Saturday, February 15th, 2014

What are your favorite cool-toned pinks? It can be such a fun color to wear, because a lot of the blue-based pinks have a brightness to them, which I think is perfect during late winter/early spring when it can be gloomy and gray outside.

  1. NARS Gaiety — cool-toned, cotton candy pink with a matte finish
  2. OCC Mannequin — a pale, cool-toned pink with a matte finish
  3. Hourglass Ethereal Glow — a soft, cool-toned pale pink
  4. MAC Pink Nouveau — a cool-toned, blue-based light-medium pink with a satiny finish
  5. Milani Delizioso Pink (10) — a cool-toned, light-medium pink with a matte finish

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58 thoughts on “5 Cool-Toned Pinks for Spring

  1. I love cool-toned pinks! Nars Gaiety and MAC’s Pink Nouveau happen to be my favorite cool-toned pink blush and lipstick! I also like MAC Snob, MAC Candy Yum Yum, Nars Desire, and Nars Angelika. 😀

  2. Mine choices – 2 blushes (MAC Dollymix and Bobbi Brown Pale Pink) and for lips, Guerlain Champs Elysees.

  3. I look better in warm pinks. Are you going to do a top five of those as well? :-)

  4. These are the colors that look the best on my daughter! Brown hair and eyes…soft pink undertone to her skin! So helpful for me to see someone else curate choices for her (these are NOT my best colors!). Thanks!

  5. grlnxdor

    I have a hard time with blue-based pinks, but I’ve had excellent results with Dior’s Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush(looks scary hot pink in the pan) and Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Lipstick in Crystal Pink.

    • What does the Rosy Glow palette look like once you apply it?

      • grlnxdor

        Rosy Glow definitely leans cool on me, but I like how it looks. MAC says I’m NW, but Sephora says I have yellow undertones.

        • Sounds like you might be neutral, then 😉

          Is it a super bright pink applied or something a lot softer?

          • grlnxdor

            Yes, neutral sounds most accurate. Rosy Glow is medium cool pink on me, neither bright nor soft. It’s only bright if I apply too much!

          • grlnxdor

            Yes, neutral sounds most accurate. Rosy Glow is medium cool pink on me–not soft or bright-unless I apply too much. There was a learning curve when I first got it. You have to apply a little and then wait for it to “show up” otherwise, it’s easy to overdo.

        • MAC’s coloring system is usually opposite of everything I’ve ever heard about my undertones. MAC says I have yellow/warm undertones, and matches me at NC20…I’m sure it’s really confusing to most people.

          • xamyx

            I think it’s the lighting at MAC. I was matched as NC30, yet every foundation I own has the word “ivory” or “porcelain” in the name… When I bought/wore the NC30, I had customers & coworkers asking if I was okay, and I couldn’t figure it out until my break, and I looked in a mirror (I bought the foundation right before work, and it looked fine at the counter).

        • liz

          sephora thinks everyone has yellow undertones. I don’t trust their color matching system as far as I can throw it

  6. These look so pretty all together. Especially the Hourglass blush!

  7. Love them all especially MAC pink noveau..

    • I love the color! I wish it was a little more flattering on me, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing it!

      What do you like to wear with Pink Nouveau, Tabitha?

      • I love how its a cool toned yet bright pink but not too in your face. I haven’t tried Pink Noveau yet but I have it on my list to swatch when I next visit the MAC makeup counter.
        I’d most likely pair it with a gold eyeshadow, a thin layer of black liquid eyeliner and maybe a small amount of Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder instead of a blush.

  8. J

    I love cool-toned pinks on my cheeks so much. On my lips, I need something warmer because my lips are a bright almost coral color. It’s too bad because these colors are so lovely.

  9. I need to check out Pink Nouveau. It looks really pretty! I wonder if Gaiety would work for me. I love the color! Just hope it isn’t too light and too cool
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  10. Aida

    My choice for a beautiful cool pink is Dior’s Allégresse :).

  11. Love NARS Gaiety. Pink Nouveau is a pretty choice too but the shade doesnt really work for me!
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  12. Veronica

    Ah, cool pinks, the only pinks I can wear. 😛 I’m very fond of MAC Dreaminess lipstick, though MAC’s formula is unfortunately not the kindest to me. NARS Angelika is also a favorite bold blush.

  13. Michelle Reece

    I want Ethereal Glow as a wallpaper for my bedroom! 😀

  14. xamyx

    I want to try the Milani Delizioso. I don’t have anything truly “cool”-toned, so it’s different enough, but still within my preferred range. My pink blushes are pretty much definitively neutral. As for pink lipsticks, they just don’t work for me, and no matter how expensive they are, they all end up looking really cheap on me.

  15. I am not fond of cool pale pinks but recently I tried kryolan lip n cheek in lotus n it did made me look younger :)

    I do love shades like nars desire a lot :)

  16. Hooray for cool-toned pinks!! I love them so much (because they like me!). I think my skintone is actually nearly neutral, but I’m so transparent that all the blue veins have to match with something, LOL!
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  17. Pink Nouveau is one of my all-time favorite lipsitcks – I need to pull it out again! Although I typically wear warmer-toned blushes coming into spring & summer, I have been obsessed with MAC’s Pink Swoon lately.

  18. Darlene

    I think The Balm instain blush in Lace looks like these blushes.

  19. Debutante

    Dear CHRISTINE : Cool toned pinks look best on me as well. What are your favorite cool toned pink lip glosses? I’m pretty new to this site and I want a new cool candy pink gloss . Thanks for any good suggestions !! ….

  20. I love Sleek’s “Pixie pink” blush. I wear it mostly in the winter or summer.