Will you be buying anything from MAC’s Pret-a-Papier collection?

Will you be buying anything from MAC’s Pret-a-Papier collection? What are your must-haves? Skipping entirely?


Been there, done that! ;P

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The collection is honestly a bit boring for my taste.
I do like the look of the pencils and I might get the coral paint pot, but other than that, I don’t think I’ll spend money on this collection.
I’d rather save the money for some of the superglasses, haha! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Maybe.. I’m interested in the paint pot, Originality nail lacquer and maybe the coral gloss or Made to Order lipstick. I’ll have to go swatch in-store to see!

I wanted the Coral Crepe paintpot at first, but now that I see swatches I don’t think I’ll ever use it lol. I love the dressmaker, dressmaker swatch though since it looks very neutral and subdued but I’ll have to see how it looks on my skintone! BUT for sure, I am going to get instant chic blush (since it seems like I won’t be able to overapply) and the fold & tuck lipglass ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for all the swatches Christine! I’ve been waiting for them LOL

I agree. I wanted the Coral Crepe pp but the swatches are a bit scary! I don’t think I will use it either BUT I think it might be a good base for a neutral look. Give it some kick.

What do you think, Christine?

Nothing! I’ve just placed a MAC order hours before this was released ๐Ÿ™ Besides i should be saving for MAC to the beach! ๐Ÿ˜€

I like the Pret-a-Papier Lipglass, the Brown Bag Nail Lacquer and the pencils, but not really enough to go out and get them. I’ll probably get them from a CCO in a few months…

I’m only interested in the Instant Chic blush cuz I love matte blushes that are soft and peachy/corally pink (not orangey or cool pinks).. but more on the pink side than peach or coral, if u kno what i’m saying haha. Wish it would have slightly more color payoff.. BUT I still want to try it and if it shows up on my NC30 face with a pretty pop of natural pink, then I’ll take it!! Your MAC collection reviews are #1 Christine^___^

totally agree.

i just posted a link from my blog to the Pret-a-papier Roundup, telling the Swiss Girls to go and see your swatches. I called you the goddess of makeup bloggers. *LOL*.

i will definitly buy a frew things.

Probably just the NC15/NW20 Chromagraphic pencil for me. I’ve been looking for a really good flesh-toned pencil for the waterline for ages, but most of them were too pink or they were shimmery.

I was really excited for coral crepe paint pot, but now that I see swatches, I’ll save my money for something more interesting. I think i’ll get instant chic.

btw, I got the kiehl’s tinted moisturizer (cause you recommended it yesterday) and I’m in love. Thanks Christine.

I actually wasn’t planning on buying anything…ended up getting Originality Nail polish and the pinky pink blush. I really should be saving for Mac to the Beach.

Nothing’s really wowing me in this collection, and I’m not a big fan of coral or brown. Even though a lot of it looks nice (if a little boring), those warm colours just aren’t that flattering on me.
Also, I’m still really confused about the “paper-as-inspiration” thing! Am I the only one?

the nordstrom let me buy my things earlier! hehe. so i got dressmaker, dressmaker and coral crepe paint pot.. although i tried the lipstick in store i liked it and when i got home i tried it one more time it wasnt that pigmented at all.. ill be returning it.. i didnt look at those chrom pencils!! imma see it in the weekend..

I want the lighter Chromagraphic pencil for sure… and I might also grab Originality + Tissue Weight, but only if they really blow me away in person.

Maybe just the gold polish, I find it hard to resist gold products!
Also thank you for the Dior collection post, I got the gold shadow and LOVE IT, it has beautiful fine glitter!

I ordered “Made to order” “Fold and tuck” and the NC15/NW20 pencil.

I think the blushes are pretty, but nothing I need. I wanted to love the coral paint pot but it isn’t the shade of coral I would wear even as a base.

Yes!! Instant Chic, Coral Crepe and NC15/NW20 chromagraphic liner for sure. Depending on real life swatches Light Over Dark, Gazette Grey, Memorabilia, Tissue Weight and Cut to Fit.

I can’t wait for Pret-a-Papier to launch here. The MA told me May 1 but this is a holiday here ๐Ÿ™ so propably May 3.

