Will you be making any beauty-related resolutions this year?

Will you be making any beauty-related resolutions this year? Share!
Eat better, which I do consider beauty-related πŸ™‚ The other would be to stay more organized throughout the year and have less of a review backlog!

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the usual, eat better, exercise, drink more water (which i’ve been getting better this month!) and i really need to not buy any more makeup/beauty/skincare products for a few months. except for the essentials (cleanser, polish remover, etc. )

Also, I’ve gotten in quite the rut during the past term of school where I hardly wore anything more than a light dusting of powder and I’d like to get back into the habit of doing different looks a few times a week. I also need to work on keeping my stash organized. It’s beautiful for about 1 day and then Hurricane Audrey comes barreling through and it gets messy again.

Beauty-wise, I’m resolving to try and find the perfect exfoliator – which is usually slow going, as I try to finish everything I buy!! (unless it actively causes me problems). I’ve only ever tried mechanical ones (i.e. ones with beads, or bits of walnut shell or whatever), so I’m interested in what the enzyme ones are up to…

1- Use my lipsticks more often (I get lazy and use lip glosses most of the time)
2- Get more sleep (amazing what a difference it makes on your skin in your early thirties)
3- Experiment more combinations with my eye shadows and liners
4- Learn to style my hair better!

My beauty Resolution for 2014 is Trying more Organic Products for skincare and makeup. Also going to try home remedies and natural skincare more this year.

Lose a bit of weight (very original I know), aim to sleep better, try to not make as many impulse/unnecessary beauty purchases (which I think I’ve actually been reasonably good at this year).


first is

buy good skincare n which means high end … not compromise on that def.

no more MAC … have enough n honestly I dont use it much

no more red lipstick ….. ( are u serious Rashmi ?)

Nope! My resolution every year is “No new year resolution”. πŸ˜› I find that giving me arbitrary deadlines don’t exactly give me the motivation to do anything, and I’d rather wait for the right time than do a half-assed job.

I don’t have an overly large collection, but I went through and took stock in what I have, and I’m starting to purge it to just what I really want, I think I will continue doing that. I give away what I don’t want anymore. I will renew my commitment not to buy unless I really need it. I will be canceling any auto delivery services i have, to keep products from collecting, too.

To stop falling asleep on the sofa with my make-up on. I’m going to take off my make-up and so my night routine an hour before I plan to get into bed. And related to that, turn off the computer and read a book in bed (supposedly the computer screen can mess with your internal clock and disrupt sleep).

Also, more consistent exercise and green stuff every day.

1. Do a slight cull and minor reorganization of my makeup.
2. Avoid the hype of MAC collections and instead focus on Guerlain.
3. Resist the urge to get gel nails and work on improving my natural nails. Continue to use and enjoy my nail polish stash.
4. Grow hair about one more inch to get to goal. Slowly change colour to get to light brown by May.

I resolve to shop my collection and stop being such a hoarder when it comes to color cosmetics. I do not have the life expectancy to use up my eye shadows and blushes (I have never hit pan on a single one). I have enough (unopened!) mascara and lip products to get me through at least the next couple of years.

I will only replace things I use up. My one exception is the BareMinerals Glamor Now collection that I ordered on auto delivery from QVC. I am letting myself keep those.

I will probably only last until you post an A+ review on a shadow palette!

Stop buying makeup and use the things I do have! Or at least slow my spending significantly. I have so much makeup that many of my things will go bad before I use them up or even get to use them significantly. :/ So my goal is to use up a significant portion of my stash before I give myself free rein to buy whatever I want again.

I think it’s important to do a spring and fall beauty cleaning, but sometimes I forget! I go through all of my products, see how old they are, and I also ask myself if I’ve used it in the last year. If something is old or I know it will never get used again, I toss it. This is also a really great opportunity to remind myself of products I love but may have forgotten about. I have so many products that are really great but I hardly ever touch. This year I’d like to see myself get more adventurous with the products I already have, mixing and matching in new ways, instead of buying so many new things!

To spend less on beauty products, definitely! My beauty product addiction is insane. I actually sneak around and buy products on the down-low and hide them from my husband. My collection has gotten so extensive that I started an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of it all. I keep it on my phone so I can refer to it when shopping for more beauty products. My lipstick collection alone is up to 978 items. This is going to be a very difficult resolution for me to keep. Understatement of the year! πŸ™‚

I need to round my collection out more. More blush, highlighters. New storage unit. Start photographing looks (possibly doing a small blog) and try to get myself to experiment more that way.

