glittery shadows, to preserve the finish, but this can help slow the blending down enough for you go get control over how you build it, on other shadows. Maybe use a swiping motion in the crease, or for the deep colors, but just pat above it, and around the edges, where you are blending other colors together? I do this when I’m having a hard time getting it right.

  7. I find that if I use a full-blown liquid foundation, my freckles turn muddy looking, and that’s no good, so I’m on the hunt for a good tinted moisturizer instead… any recommendations?

    Otherwise, how’s life?

    • Hi Sara,

      I like Kiehl’s and Korres’ Tinted Moisturizers a lot :) Sheer enough so your skin shows through, but not so sheer that it doesn’t give you any coverage.

      Life is good, thanks for asking!

    • Alabee

      I’m very freckled and had a hard time finding a product that didn’t make them look odd. I finally stumbled on Laura mercier’s tinted moisturizer which I am in love with!

    • Cherie

      If I may…. I’m a freckle lady myself and found the Smashbox tinted moisturizer was nice. I wasn’t too thrilled with the MAC one, TBH.

      I haven’t tried the above ones but hear they are nice too.

      Hopefully you can find something that works for you :)

  8. DevilishDoll

    I know I had a few questions, but I can only remember 1 of them at the moment. Which MAC lipstick that is available right now do you think would be closest to Fun Fun? I was thinking probably Viva Glam Gaga, but I wanted to make sure.

  9. Kim

    which MAC lipglass do you prefer:
    underage, oyster girl, prrr, or nymphette?


  10. meghan

    Christine, do you know of a good dupe for Mothbrown?

  11. Christina

    Hi Christine! I am looking to try a liquid foundation as i usually use powder, since my skin is very dry. I was looking into NARS sheer glow or MUFE Mat Velvet + and was wondering if you were able to recommend either one of these or another that you might think will work for me. thanks a lot! Love your site!

    • I’d skip Mat Velvet+ — if you want to try MUFE, try the HD. Mat Velvet+ is matte so it tends to emphasize the dryness of dry skin. You may also like Dior Nude – it is a rather moisturizing foundation.

  12. Tanya

    I would like your opinion on these three versions of the business names I am playing with –

    Transform You
    Transformed You
    Transforming You

    Its services (makeup and fem lessons) for transgender people, so thats why the “trans” is so key in the name :) I would LOVE LOVE your feed back on which you like the best and WHY??????

    Anyone else who wants to give your two cents is also welcome :) I would love any thoughts on the subject of the name or whatever else you have to add.

    • I like Transformed You – it’s like it implies that your customer is already transgendered, and then you’re going to enhance them from there :)

    • daphne

      Tanya, this sounds like a lovely business idea if done carefully and tastefully. Avenues for transgendered people (presumably transwomen?) to be embraced in their new gender are really needed, and helping with not the physiological transition but the social aspects is huge.

    • Brenda

      Sounds interesting, got me looking on google for other example names but drew a blank, sorry. I like Transforming You. Also like the words Diversify or Transition but they don’t really relate to transgender. Good luck with your new business!

      • daphne

        Actually “transition” directly relates to being transgendered – the process of changing ones gender (physiologically) is called “transitioning.” So working that word in there somehow could really cement the business model into the name!

    • Hyzenthlay

      I like Transformed You for the same reasons as Christine. It’s about the “new” person, making the transformation in the past. However, I prefer the actual sound of Transform You or Transforming You . . . but the message of Transformed You is the best.

      • Tanya

        OMG how amazing is the Temptalia community :) Thank you sooooo much with all my heart, I really super appreciate everyones input on my question. I have decided to go with Transformed You!! I really love the name and I feel really honored and excited to be able to provide a service to what I see as such a overlooked community of people in need. It allows me to combine two things I really love – makeup and everything about being a woman….and doing so in a way that leaves the world a better place.

        I love love love the Temptalia community, thank you!

    • lisa

      I like transform you.

  13. Aisha

    can you recemmend the best sunscreen ever that can be worn above or below makeup. please tell high-end and drugstore! :) thankss

  14. Nini

    I have acne and some scars… what product you recomend to clear the scar?

    Also, what’s the best product for contouring?

    • If you have hyperpigmentation, then time will do a lot for those, but I do like Kiehl’s Tone Corrector.

      I like MAC’s Sculpting powders, which are available at PRO. I think Sculpt is pretty much good for most skin tones.

    • Kim

      I’ve been using Clinique’s Even Better Skin Tone Corrector for the past month and I’m seeing some progress. :)

    • Amanda


      I get very bad scarring from acne, or anything that pops up on my face and I dont even touch it! I use a product called “Scar Guard”.
      I bought it from my plastic suergon and it works amazing. I use it on top of other products to. It is like a lare nail polish bottle and you “paint” it on top of where ever there is a mark or scar. It made a huge difference on my face and after awhile everything was gone. I still use it on blemishes just in case. It was made for large scars, like a tummy tuck, boob job etc. but it worked just as well on my little scars. I dont know how much it will be or where else you can really get it, maybe google it. Anyways, it really helped me. :)

  15. Dini

    Morning. I’ve got a few questions…

    What is the best way to apply products like Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges and and MUFE HD Blush?

    Do you have any tips on nail care? I just took off my first (and last) set of acrylic nails. Aside from cuticle cream and OPI Nail Envy, any ideas on how to nurse my natural nails back to health?

    Non-beauty related, what is your favorite thing about spring?

    Thanks. Have a great week!

    • Hi Dini,

      I like stippling brushes like MAC’s 188 for cream blushes!

      I would say avoid wearing too many colors, because the chemical exposure may inhibit the natural nail growing back. Strengthening products may also be good to help them gain their strength back!

      I love the warmer weather :)

    • Cathy

      Dini,Some girls I know have had a lot of luck using Duri Rejuvacote for strenthening after removing artificial nails.

    • Brooke

      I took of acrylic nails back in january and a nail product called “nailtech” really helped me get my nails back in shape. I bought mine at a high end salon but I know a lot of nail salons sell it or offer manicures with nailtech! You should try it!

  16. Rachael

    Can you make a recommendation for cleanser, toner, moisturizer for oily/combination skin that is really sensitive? Thanks so much!

    • I’m not a skincare expert and definitely don’t have any skincare background/training, so with all that said… brands like Renee Rouleau, Philosophy, Cetaphil, and NARS seem to work well with more sensitive skin.

    • mia

      Try Biotherm’s skincare line (the green one). I love all their products and it smells awesome as well.

    • Mia

      i’d recommend Clinique becuz the person at the counter can help u find products that caters to those needs. I know there 3 step system works really well and i’ve used it for awhile and it works really well :)

  17. Anna

    Hi Christine!

    So I notice in all your lipstick swatches that the edges of your top lip and cupids bow are so sharp and perfect, How do you do it?! :)

  18. HC

    What do you think of Amazing Cosmetics’ concealer? (regarding price, how it works, etc.)

    • Rachael W

      I love Amazing Concealer! I’ve been using it for about 5 years now and even though I try other stuff here and there, I always have this on hand and use it every day. I checked out the reviews for it on MUA and was really surprised at the negative reviews it recv’d. For me it is my HG concealer, a wee little bit goes along way, I think people who found it goopy/cakey/too thick/creased/etc. were applying way too much! Just a teeny bit for under each eye goes a looong way. Personally I haven’t found anything else that covers up really bad under eye circles as well and looks natural. Also this goes against what everyone says but I found that using a shade lighter than my foundation gave me raccoon eyes, I went to the next shade darker and it’s perfect!

    • Jenni

      I used it for a month, and I really liked the coverage.. but it gave me awful milia around my eyes (I already had some, but it got a lot worse after I started using it).. :T

  19. Az

    Some days ago I though of something and told myself I’d ask you in the next ATS, but now I forget most of them :(

    – Sometimes my lips look a little bit dark, not the ‘its color gets darker’ but like my lips are in shadow. I hope that makes sense ๐Ÿ˜€ just a few times, and it’s not because of my natural lip color or the lipstick itself. I wonder how I can get bright lips, not by bold colors, lips look like they shine. Any tip or specific lipstick? (I’m more of a soft pink/coral girl)
    – About fashion: How would you describe your style? Your favourite look? Your favourite perfume?
    – I intend to get a MAC palette for my friend’s birthday. What will you pick for a MAC neutral warm e/s quad (I guess brown & bronze)? That’d be better or should I take the Trip II neutral palette?