Definitely the lighter Chromographic pencil! The other stuff, I’m not sure. None of it has really grabbed my attention, but I’ll have to see it in person.

I haven’t really hauled much from MAC.. only one or two pieces per collection (my bank account is thankful!). Probably not going to break my streak and only purchase Instant Chic if it will show up well on my NC40 skin.

Did you know that Make Up Forever is coming out with a bunch of creme eyeshadows? I think I’ll check out the coral one from that collection instead.

Also I love your swatches, but I noticed that they look a little darker than usual. Like the blacks are really dark and contrasty. Did you get a new camera? Just wondering. Great job for doing this for us. I’m very grateful just wanted to give you some feedback on the photos. Maybe it’s my monitor?

Yes, I do! ๐Ÿ™‚

No, it’s the same camera, but I’m taking photos in a different place and trying to use natural light more often when I can!

This collection is right up my alley because I love corals and peaches, but I’ll definitely be skipping some things that too closely resemble products I already have. I’ll definitely get Tissueweight eye shadow, some of the lipsticks and the coral Paint Pot. I also want a Chromographic pencil. Some of the eye shadows, the blushes and the Lipglasses are easy to skip. I’ve seen those shades a million times.

I was going to get 3 lighter e/s when the collection was first announced. But because of your very informative reviews and clear pictures, I changed my mind and will get the Nail Lacquers and the darker Chromographic Pencil. Thanks Christine!

I’m going to get Made to Order l/s and Fold and Tuck l/g, Coral Crepe PP, the eyeshadows (except Memorabilia), and the blushes. I would like to have a lighter coral like Dressmakerx2, but it might be too light for my lips, and Kraft too dark and brown. I wonder if Kraft is anything like High Def and suitable for NC20/25?

I was thinking about Fold and Tuck lipglass and a chromographic pencil. I am just not sure which pencil to get…I am NC 35-40 so maybe the darker pencil would just be the slightest bit too dark? I have no idea. What do you think? About the lipglass though, I have been looking for a great coral for a long time. I’m hoping it looks as good on me as it does on you. Brown bag nail lacquer is also a possibility.

Made to Order l/s
Kraft l/s
Fold and Tuck l/g
Coral Crepe p/p
Bamboo e/s
Tissue weight e/s
Cut to Fit e/s
Garb Blush
Instant Chic Blush
Chromagraphic Pencil NC 30
That’s it, unless something else stands out when i self swatch. Yup, gotta feed my MAC addiction;-)

I sure will! As much as I want to get the blushes, the coral paint pot, and 2 lipglasses. Im only going to get Originality n/p. I gotta save some money for Superglass and To The Beach collection. Oh and I also have to get something for my mom for her b-day and mothers day and a present for my sisters high school graduation!

Yes , maybe the instant chic blush , the eyeshadow in tissue weight and the nail polish in originatily. But the others shades of the collection are really not my kind of colours especially the lipsticks , the lipglosses and the paint pots.

I think I will save my money on this one. Its too neutral for the summer IMO. I will keep my eye on Brown Bag if it pops up at my local CCO

I’m in the UK at the moment, so when it comes out here I might pick up the chromographic pencil. I have a a white eyeliner pencil from MAC but it looks too harsh and i don’t like it at all, so the chromographic pencil looks much natural.

im saving my pennies for the alice + olivia collection… those dazzleglass cremes look INSANE. i was hoping chamomile would get repromoted in this collection ( it was in warm and cozy) but no such luck.

I am definately getting one of the chrom. pencils. I am currently using a nude lip pencil for my waterline which probably isn’t so safe. I am on the fence about the paint pots. As for coral lippies and blush, I am skipping because I already have lots of corals that I adore.

I’ll most probably only get the coral lip and face stuff (1 blush,2 lipsticks, 2 glosses) and skip the rest. At least I’ll have some more money left for the many things I want from the upcoming collections. ๐Ÿ™‚

Brown Paper Bag is pretty and I would like to try one o the chromographic pencils. Besides that nothing else strikes me as special. (Thank God) LOL.

