Win MAC Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass!

Temptalia Gives Away MAC Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass!

We’re giving away one (1) MAC Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass from the limited edition MAC Double Dazzle Collection. Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us why you want to win. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

All entries must be submitted by April 11th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. That’s it! This contest is only open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws.

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Hey Temptalia 🙂 My twitttttter name is makeupish
and the reason why I wanna win this, is because I love dazzleglasses
and I would appreciate winning it and because i hate spending my money, just as much as everyone doesn’t. lol.

twitter nolietwirls.

I’d like to try the color, though it wasn’t one of my favorites in the collection.

darn pocketbook….

Yay! More contest!
My twitter username is xphoenix06
I missed out on the dazzleglasses, the swatches are so pretty! Would love to win one, I just recently got into the lip products of MAC let alone from any brand. LOL

twitter name – exotic
email in RRS – [email protected]

I loved dazzleglasses ever since they first released them. I want to win because I haven’t tried any of the newer ones. I am a makeup student so I think it would be awesome to try. I also think the colour is amazing & would look so good on me with a tan (hehe)

i want to win because im too poor to buy dazzleglasses atm since im trying to pay for summer classes x_x but id love one!!! ive always wanted to try sugarrimmeed!

ancientbruises on twitter

twitter: dR3AMii
i want to win this because i’ve been wanting this ever since i heard they were repromoting dazzleglasses (:

Awesome contest!
I LOVE Dazzleglasses! I collect them and already have 20! I wanna have them all!
Thank you so much!
Twitter name: Macbeauty


I would love to win one of these because I have never had the chance to actually try them out and they look amazing!

I want to win because winning makes a girl feel happy and I don’t have any Dazzleglass glosses. Not even one. Having one would make me a very happy woman. Thanks!

Make me a winner! 🙂
I want to win b/c I am interested in dazzleglasses but I am too chicken to purchase such a glittery makeup. 🙂

I havent tried any of the dazzleglasses so I would love to win one of them 🙂

I’ve subscribed and followed on twitter

twittername: dini23

Hey, my twitter is kaaaaaa.
I’d so love to win because i’ve never purchased a MAC lip product before. I have a few shadows and a brush, and i’d loooove to build my collection.

Ooo, I’d LOVE to win this dazzleglass! I’ve wanted this one since the first release, but was never able to get it!

I’m ashizzles on twitter!

Hey! Well Ive never owned a dazzleglass or tried one but I hear great things about them. I was looking to buy it anyway when the collection came out but it be so much better to win it.

BTW, love your site. Visit it atleast one a day!

i`d love to win!! i`ve been trying to get my hands on this one since i didn`t buy it the first time around :/
twitter- giggling
already signed up for rss ;D

I want to win for so many reason… One being because I’ve entered so many contests here and did not win. So it would be cool if I finaly won and it was a dazzleglass. Also… This color is hot! I want to rock the hell out of it.

I follow you on twitter and my name there is Ibiscaraib

love dazzleglasses and ms. temptalia!! lolz…luv ya for having these contests christine! 🙂


twitter: aaj83
RSS feed: already subscribed

I’d love to win because I don’t own ANY Dazzleglasses and I’d love this to be my first. 😀

Twitter – kimoraklein
& I’ve been subscribed via e-mail for a while now. <3

P.S. Do you do all the graphics for your posts? They’ve gotten realllly pretty lately, lol.

I would love to win this because it would be my very first dazzleglass and I love sugarimmed because it looks like such a versatile colour 🙂

I would love to win because I’m resisting the temptation to purchase any of these lovely dazzleglasses. How happy I’ll be if I get this!