    Love you :)

    • Hey Az,

      Have you tried highlighting your Cupid’s bow? I wonder if that might help a bit – or you could put a little shimmery gloss just on the center of your lips.

      My style is casual and comfy, which also means I don’t have a style, LOL. “Comfy” should not be used to describe your style! You’ll find me usually in dark jeans and either a knit sweater or tank top and some flats! My favorite evening perfume is Dior’s Addict, and my day perfume is probably Burberry’s The Beat.

      For a neutral palette, I’d go with Bronze, Romp, Naked Lunch, and Ricepaper :)

  20. Kiran

    What are your thoughts on Nars Sheer Glow foundation?
    I have been hearing really good things about it lately


    • I haven’t tried it, sorry! :(

      • Kiran

        No worries :)

        One more question, have you tried the philosophy microdelivery peel?

        This is another item I have heard good things, I ask because I love the details in your reviews!!

        • I tried it once, and nothing stood out about it to me during that one time trial (which really isn’t a fair test, to be sure), so I never bothered to buy it, lol! I’ll put it on the list and see if I can try it sometime, though.

        • Nik

          Haven’t tried the “activating” microdelivery system but Philosophy Microdelivery wash with Cle De Peau cotton/ silk pads,($17 for 120!)absolutly amazing! I use a pad once a week and the microdelivery wash daily, followed by philosophy on clear day acne foam!

          Also Lancome Genefique serum in the routine has made my complexion stinking amazing, SERIOUSLY try that stuff for a few months!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Diana

      Hi Kiran I went to Sephora this weekend and got a generous sample of the Nars Sheer Glow and I really like it. Keep in mind though that its not sheer at all its actually medium coverage which is fine by me. It was super easy to blend and really looks and feels like you have nothing on. I’m serious. I would definitly sample it first though cause it is pricey $42.

  21. Kerry

    i have quite a few questions.. sorry :) lol

    • Kerry

      sorry.. i pressed submit by accident :)
      1. Which neutral paint pot would you recommend for nw20 skin?
      2. People always say smokey eyes can be any colour.. so what actually is a smokey eye if it isnt always silver and black?
      3. When i apply eyeshadow in my crease i always get little lines of shadow on the inner part of my eye.. like towards my nose. any idea what im doing wrong? is it my base? application?
      4. Whats the weirdest question youve ever been asked? Is there any you dont publish?
      5. What viva glam lipstikc and gloss would you recommend for nw20 skin for everyday wear?

      Thankyou for doing these sessions.. i absolutely love them ๐Ÿ˜€ xx

      • Hi Kerry,

        1.) Painterly
        2.) A smoky eye is just the idea that it’s darker in the crease and smokes out around the outer lid/corner of the eye, and it may involve a little smudging on the outer lower lash line.
        3.) Are you applying the eyeshadow base ALL over the lid? Make sure you’re not missing any areas :)
        4.) I think the weirdest was asking me how much money I make — it’s obviously kind of a personal question, lol! I think I might have not published one or two that were more trolling comments like “Why are you so ugly?” If I can’t answer something, I don’t mind saying that, or if it’s too personal or inappropriate, I’ll say as much.
        5.) Try VG VI SE — the lipstick and gloss.

        • Emily

          Dude…if someone told you you’re ugly that’s f-ed up, rude, and not true…that makes me angry. Sorry…just wanted to vent. I dislike inconsiderate people.

  22. Wendy

    Hi Christine, could you recommend where I should start with concealing eye bags, shadows etc. I’m in my 40s and this is a problem that’s really beginning to bug me, particularly as I perform in amateur theatre and am usually playing someone much younger than my actual age – I have some auditions coming up and am really anxious about covering my age! I’ve tried Benefit’s Boing, but find that it doesn’t really conceal sufficiently and also tends to settle in the lines :( I’ve also tried Everyday Minerals Aussie undereye concealer, but find that it’s too shiny and tends to highlight the area (it is, however, a brilliant highlighter!). I was thinking of trying either MAC or Bobby Brown, but don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive mistakes. I’ve also considered the possibility that I may need more than one product to effectively conceal, but don’t want to end up looking like I’ve put my makeup on with a shovel :) What do you think?

  23. Ryan

    What foundation would you recommend for a natural matte finish with fairly good coverage? I have normal skin and price doesnt matter. I want to look flawless!

  24. sums

    hi Christine,

    hope you are doing good… well i have a problem like whenever i use foundation i feel very heavy…can you plz suggest something which will look natural…and i am mac nc40.. i am not able to find correct contouring powder shade.i tried many like mac sculpt etc

  25. JB

    Is there any brand that you just flat out refuse to use. Or you tried it and never wanted to buy it again?

  26. Crissy

    First time asking so..quite a few questions ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Best eyeshadows to recommend to build up a MAC collection? (already own satin taupe, woodwinked, ATG, ricepaper, naked lunch, brule, shale, sketch, jest, vanilla) <– haha just realized theyre all pretty much neutral
    2. Any blushes to recommend to NC30?
    3. After reading around a bit ive found out that you study law..hows that going? I'm a senior in highschool and i want to go in that direction and i'm looking for some general pointers and i just wanna see what people in this field think..:)

    Thank you!

    • Hi Crissy,

      Here are my recs for complementing what you already own… Gleam, Romp, Satin Taupe for some more neutrals/browns… and then add some color with Expensive Pink, Sumptuous Olive, Juxt, and Tilt!

      Try Margin and Sunbasque for blush!

      It’s going, haha! I recommend sitting in on a few classes when you’re closer to applying. It might help you decide :)

  27. Jessica

    Hi there! I’m looking for a great product to contour with. I have never done it, & I want to try it. I need something that will show up on me (NC43) I previously bought NYC’s “sunny” bronzer but it doesn’t show up on me. & since I’m only trying it, I don’t want to completely break the bank. Any suggestions?

    • If you have a MAC PRO store nearby, Sculpt sculpting powder is my favorite.

      Otherwise, I’d personally just go with a foundation that’s 2 shades darker. Like MAC MSFN makes a good contouring product!

  28. Ryan

    What foundation would you recommend with a natural matte finish and fairly good coverage? I have normal skin and price doesnt matter. I want to look flawless!

    • Ryan

      lol sorry about the double comment d=

    • I’d recommend —

      MAC Studio Fix Fluid
      MUFE HD
      Guerlain Gold Parure

    • daphne

      Heh, I just posted below about a foundation that fits this. Got a sample of Chanel Mat Lumiere. Talk about FLAWLESS. And it’s matte, but it’s not like, dead-flat. Just lacking in sheen but it doesn’t look powdery. Oh it’s amazing. It’s definitely a price-is-no-object product.

      • kasu

        I want to try mat lumiere also..I’m a NC 25. What shade would u suggest?

        • daphne

          Interestingly enough, I got matched to Ivoire and I’m an NC25. It’s lighter than I expected, but I am still in winter color, and admittedly I haven’t worn a MAC foundation in a while, so I could be more like NC20 at this time of year. But it was still lighter than I thought it would be.

  29. Tiffany

    Hi. I already sent this below in the Give me Liberty lipstick review section..
    I see that Ever Hip looks a little more coral by itself and a little more pinkish on your lips. Do you know of a more pigmented version of Ever Hip (regardless what brand)thatโ€™s something like that or thatโ€™s ranging in between the coralness of the tube color and/or the pinkishness of the way it looks on your lips? Ravishing is too much on the orange side to me, like youโ€™ve said. If anything, leaning more like to an opaque Perrenial High Style lipglass..
    Please & Thanks, and I love your reviews

    • I think I replied to this this morning actually! :) I’d say maybe Lame or Crosswires!

    • Missy

      i was swatching ysl rouge voluptes and i noticed that i believe it was #26 was a more opaque ever hip. if u go to the store and look at all of them, youll know which one- its the only peachy color like that they have :)

  30. Catherine

    I love creamsheen finish from MAC but they always seem to make my lips look dry. I’m looking for a pale pinky nude color. Any suggestions? Do you think prep and prime lips could help?
    I already own hue and creme d’nude. Hue is better than creme d’nude..

    • Maybe Plink! or Hug me!

      Are you exfoliating shortly before using it? That may also help.

      • Catherine

        I do exfoliate but it seems like I have to do it every time I reapply! Also I always get that gross stuff on the corner of my lips after 2 hours! Is it because I apply too much lipstick? Thank you so much!

