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I’m not dressing up but my 19 month old is gonna be an Owl. A cute pink owl with purple wings to be exact. 🙂

No…but but my nails will be sort of Halloween-ish. I’m doing Zoya’s Raven with Chloe over it. It looks great, and it’s the perfect time to wear it.

Yeah, I have two costumes cuz I’m probably going to two parties…the first is a ‘sexy’ cop costume…cute little dress with a waist belt and tiered skirt, fishnets and a hat. It came with a baton that I will not be using because it looks so much like a vibrator it’s ridiculous lol. Got it from Shoedazzle last year but didn’t get a chance to wear it yet.
For my makeup for that, I’ll be doing a smoky eye with UD Gunmetal and light nude lips.

The second is Carly Rae Jepsen…kinda silly but cute and easy. Wearing the outfit she wears during the car wash scene in the video…pink bra, white tank, shorts, pink hoops, blue contacts, and braids. Plus I’m carrying a corded phone and a ‘call me maybe’ note.
For my makeup for that, I’m using macbarbie07’s tutorial…basically a brown smoky eye using the Maybelline give me gold palette, lots of blush (theBalm Down Boy), and pink lips (probably a mix of Maybelline Pink Peony and Revlon Lollipop lip butter).

And if I end up working on Halloween (god, I hope not), I’ll be wearing xsparkage’s Candy Corn halloween eye look. Love!

No; I have no plans to do anything, or go anywhere a costume will be necessary. Besides, I dress in a way many would see as a bit “costumey” anyway, so *maybe* I’ll just add a bit to it.

I’m going over to my Mom’s house to help hand out candy (and have a cocktail or three), so I’m dressing up as a witch. 🙂

I have a party to attend, and I couldn’t think of any costume I really wanted to buy. I decided, since I have a lot of sparkly jewel tone clothes, that I would go as a peacock. I got a really nice big peacock feather hair comb that is going to be my tail. I bought a makeup kit with a great stencil to use for my face (I can’t do masks because of my glasses), some false lashes with feathers, and I found some temporary tattoos on clearance that have peacock feathers. Also, glitter gel because glitter.

I’m probably just going to use a good cream base + quality eyeshadow for my stencil design, but I will try out the base in the kit in the next day or so, since it’s one of WnW’s. I’ll probably put on some feather earrings, but I didn’t think I needed to buy more as I have a few pairs. Oh, and as long as my lips aren’t too chapped, I’ll put on a long-wear lipcolor.

And I can wear clothing I already own, the actual outfit part of costumes is always the biggest pain for me.

Hmmm… Halloween: Perhaps a good day to try something very different in the makeup department without taking flack for epic fail. I like 🙂

No, I will not be dressing up. We have no trick-or-treaters either since we are in the sticks with a seriously long driveway. Parents in this neighbourhood take their kids to the nearest town.

I wish I was. I got invited to a Halloween party for the first time is a couple of years but I can’t go because I’ll be flying back from one trip and packing for another… (Can’t complain too much, yay holidays).

Hmm, there’s no Halloween celebrations on my part of the world, and I’m to lazy to initiate one myself, so I don’t think I’d be dressing up.

On another note, I’m afraid I’d have to start calling you Grim-stine every October from this point on. You can blame Dusty. 😛

Nope, we don’t really celebrate Halloween here, so I won’t be dressing up. But I do kinda look like a Halloween monster with my messed up eye right now, lol. My boyfriend keeps calling me pirate…

I wanted to, but my boyfriend and I are so busy with work. We might just paint our faces and sit on the porch and give out candy to the kiddies 🙂

My son (who is 2) is going to be Charlie Brown, my husband will be Linus, and I’ll be dressing up as Linus’s blue blanket!

That’s soooo cute! Do you have a puppy that you can take with you trick-or-treating? You know, to be Snoopy. If not, you could just use a stuffed plush puppy. Have fun!

Yes! I’m super excited I’m going to be a- rats nest! I’m going to tease up my hair super huge and have little plastic rats poking out. =)

Yes, I am going as a cheerleader or Zombie Cheerleader depending on the event, one costume…two ways. Super excited! Halloween is my favorite holiday. <3

Grim-stine, I love it 🙂 I am not dressing up; I have no plans, we never get trick or treaters, and I have to work anyway, so…quiet Halloween for me. I’m okay with this.