I went to pick up some pieces and when in the store I was just not wowed so I passed on the whole collection….I am super excited about the superglass though! I hope the texture is right so I can pick up a few and I am trying to hold out for the summer collection!

Oops I didn’t mean to hit enter when I did…I’m most likely getting all the eyeshadow, all the lipsticks but Archetype, The coral gloss and blush, and possibly Brown Bag eyeshadow…I’ve been waitin’ on this collection!

I would just like the Instant Chic blush. I think it will go well with a tan in the summer. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also waiting for the large collections that come out in the summer and fall. I’ve been really good and picking a choosing lately. It helps that I pretty much have all my bases covered for a long time makeup-wise!

yes! gazette grey, cut to fit and memorabilia shadows and the coral crepe paint pot. the eyes have it for me for this collection. already had light over dark!

Wow, I think I’m one of the few that is going to get a lot from this collection! I am really loving it! Getting dressmaker, dressmaker; made to order; fold and tuck; pret-a-papier (not sure about this one yet); chromagraphic pencil in the lighter shade; both nail lacquers; instant chic blush; gazette grey e/s; memorabilia e/s; bamboo e/s (depends on how similar it is to tete-a-tint)… I can hear my wallet crying… ๐Ÿ˜€

me too . i dont know whats up with everyone not liking this collection. i want to get all 4 e/s. the 2 blushes, the coral p/p, the 2 coral l/s and the coral l/g.and both n/p.
thank god- to the beach collection comes out in the end of may – it gives me time to save up. i cant wait for that mac collection!

Well, hopefully on Sunday I can take advantage of Saks F&F and get 10% off at the store…ends up being just a little cheaper than buying tax-free, but it’s something! The only one I’m definitely getting is Fold & Tuck lipglass. I *may* get Pret-a-Papier lipglass, Made to Order lipstick, or a Chromagraphic pencil, but that will depend on how I feel when I swatch them on my skin ๐Ÿ™‚

Skipping. I need to save money due to not making any right now and I really want to go to D.C. and NYC with my family in August since everyone is going so seriously am done shopping (until maybe that really awesome summer collection with the seahorse stuff on the powder or whatever :)!)

Like all the collections I will be skipping out on this one. I just haven’t seen that collection that will make me give MAC my money.

So excited! I ordered Dressmaker,Dressmaker, Made To Order, Fold and Tuck, Instant Chic blush and the Chromographic pencil for lighter tones. I have wanted a skin-toned eye pencil to brighten my eyes up for quite a while. Can’t wait for my haul to be delivered!

Hi, there! I’m getting gazette grey, fold and tuck, dressmaker, and made to order from the Saks FF sale in store. I need to see Garb and Kraft in person. I usually wear those types of colors (garb and kraft), but if they are too similiar to what I already own, then I’ll pass. I have almost the same skin tone as you, Christine, and hair color, so I really appreciate your swatches. In fact, I was on your site one day and my 2 yr old said, “Mommy, look at you!”. Lol…

I’m getting the nail polishes and probably the blushes but I shall have to see it in person today when I go to my MAC store this evening. I thought the Chromographic Pencils were going to be permanent at the pro store??

I’m seriously looking at Gazette Grey and the Chromagraphic pencil in the lighter shade. I’m a huge suck for grey eyeshadows, and I love layering them with other colours, so I think I can work with that gazette grey.

luckily for my wallet, Pret a Papier is way too boring for me, and the Superglasses are way too middle school for me…so I’m on hiatus for a little while, lol!

I was excited for Gazette Grey and when you swatched it, and it was so sheer, I was disappointed. The colors are too warm for my complexion. I’ll be skipping this collection.

I’m definitely getting the lighter Chromographic pencil. I might get Instant Chic blush, but I’ve got to see it in person first ๐Ÿ™‚

Kraft lipstick for sure. The Amplifieds are the only lipstick formula I buy from MAC, and it seems like they won’t come out often b/c of Cremesheens.

I thought that I would purchase more from this collection what I did get was two of the eye shadows & one lipstick, The rest I past on.
Eyeshadow- Memorabilia & Gazette grey
Lipstick- Made to order

I think I can totally skip b/c I’m going to be doing some MAJOR damage next month for To The Beach!