  31. tina

    Hi Christine, I have very oily eyelids and cannot seem to find a suitable eyeshadow primer that prevents creasing. So far I have tried MAC Paint Pots, MAC Paint, UD Primer Potion, Two Faced Shadow Insurance, Benefit and Smashbox. I do not put anything else on my lids except the primer and shadows. Whether it’s high end or drug store shadows, they all crease within 5 hours. I live in Canada and prefer to buy something that I can find in stores. Can you help me???

    • Hey Tina,

      Have you tried layering primers instead? For instance, try UDPP as a base with MAC PP on top (or vice versa)?

      You may also try powdering with a translucent finishing powder prior to using UDPP or the like.

    • Ally_D

      Hi Tina, I have oily lids too and I find UDPP and Paint Pots crease on me. The only way I’ve found to resolve it is to wipe my eyelids with an oil blotting sheet first. Once I’ve blotted my lids I then apply UDPP and then Paint Pot and this lasts ALL day.

      Also, the other thing I’ve started to do which helps is to not apply moisturiser to my eyelids in the morning. Once I’ve cleansed I make sure to keep away from my eyelids. I do still put some moisturiser on at night though because the cold weather can sometimes make the inner corners a bit dry on me.

      I hope this helps

      • Diana

        Thanks Ally D I’m gonna try this. I think you might be right about the moisturizer on the lids in the morning. Thanks!

    • Kathy

      Hi Tina ,
      I had this problem and asked Christine also. As per her recommendation udpp over a paint pot worked wonders for me. It is my freaking HG!! Hth

    • Mariana

      Bare Escentuals has an eyelid primer that is great. I have very oily eyelids too and I like this much better than UDPP.

  32. Hyzenthlay

    Ooo, I have a couple of questions :)
    1. I get ready early in the morning (by 6:30), and teach all day inside. Then I head outside for a few hours coaching swimming on the pool deck . . . I think my wintertime daily moisturizer with SPF 15 or 30 (depending on which I choose for the day) isn’t strong enough. I’ve been thinking about trying the MAC Prep and Prime 50 SPF, so that it’s still going strong when I get in the sun. What do you think?
    2. Have you pressed MAC glitters? I tried pressing one of them (Reflects Blackened Red) but the glitters didn’t stick. Do you know of something to press them with that doesn’t involve ordering or purchasing a specific mixing medium?
    3. Have you gotten your hands on the clear-top 15-pan palettes yet?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hyzenthlay

      Doh! I remembered the other question I wanted to ask :)
      4. I love Viva Glam Cyndi, but I’d like to find a lipliner that goes with it, so that I can define my lips a little more clearly . . . Do you have any recs?

    • Hey Hyzenthlay,

      1.) I would recommend applying a secondary SPF before coaching swimming on the pool deck. It’s good to have some SPF for day-to-day routines even when working indoors, but a higher SPF rating doesn’t necessarily mean it will last longer. Look for a sunscreen with a physical blocker (titanium dioxide or zinc oxide) because there is less concern about photodegradation as there is with chemical sunscreens. Oh, and maybe wear a hat :) Unfortunately for us beauty buffs, reapplication of sunscreen always poses a problem :(

      2.) I’ve never tried. You could try to do it DIY – find some glycerin at your local drugstore. That’s what you’d mix with water for homemade mixing medium, and it’s an adhesive, so it may bind the glitter better.

      3.) I haven’t heard nary a word about it since a reader emailed me saying her artist told her they got them in stock!

      • Hyzenthlay

        Thanks for the ideas! I was hoping that if I gave you a bit of time that you’d come through for me, and you have! :)

        I saw that you recommended a sunscreen that can be applied after your makeup, and I might check that out. It’s difficult for me to decide what to do, since I don’t want to wipe off all of my makeup in order to redose on my SPF and then go and see a bunch of my kids again . . . I do have a hat that I wear, but I like wearing SPF too.

        I have some glycerin already, I suppose the next time I press my pigments, I’ll try adding a bit of that in with the glitters and keep my fingers crossed!

        I’ve been calling my MAC store every Tuesday for three or four weeks, and they’ve all heard about the clear-top palettes, but they have yet to appear in Sacramento, *sigh*. I already have two palettes, but I have a bunch of pigments pressed and ready to go into a palette as well as a bunch of UD shadows that I want to depot and put in palettes. As soon as those clear-tops come out, I am heading in, buying a bunch (for room to grow) and picking up another Cyndi (maybe two) as well as a liner to match, and a Shell Pearl if they still have them!

        Thanks for your help!

  33. hi,
    Hope you doing good..

    1. can you suggest a mascara that ‘holds the curl’
    2. What do you do with all the stuff that is send to you for considertion?
    3. by anychance is the color of Relaxed shadestick similar to the new Below ground grease paint stick…Can GPS be worn all by itself?

    I have many questions…i will ask some in the afternoon..:)

    • Hi Resham,

      Dior Extase holds a curl really well!

      Everything gets sorted based on what it is, whether I requested it, etc. I try to keep everything really, really organized or else it’s impossible to keep track of what I want to review. After I use it, I either keep it for future reference (e.g. comparing dupes, might work for a later series – say something I got in spring might work well for the Summer Season lip series) or give it away. It might be to friends/family or donated to a charity if they accept used/tested products.

      Relaxed is a bit darker, but if you don’t use it a lot, you don’t need both. I think I answered this Q last night, lol, but I can’t remember for sure. GPS should be able to be worn by itself (I have), but like any base, there will be a few who will find it creases.

  34. Rachael

    What are your thoughts on MSF natural? What is a good powder foundation?

  35. Kim

    Hey Christine! What are your future plans for the site? Will you be expanding on it more, start selling products? I absolutely love visiting! Also, if you had to choose one makeup product you couldn’t live with out… what would it be? :) Hope you are having a great day!

    • Hi Kim,

      I don’t think we’d start selling products — but we do have affiliate relationships with most major beauty retailers (Nordstrom, Sephora, etc.)! It’s basically a commission based process – if you click on a link, buy a product, we get a small percentage of commission (no, seriously, small – like 3-5% of the retail price… and on a lipstick, that’s cents, not dollars, lol!). But as far as selling products here on Temptalia, I don’t think so. Lots of work, liability, and whew… just sounds tough! Plus, everybody shops at the major retailers ๐Ÿ˜›

      Our future plans are to keep you happy – so we keep rolling out different things to enhance your user experience, whether it’s updating the layout, tweaking the search, or just writing about products you’re interested in.

      Tinted moisturizer! :) I gotta have it!

  36. Pam

    Hi Christine! i really like Nars nail polish in Orgasm. any ideas for a dupe? Nars is kind of expensive for me….


  37. daphne

    Where do you draw a line in how much you will pay for a product? I know that of course you review some fairly expensive products, and I think it’s great that they are sent to you by PR because you get introduced to – and get to introduce your readers to, by extension! – some awesome items you might have otherwise flinched at paying for. But how did you decide when buying things, in the past, and when you run out of samples? I know, for example, that you love Parure Gold foundation by Guerlain – but when you run out of your sample bottle, do you see yourself paying $78 for it? (I remember though that you did buy yourself a backup of Gems! I don’t blame you one bit!)

    This is actually a material question. I recently got a foundation sample that is giving me like, throes of ecstasy when I wear it (I’m on my third wear and think I can squeeze one more full face out of this sample). It’s like I’ve turned the clock on my skin back to age 17 before I ever got acne or discoloration or dark circles. Amazing. But…it costs $54; it’s Chanel Mat Lumiere. I don’t know of any avenues to get it for a discount or any sales that happen. I know you can’t tell me whether to buy it or not, but something of your thought process might help me decide! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi Daphne,

      If I love something, I will pay for it. I have learned time and time again (and not just with beauty) that cheaping out when I know what will work is a waste of time AND money. Of course, if it’s not in the budget, then I’ll have to look for something cheaper, but for essentials like foundation or skincare, I will buy it at the price. For instance, I’ve bought Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate twice at $85 for each tube. I’ve also re-purchased her Oil-Free Moisturizer (I think that’s $50ish? maybe higher). I paid $50 for Cle de Peau #2 Gloss and I’d do it again. I also paid $40ish for Le Metier de Beaute glosses–and I’d do it again if I ran out. I’m truly tired of wasting time, money, and effort on products that are “cheaper” and hoping they work “as good as” something more expensive–so for me, I’ll buy what I know works if that’s what I’m using.

