Friday, April 9th, 2010

5-Minute Makeup Look & How to Wear Bright Lipstick

With all of the Summer Season lipsticks we’ve featured (and the many more to come!), it’s only natural to wonder how one can wear some of those vibrant, retina-burning shades. One of my favorite ways (and easiest!) is to pair whatever bright lip you want to wear with very neutral eyes.

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Soft Ochre paint pot as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Hey eyeshadow all over the eyelid. Next, apply Sorcery eyeshadow on the outer third of the eyelid and lightly blend with the outer crease. Lightly blend Prepped for Glamour eyeshadow, with the 239, on the outer corner and lid. Lightly tap and brush Hey eyeshadow directly above the crease to soften. To finish the eyeshadow look, sweep Heyeyeshadow as a highlighter on the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Almost Noir pearlglide liner on the lower lash line and finish by sweeping lashes with Plushlash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Terre d’or to the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply #203 lipstick first, and then layer Frenzy lipgloss for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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145 thoughts on “5-Minute Makeup Look & How to Wear Bright Lipstick

  1. Sexy Sadie

    So incredible good looking.

  2. Marjan

    You look lovely!

    I think I’m going to buy Hey & Prepped for Glamour eyeshadow, they look gorgeous.

  3. Iliana

    I LOVE THIS! Officially one of my favorite looks ever… possibly in the top 5. I like how it’s simple and natural with still with “character”, if you know what I mean. :)

  4. That looks absolutely beautiful on you.

  5. JuliaF

    You look simply stunning! I will try to recreate this look, especially the neutral eye. I wish I could pull off the bright pink lipstick though:/

  6. Catherine

    this is such a good idea!! btw your eyes are beautiful 😀

  7. Chelsea

    Oooh … I’m so going to try this look this weekend. It’ll give me something to do besides hit the books. I love a bright a lip, but pairing it with subtle but still pretty eye makeup can be a challenge. Thanks!

  8. Sabrina

    WOW I love love loooove the lips :)

  9. Rosie

    I got my makeup done (with moisturizer and all that stuff) done in 10 minutes the other day, that was a record for me. I don’t think I could do 5 minutes yet, haha! I love the lips.

  10. Gorgeous! I’m loving that pink lip :)

  11. Regina

    Your lips always look SO beautiful when you put on these bright colors, I love it! Thank you for posting this, I have a few bright ones like this and am never sure when to wear them. I’ll be sporting them this weekend!

  12. rachel

    drop dead gorgeous!

  13. Mary007

    LOVE IT!!!

  14. I lovvvveeeeeeeee that lip color!

  15. I think I’m to shy to wear such bright lipstick:D

  16. Sarah

    I like the eyes! If only I can pull off such a neutral eye look! I notice you don’t usually wear eyeliner on top. Is there a reason for this?

    • It causes my eyelid to swell up, itch, and get a rash, so if I ever do line the upper lash line, it’s for photos only, and I remove all my makeup as soon as I’ve taken photos (and even then, they’re a bit swollen).

      • Sarah

        Oh no! That’s not good! At least you can pull off no eyeliner! Me, on the other hand, I have to load it up!

        • It might just be a perception thing, you know? Like I’ve gone so long without doing upper lash liner (because it always bugged my eyes) that wearing it looks weird to me!

  17. You look gorgeous!! <3

  18. Amal

    Very pretty :)

  19. MakeupGalore--Abbie

    I like your looks alot. I’ve been doing a “look” search on your website and I have say that I am so glad that you created this. I have gotten so many good eye looks from you. I have also noticed how much “your” look has Changed. I love the fact that you take that extra step!! Keep up the beautiful “LOOKS”. Have a great weekend..

  20. This is one of the most amazing looks you’ve done!! I like all the bright looks you do but this one with the subtle eyes and the wowza pink lip just looks amazing on you!

  21. Ally_D

    Very nice Christine. I was totally *blah* about the Prep for Colour collection but those eyeshadows looks really nice together so now I’m being tempted. ! I will resist !

    • Thanks a lot, Ally! :) You could definitely use a dozen different variations in neutrals here, so I’m sure you have something similar in your stash!