But I’m still debating about the Coral Crepe pp. I think I’ll have to swatch in store and then decide there. Sigh, I hate getting near MAC counters — dangerrrrr!!!

I think i’ll buy only “Gazette grey”; I don’t like it so much, but it’s a green, it’s a limited edition too, and that’s enough for me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So far nothing really appeals to me, but if i swatch it in person sometime and love it, i could be persuaded. I doubt i’ll go out of my way to do that though, not with a fyrinnae order coming soon, and an expensive month takign care of friends(one my my friends nearly died, another one was nearly hit by a drunk driver, in her neighborhood-he missed her, but KILLED HER DOG! Since they’re really far away right now, I’m trying to put together nice little thinking-of-you packages to send, sine its not feasable to show up on thier doorstep)

I doubt anything from Pret a papier is in the stars for me, though I’m curious to see the coral paintpot.

I’m not completely sold on this collection, but I will definitely be buying both paint pots. I look forward to playing around with Coral Crepe (I’m going to try using it with Groundwork in a neutral color pop look; as I said in another comment lol). I also want the NW20 chromagraphic pencil and the shadow in Tissueweight. That’s basically it. I don’t like the mineralize blush duo — it looks way too frosty and unflattering for fair gals like myself. The lipsticks aren’t very captivating nor is much else.

I ordered Instant Chic, Garb, Tissue Weight, Memorabilia, Gazette Grey and the lighter Chromographic Pencil. Coral Crepe looks fantastic, and I considered getting it, but I’m pretty sure the color won’t suit me at all. Lipsticks are way too warm/brown for me. I actually didn’t think I would get anything from this collection (boring and dull colors), but then I started thinking about the bright, fun and exciting colors from previous collections that only collect dust in my drawer because I feel they are way to bright and flashy for everyday wear.

No reason to save money for To the Beach either. Only thing I’ll be getting from that collection is the Hipness blush.

I just got back from my trip to the counter! I got memorabilia, gazette gray, coral crepe, dressmaker dressmaker, instant chic, and pret-a-papier. I’m most excited about this paint pot and the lipglass I got. I was a bit iffy about pret-a-papier lipglass, but after sporting it right now I’m so glad I got it!!!

Bought Tissue Weight eyeshadow, and the NW15/NW20 chromographic pencil. Christine, I see what you mean about the darker pencil being a little yellow, so I bought the lighter one. Love Kraft, except with my lip colour it hardly showed up. May buy the Coral Crepe paint pot. It was a lot more colour than I expected, so I have to think about it.

i wanted coral crepe and gazette grey. but i never wear colors like coral crepe and gazette grey doesn’t look as nice as expected. so i’ll skip ๐Ÿ™

I ended up getting Fold and Tuck, Made to Order, Tissueweight and Memorabilia.

Made to Order looks like a less gold-tinted Lise Watier l/s I already owned.. sigh… so I might give the LW l/s to my mom ๐Ÿ™‚

I did. Fortunately, I bought less than what I planned to because I agree with Temptalia, the eyeshadows had more of an autumn feel than spring.

I bought Fold and Tuck today and I LOVE it! I will also be buying Instant Chic blush (even if it’s kind of sheer), Made to Order lipstick and maybe Originality nail lacquer. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll really after Gazette Grey e/s (i LOVE greys), Tissue Weight (i’ve been after a nice lid/highlight colour), and maybe Cut To Fit, however it’s red tone is putting me off a tiny bit, so that might be skipped. I have a similar colour from Revlon’s Matte collection called Aubergine which compares (I think) to the matte purple in this collection, so thats a skip too.

I was thinking about DressMaker DressMaker as it looks a beautiful light coral, and definatly picking up the lighter shade of chromograph pencil for my lower waterline.

I loved Instant Chic, but I’m not sure…I’m currently literally loving Well Dressed atm.

This collection is quite a nice one, I can see why it’s overshadowed by To The Beach, but I’m not really looking forward to that one TOO much, espes because of the packaging and will probably only pick up a few lipsticks/glasses. A collection I AM looking forward to though is In The Groove, which is going to be out on my birthday (thankfully, with the amount of moneys I want to spend)!

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