      The idea of “running out” is such an abstract concept to me, though, LOL. Like if I ever do finish Parure Gold… I’d say I’d repurchase, but I don’t know. I don’t repurchase a lot of items because I am testing new ones so either 1) I never finish what I have or 2) it’s not worth it.

      The funniest thing is the makeup I buy because I want it and didn’t receive a sample of it… I never end up using. Like I bought Dior’s Electric Lights quint last year because it was so pretty, but it’s sitting brand new in my Dior drawer. I bought two things from YSL from their F&F sale, and I didn’t even open the box they came in until a month later!

      So for re: Chanel Mat Lumiere… I’d buy it. If it’s not going to make you go to into debt, I’d get it. Or I’d ask for another sample, just to be sure. For color products (lipsticks, glosses, shadows), it’s easier to say, “nah!” or pay less, because you only get so much for your money. With skincare, foundation, and the like, it can be harder to find exactly what works for your skin – from the shade, to the texture/feel, to the way it just interacts with your skin. Ask yourself – if you buy something cheaper, will you end up trying 2-3 different products? Will you buy a $30 foundation, not love it a ton, and end up wanting to move onto something else in 8 months? Then you might as we have bought Mat Lumiere (I know it takes me like… a year to get through a bottle, lol). The idea is if you don’t love it, you may itch to find something better sooner than you would if you were satisfied. If you buy something cheaper, use it only halfway, you’re not really saving money.

      • daphne

        Great points made here, and thank you for taking the time! Interesting to hear especially about the stuff you buy and haven’t used. Funny thing, the stuff I end up not using ends up most-often being the items I buy on an impulse because they look nice to me in the store…the things I’ve read reviews and seen swatches of before I purchase always end up being old faithfuls so it’s a similar effect, I suppose!

        It’s hard with foundation because there is SO MUCH out there. I have finally found something I adore reliably in Korres TM, but a lot of the time I *do* want more coverage or a more flawless look, especially when my skin is cranky in the winter, and this is the first liquid foundation that “clicked.” (Funnily, I never would even have considered a foundation this expensive if my mouth hadn’t been hanging open at the face of the saleswoman who was selling me a Rouge Coco l/s!) I’ll probably get another sample before I suck it up, but you’re right that with foundation it’s different…now that I’ve hit on my right skincare products and my skin is happy, I have no problem paying the (moderate) prices for them. That glow of flawless skin even without any color is hard to beat!

        • Exactly!

          Once you find your HGs for skincare and foundation, I really do think you should stick with them. It’s like the saying – “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke!” I’ve said in the past that if I wasn’t blogging, I’d probably have a more static skincare routine, lol!

          • daphne

            Haha, I was gonna say…I always marvel at how your skin stays as nice as it is with all the switching up! Mine has been mostly great for the last 3 months or so using the same products. I changed up my TM twice for one day at a time…Kiehl’s made it kind of oily (though looked nice, so I might give it another chance soon since it wasn’t too bad!) and my sample of MAC’s Studio Moisture Tint set me back a week with the breakout from one day! Yeesh. I know to tread carefully now. I was so nervous to try a new foundation but glad it was worth it.

            • I had really, really resilient skin! I think I have more stress-related breakouts than ingredient-related. Maybe hormonal, food, or stress. Because I used to never wash my face. SERIOUSLY! I mean, this was four or five years ago, but I never had a skincare routine before then.

              Do you set your TM with powder? I do out of habit, but curious if others do as well.

            • daphne

              Man, I heaer you about stress and hormone-related stuff. I mean, who did have a sensible skincare routine in their teenage years unless they suffered from horrible acne? I had flawless skin till I was 17 or 18 and was pretty slack about skincare! It took me a couple of years of occasional breakouts to really get a routine going, and several months of experimenting before I found a routine that helped keep my skin relatively clear (or helped my breakouts go away quickly).

              Honestly, setting powder is a step I forget 90% of the time, whether it’s TM or foundation, haha. I don’t feel like it’s as important with TM because my skin soaks it up a bit more than it does foundation, but when I remember it and I have a minute I will, especially if I’m using cream blush over it.

            • I only had acne on my forehead when I was a teen, and I had bangs back then, so I think it probably had to do with those (because it cleared up pretty quickly once I grew them out!).

              I used to skip it, but I really notice the difference in photos so I do it almost every time!

    • Felicia

      Hi Daphne, regarding of ways to get that mat lumiere foundation for a little bit less; every year Saks has f&f sales that are i think 10% off cosmetics and fragrance. And the search engine has 5% cashback for and 4-8% at macy’ also. The catch is that you have to go the site from the search result page link. But it’s pretty simple and they also have sephora for 10% cashback on there. and sometimes the cashback might increase like during christmas shopping time or valentine’s shopping time, sephora’s cashback was 20%!
      Hope that helps and I know it’s not much but when you buy makeup and cosmetics as much as I do, every little bit helps! :)

  38. Ally_D

    Can you remember the first make-up product you bought and how old you were?

  39. tina

    Hi Christine,

    I have rosacea and I need to find a concealer that will conceal the redness without drying out my cheeks. I have combination skin: dry in some place, oily in others (not just the T-zone). My cheeks are dry and it seems that I cannot use a powdery concealer palette or any liquid that is too thick. Any suggestions?

    • Hey Tina,

      Have you tried using a product like Clinique’s Even Better line-up? That might help a bit. You may also try a correcting primer like MUFE Primer in the green shade (green helps conceal red).

  40. tina

    Hi Christine,

    What would you recommend for a good nail polish top coat? Again, I live in Canada and prefer to purchase something that I can get in stores. I have medium length nails and the next day after I apply my nail polish and top coat the tips of my nails start to pop out.

  41. Sabah

    can you plz recommend a eye primer for drier skin, if i moisturize and put a primer (udpp, paintpots etc) it gets cakey. the only thing that works ok are mac paints but the tube packaging isnt great.

  42. Alex

    what is your favorite cheek stain?

  43. daphne

    Oh, here’s a more fun question ๐Ÿ˜‰ What LE makeup products have really stuck in your repertoire? I’ve noticed that in the last few months, you have focused a lot more on using permanent or new, current products in the looks you post. But I’m guessing you still have your favorites…what now-discontinued LE products (MAC and otherwise) do you find yourself using or wanting to keep using despite the new stuff that keeps piling up at your makeup table?

    • Hi Daphne,

      Yeah, I only use permanent or else newly-released products (whether limited edition or not). I actually have a lot of the LE stuff separated out so I don’t use it any more. I actually just don’t use any of it, because there is always something new to use instead, lol! That sounds so woe is me, and it’s not, I swear! It’s just – if I do a look, I’ll post it on the blog, too, so it’s kind of a two-for deal!

      • daphne

        Haha, nah, it’s fun to hear! But all your poor little backups of Marisheeno lipstick must be lonely. Clearly you need to send them to a needy reader then ๐Ÿ˜› I found myself wondering if you try to post ALL the looks (I’m assuming this means a full face with beyond 1-2 shadow colors) on the blog or only the ones you like. It’s so much fun that you share. If I’m feeling uncreative and can’t think of something to wear on a given day, I swear I’ll pick a color family that sounds good from your galleries and randomly choose a look you’ve posted to copy!

        • Hi Daphne,

          LOL, I know, right? I have to keep myself from buying backups these days, because I kind of look at my 75 MAC blushes and cringe!

          The only time I don’t post a look is if I truly hate it (which means I planned to post on the blog but hated and removed before it was finished!) or else if I just throw on tinted moisturizer and do my brows. Nobody needs to see that 200 times a year ๐Ÿ˜‰

          That’s really great to hear – kind of motivates me/encourages me to keep posting looks! Thank you!

  44. I love these!

    Thanks for the Exceptionnel de chanel rec last time-I’m using it now, and its very pretty, although difficult to apply on my lower lashes(they’re insanely long, so i like a fluffy brush i can just tap at the root, to show off the thickness, without putting color on the length).

    This might be a silly question, but curiosities sake-how much time to you spend on skincare OTHER than your face? I hardly do anything, just wash with soap, maybe once a month soak my feet in Eucerin cream, etc. I guess I’m lucky that my skin doesn’t care about this treatment… But do you do the same steps, for everything? That seems like it would get REALLY tedious really fast?!