  22. your lips looks so yummylicous now !!! simply irresistable

  23. rashmi

    wowww darling such a preety color …

    m gonna order this lip gloss today only as sephora having sale

    hey pls tell me will dior rose diamonds look good on me ???
    and how abd korres watermelon TM ???
    pls tell me m gonna order after ur advise only my love…

    • I think it would! I love Rose Diamond just for a lil’ pink shimmer :)

      I also love Korres’ Tinted Moisturizer, though I do tend to gravitate towards Kiehl’s these days! Korres is great, because it dries to a really matte finish.

      • rashmi

        wowww u r truelly a diamond … such a quick reply dear

        i dont have any high end TM so m gonna start off with korres and then will buy some more u know my hubby dont like foundations hahaha
        n i was so much waiting for dior rose diamonds…

        i just added this lipstick ,lipgloss, rose diamonds n korres hahaha my b’day gift u know na its on 28th this month …
        i want earlly wishes from my angel :)

        • Happy early birthday, Rashmi!! :) I know you’ll be getting spoiled on your b-day!

          • rashmi

            thanks a lot dear for good wishes…
            i know m gonna spoiled by darling hubby hey who dont want to hahahahha but since m here in india i may not be able to do as much shopping (makeup)… my in-laws r going to USA in may so may be i can do more than…
            my love pleaseeeeeeee tell me if u want anything from here
            pls pls pls i really want to send u something which will have my personal touch but still m asking u if u want anything anything i mean … i would love hear it from my dear

  24. Jessica

    christine, do you whiten your teeth? if so what do you use?

    • I don’t know if I ever use the same brand twice, lol! I’ve used Crest and Rembrandt with equally good results. Go Smile is next up!

  25. Dianna

    Gorgeous lip combo! You look amazing w/bright pink lips :)

  26. fernanda

    absolutely gorgerous girl!
    you are very good at make up!
    you are a profesisonal?
    because you do gorgerous!

  27. Dawn

    This looks great on you :) However, being in my 40s, and with very pale skin, I find such bright colours are unwearable

  28. Han

    OH so pretty Christine!

  29. dallasbrowneyes

    Perfect timing! I picked up these colors yesterday. Still on the fence about whether I can wear the bright pink lip color.

    Just curious, are you able to use powder shadow for lining without causing irritation or reaction? I do that when I am too lazy to grab a separate product for lining.

    • Sometimes – I think it may be a particularly sensitive lash line area – not necessarily a type of product! (Like the feel of the little bristles there or something… I don’t know, I have pretty easily irritated eyes, lol!)

  30. Sexy Sadie

    My experience are that matte eye make up is killer with these kind of lips.

  31. aquarianrabbit

    Holy wow, yes! This is right up my alley! Thanks for posting – it looks great!

  32. cindy

    cute! lip colour’s perfect for spring!! spring time here i come!!!!!!

  33. Laurz

    This is so beautiful! I think bright pink makes everyone look tan. This is my favourite summer look. Gorgeous.

  34. Andrea

    I seriously love this look!!! Your eyebrows are looking fab too!!!

  35. margot

    When you wear this type of eye makeup, I cannot stop looking at your eyes and just thinking : Oh My God ! You have the most amazing eyes I have ever seen, sooo beautiful !!

    I love the lip color and as the days get sunnier and warmer, I think I’ll have to give in and wear a bright lip :)

  36. kristina

    I agree that this is a top five look.

    It looks like a Mr Nars creation. Simple but fashion forward. Your pic looks like it should be in “Makeup your mind”

    These are my favourite looks from you.

  37. Oh, you look fantastic! Do you have a MAC recommendation for a similar hot pink?

  38. Sylvie

    I really admire how you can come up with the most unexpected combinations, like using Almost Noir on your lower lashline. I would never have thought that in a million years and would have reached for a brown liner instead! When I do coloured (or neutral) looks, I always use items from the same family and I bore even myself. But just today, I had green on the lower lashline and purple on the top lid, but it felt contrived nonetheless. I’d really like to know what goes on in your mind that leads you to making little choices like that that make a look special!

