Saturday, July 26th, 2014

theBalm #19 Makeup Geek Moondust Giorgio Armani #09 Edward Bess Dusk

Since we looked at pewter last week, I thought that we should focus on taupe this week, because it’s an equally complex and interesting color.  I love how it can run warm and cool-toned (or even nearly neutral), so it’s a very versatile shade to work with.  Check back tomorrow for my top five picks on cool taupes as well! :)  I’d love to hear about your personal favorites in the commments–always looking for suggestions!

  1. MAC Tailor Grey — a subtly warm-toned, gray-taupe in cream form
  2. theBalm #19 — a light-medium, golden taupe
  3. Makeup Geek Moondust — a dark, bronzy taupe
  4. Giorgio Armani #09 — a brightened, medium-dark golden taupe
  5. Edward Bess Dusk — a deepened, warm taupe

>> See side-by-side swatches! <<

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29 thoughts on “5 Shades of Warm Taupe Eyeshadow

  1. Taupe is a color that is seriously lacking in my eyeshadow collection. Thanks for this little top 5!

  2. Mariella

    Weird – I don’t seem able to log in. Hope this posts. I have a hard time distinguishing between pewter and taupe (I love them both but they’re very similar to me) but a few of my favourites are Cargo Yukon, Inglot 349, TheBalm Insane Jane, the right hand side shade in Guerlain’s Les Fumes, Benefit’s Where There’s Smoke and also Birthday Suit Creaseless Cream Shadow and from Stila, Cloud and also 2 shades from the In the Garden palette – Bark and Sage (the latter is a sort of green toned taupe on me). I also really love Chanel Taupe Grise but I’m not sure if it counts as a warm taupe

    • Hey Mariella,

      Is it giving you an error or anything when you try to log in? Or what happens?

      • Mariella

        Christine, it just keeps taking me to the log in page and when I hit “log in” and “remember me”, the box just sort of “wiggles” and (I can’t recall now for sure) but I think it removes my password. I’m going to look up my latest password for the site and see if perhaps I’m using the wrong one. I don’t quite know how I got logged out in the first place.

        • Hey Mariella,

          This actually happened to me recently (and I’ve never had login issues), and I ended up having to clear/delete my cookies (I did a full delete). I hadn’t heard any users having this issue, and nobody on my team had it either (I could actually log in via Shaun’s computer, just not on mine). Now that it’s confirmed that it’s happened to another user, I will have development look at it. If it doesn’t say your password is wrong, then it’s probably not a password issue – what you describe sounds like what I had where it was just an endless of loop of trying to login and being sent back to the login screen with no username/password in the fields.

          Thanks for letting me know, Mariella! I will pass on this info ASAP.

          • Mariella

            I’ll try to get my husband to clear my cookies (I’ve no idea how to do that after all these years…the only cookies I know anything about are those I bake in the oven!). It’s not happening at any other sites, so far as I know. I may try shutting down entirely and starting my computer again and if that doesn’t work, I’ll try the cookies thing. What is nice, is that this form is remembering my screen name and email so I’m not having to fill them in each time.

          • I also had this problem for two days this last week same exact thing she is describing. It went away after i used my protection scanner, didnt put it together til why til u said cookies, it cleared them. Good to know!! And Taupe has become my fave shade, used to be bronze and g

          • Well, I’m BAAACK. I tried logging in after shutting down and got a message about doing something to my cookies. I followed some instructions and then got totally lost and confused, shut the whole thing down but suddenly, I’m logged in again. Hope it lasts!

  3. A Name

    Taupe tends to looks horribly ashy anywhere near my eyes, anybody else have that problem? I think it’s because my eye area is naturally much darker and a bit greyer than my skin tone, so adding any hint of grey just makes it look worse.

    Shame, as you said it’s a nice, complex colour – I’ll just settle for taupe nail varnish. :)

    • Do warmer taupes do the same?

      • A Name

        Yep – a lot of brownish shades in general, especailly the lighter ones do. Shades like Urban Decay Sidecar and Toasted don’t seem to have any warmth to them at all on my skin.

