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Lady Gaga. I know she probably has makeup artists for videos and such, but I know she’s really into it herself. It’d be a fun afternoon, lol.

kevyn aucoin…..no joke……..he was able to transform someone’s look to whatever his imagination was…..more than a makeup artist…..I looked thru one of his books where the before and after were amazing…..

Oh, Lord. Kabuki. He’s SUCH an amazing artist (if you are not familiar with his work, the only reference you really need is Katy Perry’s “E.T.” video); his looks–it’s difficult to not call them “pieces”–are so intricate and beautiful. Oh, and if I were then photographed by Rankin? I WOULD DIE, just sayin’.

Definitely Lauren!! I’ve always been a huge fan of hers, and I actually got to meet her once. She’s even more sweet and funny in person than she is in her videos; and her makeup looked FLAWLESS in person too! I was so starstruck hahah. I’d be so honored to have her do my makeup one day!

Sam & Nicola from Pixiwoo! Preferably Sam, she does the most fantastic smokey eyes! i think she resembles Rachel Weisz πŸ™‚

The Pixiwoo girls – Sam and Nicola. Not only do they have amazing makeup skills but they are such lovely ladies too.

The late Kevyn Aucoin (his before-and-afters are incredible), Megan Martinez (ChaosMakeupArtist) or Kandee Johnson.
While I can do pretty much anything on my own face, it’d be a nice change to see someone else’s ideas.

I would have loved to have Kevyn Aucoin do my makeup. Now, the Pixiwoo girls or Lisa Eldridge would be lovely. Both of their channels are great.

Littlekiva or Umapreve! Completely different makeup styles, however, they are both great!

Kevyn Aucoin (if he were still with us that is) If we’re only talking people alive, honestly anyone who has makeup experience (just don’t want to get jabbed in the eyeball repeatedly, lol). I never get to have someone else do my makeup

Any of the masters that do the fashion shows and magazines: Dick Page, Pat McGrath, Francois Nars, Bobbi Brown, Gucci Westman, etc, etc. Oh, and if I could only resurrect Kevyn Aucoin–his life was too short!

The pixiwoo sisters! Or Lisa Eldridge. They are true professional MUAs and have the best tutorials on youtube.

Leesha (xsparkage) So much talent and i would love for her to do my makeup and teach me some tips and tricks along the way πŸ™‚

I would say, Sam Fine, I have loved his worked for years. And from YT fame, I would have to say Ebony, ColouredBeautiful, her makeup skills are fierce, she has a similar view of makeup as I do, and she is genuinely a nice and kind person.

wayne goss, not only he is a hottie, he is good at what he does, next choice is pixiwoo. if wayne wasn’t a cuteie pie, i would choose pixiwoo sisters first.

I’m sure you’ll do a fabulous job!
I’ve been always hoping to get it done by one of the Youtube/Blog gurus and you’re the most professional one (or so i think… someone i can actually trust when i purchase an item) out of a bunch that I can really trust!

Bobbi Brown! She makes make look so natural and effortless. I would love to know how she applies both the corrector and concealor and make them look natural and not cakey. I can’t do it, and girls at her counters can’t do it.

There are 3 :
1) Lisa Eldridge
2) Kandee Johnson
3) Mario Dedivanovic (sorry if his name is spelled wrong.. so complicated πŸ˜‰ !)

They all are amazing! πŸ™‚ Love their work

Whoa, too many to choose! I guess it depends on the occasion. First that comes to mind is Lisa Eldridge, but Pat McGrath would also be unbelievable. Plus there are so many artists that do incredible work who’s names we don’t really see very often.

Great question!!! I was watching wayne’s best products of 2011 and I was thinking to myself that he’d be great to do my makeup for my wedding.
My list is
Wayne (gossmakeupartist)
Pixiwoo (Sam)
Lisa Eldridge

There are a lot of great girls that do makeup on YouTube but these to me are the ones that truly know their craft and could do makeup on a wide variety of people. This is compared to girls (like me) with a huge love of makeup that are really good at doing their own makeup but maybe not others.

Victoria (contributor). She’s done my makeup before, and it’s always looked great. In fact, she did my yesterday last night for my a cappella concert :D. Big plus: she knows my style and how to dezombify me.

I have too many favorites.
1) Francesca Tolot
2) Samantha and/or Nicola Chapman
3) Rae Morris
5) Alex Box
6) Scott Barnes

Kevyn Aucoin

I’d say either Lauren (QueenofBlending) or Josh (Petrilude). I can do simpler looks by myself, so if I wanted to actually have someone do my makeup for me, I’d want it to be really bold! They’re both great at that, and totally talented.

Wayne Goss or Richie Nickel, love them! Goss gives the best tips ever and really knows his stuff, I also like that he’s funny and has a good sense of humor, and he gets right to the point instead of pausing or saying “um” or “like” every ten seconds. Plus, he’s cute, and oh that accent πŸ™‚ . Richie is just beautiful and I wish I could raid his amazing makeup stash because our taste in shadows and gloss is very alike (I even had a haircut similar to his for a few years and our style taste is similar as well) and I always watch his reviews as well.

Dick Page or Pat McGrath. Charlotte Tilbury I like too – she seems to be always doing the shows that I like.

Oh god…if I get to pick more than one then Lisa Eldridge, Kabuki (his art is amazing), Goss, Anna from FenuaBeaute, Bubz and the pixiwoo sisters.

Pat McGrath, Sam Fine, Lisa Eldridge, KJ Bennett, Billy B, Kabuki, Marlena @ Makeup Geek, Alexa @ Glam Fairy, Francois Nars, Bobbi Brown.

I’d love to let either Carly of Glitterdollz7/Beautysauce or Sam Chapman do something real funky with eyeliner on me, as I find that to be a strong point for both, especially Carly.

Way Bandy if he were still with us. I cannot even imagine what he could do with the products that we have available today!!

I’ll have to go for Jen from From Head to Toe! I like her no-fuss, no-drama, and no negativity attitude! Also, I’d love to have a k-pop look for just one night (maybe a big party or something)!

Dick Smith! Well, for Halloween anyway. His work is freakin’ amazing and something I would not be able to mimic in a million years!

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