To stop buying so much makeup.lol. Actually, I know that isn’t going to last very long but I do think I need to hold off on buying so many eyeshadows and eyeliners (something I’ve been doing a lot lately). In one week I right before Christmas I had brought three eyeshadow palettes that were super pricey, two eyeliners and four lipsticks.

Yes – not to buy so much; to find my signature daytime fragrance; to moisturise all over every day and apply hand and foot cream every night; not to buy a single mascara until I finish or throw out at least four tubes. And most importantly – to get nine hours sleep every night, stop staring at the computer so much and get rid of the undereye dryness.

I do have a few beauty resolutions for this next year:

1) Focus on adopting a maintaining a really good skincare routine. I’ve gotten better at it, but not quite as persistent at it as I need to be.

2) Use more of what I have before buying other products. I don’t need 8 foundations, 5 setting/finishing powders, 10 bronzers… you get what I’m saying.

3) This one kind of ties into #2 and that is to reduce my collection. I’m going to really go through my collection in the first few months of the year, and really access what I can do without and either give away or sell products that are hardly used.

I really want to buy absolutely no makeup next year and focus on getting my money’s worth with the products I have. But I find it a bit difficult because there is always something new and enticing, but I’m just going to have to say no.

well, I organized the stuff i’m actively using right now so that I can find what I want better in the morning when I’m getting ready for work. I’m trying some higher-end skin care products and am trying to update my daily go-to color look(s) so I stay current. As for not buying any more makeup, that will only happen if I don’t have internet, and Sephora and Ulta both close forever and I can’t get out to any stores!!

I’m taking it nice and easy so – To seriously utilize Temptalia’s Dupe List and Eat Less chocolate (aka I’m going to die a slow death in terms of feel-good food but I will try!)

also i am gonna make a point to start buying all the mac permanent products i been wanting forever!!! No way am i gonna stop buying makeup. i did that for most of this yr!!

Eat better, sleep earlier, exercise more, love more…
Use less make-up, apply more sunscreen, drink more water…
Be more patient, be more kind…
Read more books, spend less time online…
Happy New Year to all! Cheers!

It is fun reading all these and knowing I am not alone in my love for beauty products! This year, though, I want to spend less on cosmetics and more on clothes. I need that more!

I’m going on a beauty low-buy for the ENTIRE year. Realistically I don’t think that will be a problem because there are a few things I’m saving up for that I am equally as passionate about as makeup & beauty products, and also now that I look back at it, I’ve been really good this year when it comes to making careful decisions when it comes to beauty purchases.

Invest in myself! This means I will put more effort into things that will make me healthier and happier πŸ™‚
I will cook more and eat out less (and be a better cook while I’m at it).
Exercise more.
Get better sleep and reduce stress. Happy + Healthy = More beautiful!
As far as makeup is concerned I will stop impulse buys and look at my collection for similar products before buying anything.

I don’t do resolutions, but I’m going to be spending less on new stuff just to have it, and shopping my stash more.

I’d also like to possibly start taking more pictures of products, for my own reference at the least. I ought to be able to remember to take one nice pic of each manicure I do–my ipod camera is decent enough for that sort of thing, and I use the device everyday.

Oh, and I need to finish making swatch sticks of my nail polish collection. That way, layering colors and using more than one color in a manicure will be easy to look at before I do it on my own nails!

I’m glad you mentioned eating better! That’s definitely a goal of mine. My diet has been terrible lately and probably to blame for me always being so tired. Other than that I want to limit my spending and start using up my stash. It’s getting huge and I’m not really finishing anything before buying more stuff. It’s madness lol. Especially lipsticks. I’m going to go on a low buy and only haul unique colors. I hauled 7 lipsticks this month and barely had a place to store them. I definitely see some organizers in my future too!

Organize my stash and give away what I haven’t touched in forever. This year I was pretty good at finishing up some products and I want to continue on that path. I have a beauty wish list saved on my phone and I keep telling myself I’ll just get whatever is on the list and then I won’t purchase anymore. The funny thing is the list I have isn’t a running list it never really increases so maybe I’ll jyst buy what’s on that list and then I won’t I won’t buy anymore, but that’s wishful thinking. Happy New Year!!!

Remove makeup before I go to bed… I tend to forget too often. Buy less but better products, I’m an absolute hoarder when it comes to cosmetics. Probably I should put more effort in finding out what really works for me, instead of buying it just because it looks good in the pan or the bottle.

Not sure how “beauty” this is but I’m actually considering letting my hair go gray (I’m 52) and just keep it super conditioned and have regular gloss treatments so it doesn’t look like dull, old-lady hair. I can always go back to coloring if I find it doesn’t suit me.

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