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My faves are Ginnifer Goodwin, Olivia Wilde, Drew Barrymore, Marion Cotillard and Christina Aguilera.

My least faves are Jennifer Aniston (boring), Nicole Kidman (awful makeup), Patricia Arquette (a disaster)

Faves: I have to say Sophia Loren & Helen Mirren looked wonderful at the show plus Drew Barrymore, Diane Kruger, Courtney Cox, Meryl Streep, Mo’nique Least faves: Christina Hendricks, Mariah Carey, Cher, Chloe Sevigny, Amy Poehler, Mickey Rourke (yes time to throw a guy in there) & Patricia Arquette (she really seriously needs a stylist).

My pet peeve – strapless dresses that are unflattering. If they make your breasts look like they’ve dropped, gotten squished or that you don’t have any, don’t wear them!

Faves: Diane Kruger, Zoe Saldana. I really liked Kate Hudson’s dress as well.

Least faves: Chloe Sevigny, Christina Hendricks. I get it, ruffles are stylish but they seem to be drowning in it.

My favorites were Zoe Saldana(she’s so beautiful), Mo’Nique, Halle Berry (love the short hair on her), Drew Barrymore, Penelope Cruz, Courtney Cox and Julia Roberts. My least favorites were Tina Fey, Christina Aguilera, and Calista Flockhart.

FAVES: Heidi Klum and Christina’s dresses and makeup…fierce!

LEAST FAVORITES: Glenn Close, and Patricia Arquette

Faves: Christina Aguilera, Marion Cottillard, and Heidi Klum

Least Faves: Mariah Carey (She seriously needs to stop it with her showing off her ‘Golden Globes’), Jennifer Aniston (Boring, Boring, Boring), Nicole Kidman (Its sad but I didn’t want to put her on the list but her dress and make up were awful!)

My favorites were Marion Cotillard, Olivia Wilde and Kristen Bell.

My least favorite was Drew Barrymore (weird dress with that urchin or her waist and shoulder, and boring makeup).

I loved how soft and subdued Christina Aguilera’s makeup was as opposed to her usual look. Sophia Loren always looks fabulous to me.

I actually didn’t like Halle Berry’s dress. It was just blah for me. I swear Jennifer Aniston does the same makeup look/kind of dress at every event.

Overall like: Lea Michele, Zoe Saldana, Leona Lewis, Kate Hudson, Kristin Bell, Anna Kendrick ( I love dramatic gowns in different colors as opposed to black, black, black)

Overall dislike: Chloe Sevigny (usually has an avant-garde approach to fashion, just not my thing, Drew Barrymore

I like Jannifer Aniston – Very simplisitic but her make-up is just glowy and beautiful, Christina Aguilera – Just so Beautiful and you can just tell its a Nars cheek on the make-up and the dress is beautiful, Courtney Cox- I like her hair and make-up- very elegant – not so much the dress – its almost too simple and Lea Michele – her make-up is just what i like to do therefore i love it but i hate the dress… too much fu fu for me….

I did not like.. Emily Blunt – really she looks like she is going to a prom not the golden globes, Cameron Diaz – she looks old and too much red,

Favorites: Lea Michele, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Christina Aguilera, Anna Kendrick, Courtney Cox, Olivia Wilde
Least Favorite: Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz
Favorite Dress: Lea Michele, she looked really fabulous last night.

Favs: Toni Collette (dress looked amazing too), Julianna Margules, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Garner, Ginnifer Goodwin (esp e/l), Drew Barrymore (beautiful l/s & yes for risk taking on dress!), Penelope Cruz, Olivia Wilde Sandra Bulloch (all), January Jones (incredible ls/mu & hair), Bradley Cooper, Kevin Bacon (hair reminded me of Footloose, but modern!), Kate Winslet (MU/hair & stunning deep blue gown), Vera Farmiga (her eyes are so stunning)

Least favs: Heather Graham (posture killed her beauty), Jennifer Aniston (please try to do something different w/ hair/mu & dress in a color!), Heidi Klum ( dress didn’t stay up in front, needed adj), Tina Fey (mostly due to dress though), Maggie Gly. (the mu didn’t look that great, except from far far away), Diane Kruger (good for hair, but doing her own mu – so so), Christina Hendricks (gorgeous mu, but the hair seemed to crash by the time I saw it & dress could have been a little better in different shade), Courtney Cox (face looked so surgically enhanced/botox), Julie Bowen (ok on mu, she couldn’t walk at all in that dress)

Undecided: Chloe Sevigny (lilac gown was a risky style that paid off, but tightly pulled hair & lip color -not sure) – She is fantastic in BigLove though!!

Drew always looks good to me, I loved er whole look. Helen Miren rocks… i mean she’s almost 70! She looks amazing and so did Jennifer Garner. Nice makeup and dresses.

One little note, I LOVE Mo’Nique. I think she’s gorgeous and looked spectacular last night, but why doesn’t she shave her legs??

Favorites: Toni Collette (Favorite! Love her!), Ginnifer Goodwin (Tie for first, honestly), Christina Hendricks, Lea Michele, Christina Aguilera, Courtney Cox, Heidi Klum, Olivia Wilde, Maria Menudos

Least favorites: Mo’Nique, Zoe Saldana, Nicole Kidman, Amy Poehler, Glenn Close, Fergie, Vanessa Minnillo, Tina Fey, Julianne Moore, Patricia Arquette, Diane Kruger (Worst!)

Faves:Fergie, Heidi Klum, Christina Aguilera, Leona Lewis, Penelope Cruz, Mo’nique, Drew Barrynore, Sophia Loren, Cameron Diaz.
Least Faves:Kate Hudson, Sandra Bullock, Kristen Bell, Helen mirren, Cher, Chloe Sevigny, Nicole Kidman.

Love: Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Aniston.

Hate: Cameron Diaz (that dress is so awful), Sandra Bullock (she is gorgeous but I have big problem with the dress), Nicole Kidman (hate her makeup & she looks old), Julia Roberts (where’s the pretty woman?), and many more.

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