Yves Saint Laurent – Spring 2008 – New Spring Look 2008

NEW SPRING LOOK 2008 | Spotlight on avant-garde romanticism

“I wanted a face for the woman I dress.” — Yves Saint Laurent

In 1978, Yves Saint Laurent created his line of make-up and sparked a sensation by adapting the bold, elegant, colours and visionary style of his clothes to the make-up universe. In 2008, to celebrate this 30th anniversary year in rich colour, Yves Saint Laurent Make-up will draw from the designer’s favourite themes and iconic creations with each successive season.

In this first tribute, the New Spring Look 2008 is inspired by one of the famous love greeting cards — the one from 1992 — sketched by Yves Saint Laurent and sent to his friends as an expression of affection. It is faithfully carried over to the PALETTE POP with its eminently wearable shades carrying a wave of freshness that is ideal in the spring sunlight.

In her usual flamboyant way, the Yves Saint Laurent woman reveals her romantic side, flirting with soft shades, luxuriating in fresh textures and naturally adopting ultra-contemporary, yet simple tips for application.

In a celebration of love and flowers, the New Spring Look 2008, interpreted by Val Garland, Artistic Advisor for Yves Saint Laurent Make-up, enhanced the model’s eyes with soft blue and green, a delicate and rosy complexion, and “embrace me”…lies the make-up look combines grace and sensuality in an effect that is totally today.


  • Palette Pop Collector Powder for Face & Cheeks ($60.00)
  • Pop Stick Blush in N 1 Vanilla / Chocolate, N 2 Strawberry / Raspberry, N 3 Peach / Blackcurrant ($42.00)
  • Eye Colour Touch Water-Resistant Eyeshadow in N 1 Golden Coral, N 2 Steel Blue, N 3 Golden Jade, N 4 Glazed Brown ($27.50)


  • French Manicure / 2 Pens Kit ($42.00)


  • Mascara Volume Infini Curl in N 6 Infinite Petrol-Blue ($27.50)
  • Ombres Duolumieres in N 13 Golden Sand / Brown Earth, N 15 Shimmering Quartz / Deep Amethyst ($39.50)
  • Fard a Levres Rouge Pur in N 138 Pink Orchid, N 139 Red Pomegranate ($29.00)
  • Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick SPF 15 in N 28 Pink Sorbet, N 29 Frozen Mocha ($29.00)
  • Golden Gloss in N 12 Golden Cinnamon, N 13 Golden Nude ($28.00)

Available this February 2008 on counters.

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Val GARLAND | Artistic Advisor for Yves Saint Laurent Make-up Creates YSL Spring 2008

The New Spring Look 2008 face features a bold play of contrasts. A classic invitation to reflection is reinvented in airy-light textures and stimulated by quick, easy methods of application. A combination of Mr. Saint Laurent’s signature colours are drawn into a world of Japanese beauties with a high-speed beat:

The complexion is even and transparent in two strokes of a highlighting brush — PERFECT TOUCH N 4 Sand and TOUCHE ECLAT N 1 Luminous Radiance — then brightened with the PALETTE POP. Cheeks are fresh and sensually caressed with POP STICK BLUSH N 2 Strawberry / Raspberry.

The eyes are outlined with L’EYELINER NOIR and dramatized with EYE COLOUR TOUCH in mineral shades of energizing N 2 Steel Blue and N 3 Golden Jade, applied in light touches. The lashes are sheathed in MASCARA VOLUME INFINI CURL N 6, Infinite Petrol-Blue with hypnotic reflections.  Lips sporting FARD À LÈVRES ROUGE PUR N 138 Pink Orchid are as tempting and utterly irresistible as the most precious flower. Nails are impeccable, thanks to the FRENCH MANUCURE kit.

To complete the “pop romanticism” harmony of the visual — two additional interpretations of the Yves Saint Laurent woman


The Yves Saint Laurent woman revives classic chic with a decidedly Hitchcockian spirit. The pure, luminous complexion is achieved with a brush as in the first harmony. The cheeks are cool and bright with POP STICK BLUSH N 3 Peach / Blackcurrant. Like ripe fruit, the lips are a delicate red bursting with light thanks to FARD À LÈVRES ROUGE PUR N 139 Red Pomegranate. The eyes delicately dance with the springtime light in soft, golden or pink shades of OMBRES DUOLUMIÈRES N 13 Golden Sand / Brown Earth or OMBRES DUOLUMIÈRES N 15 Shimmering Quartz / Deep Amethyst. 


The sensual, intuitive Yves Saint Laurent woman introduces a new play on shadow and light, dispensing the colour effect with surprising ease. In two brushstrokes she veils her skin with light. And in a third stroke creates intense, sexy, smoky eyes. She applies a wide line of L’EYELINER NOIR along her upper and lower lash lines, covers her upper lids with EYE COLOUR TOUCH N4 Glazed Brown and adds a note of mystery with EYE COLOUR TOUCH N 1 Golden Jade. She shapes her lashes with MASCARA VOLUME INFINI CURL N 1 Infinite Petrol-Blue. And to create a contrast with her eyes, she adds a final brushstroke, giving her lips the transparent shimmer of GOLDEN GLOSS N 13 Golden Nude.