    Also-do you ever get bored, with your makeup habits? Lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve plumbed the depths of my face, and my collection…. I need more and more new products to keep feeling like i’m putting my brain in it. I can’ decide if I’d be better off focusing on doing product reviews/trying to get PR samples, etc. or if I’d be better off expanding my foundations to other skin colors, and trying to get started as an actual makeup artist. I just feel like… same bone structure, same colors, done it a million times…. Do you get like this, or are you happy with the influx of new collections to try? (In case you can’t tell, I view my makeup more for creative avenues, than for daily wear/feeling put together/etc.)

    • It is a bit of a longer brush, so I could see that being an issue! My lashes on the lower lash line are stubby so I haven’t had too much trouble yet… though I did poke my eye with the last mascara I used, LOL. Ouch!

      I don’t spend too long maybe 30-45 minutes a week. I use a scrub in the shower about 2x a week in addition to a daily body wash + loofah. I moisturize my legs and arms a few times a week (I’m trying to be better about it!). I do try to keep up a routine, because I know if I slack, then my legs get all dragon-lady on me pretty fast, lol! I try to make it a “spa” experience and make myself relax for once, too.

      Yes and no. I accept that there’s a certain way I like to do my makeup, whether or not others think it’s the most flattering is beyond my view, but I like it, you know? I find that if I push myself for creativity, that makeup loses its fun. I’ve always been more excited to use products and shades that work for me and real life. It’s not so much about everyday makeup so much as finding ways to work with new shades or products and still make them wearable in real life. And wearable for me isn’t, you know, super sheer color or anything ๐Ÿ˜› I love and appreciate others who do more avant garde makeup, but it’s not an area that really strikes a chord with me. If, though, something strikes me and I do want to experiment, I certainly will — but I don’t go out and force myself to do it.

      If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut, you might try challenges like finding inspirational photos online, browsing through mags at the grocery store, or picking three random shades from your makeup palette and making yourself find a way to use them ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Tiffany

        My biology teacher always said to never use a loofah more than once. It traps all of your dead skin cells and is a nest for bacteria! I got rid of my loofah asap and have never gone back! just a little fyi. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I’ve been doing that more(inspirational photos, challanges, etc). I think the worst idea though, was keeping a notebook to sketch out looks, write down color placement, etc. Its been fun, but I keep putting looks on myself and discovering “the reason that looked good on the PAPER is because I drew a different eye/face shape than mine!” And its getting kind of frustrating.

        I’m a bit jealous of your lower lashes-mine are INSANELY long and thick, so if i DON’T put anything on them, they look bad, but if i apply too much, I have insanely long spider lashes. So yeah-I use the exceptionnel on my upper lashes, but I’ve stll been using the Diorshow brush to gets tuff on the lower ones-the comb things on the exceptionnel brush REALLY grab on!

        I don’t use my makeup for real life at all though-I can’t wear it at work, and i don’t go out much. Spent WAY too long in the performing arts, so now I tend to love over the top avant garde art, ballet stage makeup contouring, very crazy things. It just gets so HARD to keep up that pace with the variables I have on my own face/body. I just can’t keep affording to buy a ton of new colors consistently(although buying fyrinnae 2$ samples has helped a LOT for cutting my color budget!) Working on finite human canvas is DEFINITELY different than the artistic media I grew up with, so I’m just feeling more and more limited since there’s only so many DIFFERENT things I can find to do on my own face, without the experimentation of new colors. I just don’t like feeling like I’m doing the same look over and over again, just duping different colors. I really wish I had more close girlfriends to just drag over and experiment on once a week or so, for a change. I’m just tired of trying to put makeup on myself. Its weird.

        • So maybe you should start looking into makeup artistry or editorial work if you can :) This way you get to play around with different face shapes and the like. That might break up the monotony and make it fun to do your own face too!

  45. Alex

    Hi again! What is your take on highlighting and finishing powders like Smashbox Fusion softlights, bobbi’s bricks, or MAC’S pearlmatte from the lillyland collection? How and when do we use them? Are they really necessary? What is your favorite?

    • They are nice to add a little “glowiness” to your skin. I like to use them as highlighters, sometimes blushes if they’re pigmented enough, on cheek bones, the length of the nose, and forehead. Sometimes above the Cupid’s bow is nice, too!k
      You don’t need a zillion of them, but having one or two is nice. I like Dior’s SKin Shimmers the most.

  46. lovepotion18

    Christine, Do you know when MAC will have another Friends & Family sale (I think that’s what it’s called)? Last year was the Sumo sale, I believe.

    • I have heard no news or rumors. Keep in mind that MAC only started holding sales of ANY kind in the past 2 years, so it’s really hard to anticipate!

  47. kathyb

    What’s a good contour color for a person with NC35-NC40 skin color?

  48. Anna

    You should make an iPhone app for Temptalia!

  49. Az

    Oh and I don’t know if we can choose to get notification via email for replies only, not all followup comments? If not can you adjust the setting somehow ๐Ÿ˜€

    Your favourite movies, music genre/artists?

    • Unfortunately, we can’t yet… we have been working and looking into this for a LONG time but no solutions yet.

      I like romantic comedies! I’m so boring, and my boyfriend hates on me for it, but I don’t really have favorites. I just like a lot of movies, LOL! Let’s see, the first five I can think of are… Cinderella (yes, the Disney movie!), Seven, Enchanted, Superbad, and 27 Dresses.

      I like music with a good beat – so I tend to listen to R&B, hip hop, but I also love country and rock. Oh, and I dig classical music and new age stuff like Enya.

  50. Brenda

    What’s the secret of your beautiful long nails? Which products (+brands) do you use?

    • Hi Brenda,

      I don’t do anything to my nails other than remove polish frequently! I do use hand cream regularly (I’m not that good about it, though – maybe a few times a week).

  51. Dianna

    Hi Christine! Do you plan to review/have you tried: Beaute Weightless Lip Cremes & Bobbi Brown concealers/correctors?

    • I tried some Beaute products, but they made my lips sting so I couldn’t review them :(

      I tried Bobbi Brown’s new concealer here –

      • Dianna

        Oh that’s too bad. The colours look so lovely :( I can’t find them here (in Canada) and I don’t really like ordering makeup online if I haven’t tried it out. Do you think it was an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients?

        As for the concealer, I was actually referring to Bobbi Brown’s “Award Winning” creamy concealer. I’m looking for a really good under-eye concealer that won’t crease. I’m using MAC’s select cover-up atm but I’m looking to try something new. I know you don’t have much of a problem with dark circles but is there anything you’d recommend?

        • I think it’s definitely something to do with an ingredient in it. I Googled but didn’t see anything about allergic reactions, so I think it’s just me, but it was not pleasant, lol!

          Haven’t tried that Bobbi Brown one yet! I like Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer – I use that a lot. I also use MAC Select Cover-Up and FREC. I know there are huge raves from people I trust on Amazing Cosmetics’ Concealer and Make Up For Ever’s Full Coverage Concealer!

  52. Andrea

    Hey Christine! I’ve been obsessed with Guerlain blushes lately!!! So far I have Tendre Aurore, Rose Plein Vent, and Soleil Couchant (yikes!). Which one do you think I should get next? I’m a MAC NC20.

  53. Rita

    Hi Christine,
    Does MAC have any duochrome pigments (LEs included)?
    What green pigments do you recommend?

    • Yep, they do! Like Blue Brown and Green Brown are both duochrome!

      I like True Chartreuse and Emerald Green, which are both PRO. For freestanding pigments, I like Golden Olive!

  54. ciskyan

    what are your top five products that you could not live without?

  55. hi christine

    i struggle with a very oily forehead. what products would you suggest to reduce the shine?

    • A mattifying gel, primer, or cream. I don’t have enough experience in testing individual products (I’m dry-to-normal), so I can’t offer personal recommendations.

    • I’ve heard good things about MAC’s “Matte” matte-ifying cream, its $22 CDN for 22 mL.

      Personally I have dry skin so I haven’t tried. Ask for it at your MAC freestanding, I guess!

    • Cathy

      Welcome Matte Skin Enhancer by Laura Geller works great for this…I even use it over my makeup to touch up during the day! You can get it from her site…

    • Sally

      I’ve heard that Vichy Normaderm Pro Matte Mattefier is great. Read it in Allure magazine, and you really can’t go wrong with them!