I would love to win this because dazzleglasses are actually GLASS as opposed to the usual MAC plstic (i know that’s more breakable but i just gives it something extra elegant about it) and they do actually dazzle…and not in a cheesy Twilight way…

I would love to win because i have never won anything in my entire life and don’t have a job or money to buy MAC and have never tried any of there lip products

OMG! i’d love to win because i LOVE LOVE the dazzleglasses.
twitter: 23dani

i’m a subscriber!

please let me win this one! *keeping my fingers crossed*

hi christine. i want to win cause i don’t own any dazzleglass! can u believe that? haha. & i haven’t tried any too. so pls pls.. i hope i win. 🙂

twitter: tirin
email subscriber

I would really love to win this because I love dazzleglasses so much! I don’t own Sugarrimmed but seeing your swatches it’s one of my favorites!

I’ve been waiting for this collection! Sugarrimmed looks like a color I would like, but I missed out on it last time.

Thanks, Christine!

I would love to win because this colour is amazing and I don’t have any dazzleglasses and I really want to start collecting them. Im followin on twitter, my name is superelle.

I love dazzleglass and don’t have Sugarrimmed yet!

Also, is the winner notified via email also? I’ve never actually gone back and checked the threads with all the comments after I’ve entered. I check Temptalia everyday, but never thought about returning to the old posts to check!

Hi, I’d love to win this. Right now I have no job. I have been looking EVERYWHERE but because of the economy I have had no luck. Because of this I won’t have a chance to get any of the Dazzleglasses. Therefore, i’d love to win this one. Thank you for this amazing opportunity. Good Luck to everyone.


I’d love to win this because it is so gorgeous! I missed the dazzleglasses last time so I’m hoping to get my hands on a few this time:P
twitter: mrsloliver

Wow Christine, awesome giveaway! I’d LOVE to win this dazzleglass, because I’ve been eyeballing on Sugarrimmed when it first came out last time and I missed it and now I think it’s a perfect opportunity for me to get it! Even though you recommended to skip this one I would love this sheer color!! Following you on twitter – narifertiti

i wish i could win this…i dont own any of those dazzleglasses..and in germany they are like 21 euros which is likee what…27-28 dollars =(

I’d like to win because the glossy lips look is something I’ve always admired from afar – I ALWAYS end up with a satin finish. This would be a good opportunity to experiment 🙂

I’d love to win because i missed out on Sugarrimmed last time, and i live in the UK so will have to wait longer for double dazzle! Thank you 🙂

Christine, I want this dazzleglass because they look awesome over my lipsticks. I already have 6 and would love to add this one to their party!

My twitter name is Shadowy_Lady

I’d love to win since I don’t have any dazzleglasses – but I may have to hand it over to my daughter – she’s the queen of lipglosses, and she’s just starting with makeup in general.
twitter = krazymom91

hi there
I would love to win this, I don’t have any dazzleglasses and would love to try one, but I think I might get addicted
PS twitter: makmipurfekt

I would love to win sugar rimmed because it is so beautiful and would work great by itself or over any lipstick! It’s so versatile! Thank you so much for doing the giveaways!

Twitter: makeupgirl513

I am a RSS subscriber!

Honestly, I want to win because I want to try a Dazzleglass but I don’t want to have to buy it.

Twitter: 1HardWorkingMom
RSS subscribed

I would love to win, and I want a dazzleglass sooo bad, but have no money for them!
And I think it’s awesome you do this for your subscribers! Good for you Christine!

I would LOVE to win this because i have never owned a dazzleglass, and the new collection looks amazing!
This is one of my favorites, it is such a pretty color. (:

twitter: _lyne

i would love to win because the previous times dazzleglasses were launched it was pretty much sold out by the time I had chance to go to the counters boos.

I would LOVE to win a dazzleglass! I missed out on them when they came out! 🙁 Sorry girls I cannot twitter I no longer own a cell-phone! 🙁

My twitter is missmercy87. I would LOVE to win this because I’ve never been able to afford any MAC products, due to being a stay at home mother and searching for a job. I have been dying to try MAC products for quite a while.

