Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Giorgio Armani Lip Wax Review

Giorgio Armani’s Lip Wax in Cardinal Red (#5) ($26.00) is described as a “bright, transparent red” in color. Lip Wax is a new product designed as a compact lipstick that’s a “blush of color” once applied to lips. It has GA’s Micro-fil technology in it to give you smoothness and act like a second-skin.  I definitely consider this product to be more like a lip stain than a lipstick, just because it feels so lightweight and gives you just a touch of color once applied to the lips.  It comes in a nifty compact case, gleaming and all, but you’ll need to make sure you have a retractable lip brush at the ready in your purse if you want to tote it around.  I think it’d be cool if they could somehow give you a super short handled lip brush inside the compact, just for on-the-go.  I also wonder if this could be used as a blush stain… hm.  Have any of you tried Giorgio Armani’s new Lip Waxes?

See skin and lip swatches…

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29 thoughts on “Armani Lip Wax Better than Balm, Less than Lipstick

  1. Bei

    Really subtle and pretty! Can you apply with the finger?

    • You definitely could apply it with your finger, but I personally don’t like it, because my finger is covered in color and it makes the pot gross and bacteria-ridden :(

  2. Nora

    How gorgeous! I was interested in these myself. How long did you find it to stick around? As in, does the glossy-moisturizing part leave shortly?

    • It stays on pretty well, because it’s so sheer, so there’s not a lot of sliding or slipping. It also fades very naturally. I didn’t notice my lips drying out while I wore it!

  3. cloudburst

    I haven’t tried the GA product, but Chanel had a product that sounds similar to this one – the name escapes me, but it was in a compact & had a light matte texture. I’ll try & dig it up.

  4. Kella

    That looks so pretty on you, I wish I had pale lips! & Of course you could use it on your cheeks.. you can do anything with makeup. I use my products tons of different ways. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw it, I would use it on lips and cheeks. :)

  5. Annie

    I’ve tried it!! I didn’t like it much – just cause I don’t like the look of a stain. I want more coverage and color with my lip stuff.. It’s still sitting in the back of my drawer, huff..

  6. Reesa

    hmmm….i think i like :-) however, i’m not sure i like the price :-\ … but that probably won’t stop me from picking one up anyway. 😉

  7. Ruth

    OMG I sense a trip to my local GA counter !!!!!!!!!

  8. lala

    wow!! your lips look soooo yum!! I want yum on my lips!!! <333 must try :)

  9. Glosslizard

    They sound wonderful! I think I’d cave if they had a color like the Sugar Violet from Laura Mercier’s lip stain collection. I want that color so much, but word has it that those “stains” just don’t last!

  10. charlene

    Hi Christine,

    When you do these looks with the lipstick/whatever lip things you show using a pic of JUST your lips…for me, it doesn’t give me a true picture of what it looks like against the whole face….it makes a difference whether its ur whole face showing or just your lips…in my opinion….take for eg. that dark lip look u did the other day…it looked so pretty in the up close…but against ur whole face…it takes on a different look….just my humble opinion, don’t know if anyone else feels the same way… :)thanks for the swatch! never heard of lip wax before :)

    • Hey Charlene! When I do lip swatches, I usually do a whole bunch of them – like 20-30, LOL. I just don’t remember to use new stuff or forget to take photos otherwise, so I find a swatch-a-thon works best :)

  11. Claire

    This really isn’t a new concept. These are just like tinted, stick, lipbalms. These are just more expensive than existing alternatives.

    • F

      any examples of existing alternatives? i really like this but it’s probably going to beggar me even further >_>

    • I personally find it is a lot more pigmented than a regular tinted lip product. I get actual color with this – most tinted lip balms and the like barely show color if at all on my lips!

  12. I was expectng there to be the super short brush in there too but then you mentioned there wasn’t one, lol! x

  13. Alma

    That looks sooo pretty! And it looks great on you. I’m considering buying this..

  14. Natalie

    Hi! I was just wondering where you bought it. I’ve checked everywhere! Macy’s, Sehora, Nordstrom, etc… And I can’t find it anywhere!