I’ve been wanting to dress up as a Valkyrie for a couple of years now, but I can’t find a horned Viking helmet to fit my giant head! XD
My eleven year old daughter will be dressing up as a Geisha! Thanks for asking this question, Christine…

I need to know if anyone out in the Temptalia universe can recommend a good opaque body paint or makeup (in white)! …Also, what kind of red makeup (powder or creme) should I do her eyes with?

Thanks and Happy Hallowe’en!

If you have access to a Sephora, try MUFE No 99, or Sephora single in Geisha Kiss. Both have incredible pigmentation, are long-lasting, and powders. Just be sure to use a primer, for both lasting-power, and to prevent any possible staining. Both are also “eye-safe”. HTH

Yes deinitely MUFE no. 99!! I’m using it on my eyes for my devil makeup and it looks amazing!! Also the MUFE Aqua Liner in no. 19 is a fabulous red liner!

ABSOLUTELY!! I’m dressing as a Devil With a Blue Dress On. I’ve been trying out different makeup looks this week, and what I’ve settled on is a dramatic flame eye and bold red lipstick.
On my face I’m using UD Naked Skin Foundation in .5 topped with Cargo blu_ray Pressed Powder in 10. No blush! For my eyes I am using Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fierce & tangy all over as a base. On top of that Too Faced Glitter Glue to help the pigments stick. On the lid – NYX Ultra Pearl loose pigment in Orange Zest Pearl, in the crease and winged out well past the eyebrow – MUFE eyeshadow in No. 99 (bright red), on the browbone and inner corner – NYX Ultra Pearl loose pigment in Yellow Pearl. I found an AMAZING set of feathered eyelashes by the brand Secret Wishes that have a long curled red feather on the outer corner (looks just like a flame!). Lining the upper lid first with UD 24/7 in Zero right against the base of the lashes, and above that and on the lower lash line with MUFE Aqua Liner in No. 19 (bright red) winged out below the red eyeshadow. On my lips I am doing a base of OCC Lip Tar in NSFW (true red) and topping that with Milani Lip Flash in Hot Flash (metallic red).
I love Halloween as it is such a great excuse to get really creative with makeup colors you wouldn’t normally wear! I absolutely LOVE how the red shadow and eyeliner look on me! I’m going to have to figure out how to incorporate them in to everyday looks, because I swear my eyes have never looked GREENER than they do with red eye makeup!!

Try a MEBB shadow with a sheen, loads of mascara, and just the red liner in a thin line just at the upper lashline. You can also use a bit of crease contour & brow highlight, but keep it subtle. I actually wore this to work (in a bank), with a very strict dress-code, and noone really noticed the makeup, but I always got complimented on my eyes, which are dark brown. It’s a very “there’s-something-different-but-I-can’t-quite-figured-it-out” look.

Also, Christine did a post a couple of days ago pertaining to red eyeshadow; perhaps you can pick up some more ideas. HTH

Ohh thanks for the suggestions! Fortunately I work in a non-conservative environment so I can probably get away with some red eyeliner now and then, lol.

Oh my am I a ditz this morning, I thought Grim-Stine was a character from a movie or something! So I googled it ha!

I love dressing up every year, but I’m not 100% sure of my plans this time. I just got rhino/septoplasty surgery last week, so I’m not sure if I’ll be up for it.

But if I do, I have a sweet Steampunk-esque Assassin’s Creed costume.

For Halloween, I am Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. My boyfriend is dressing up as Walter. I’ve already gone to one party where I fooled a couple of the people. I stippled on some stubble, and my makeup even fooled my sister!

I was supposed to be a flapper for a friend’s party, since my hair is perfect for the look after I had it all cut off last week. However, it looks like the costume is going to have to be put away until next year. 🙁 I’m going to have to work that weekend due to schedule shortages.

I always end up slapping something together at the very last minute, but this year I somehow ended up with two costumes! One is Driver (Ryan Gosling) from the movie Drive, and the other is a Party Down group costume with a few friends.

