Z Palette Large Palettes in New Colors

Z Palette - Fall 2014 Colors
Z Palette – Fall 2014 Colors

Z Palette Large Palettes ($20.00 each) will add five new colors in September. The new colors are: Lavender, Orange, Sky Blue, Yellow, and Pearl White. The Yellow shade is the brightest and most neon, while Sky Blue and Orange are slightly subdued. The White is a bright, crisp white.

Each palette comes with 20 metal stickers so you can magnetize any product you plan to put in it. The Large palette fits about 28 standard-sized eyeshadows (MAC, Urban Decay, Makeup Geek, etc.). Ever since I saw MakeupByTiffanyD depot NARS eyeshadows with floss, I’ve been kind of wanting to try, so I just might see how that goes to fill these up! Has anyone tried that method with success?

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Z Palette - Fall 2014 Colors
Z Palette – Fall 2014 Colors

Z Palette - Fall 2014 Colors
Z Palette – Fall 2014 Colors

Z Palette - Fall 2014 Colors
Z Palette – Fall 2014 Colors

Z Palette - Fall 2014 Colors
Z Palette – Fall 2014 Colors

Z Palette - Fall 2014 Colors
Z Palette – Fall 2014 Colors

Z Palette - Fall 2014 Colors
Z Palette – Large Palette (with eyeshadows in it!) (in Black)

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Ok wow this (and that video) makes me want to depot and use Z Palettes… I’m just so hesitant!! I’ve heard people say that having everything in palettes means they can see their whole collection much better, so they use different shades more often, plus the space saving aspect is hugely appealing… but it’s so intimidating. Plus I think I’ll probably accidentally wreck one eyeshadow before I learn…. eep!

LOL! It can be intimidating! When I had way, way less makeup, absolutely depotting made it easier to use my eyeshadows. I would actually USE them. It does depend on your style, though – do you normally reach for pre-made palettes? How do you go about creating a look?

Highly recommend trying depotting on a few shades you don’t like first, haha! At least, ones you could nick and not be devastated over. Unless it’s a very fragile formula, you shouldn’t wreck it, but you might jab your nail into it or something like that, so there’ll be a nick or dent.

I didn’t try to depot with flossing but I have a question : I have remove the support from my old Mac’s palette, to use it like a Z palette and have more space in it. But the eyeshadows seems to not stick enough on it.
On the Z palette, I use little magnet stickers to have my Mac’s eyeshadow stick, which is fine.
But on the Mac palette, nothing sticks, except the Mac eyeshadows, even with a magnet sticks it does not stick enough on it.

What can I do to use my Mac palette to be more magnetic ?

I really don’t know, to be honest! Are you using the old or new MAC palette? Not that I know the answer to either, but if another reader knows, that would probably help 🙂

You might be able to purchase metal paper or glue down a metal sheet on the bottom?

It’s the old palette.
Yes, I’ve considered buying metal paper if I don’t find another solution 🙂
I wonder if there are different type of magnetic since the palettes don’t react the same.

What are those eyeshadows? I am so curious about some of the shades, specifically the first one on the left in the second row, and the second from the left in the first row. Even the first from the right in the first row!

Why only 20 magnet stickers if it holds 28? Why use stickers,most are metal pots market the bottom an entire magnet. If plastic pots..not going to matter either way. Other wise I would get one.

Most pans are magnetic, but not all are, so they’re included for those that aren’t. No idea why they settled on 20, though you can purchase additional ones if desired.

Unfortunately, lot of shadow pans use aluminium and other de-magnetized metals. I depotted nearly 40 shadows and blushes and had only about 10 that were strong enough to stick to the magnet without using the stickers.

(Oddly enough, the drug store brand Milani had the sturdiest of the bunch! Nice, thick metal that stuck like iron to the magnet. Not even my pricier Bobbi Brown singles held as nicely.)

I prefer to have all black, but picked up one of the animal print z-palettes with my last MUG haul and put a pile of blushes in it. I’m sold on having different colours, it helps when reaching for a specific brand or product. Visually in my stash however.. yeah, would prefer black.

I depot NARS with an old straightening iron.. same method I use for MAC.

I think the animal prints are fun! I think I’d go mostly black with perhaps blushes in a different color. I like matching… but it would be useful to differentiate between product types. Or if one had say a lot of MAC and NARS eyeshadows, then perhaps MAC = one color, NARS = another.

I wonder how difficult the floss method would be for round pans, it looked kinda like the corners helped…

I have three Z Palettes so far, zebra print,cheetah print, and a burgundy crocodile print (which I LOVE the shade of). I’m not really a fan of animal prints, but I do think they’re fun! I plan on getting all black ones for my kit though, or maybe some of these new colors. I think I would color code based on actual color family rather than brand though. It just makes more sense to me.

