Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

10 Shades of Diablo 3

For all my gamer readers–I know what you’re doing this week! :)  I haven’t played yet, but I am excited to try it out!

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44 thoughts on “10 Shades of Diablo 3

  1. gilded_lady

    I love you for this XD I’m going to pick up my copy at lunch!

  2. Caitlin Mary

    I can’t wait to buy it but have to for a bit because my computer is on the verge of dying!!!
    I am going to have a lonely few weeks while my friends and boyfriend all play together 😛 Now to wait out the novelty …

  3. JessiM

    I love you for this post Christine!
    It’s nice reading while waiting for my collectors edition to come in the mail. 😀

  4. Alex Vivi

    Woaw ! I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now and I’ve always admire the dedication and hardwork you put in all your reviews and photos. I love makeup and I fully trust you with that.
    But WOAW, I’m so happy to see a post on Diablo 3 ! My friends always find it weird that I play “guys” video games haha, I love the fact that you managed to find inspiration with the game’s colors.
    Great post, I might play around with Coppering and create a nice Diablo look with it :D. BTW the game is good fun, I hope you’ll enjoy it !
    PS : sorry for my “not so good” English, i’m from France :S

  5. Fantastic post, why didn’t I think of that? I’m a makeup junkie and a gamer, and you’ve just given me some great ideas for what to wear when I head out later this afternoon to pick up my collector’s edition. . . .

  6. Ester

    I like that you did this, how fun!

  7. Melissa

    You’re awesome for posting this. Thanks, Christine!

  8. Oh god I love this. I’m not even going to play DIII, but as a gamer I’m totally giddy over the theme.

  9. blueraccoon

    I’m not a video gamer (tabletop, old school whee!) but I *love* these colors. 
    (also, Christine – my Garconne arrived yesterday and I think I’m in love with it, but I need to practice applying it so it looks neat and not messy /o )

  10. EvilPinkRobot

    So unexpected, but oh so welcome!
    And yes, all day today I shall be rocking my unicorn and rainbow Diablo 3 shirt with dark red lips.

    • Tabi

       @EvilPinkRobot I wore my shirt yesterday, and I always get so many compliments from people who get the joke.  Love it! =)

  11. Although I have not played Diablo since the original on pc … a long time ago I approve of the awesome collection.

  12. Ashley Sarah

    I love that you did this!

  13. JillBaldwin

    Will we have a set of picks for Mists of Pandaria?? 😉

  14. We have 4 copies of Diablo 3 in the house right now :)

  15. TK

    I was so surprised to see this post!  Not to mention the replies.  Awesome to see so many girly gamers here, I knew there had to be more than just me, but the proof makes me smile.  Many people scoff at me on WoW for claiming feminine status:  “There’s no such thing as girl gamers!”  I never understood why lipstick obsession and gaming had to be mutually exclusive.  Installing D3 right now while browsing your blog, btw =).

    • MJ

      No worries. :3 My guild features at least 5 active female gamers, two of which are avid raid leaders for WoW  and really know how to stick it to ’em in regards to keeping people in line. XD

  16. LindaTuckerLaLonde

    well i’m not a gamer, lol, but after seeing MAC Coppering again, i decided to go ahead and order it. :)

  17. Nikki

    I was up for the midnight release and got myself Error 37…Time to take out my sadness on some alone time with my credit card and these lovely shades!  <3

  18. royaldoultonsan

    Love this! High five to all the gamer ladies. 😀

  19. Veronica

    I just want you to know that I let out a tiny squeal of joy in my head while reading post.

  20. I had no idea you gamed, Christine!

  21. I did NOT know you were a gamer too ^_^ Love this post~~~ Love the many shades you selected 😀

  22. Kayla

    I LOVEEE that you made this post!! I just got off work and I can’t wait to go home and play! I hope the servers are running by now… I know everyone has had plenty of issues on and off, since the release.

  23. I’m not even a gamer, but this is a great idea for a post. 

  24. JEN

    Yay for Diablo 3 inspired makeup!  I love it!!!  And I love Diablo 3.  Shaun will definitely be MIA from festivities for a while.  :)

  25. Sea_Dub

    Squeee!!! Too bad the servers are down.

  26. EnchantedDaisy

    I did mine yesterday as I was installing the game. I used China Glaze in Riveter Rouge! It’s perfect! I was going to add some black shatter on top but I was out. Looks good without it though.

  27. dearambellina0

    Omg. My interests and my boyfriend’s interests combied. Posting this on his facebook ASAP.

  28. LuceLys

    I love that this exists so so so much, even though I’m waiting to get the game!

  29. Sarah

    I love everything about this post. As an avid gamer (console, tabletop, and once upon a time PC), I am sad that my PC is so old and so weak that it can not play Diablo 3, though I still have my character/game saves from Diablo 2 from the old gaming PC on this one. I need to stop hauling makeup and get me a new gaming computer.

  30. Yeeeah, I WISH this is what I was doing. My graphics card can’t handle it. 

  31. phoenixrising333

    Ive been playing the demon hunter since 1 am last night. Just signed off and came over here to my favorite blog.  Stacia Kane’s new book just arrived in the mail today too but my eyes need a rest before I read it.

  32. That Chanel Graphite polish looks wicked!

  33. Amy P

    Awesome post!  Nice to see so many fellow gamer ladies revealing themselves 😀

  34. goldfish

    christine you’re amazing!  thanks for combining makeup and gaming…2 of my favorite things! <3  demon hunter is the best character class…they combined D2’s assassin and bowazon into one!

  35. charmonster

    My female barbarian will love these. LOL!

  36. This makes me so happy! 😀 Demon hunter time!

  37. Cait

    Woot for D3 love! I wonder if MoP will get a post :p? Oooh or 5 shades of SC2. Haha.