        Maybe if I tried a dark taupe it would help? I don’t think I’ve tried something like the Edward Bess one it looks nice.

  4. Andrew

    Absolutely love Tailor Grey. On me it can be used as a lash line enhancer, for filling in brows, eye contour, and (when I’m feeling adventurous) a face contour. It’s absolutely wonderful.
    Another MAC favorite is Charcoal Brown shadow, since I can use it in all the ways described above. Ooh, and three of the shadows from tarte’s Be MATTEnificent palette: Peach for the Stars, Rose to the Occasion, and View from the Taupe. I know the first two aren’t traditional taupe, but the have that strong taupe tone on the skin. I’ve ended up using almost every shade from the MATTEnificent palette for contouring. The results are really interesting and actually more natural-looking than traditional contour powders since they’re matte and have stronger pink/yellow tones.
    On the long-since-discontinued side, one of my favorite products in my formidable cosmetics arsenal is NARS Multiple in Tuomota. It’s such a wonderful shade that looks fantastic on the eyes, face, or lips. It’s one of the very few multiples I can use anywhere with confidence knowing it won’t look weird or unnatural.

  5. Such pretty colours! I may have to pick up that MUG one the next time I make an order!
    Rikki Recently Posted: My Makeup Story.

  6. Ooh such a useful post Christine. Ty! Im not a big fan of taupes on myself bcoz I feel they always looks too cool for my undertones. This is perfect. The MUG one looks super pretty!
    Dee D Recently Posted: Makeup Bag essentials – I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours!

  7. xamyx

    Like pewter, taupe is another shade I naturally gravitate toward. NARS Ashes To Ashes tops my list, as well as NARS Multiple in St. Bart’s. I also have countless palettes that contain some form of taupe…

  8. I think I like theBalm one the best. It looks very pretty and perfect for everyday looks
    fancie Recently Posted: Feeling Blue? Line It Up!

  9. Tailor Grey is one of my favorites! So easy to quickly throw on and skip out the door.
    Modernaires Recently Posted: MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Liner

  10. Edward Bess’s looks amazing even for us on the more cool side!
    Erin Recently Posted: Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick Review

  11. These look beautiful. I especially love thebalm and makeup geek moondust taupes.

  12. Veronica

    I’m more a cooler taupe girl, but I have more than my fair share of warm taupes, too. Some of my favorite include NYX Iced Mocha, Covergirl Taupe Tapestry, WnW Nutty, and Cargo Yukon. :)

  13. Oy Taupe, Pewter.. I have a tough time categorizing as well. I know I absolutely love anything in this range, I was going to list my favourite taupes, but I’m thinking the taupes I gravitate to are on the cooler side. I do have tailor grey and love to wear it as an all over with a bit of liner in the fall and winter. So simple. These midtone muted shades seem to really work well for a smoky eye that doesn’t look too dramatic or emphasize aging issues.

  14. Helene

    I don’t have any of these, Moondust will be added to the list. Affordable and gorgeous.
    I really like this weekly colour theme. I get so many tips on eyeshadows, and I really enjoy it when I find some I already own.

  15. I really need to get tailor grey!
    Fiona Recently Posted: A teeny-tiny haul from CultBeauty

  16. Warm taupes are an interesting proposition for me, actually. I can use them, and they can look cool, but I have to be really careful where I put them! If I get too much in the crease, at the outer corner or up toward the browbone (basically the edges of blending), it starts to look a little like I got punched in the eye a really long tme ago – like how bruises go through green/yellow to tht kind of browny colour…

    Anyway, rambling aside I like the look of the Edward Bess one in this list!
    Sylirael Recently Posted: Tales of Adventure from the Beauty Spotlight Team! Epic Polishes, Epic Potions and Epic Giveaways!

  17. One beautiful warm taupe that came into my mind too is L´óreal Infallible in Bronzed Taupe.
    Makeup Geek Moondust now is on my wishlist. Love your top5 posts!