Will you be making any adjustments to your purchasing habits in 2022?

I don’t think so! I will continue to keep an eye on how much I can realistically review vs. what I purchase so that I am not buying more than I can review – well, at least, try not to!

— Christine


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Mariella Avatar

This is the first year I’ve not requalified for VIB Rouge – I was about $300 short of the threshold but there just wasn’t stuff I wanted or needed to purchase. And I think I’ll spend even less this year because, again, I just have so much makeup that goes pretty much unused even though I love it – I just have way too much. So I may buy a few lipsticks (those new MAC Rethink Pink ones have a few tempting shades) and I’m not likely to resist every eyeshadow that is released (though you never know) but in the main, I really want to use (and use up) what I have so it’s likely that I’ll mostly just replenish skin care items.

Michou Avatar

Yes, definitely. I went on a spree last year and the year before to sort of assuage the restlessness I felt from being stuck home with the pandemic situation. This year I’m focusing on other things – so I will be massively decreasing my makeup spend for 2022.

C.Blossom Avatar

I’m not buying anything else until I can actually sample it in a physical store. Color and texture are too complex to be confident about online, especially how they interact with my undertones. Ever since I moved outside a major metro, I feel like I’ve been throwing random online darts, instead of making choices. So I’m going to take notes, and when the pandemic subsides, go to a city and have a real, in-person shopping trip.

Lesley Avatar

Not likely. I bought very little in 2021 and did not even make VIB at Sephora nor did I make Platinum at Ulta. I have all that I want just now and expect to buy only replacements for things I use up. I hope to be able to find what I need from indie/BIPOC brands and buy less plastic packaging.

Z Avatar

Yes. I’ve been cutting down for years. But this year I’ll ONLY buy what I need (eventually that’ll be new mascara and foundation) as it runs out. No backups, no frivolous purchases, etc… With the singular caveat that if Lorac releases more of those new-style pro palettes I can get it if I want – on sale.
Not buying anything new pretty much goes across the board. Buy what I need, as I need it, while focusing on using what’s already here in my house.

Ana Maria Avatar

No, I will continue to buy only what I need / use and open one item of each at a time, I will continue to splurge on good quality items I like using, I will continue to track products opened and when they finish so I can make most of my purchases during sales.
I’ve developed in the past years a system that works very well for me, and although it’s not necessarily saving me money (I love to splurge on skincare and base products), it keeps my life easier by providing structure and less mental and physical clutter.

kjh Avatar

Already off the buying train. Too much and I have to move (real bad for the looker these days, but I digress.). Only mid tier at Sephulta (Thanks, Leslie. Always wanted to use your term!) Ulta tier is correct, but I suspect S is giving customers a tier break like last year. For a while I was not able to see how many points I had amassed in 21. Still can’t. And I doubt it was enough for VIB. Though I forwent m/u, s/c and bath products probably ramped up. Right now I want to follow the industry rather than participate. But that could change!

Lucie Avatar

I’m not on a no-buy, but I intend to focus on appreciating what I have and reducing clutter (physical, emotional, etc.) in all aspects of my life. I have a number of projects I would like to accomplish this year so I’m tying my purchasing into meeting milestones. I have a list of about 12 makeup items (along with about two dozen non-makeup items) that I’ve listed out as rewards for meeting goals. So I’m hoping those will be my only purchases other than replacing skincare (and I’m not even sure I’ll need to be doing that anytime soon). So this year will be very focused purchases on things I’ve had my eye on for awhile but bypassed for one reason or another. I’ll likely miss out on new and exciting things unless I spot something that replaces another item on my reward list.

Genevieve Avatar

No I don’t think so. I only buy what I really, really love from the excellent reviews here. If anything, I have narrowed my lipstick preferences down to a few shades for a bit of variety, as darker shades just don’t work for me anymore.
And the love affair that brands have for pinks, reds and oranges in eyeshadows means that not many palettes suit me either……

Pearl Avatar

Eh, I don’t think so. As far as the amount or number of products bought, I bought considerably less in ‘20 and ‘21 and will probably do the same this year.

As far as brands, I am off the Tom Ford and Chanel train for the most part and now it’s just MAC, Natasha Denona, ColourPop and Pat McGrath.

As far as products, eyeshadow is still worth a second look for me and cream cheek products have been very appealing to me lately but only blush and bronzer, I’m not as interested in cream highlighters.

Jill Avatar

Definitely, I’m on a strict no buy. I was on a low buy for the past two years and I did really well until the last quarter of 2021. I needed a pick me up and bought too much makeup that I didn’t need. So now it’s time to get real and get to know my expanded collection.

Helene Avatar

I really hope I can stick to a very low low-buy this year.
I will shop my stash and also try all products out like I spent most of last year doing, then eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks. I still need to do a lot of lipstick testing, no use keeping products that’s gone bad.
I have a lot of small boxes with I don’t know what in them, the only thing I know is that it’s makeup.
I will keep wanting lots of eyeshadows and lipsticks, I know that, but I hope I can be stricter about the no to low buy.
Last year turned out to be very expensive with the veterinary bills for both dogs, and the dog still with me still needs monitoring with blood tests and ultra sounds. He’s also on medication, not cheap, that!
I do need to save up a bit as a lot of my reserve funds went to the dogs, and one never know when some household appliances decide to break.
Ouch, depressing this post, sorry for that!

ShariP Avatar

Yes, I will be. Over the past few days I’ve been off work so I decided to review my collection and I made an organized list of it. I have way too much makeup, plain and simple. I’ve asked a niece if her daughter would be interested in some of the least used products. Some I threw away. Now I know what I have and I plan to only get something new if it fills a void. Thank you Christine for your dupes list too. That’s been so helpful.

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