I’d love to win! The Dazzleglasses are so pretty and won’t be available in my country for another month!
Twitter name is MissMoofy 🙂

I’ve just recently gotten into MAC lipglass products, and I absolutely love them. I’ve never had a dazzleglass before and this would be a great opportunity.

My twitter name is Fraoch.

I ‘d love to win because I don’t own any Dazzleglasses and I have wanted one for the longest time; especially the Sugarrimmed. I seem to miss them every time they’re released. When I heard the colelction was coming out, I knew I’d have to buy it 🙂


Sugarrimmed seems like such a gorgeous soft color, but I haven’t had the funds to pick it up yet. I’d love to try it!

I am an RSS subscriber as well =)

I’d like to win because I’ve never tried a dazzleglass before. Also the name reminds me of fancy summer drinks, and I like those ; )

I would love to win this because I am a mad collector of mac!
Twitter: xSparklezZx
I am a follower of your twitter and a sub to your daily feed! 😀

I’d love to win because i have never had a Dazzleglass and would love to try one but can’t buy one due to no money and my hectic exam scheduale!

I’d love to win this Sugarimmed Dazzleglass because it makes me think of a Candy Apple Martini w/ the glass rimmed in sweet sugar. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I’d love to win bc I think this would be the perfect gloss to top off lipsticks with. I’m subscribed to your RSS and TWITTER: Kella86 🙂

My name on Twitter is Sparkle_lite. I’d love to win one of these because I have never owned a Dazzleglass before and I’m dying for one!!

hey! my twitter name is catysuewho 🙂 i’d love to win because i’ve never used a dazzleglass before, sugarrimmed looks gorgeous, and i love mac but i’m an unemployed teenager so it’s very hard for me to buy it.

love ya!

I would love to win a Dazzleglass because..*tries to come up with an original reason…but to no avail..* oh heck, because they’re so freaking pretty!!!

I would really love to win because I looove MAC, but lately I’ve had to become a recessionista because of paying for school. Anywho, have a fab weekend doll!

Twitter: iamchelle

Hey ! 😀 i’d love to win this because I never got a chance to try out dazzleglasses .. and i’d LOVE to now .. plus i dont have a job so im not sure when i’ll be able to raise up the money LOL thanks girl

I want to win because I just busted my lip on the baby swing and I’m hoping the dazzle takes everyones eyes off of the swelling LMAO

soco210 @ twitter/subscribed to RSS

I’d love to win because I’ve never tried any Dazzleglasses and I don’t have a job to afford any. And I’ve heard amazing things about this color.

Twitter: bee501

twitter – coutures

I really wanted to get Sugarrimmed and Baby Sparks when they were first released but I missed out and I’ve been waiting ever since for them to come back. (:

I’d love to win sugarrimmed dazzleglass because I’ve never tried a dazzleglass!! And from the pics, sugarrimmed looks lovely.

twitter: purelai

I’d love to win this dazzleglass! I can’t go to my local mac counter because I’ve just recently come out of hospital & well I think I’ve ordered enough off the mac website lately, which has been keeping me occupied. I’ve ran out of money! And despite entering so many competitions I never win anything!

Hey Miss Temptalia!!! Thanks SO MUCH for all your great tips, I’m a MAC addict…seriously an illness. My twitter name is dviussmile
and the reason I really want to win because I have nothing like this right now in my makeup box, so it would “complete me” *sigh, bats eyes*



Hai 🙂 i would really love to win because the name of the dazzleglass is so cute, and anything with the word sugar in it gets me buzzing. Dazzleglasses are stunning and i adore mac ! xoxo

I really want to win because I love dazzleglasses and I told myself I can’t buy any more makeup till Rose Romance…

RSS and twitter: itzastar

I really want to win because I’ve replied on pretty much every one of these giveaways and haven’t any luck. And this is by far one of the best giveaways. I think it’s awesome you’re doing this and I would be thrilled beyond words.

Wow so many have never tried a dazzleglass, including me. Which is why I also want to win :> luv u Christine!
twitter: twtrheather