  56. Are Gladiola and Petals & Peacocks similar?

  57. dk

    what can you say about MAC BLUSHCREME? does it stay long? is it okay for oily skin? and for EVERYDAY wear? does it look natural? and what shade can u recommend for asian skin? im not white, and not that dark. im a little in the middle. thanks!(=

    • I like it! I find that it lasts all day on my skin. I think on oilier skin, if you layer and/or set with a powder blush or loose powder, it should be fine. I like Brit Wit.

  58. MAC addict

    Does your MAC 187 brush shed? I just used mine for the first time and it sheds like crazy. What should i do?

    • Nope, not at all! I know some say that brushes shed a bit for the first few times/washes, though I haven’t experienced it myself! I’d say give it a few more washes, and if it still sheds, exchange it.

  59. Tanja

    Whatยดs your favorite eyecream and your favorite concealer?
    Do you have an advise for fragile nails?
    And can you recommend a product to cover erythrosis around the nose, which will last the whole day?
    Thanks so much! :)

    • No favorite eye cream (I’m way skeptical of them and personally haven’t stuck with one for long enough to tell if they work, lol). I like Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer a lot. For something more accessible, I like MAC’s Select Cover-up.

      Take your vitamins and use strengthening products like the ones by Sally Hansen!

      Try a mattifying primer underneath around that area, and then layer foundation and finally concealer :) That should help it last all day!

      • Tanja

        I bought Lancome Genifique eye today, I hope itยดs worth the money ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Iยดll try the Eve Pearlยดs concealer when Iยดm for a vacation in the US, I donยดt think we can get them in Europe. Do they sell it at Sephora?

        Thanks for doing these sessions!
        Itยดs great!!!

        • Unfortunately they don’t :( Either you have to order online or go to her boutique in NYC!

        • Nik

          I wear glasses and am squinty so I have to use eye creams! Primordiale eye is suppost to be good, I just recently bought that and Genifique eye! Use those at night and Absolue Premium Bx w/ Primordiale in the day! I am happy with them and see a difference already! I have so many GWP Lancome eye creams, (mostly Genefique and Absolue)…that is a good way to try them out!

 switches up their sample selection every few days and there are really good GWP sites!

  60. Eyeris

    Hi Cristine how are you? I love it when you do these…..
    Okay I have a couple of questions for you ( im so exited)

    can you please give me some blush/shadow combos with the following colors i hardly use them: Antiqued, Smut, Vex,Cooperong. thank you.
    Also some combos to wear the MSF in Petticoat and Redhead….They are so preatty but im not very ggod at matching the rest of my make up with it.

    Please recommend the best treatment that you know about for shrinking large pores, hyperpigmentation (n i just have it above my lip and it looks like a mustache) and dry skin….

    Cristine the best (affordable) moisture tint….

    and last but not least what is the best setting powder and how do you apply it (before or after the foundation/blush) thank you soooo much you are the best in the West!!

    • Try Antiqued with golds or plums
      Try Smut in the crease with taupes, beiges, and champagnes
      Try Coppering with golds, peaches, and browns like Antiqued

      You can wear Petticoat with purple and pink eyeshadows; Redhead with pink and brown eyeshadows.

      There’s no real way to shrink pores, but you can help them out by exfoliating regularly. For hyperpigmentation, I like Kiehl’s corrector!

      For a tinted moisturizer, I like Kiehl’s, which is pretty affordable.

      I like Laura Mercier’s, and you use it after you’re done with all of your makeup!

  61. Julia

    Hi Christine, I love your blog. Can you recommend a good night cream? I’m thinking of trying RoC (the one with retinol)
    Also can you recommend a good drug store brand waterproof liquid eyeliner?

    Thanks! xo

    • Hey Julia,

      It really depends on your skin! So many different ones might work. I like Origins’ Ultra-rejuvenating cream, but it’s a thicker cream, so it might be too heavy for your skin, and it doesn’t really have a lot of anti-aging “stuff” in it, lol. Olay consistently ranks top in reports by consumer organizations for anti-aging products that do work.

      Try Milani’s Infinite!

    • Claudia


      my mom swears by Roc retinol night cream, she even compares it to her beloved Clarins.

  62. Val

    Have you tried NARS Sheer Glow Foundation?

  63. Iben

    First of all, thanks for a great blog :)

    I have sensitive combination skin with slight acne on my forehead. My blemishes leave red marks. They’re really hard to notice, but they bother me tons and I’m looking for a skin tone corrector of some sort. I used Smashbox’ Starlight moisturizer last year and it really helped, but the product smelled terribly and my boyfriend hated it :p I was wondering if you have any recommendations for brightening products? Thanks!

  64. I have silly questions :)

    Do you take summer off from school or do you still go to school for summer quarter? Any fun plans this summer?

    • Hey Dusty,

      No, I typically take at least one or two classes. The program is supposed to be 4 years, and it’s impossible to do so in 4 years without taking summer school! Summer always sucks, LOL. B-school finishes late June, while law school finishes early May… but law school starts mid-August, while B-school starts late September. So, if I take law summer school, it finishes up around mid to late July anyway. It’s like year round school ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I may or may not go to NYC for NYFW in September. I always make a decision right before, never fully wanting to go, but always torn.

      • School that felt year-round would be tough, even if you did like what you were doing – A break is still nice. (But I work like three hours a day and I still complain! Haha!) Have fun if you go to FW in September!

        • I just tell myself that there are only 16 months left, LOL!

          • I saw Dame Enda on a late night talk show once talking about the flight from Austrailia to here (how long it is). She said if you think of it in terms of Adam Sandler movies it’s not that bad… If you can sit through 6 or 7 Adam Sandler films, the flight from Austrailia to the US is a piece of cake. LOL!

            Maybe that works? 16 months… That’s only, what? Nearly six thousa– No. Nevermind. That doesn’t help.

            Hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • LOL!

              I think I may just take one course this summer — I don’t technically NEED to, but everyone has said to take this one course during the summer because it’s a total busy-work course that will seem like an eternity if you take it as a semester course.

  65. Ellie

    Hey, I know that skin care is really personal and all, but I am just hoping that you might know of a good skin care product for unclogging pores. I don’t really have acne or anything, just chronically clogged pores. :(

    • Hey Ellie,

      How often do you cleanse and exfoliate your skin? I find that regularly cleansing (lightly in the AM, more heavily in the PM) and exfoliating two to three times a week helps keep my pores less clogged.

      • Ellie

        I usually use Cetaphil Cleanser every morning and night because I have combo/oily skin, but like 3 times I week I use a Glycolic Cleanser which is pretty exfoliating. Maybe I need to use a more manual exfoliator. Any recommendations? And I thought up another question. You know the Pearlglide liner coming out with Art Supplies called Black Line, the one with gold glitter? Do you know a cheaper dupe? Thanks so much. I come to your site like several times a day, you’re so creative. :)

        • Hi Ellie,

          Hmm. I don’t think so – you shouldn’t need to use a manual exfoliator if you’re using a glycolic one three times a week.

          I haven’t found anything quite like in drugstore yet, but I’ll keep you informed if I do!

  66. Is the Shu Uemura eyelash curler really all its hyped uped to be or is my ELF curler enough? I think my ELF curler is just okay, but I am itching to buy the Shu Uemura curler. Are there any other great eylash curlers out there? Thanks.

    • I lovee shu’s! It’s the only one I use myself. The ELF is good for the price, but I think shu’s is better. I wish they made and sold replacement pads, though, because then it’d be a no-brainer.

      • Vermaak

        I used to have the ELF one, and though I don’t have a shu, I did buy a MAC one, and I was astonished by the difference. They are like different species.

  67. Cheryl

    Hey Christine! Do you have any favorite clothing brands? Do you know if any drugstore brands have lash primer products? My favorite Shiseido lash primer is a bit out of my budget :/. Thanks!

    • I like Gap and Banana Republic a bit (they fit me well).

      Hmm, I haven’t tested any lash primers from the drugstore myself, so I have no idea!

  68. Claudia

    Hi C!

    I have very sensitive skin which breaks out with quite a few face products. The only thing that seems not to upset my skin is Covergirl Powder. The only problem is that even if I moisturize a lot beforehand dry skin will be evident after the powder.

    So I’m wondering if there is anything from covergirl (or similar brand) in a non powder form to give light/average coverage?

    I have some redness in my cheeks so would like to tone down the redness if possible.

    Thank you!