Same here! I’ve never de-potted anything before but her video seems really easy to follow. I’m actually considering getting a Z palette and trying it with my Nars duos. I think I would use them more than I do now!

these are so much less tacky than some of the other options – yay for that! I feel like unii palettes meet my need better though, so I won’t be purchasing 🙂

Those are gorgeous, but why they didn’t send lavender 🙁 if I would have known they fit that many, I would have bought one ages ago! I’m not into depottg but it do buy the refill pans when possible so no, no floss method for me

I’ve seen those! How minor are the blemishes, really? I always think that if you carry these with you… you’ll probably create some yourself, haha, so it wouldn’t matter.

I like the blue one. Honestly though, MAC ones are now $8 so I’d rather buy that and a magnetic sheet. That’s just $10 total.

One thing I found out about the large MAC pro palettes that I LOVE is that for storing domed products (such as baked blushes), you can pop off the plastic divider really easily (in one piece to keep) and the products usually fit on both sides without touching one another. Not ideal for products that have a lot of fall-out, but you literally double your space, fit in things that would not close before, and do not have to spend the extra money on the Z Palette.

I think Z Palette has a larger palette for dome-shaped products, too, but the MAC palettes are cheaper. I can’t remember if they’re magnetized at all on the bottom, though? I still can’t figure out how to remove shades once you put them in the MAC palettes or how to lift the top layer from the bottom, lol. I didn’t spend too much time trying… yet.

I do really like these palettes and how much storage space that help clear up, but I don’t always find them the most excessively travel resilient. I have one of the smaller ones, and I notice that sometimes the shadows get dislodged and move around if they get jostled too much. (My entire pan of MAC Quarry came lose and had to be molded back into the pan, ugh!) I can’t complain too much about them because they are fairly durable, but I do wish the magnet was a tiny bit stronger.

How fun! Like many, I prefer the black (the one that came out with Sephora was cool as well). But these are nice if you want to coordinate your makeup accessories or like others have said, color code your depotted products by brand or whatever. I’d definitely consider the blue as it is my favprite colour and coordinates with my bedroom, hehe! 🙂

Awesome! Love having more color options to organize with. I personally think they should come out with every color in the rainbow and more but oh well. Plan to grab the blue and orange.

I thought the same thing!

I have a lot of MAC large palettes that I store my eye shadows ( I don’t use any insert – so I generally store 18 to 24 e/s in each) in and I have them organized by color in a rainbow. I have close to 30 palettes right now so having z palettes available in rainbow colors would really make me consider switching over if it meant I could be even MORE organized! 😉

I love the new color options. Honestly I think that the zebra one is so tacky looking. I like to have a clean, professional look. I’ll probably stock up on the white ones just to differentiate with my black ones.
Where are we going to be able to purchase these? I’ve always bought the MAC ones off of MAC’s website. And I did watch Tiffany’s video when she showed how to de-pot Nars. I’ve been too chicken to try it with my own makeup, though. I wrecked at least 3 MAC shadows by de-potting them. Now I try to only purchase the refill option. It’s cheaper, the name sticker is already on it and has a magnet. Win-win. If anyone has helpful tips, I would be really grateful!

Ooh, I want one of these so much! I’m glad they’ve come out with some more non-animal print ones, though – lavender sounds nice!

The only catch is…I don’t actually have that many eyeshadow singles, or ones in palettes that I would want to break up! 😛

Yay! What fun colors. Am I a nerd if I want to get them all and color-code my makeup to them?

Re: De-potting – My husband got the idea to buy me an inexpensive soldering iron, which I find easier to control than a lighter or candle flame, and is much faster. It melts the glue pretty well, too. If not, I warm the shadow in the oven and then use the soldering iron. Just use adequate ventilation for the burning plastic fumes. I break my shadow whenever I try to pry them out.

I practiced on NYC palettes from the Dollar Tree till I had my technique down. If they cracked, I didn’t care.

I like the idea of having different palettes for different brands. I do think I’ll just stick to the MAC palettes, though, as they are cheaper and I have magnetic tape that works with them if the pans are from other brands.
I really want to depot all of my singles, some I just don’t know how, have to experiment with some horrid old shade, I guess.
I also wan’t to depot my Dior 5 colour palettes and other such palettes so I don’t have to open 10-20 palettes to find the one I want to use.

I have seen people depot Dior palettes, but I’ve never tried so I don’t know how off-hand (other than your typical heat method).

I’ll give it a try with one of the total fail ones I have. If I succeed I’ll let you all know how, It I set fire to the flat, well, I guess then it’ll be a while before you hear from me 🙂

I have like 20 of them, filled with depotted eyeshadows from different brands. But I NEVER ever use them because storage is hard and they all just sit there in their box together…

Maybe label the spines and put them in a DVD rack or something like that? Or use bookends to keep them standing (like books).

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