YSL Beaute for Spring 2009

YSL’s Spring 2009 Collection

GLOSS PUR / Pure Lip Gloss ($29.00)

  • N 1 Pure Nude
  • N 2 Pure Rose
  • N 3 Pure Coral
  • N 4 Pure Raspberry
  • N 5 Pure Fuchsia
  • N 6 Pure Plum


  • PALETTE D’ARTISTE / Collector Powder For The Complexion ($62.00)
  • PALETTE D’ARTISTE / Collector Powder For The Eyes ($62.00)

BLUSH VARIATION / Variation Blush ($44.00)

  • N 18 Coral Sand

OMBRES DUOLUMIÈRES / Eye Shadow Duo ($41.00)

  • N 17 Ivory Beige / Deep Black
  • N 19 Oatmeal / Petroleum Blue

EVERLONG MASCARA / Lengthening Mascara ($28.50)

  • N 7 Ever Steel Blue

EASY LINER FOR EYES / Eyeliner Automatique ($33.00)

  • N 2 Easy Brown
  • N 3 Easy Blue

FARD À LÈVRES ROUGE PUR / Pure Lipstick ($30.00)

  • N 143 Blazing Red
  • N 144 Silky Apricot
  • N 145 Paradise Pink
  • N 146 Romantic Pink
  • N 147 Hazelnut
  • N 148 Tea Rose

NAIL TOUCH / Nail Lacquer Brush Pen ($26.00)

  • N 5 Tender Pink Touch
  • N 6 Coral Touch

On-Counter: February 2009

Learn more about the artistry behind the collection, plus another promo photo!

Inspired by the artists of his time, Yves Saint Laurent created his very own language in fashion and beauty: a language of color in its purest state. His unique approach sets the stage for a woman who enjoys dazzling her audience with the power of seductive colors.

The SPRING 2009 Collection is an artistic look at the visionary contrasts invented by Yves Saint Laurent: a shock of colors in vibrating harmonies of yellow and pink, orange and fuchsia, green and violet, ochre and blue.

Under the talented hand of Yves Saint Laurent Artistic Advisor for Make-Up, Val Garland, Coco Rocha interprets an optimistic, futuristic Yves Saint Laurent woman with her eyes firmly fixed on the horizon.

Limited Editions: Abstract works of art
Icons of the collection are two Limited Edition palettes inspired by abstract art: each one offers an original, graphic interpretation of luminous, soft colors, and the poetry of vibrant harmonies that invite women to become the artists of their own beauty.

Four radiant shades form a graphic pattern that remains intact to the very end. This refined presentation stimulates creative application for a dazzling spring look. The palette has everything it takes: a pale, sunny earth shade to warm and sculpt the face, vibrant orange and tender pink to brighten and heat up the intensity, and light pink to highlight and illuminate prominent features with a satiny sheen.

Silky and intensified with Ampli Light + pigments, these powders capture the light and enhance the skin with beautiful transparency. Apply the shades one by one using a brush, or sweep the brush over them all to create a personalized, always unique shade of blush.

This quartet, the second part of this exceptional diptych, offers a poetic vision of the eyes.
The long-lasting, silky, satiny powders are pure, luminous, perfectly matte and richly pigmented.
The intensity of their shades makes the eyes dance with pure color. Perfectly adjustable, easy to apply and blend, they are ideal for personalizing the eyes every day, to reinvent them as an original work of art. Pale yellow, tender pink, gray-green for the eyelids, and a trace of deep purple to apply along the lash line to structure and intensify the overall effect.

Fall’s trend-inspiring success of Limited Edition GLOSS PUR Black redefined the codes of seduction by brandishing the designer’s favorite color – black – on the lips. Today, GLOSS PUR celebrates color in its purest state: no sparkles or demi-tones, just extreme shine and infinite comfort.

The applicator precisely deposits a flash of colored light. The supple, translucent texture is ideal for creating gorgeous effects, from a subtle veil to a mirror shine. Worn alone or as a top coat with ROUGE PUR lipstick, this supremely fashionable gloss boasts a collection of nude shades like flesh-colored N 1 Pure Nude and soft pink N 2 Pure Rose, and intense, fruity shades like raspberry N 4 Pure Raspberry, fluorescent orange N 3 Pure Coral, burnt sienna N 6 Pure Plum and the essential N 5 Pure Fuchsia, the iconic Yves Saint Laurent shade.

The pure expression of color by Yves Saint Laurent, GLOSS PUR pairs perfectly with Fard à lèvres ROUGE PUR to endow each woman with her own unique radiance.


In the visual with make-up created by Val Garland, Coco Rocha becomes the central figure in a boldly colored painting.

Lashes sheathed with new EVERLONG MASCARA N 7 Ever Steel Blue are blended with indigo to bring out the purple and pink shades on the upper eyelids. The eyebrow arch is brightened with pastel yellow. Under the eyes, the green in the palette is mixed with EASY LINER FOR EYES N 3 Easy Blue for a vibrant contrast. The complexion is fresh, smooth and matte. Lips are tangy and fruity with a refreshing, ultra shiny orange shade.

A perfect pairing of blue and beige for a woman who, above all, expresses her beauty through purified, balanced intensities. For outlining eyes, blue is the new black, to be combined with beige for a new, timeless look.

The eyelids are enhanced with OMBRES DUOLUMIÈRES N 19 Oatmeal / Petroleum Blue and EASY LINER FOR EYES N 3 Easy Blue together with the coordinated EVERLONG MASCARA N 7 Ever Steel Blue shade. Deceptively demure lips are incomparably shiny with GLOSS PUR N 1 Pure Nude.

A play of shadow and light finished with a velvety effect. Eyes are rimmed with OMBRES DUOLUMIÈRES N17 Ivory Beige / Deep Black. Lips are raspberry pink with GLOSS PUR N4 Pure Raspberry. The sensual woman indulges her passion for Pink with delight, giving it an intensely brilliant, vibrant shine.