    • Hey Claudia,

      Have you tried spritzing your post-makeup face with a little water? It might reduce the powdery look just enough :)

      • Claudia

        I have tried that and a thick moisturizer beforehand but the dryness is still there after I use the powder :(

        I was wondering if I should switch to a liquid foundation instead but wouldn’t know where to start.

        • A liquid foundation is definitely preferred (or a tinted moisturizer) when it comes to drier skin, as powders just enhance dryness most of the time. I’d go with something that describes the finish as “satin” or “dewy” or “glowy.” Stay away from foundations that are “matte.”

  69. Andrea

    Hello Christine, which brush would you recommend for liquid foundation application?

  70. Jacey

    Hi Christine,
    I’m trying to figure out what a good mascara would be for my blonde lashes. My lower lash line is all blonde, the inner part is blonde but most of the outer part is black which is making things difficult for me. Any suggestions on how to work with blonde lashes or different colored lashes would be lovely!

    Also, what is a good lash primer?

    • Hey Jacey,

      I was actually going to suggest perhaps using a lash primer beforehand. I like Lancome’s Oscillation primer a lot, but it’s pricey. So after that one, I like MAC’s Prep + Prime lash. Then I’d go back with the mascara :)

      • Jacey

        I’m buying a giant mac haul soon so I’ll be sure to toss the primer in there! Thanks a ton for helping me out ๐Ÿ˜€

  71. maryum

    I am looking for a curling, volumizing and lengthening mascara and I have heard a lot of good things about dior mascaras. The MA at Sephora told me to layer diorshow iconic with diorshow backstage. She also said that she preferred to layer but dior estase is supposed to combine both formulas to lengthen and volumize. What would you recommend? should I buy extase or would I get a better look by layering backstage and iconic?

    Thank you!

    • I’d give Extase a shot before you shell out $60 for a mascara solution! I liked Extase quite a bit, and it does lengthen and add volume well.

  72. tehreem

    Love this blog!!! thanks for dong this~!

    Im looking for matte, non comodegenic, bronzer to give me a fake tan for the summer and maybe i can use it for contouring also…

    can u give me a drugstore brand one and a higher end..maybe mac option??

    and also..random any marriage plans soon?

  73. Christine Shen

    I really want to get one of the guerlain rouge g lipstick, i just don’t know which one I want to get. I like it opaque, and colors I like are brave new bronze Mac, Honey Love mac, Warm me up Mac. I am so torn between Gardenia, and Guerlinade, which do you think will look good on me? I am NC40

  74. andserenityy

    hi christine!

    first off thank you for having such an amazzzing blog! its so helpful and i can tell you put a lot of effort into providing the best information possible!

    i have three questions.
    1. i’ve been looking for a nice natural mac paint pot for my nc
    35 skin tone. is there one? I haven’t found one =(
    2. what do you suggest for skin maintenance for aging. I’m only
    18 but i want to make sure i prepare my skin well for the
    3. and what mac cream blushes would you suggest for my skin tone
    (nc 35). I do have oily skin but I don’t really like powder
    blush =/


    • Hi,

      1.) Have you tried Soft Ochre paint pot?
      2.) Sunscreen!! Everyday without fail! Wear sunglsases, don’t squint your eyes, and moisturize/exfoliate regularly.
      3.) I like Sweet William & BritWit!

      • andserenityy

        thank you!

        but how do you wear sunscreen under makeup? or can you? i use a lot of products that have sunscreen in it (like my concealer and powder) is that enough?

  75. Ali

    What would you say is the best concealer for horrid dark circles? They’re hereditary, so they sadly won’t go away…

  76. Lakshmi

    Hi Christine! Love your blog, you are doing a great job! I am looking to buy a Chanel translucent powder and was wondering if I should get the loose one or the pressed compact one… which do you recommend? Thanks!!! :)

    • If you want to get something you can use on the go or for touch-ups, the pressed. If you’re the type that applies makeup and leaves it all day, then loose is good :)

  77. Gen

    Hi! Can you tell me if you have dupes for the new Trip collection Coral, Rose and Pink lips bag? I know you have put the swatches you already have but i am very curuois about the other ones.
    Thank you!

    • Pink Lips: Creme de la Femme is permanent; try Lickable instead of Flashtronic, Dreamy instead of Heartthrob
      Rose Lips:Fresh Moroccan is permanent; try Cherish instead of Mischievous; C-thru instead of Mouthwatering
      Coral Lips: Try Crosswires instead of Festivity; Lustering instead of Eager; Prr is permanent

  78. tehreem

    how do u choose the perfect bronzer shade?

    • Hey Tehreem,

      You want something that’s similar to your skin tone that gives you a little more of a glow and enhanced cheek. You don’t want one too orange, because it can make the skin look ruddy.

  79. Liliana

    Hi Christine!
    Thanks for this feature. I love your blog and read it every day, multiple times a day lol.
    I have random all over the place questions…

    1. Since you’re in B-school and Law School, what do you plan to do when you are done? practice law?
    I’m also in B-School I start classes again tomorrow and this is my last class for my MBA (concentration in Finance and Mgmt). I graduate in June and cannot wait!!!

    2. I am slowly building up my MAC palettes. what do you suggest I get to fill up my neutral and green/brown palettes? these are the colors I currently have in my 2 palettes right now. I’m an NC30-35, Latina, brown eyes.:

    Unbasic White
    All That Glitters

    Satin Taupe
    Amber Lights
    Springtime Skipper

    thanks so much!!!!

    • Hey Liliana,

      1.) I have no idea! It’s many months away, so everything is wide open still! First things first, too… have to pass the Bar exam, lol! Congrats on being almost done! I wish I was there, too ๐Ÿ˜›

      2.) For your brown/greens… I’d suggest Bronze, Sumptuous Olive, and Juxt! For your neutral palette, I’d suggest Soft Brown, Soba, Hush, Vanilla, Bisque, Gleam, Nylon, and Dazzlelight.


  80. a couple questions :)
    1. What bronzer would you suggest for NW15 skin? The few I’ve tried are a little overwhelming, I just want a glow.
    2. do you have a favorite under eye concealer that you would suggest?

    • Have you tried Smashbox SoftLights? You might like that :)

      I like Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer (hard to get, I suppose), and MAC Select Cover Up!

  81. Melissa

    Hi Christine,

    Thank you for taking your time out for another questionaire session!

    Do you have any products that you recommend to remove acne scars? I started using an Origins moisturizer about 2 months ago. I used the moisturizer for a week and I broked out unfortunately. I went to the Mario Badescu counter about 2 weeks later and he just offered me the Drying Lotion. It worked a bit but I still have acne scars visible on my face. I have combination skin and I never had trouble dealing with breakouts. I hardly ever break out for the past few years! The La Mer MUA suggested the ‘concentrate’ but I wasn’t sure if I should shell out $350. I used a sample that they gave me for about a week but it’s hard to tell if it actually helped. Thanks for your help, Christine!

    • Hey Melissa,

      Are you sure they’re scars? Sometimes it’s just hyperpigmentation, which can look like a scar, but it’ll eventually fade away (anywhere from months to two years from what I’ve read). I’d probably try something else before I went for La Mer (like see a dermatologist, lol, for that price!). I liked Kiehl’s Tone Corrector!

  82. Rosie

    At what age would u recommend starting to use anti-aging products? and have u heard of any good ones? thx =0)

    • Whatever age you feel comfortable with it, Rosie! I think it’s more important to take preventive steps than anything else! I know that Olay consistently ranks in the top ten from different consumer organizations :)

    • Carolina

      (Apologies for butting in :D)

      Hey, Rosie, I’m a pharmacist and work mainly with pharmacy-exclusive cosmetics, but I suspect the advice is generally applicable: there is no particular age to start using anti-aging products, but most cosmetic lines I work with have several age-specific products. What does that mean? It means after 25 you should start wearing a light “first-wrinkles” cream. After 30-something you should probably upgrade it, then keep at it until 40-ish. Most brands have 3 levels of anti-aging products, and it does you no good to go for the most potent one, as a cream for 50 year old skin is definitely NOT appropriate for a 25 year old.

      Also, anti-aging products, especially if you start early, are mostly preventive, because once the wrinkles are there it’s impossible to make them disappear (you can smooth them out a little bit). Therefore, if you use it before the wrinkles settle in, you get a better result long term. :)

  83. Tiffany

    I have very large pores on my cheeks. What is the best product to reduce them? and what about covering them up?