I might be going to my apartment building’s halloween part later this week, and if I do, I’ll be doing a makeover/makeunder. I got the idea from a video Emily from Beauty Broadcast did last year. it’s loads of fun and involves lots of makeup, which is always good 😛

I’m going as little red riding hood. There’s nothing definitive about her, so I’ll wear red lips and focus on making my eyes look as big as possible.

Our immediate office will be vampires from different decades. I will be from the 40s, with blood red lips, cat liner and a finger waved wig.

HELL YEAH! I am obsessed with Halloween, I dress up every year and I usually know what I’m going to be even months ahead of time. This time I figured it out a little later but my plans are set! I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead on AMC, so I’m going to be the little zombie girl from the very first episode. She’s all ugly and gory and she’s also the first zombie Rick kills in the show. I’m so excited to try out all these techniques I’ve been picking up to make myself look gorey and dead! 😀

YES! I am going to be a candy raver with awesome bright and fun colors!! It’s going to be super cute, I’ve got a long blue wig and going to do beautiful rainbow eyes. The only thing I don’t have is the perfect lipstick color, and I’ve spent so much $$ already that I don’t really care about the lips too much. I’m throwing a costume party on the Sat. before, it’s going to be so much fun!

University has seriously sucked the fun out of Halloween for me. I will be dressing up as the stressed out biology student with a paper and a presentation due the next day!

A smoky cat eye sounds good! I’ll be hosting/chaperoning a safe kids Halloween event, so I’m not sure I’ll dress up. A costume seems like it would get in the way of chasing after those kids to make sure they don’t run off.. oy..

I’m dressing up as Medusa — with Marilyn Monroe type make-up — pale lids, dramatic eyeliner, red lipstick — a grecian robe and a full head of snakes…. should make the kids think twice when asking for candy…

I’m being Princess Aurora! I already went to one Halloween event in Disneyland. I did flawless skin with a heavy cheek contour, a shimmery light pink eye, big false lashes, and a medium pink lip!

Yes, I love dressing up for Halloween. My daughter’s birthday is on the 30th so we always have a great Halloween/birthday party for her. She will be 3 this year and wanted to be a Dalmatian…so of course I had to be Cruella DeVille. 🙂 It’s going to be really fun!

I’m gonna be a kawaii girl for a party on Saturday, and I’m gonna be a purple and black fairy (Like a dark fairy) on Halloween. Kawaii make-up is gonna be soft with lots of Sugarpill pinks and HUGE eyelashes. The fairy makeup will be a lot more over the top, with lots of glitter and TONS of purple eyeshadows. (:

After the make-up intensive Dia de Los Muertos makeup I did last year, this year I’m feeling lazy and will be a luchadora and just use the mask and a cape.

This Halloween I decided to go with something that is not makeup intensive so I’m cosplaying for the first time. I’ll be going as Victorique de Blois since our habits and personality are so similar that when my sister and friends watch the anime they’re like HA that’s you! She’s 5ft I’m 4ft 10 and her hair reaches the ground so I ordered a 5ft long blonde wavy wig and green circle lenses. I already have a Lolita dress (Rose Melody’s Deluxe Twin Swan JSK in pink and gold) that’ll be perfect for her. Makeup wise, I don’t need to do much since she doesn’t wear makeup and I already have milky pale skin and chubby cheeks. Will probably put on some false lashes, a bit of liner, white liner, red blush, and pale pink lips.

I’m going as a modern take on the Bride of Frankenstein, Lighting Bolt Eyeliner, pale dead-like face make up, deep blood red lips, and blue eye shadow.

Yup! I do every single year. This is the first year I can remember where I didn’t know what I was going to be months ahead of time. My decision was very last-minute, brought on by a makeup tutorial by VintageOrTacky. I’m going to be a pop art girl, ala Roy Liechtenstein.

It’s strange for me to have had to make such a last-minute decision. I wasn’t even sure I was going to dress up, which is not like me at all, but I’ve been dealing with depression and other issues that have given me a lack of motivation even for the things I normally love. But I’ll be helping out with the kids’ party here at our house, so I’ll try to keep my spirits up.

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