Saturday, August 4th, 2012

5 Juicy Tangerine-Hued Eyeshadows

My favorite way to wear tangerines (or oranges in general) is to combine them with other bright sunset-ish shades–think magentas, coppers, fuchsias, and yellows/golds.

How do you wear shades like these?

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20 thoughts on “5 Juicy Tangerine-Hued Eyeshadows

  1. Hey Christine, thanks for the orange advice… No, I do see these paired with copper!  Is the D&G shade similar to the MAC shade?  They look fairly close on my monitor and I like that both of these are a more ‘dirty’ orange.

  2. Hey Christine!  Thanks for the advice and now I DO see these paired with copper.  Are the MAC and D&G shades very similar?  I like the swatch of the MAC, but it appears the D&G below may be a dupe?

  3. Love these colours. I like combining a bit of tangerine with a brown colour to get a hint of the colour and blending it out.

  4. xamyx

    This is one of the few colors I absolutely *cannot* wear, in any form. Perhaps to others, I may look fine in this color, but in my opinion, I look hideous. I know many stay clear of shadows with a red tone because they feel red makes them look ill, tired, etc, but that’s basically how I feel wearing anything orange.

    • xamyx Me too!!!  But I’m thinking I shouldn’t completely dismiss orange quite yet..  Maybe I could pull this off as a crease colour..not the MAC, but maybe the D&G.  But, when I see myself in orange, my head goes in the same direction and believes it makes me look seriously ill.  

      • xamyx

        I have literally no warmth in my skin tone, and my eyes are über-dark brown, with adark grey ring around the iris (adding to the coolness), and ATM, my hair is black. My skin is actually the color of pale sand at the beach; no warmth, no coolness, just…beige. I think maybe if I at least had a warmer hair color, I could pull off warmer shades. Maybe *next* summer, LOL. On the plus side, I can really pull off reds and red-based purples, which are probably my favorites (well, I like to think that I can, even if noone else does).

        • xamyx I also have a dark outer ring around my Iris..very dark grey and so grey shadows and I have always gotten along well, particularly charcoal.  I love red and red-based purples.  I do not think I can pull them off quite as well as you since my skin is neutral, but does have some yellow undertones.  I love these colours because I have hazel eyes and this type of colour seriously makes my eyes pop more so than any other shades. Other people with hazel eyes wear warmer colours to get that pop, but for me since mine are predominantly green, these do the trick big time. Of course with red being across from green on the colour wheel, this is not a surprise.  Right now I am obsessed with a reddish eye colour by Sleek called Maple.  It appears very red/brown in the pan, but applies as a red/burgandy on my eyes.  I do want to incorporate more red into my makeup in general.  Somebody said every woman should have a red blush.  I do not have one and I have never tried one.  Oh, and good description of your skintone.  I can perfectly see it in my mind’s eye.  

  5. ivyeducator1908

    Fierce and Tangy as a base..with UD’s smog on the lid or outer V and/or a tangerine shadow from Sigma on the inner lid.

  6. Hm I don’t think I have a shade like this in my personal stash… I do have a pretty orange powder eyeshadow but it’s slightly deeper and darker. I like to combine that one with a shimmery gold eyeshadow and warm brown shades.

  7. I own one orangey shade in my whole stash, which is the one in Dior Aurora! I never go all out with it though. I like to use it on the outer half of my lids and blend the medium brown in my outer v so that it doesn’t look full-on orange!

    • Mostly Sunny Do you have this look on your blog, Sunny?

      • Hey girly yes I do! If you (or anyone) is interested it’s one of the two looks I did with this palette here: guess it’s a tamer version of sunset eyes!

        • Mostly Sunny Great look Sunny!  Super tip on the Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow and that is a gorgeous colour!  I wanted to add that I was impressed by your swatches which are really well photographed and you can see the subtle differences clearly.  

        • wwendalynne Aww thanks so much for the compliment! I try my best, though I really need to get lighting sorted out!

  8. Gosh that Milani orange shadow is so bright and pigmented. I finally found some at a CVS but they didn’t have many shades, so I got the black and purple. STill, I’m super excited to try them!

  9. 18thCenturyFox

    Love the D&G shade but that name is as screwy as Korres. I have one color tattoo and still haven’t perfected the application.

  10. xangria22

    I usually pair it with a brown in my outer v. It makes my blue eyes pop. 

  11. I really love Sugarpill Flamepoint!