    • Hi Tiffany,

      According to skin expert Renee Rouleau, “The best way to reduce the appearance of large pores is to exfoliate often. By using a combination of both physical exfoliants (facial scrubs with round grains) and chemical exfoliants (like alcohol-free glycolic acid) on a regular basis, this will help remove surface dry cells so the opening of the pores are less deep making them look smaller. Chemical exfoliants also get into the pores and help to keep them cleaned out.”

  84. Vanessa

    Can you recommend a daytime moiturizer for oily skin? Best face primer? I also love MAC Studio Fix Fluid but it oxidizes on me! Any comparable other foundations? I’ve tried the MUFE Mat+, EL Double Wear, and Revlon Colorstay and none are really what I’m looking for! Thanks, Christine!

  85. Cindy

    Seriously, Christine, how do you find or make time to do all the work a website like this involves and stay on top of a double major program? Were you always super organized? Do you have a schedule you follow? Do you make a huge batch of posts on the weekend and just put them up over the week? Are you just a massive multitasker? Both the volume and caliber of posts is great, and I’m impressed and curious!!

    Also, do you have some sort of agreement with sample providers about when reviews can go up? When Liberty of London was released, I got an email from the MAC store saying it was available within 5 minutes of you posting your major review.


    • Hey Cindy,

      I blame it on my upbringing (and I say blame in a good way). My mom had a schedule for me when I was young – when to shower, eat dinner, play, etc. So I’ve always operated naturally on a schedule! I’m a huge planner. I’m totally not a spontaneous person ๐Ÿ˜›

      I do have a schedule I follow in a sense. It’s not set in stone or anything, but I block of certain chunks of time for school or the blog, depending on the workload that week — e.g. I’ll spend way more time blogging the week before finals and then way less while I’m studying for finals.

      I wish! I always want to get ahead, but no, I don’t usually. I do try to write at least 2-3 the night before, so they’re scheduled and posted for east coasters who are up when I’m sleeping, though. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. If you don’t see any posts up before 9am, it probably means I failed!

      Sometimes, but not usually. It really depends on the brand, the relationship, the product, etc. It’s called an embargo, if there is a date ๐Ÿ˜€ Most brands don’t seem to embargo their products or releases, but bloggers like myself generally are given a short time to know about it (at least officially!).

  86. first off, i LOVE your blog, its so useful! thank u so much for putting so much time and care into it.

    i recently purchased woodwinked and it just comes out copper on me (Maybe because of my warm undertones?) would a champagne-y base (Like udpp sin) or a brown base help the golden brown color come out?

    also, i was just wondering when the new summer mac collection info will be out, it’s always exciting to see wat they’re offering in future collections =]

    • I’d try both of those bases, Yuliya! I was thinking either a neutral base or perhaps more of a brown base would help!

      Artists go to update in April, so I imagine we’ll see information leak out in the next two weeks.

  87. Anne

    Hi Christine, I’m a fairly new reader and I love your blog. I’m also a MAC newbie who has a gift card coming her way soon, and I’d like to use it (or some of it) to explore the wide world of MAC. I am NW20 (but Studio Fix Fluid is too yellow for me) with combo oily/regular skin. What are some fun products you’d recommend? And how do you use the Paint Pots? As primers?

    • Hey Anne,

      Yep, I’d use paint pots as primers! :)

      I’d probably go for their eyeshadows – they do offer some excellent ones. If you can get to a store and swatch, that’s definitely your best bet. Not sure how much your gift card will be for, but you can get a quad or a 15-pan palette and fill it with pan eyeshadows (cheaper than buying the pots!)!

  88. reem

    i am nc 20…i love tan complexion…ive used different bronzing foundations but they just dont blend skin tone looks uneven..the only thing that works are the bronzing powders,can you recommend some products that give a good tan look?

  89. Diana

    With the warmer months coming up is it more important for my moisturizer to have SPF or my foundation or both?

    • One or the other – it’s not necessary to have both, but if you have a chemical blocker in one and a physical blocker in the other, that’s good!

  90. Angela

    I’m new to using MAC and would like to purchase some eyeshadows that compliment each other (maybe 3 or 4). Can you recommend a few colors in the pink/purple family that go together? I have very fair skin with a lot pink in it.


    • Hey Angela,

      Here’s a good pink/purple quad that you can do multiple looks with…

      Hush (lightest), Da Bling (medium pink), Parfait Amour (purple), & Fig. 1 (dark eggplant).

  91. rashmi

    wowwww i was thinking abt this only n see my wish came true u truelly r gem my love
    christine i had one ques. dear i went to MAC outlet in mumbai (india) here and this MUA was talking to me n i was like confidentlly telling him abt MAC… u know what he said ” u should be our manager” wowwww that was the biggest compliment i received till date he was so impressed with my MAC knowledge all thanks to u dear
    but u know m seriouslly thinking of joing MAC pls tell me how to go pls help me if u can
    seriouslly pls pls pls do something for me show me the way dear

    • Aww, that is so sweet, Rashmi! What a great compliment!

      I know that in the U.S., the process is typically group interview, solo interview, and then a makeup demonstration/test (you can usually bring your own model or they’ll supply one for you). I also know that in the U.S. it is a retail oriented job, so sales experience is a plus, and they want you to be able to sell makeup – not just wear it well!

  92. Courtney

    Hi Christine!
    First off, thank you SO much for doing this!! You really do go above and beyond for all of us and its very appreciated:)
    1. I have brown eyes with just a touch of green in them, which makes most blues unwearable on me. Is there any blue or teal shade you would recommend that would work well on brown-green eyes?
    2. I have been using MSF natural, but as it does to many, it makes me break out. Is there anything similar you could recommend?

  93. rashmi

    hey christine pls tell me what does N stands for when we say NC or NW i know C stands for cool n W stands for warm but what does N means ???

  94. Michelle


    I’m seriously fair skinned (NC15 is WAY too dark). Are you aware of any brands that carry lighter liquid foundations? I can only ever find powder foundations that are light enough.

  95. Heather H

    Hi Christine,
    How have you been doing? What would be the differences between the new Mac Mineralize SPF 15 foundation and the Mac Studio Fix Fluid? I’ve been wearing the Studio Fix for over a year and I really love it, it has amazing coverage and staying power. I was thinking of trying out the new one but wanted your input first.

    • Hi Heather,

      I am good!

      The new MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation is a compact foundation, so it’s a solid cream product. Totally different in terms of texture – I haven’t played with it myself (the sample I have is like… NW45 or something), though.

  96. Ryan

    This may seem like a creepy question but how much do you actually make off of temptalia? Such as your affiliate relationships with beauty retailers you mentioned in a comment?

    • Hi Ryan,

      Unfortunately, I can’t answer that due to contractual obligations – but to be honest, it’s such a personal question to ask someone, so I don’t think I would answer if I could. I can tell you that affiliate relationships don’t even cover the amount I spend on beauty products on a monthly basis, though!

  97. Emily

    Do you ever sell any of the things you don’t use? =)

    • Nope, it would be unethical, because I do get samples, so it would be difficult for anyone to know whether I purchased X or not!

      • Emily

        So here’s my thing: I wanted to get my hands on the Givenchy Poetic Blues Palate cause I missed it when it came out, but I can find it anywhere…do you know anywhere I can get it? Originally, I was going to offer to buy yours if you don’t use it, but you’re right…selling samples would be unethical. =) Anyhow, ideas anyone, on where I could still get this?

  98. Anna

    what TWO eyeshadows from mac do you reccommend to make a simple everyday neutral browny sort of look? and nudey pink lipstick? and a blush?

  99. Carolina

    This is probably asking WAY too much (I’m so ashamed!) but I got this MAC product for my birthday that I have no idea what to do with or how to use. So my first thought was “ask Temptalia”. So my question is: what is a MAC Cream Colour Base for? Is it like a concealer?

    • It’s multi-tasking product that can generally be used as an eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, etc. Just depends on the shade, really (and if any warnings came along with it). If you use it as a base, set with eyeshadow or use over another eyeshadow base.

      • Carolina

        It’s in Hush (with no warnings), which is almost perfectly the tone of my skin.

        How would you suggest I apply it? What kind of brushes would you use for it? I’m mostly used to powders so this cream product kind of baffles me! :)

  100. val

    would you recommend the chanel rouge coco lipsticks? and which are your favorite shades?

    thaaaank you for doing these sessions !!