    • Thanks a lot, Sylvie! I feel like I’ve definitely done something like this before, but who knows, lol! It’s hard to remember sometimes.

      I usually just try to create a look/combo based on products recently released and/or reviewed on the blog!

  39. Lisa

    I adore this look so pretty. so lovely and simple for the spring.
    i was going to pass on the prep for colour collection but i want it just for this look.

  40. Jazz

    Is there a *ahem* drugstore version that is similar or a mac color that would do the same thing?

  41. CeeBee


    Smokin’ look! Love it!

  42. Shasha

    Hey Christine! It definitely looks beautiful, especially those lips.
    Although if I were to pull off this look, I’d make sure anyone who’d want to kiss me wasn’t around, if you know what i mean…

  43. Diana B

    I love this look on you it really balances the bright lip.

  44. Rita

    This is AMAZING!! it’s a neutral eye look with a pop of colour on the lips!! Look’s great on you :)

  45. Lisa

    What would be a good mac dupe for the mufe lipstick?
    I do not like the smell of the mufe lipsticks at all.

  46. Mia

    Christine u look soo pretty!!!! Ur eyes are just GORGEOUS!

  47. kat

    Wow! Such a pop of colour. Completely brightens up your face. This is why I absolutely lurve fuchsia!

  48. Brenda

    totally diggin’ this look!!! I like how the eyeshadows look, hmmm.. almost moist? very sultry :)

  49. Rae

    Gorgeous — I love this! I would never be able to do it in five minutes, though 😛

  50. cmferret

    i did the same look today with those 3 e.s , just add color l/g and fleur power blush by mac , but i also added mac undecurrent e.s under the lashline and smugded some on top and in the corner of eye. it looked awesome christine. u should try it .
    u could prob also use mac desert rose blush and true babe l/g with the look.
    i so want to get the almost noir , designer purple and black line pearlglide eye liners by mac. i luv them!

  51. Irish

    wow. i love your eye makeup. so simple yet its so nice to look at. love the lips too. the color is like MAC’s Show Orchid right?

  52. inaya

    WOW! KNOCKOUT! im gonna try this

  53. CC

    wow love the lips, love the eyes, love everything!!! I’m going to get the eyeshadow!!

    Do you have any recommendation for a lip color similar in MAC?
    How do you like the HD foundation? do you think it would work for combination skin?

    • Thanks, CC!

      Try Girl About Town :)

      I like it for photos – it doesn’t really wow me so much in person, but it always photographs well. I’d wear it on my wedding 😛

      I think it would work for combo skin, though.

  54. Sara

    that colour of lipstick looks beautiful with your skintone. it doesn’t even look too overly-bright because it compliments you so well.

  55. tori

    i love your eyes they are such a pretty color!

  56. Luisafer

    this look is amazing!!! screams summer and it’s super pretty!!!

  57. This is gorgeous…I love the simplicity of this look – the bright pink lips but simple eyes. Your dark eyebrows make it looks even better! I wear a similar look to this, but use MAC’s lovelorn.

  58. my secret for wearing bright lips is using a clear lipliner. it keeps color in place and you don’t need to coordinate with every lipstick.

  59. I LOVE the color on the lips. :)

  60. ilmy

    Ohhhhhh my gosh, just love it
    beautiful as always, christine

  61. jaspreet

    i love this look

  62. Chi

    Ur gawguss!!!

  63. Janora

    Love this look, you look gorgeous!! However, what do you think of like, wearing a loud eye and a loud lip?! Do you think it’s possible?! I want to try it… I wear glasses so often I can wear a dramatic eye and the glasses like, mutes it and then I wear a bright lip but I’d like a way to do it… tastefully, if that makes sense XD

  64. Charmaine

    Very pretty!!

  65. Joanne

    wOw u lOok gOrgeOus! U and SELINA have resemblance..

  66. Hannah

    OMG loveeee it! Do you know any dupes for Hey eyeshadow? I have Benefit R.S.V.P. and leggy. I also have MAC naked lunch and Stila kitten eyeshadow but I haven’t found what I’m been looking for. They’re pretty but I’m looking for like a metallic sheen.

  67. olena

    Nice!! That lip color is DIVINE.